Legends of Cerdryn

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  1. The last thing they remembered was falling into the depths of the Habon Sea during what looked to be the most violent storm in history. The tempest roared around them on the pirate vessel as it was rocked back and forth on the violent waves and the revolt of the slaves and hostages did not help to lessen the chaos. Blood, screams and pain surrounded them as they were in the storm, weak from the enchanted chains that prevented them to even fight back and instead just saunter around like a bunch of fools. Grasping at whatever they could grab, weapon or just something to keep them steady a bolt of bright lavender lightning struck the ship, causing the sails to catch fire despite the rain and hit the chains that connected them all to each other. A flash of unbearable pain washed over them like the rain that fell from the skies and darkness was starting to consume their vision before a massive wave hit the ship and sent them all hurling down to sink beneath the waves and possibly to their deaths.

    And then there was a loud "BAAAAAAAAAAAH" of a small goat.

    Therus Geth was arguably the first one to wake up but only because the young goat not only bahed right into his ear but also rammed it's head right into his nose hard enough to cause him to bleed. "SON OF A GOBRAT!!!" The half-elf exclaimed loudly, sitting up and held his nose, his vision blurry at first, at first just a single color before it became clearer and he was met with the small blunt horns of the young goat right under the chin hard enough for him to bite his tongue rather hard. He let the force just take him down so he was laying down on the sand and looking up at what seemed to be a cavern ceiling but he could hear the sound of the ocean waves. The young goat bah-ed loudly again but was up against a wall, it's black fur with a patch of white on it's flank dirty with mud. He sat up again and looked around again, noticing the people that were chained with him but they were a bit spread out, the chains broken. He looked at his wrists and noticed that the cuffs themselves were in the same condition as before but the enchantment was gone. The strange part was though, that four links from the cuffs the chains were rusted through and with a firm yank and pull they were relatively easily broken.

    He stood up, almost slipping on the piece of sail he had grabbed onto to try and not to get swallowed by the depths of the Habon sea. The sail was somewhat damp but could probably be easily dried. He looked around again and saw that they were in a inlet cave with a small beach inside of it. They were far enough inside to be out of reach from the waves, especially the boorean. He had heard that the strange species weren't too fond of salt water. The cave seemed to be closed off but looking back Geth could see that there was a passage with a sharp turn as to appear to be a wall from his original angle.

    "Is...Is everyone alright" He asked, pressing his forearm to his bleeding nose caused by the blasted goat, bending down to reach for the sail he had grabbed.
  2. Somebody turn off the sun.

    These were the only words that managed to float to the top of Tycheros "Lucky" Elpida's head as he rolled over, groaning through the mass of confusion, drowsiness and aching muscles that seemed to comprise his whole existence. That, and sand. Lots and lots of sand. As these sensations started to dissipate (aside from the sand, which was actually quite nice) a few small yelps and a curse floated through the air and into his ears, informing the sylph that he was not alone. That was probably good. Whatever mess he was in this time would be easier to deal with if he wasn't alone. But right now it would be so much nicer just to lay there until the world settled down.

    No such luck. A voice he vaguely recognized called out, asking if everyone was alright. 'Everyone?' He must've been even luckier than he thought. More people, better chance of survival. Out of a sense of general obligation, Lucky opened his mouth to reply, immediately spat out the sand that rushed in, lifted his head up and tried again. "'M alive," he muttered. "Mos'ly." After a couple of false starts he managed to get his eyes open, getting a better idea of his surroundings. Looked like a cave inlet. He was on dry ground, decently far from the waves. Unfortunately he was also just close enough to the mouth of the cave that at this time of day (either morning or evening, he couldn't be sure) the sun reached in enough to give him a headache. The sylph briefly considered crawling further in, but dismissed the idea on the basis of ehh, not right now. Finally he spotted the others, including the apparent speaker, whom he recognized then as one of the other slaves on-

    Suddenly it all came back to him. He'd been taken prisoner during a raid on a ship he'd bartered passage on. Knowing they were outgunned, outnumbered and outmatched, he hadn't tried to fight, instead using the time he had to hide his silver pin (judging by that uncomfortable sensation it was still where he'd left it) and cover his torn ear with his hair. It was a slight disfigurement on an otherwise attractive sylph body, which could go for a lot on the slave market - especially undamaged. Slavers wouldn't be too rough with delicate merchandise. Despite the loss of his beloved staff he'd gone along without a struggle, playing the part of the cowardly prisoner and biding his time until an opportunity arose to escape. When the chaos storm hit he'd seen his chance, as had his fellow captives, choosing that time to revolt. Sure, even if they won they were still stuck in a chaos storm, but probable death beat slavery any day in his book. He'd even found his staff and crushed the throat of the pirate that took it with a sucker punch. He was really fond of that staff.

    And then... and then there had been a lot of fighting, which got increasingly blurry up to the point where a flash of lavender and an even brighter flash of pain brought the whole thing mostly to a halt. Coming back to the present he took another look around to see who had washed up here with him. There was the half-elf who'd just spoken, a couple of altin, someone who might be half-dwarf or just a really hairy human, an elf who seemed to be the only female of the group and what he was pretty sure was a boorean. Not that he'd ever seen one before, but he'd heard the stories and they kind of stood out. On further consideration the boorean might be a girl. He really had no idea how to tell.

    Lucky pressed down on the sand with his hand, intending to get up, and only then noticed that he seemed to have a death grip on something- His staff! All fatigue momentarily forgotten, he pulled his old friend in close and wrapped his arms around it, cuddling the staff like his own child. A bright, contented smile settled on the grass-green sylph's features. He had company, he had his jacket and he had his staff. Whatever else was wrong in the world he knew he'd get through it just fine now.
  3. The Altinian gripped the knife in a white-knuckled hand, slashing at whomever dared to come within arm's length of him. The blade was perhaps not the most menacing a weapon, but served its purpose and was the only item he could scavenge from the dead sailor at his feet. If there was a hell, Gota was certain it this place would match it. The rain continued to pelt at him and the wind tore at his clothes, almost pulling him off balance. The rocking of the ship and the pulling on the chains on either side of him certainly wasn't making anything easier. He could see glistening wet bodies, scurrying over the deck, grabbing at one another and he was certain killing each other as well. The screams were drowned out by the roar of thunder though and not soon after the chill of seawater enveloped him, pulling him off the ship and into its depths. Not much could be remembered after that. The tug and pull of the ocean currents, the gasping for air when his head broke the surface and moment later just darkness.

    A groan passed his cracked lips. The ground was hard, not unlike the planks he had slept on with the multitude of other slaves, but the air was brisk and fresh, not filled with the stench of the unwashed anymore. Somewhere he could hear the muffled sound of a goat followed by words. Sure that an animal was incapable of speech he turned his head to where he judged the sound had came from. His neck was stiff and he could hear the sand shifting inside his ear as he moved. He heard a second voice then. 'Another goat?' he thought before shoving the thought away for its silliness.

    He opened a single eye, to view an alcove and man of questionable descent and a bleeding nose not far off. He remembered him vaguely from the ship, one of those chained to him. He groaned again, this time at the thought of still being chained to someone, especially a man. He moved his hand that was slightly covered in sand, but luckily found it free of a shackle. The other hand wasn't as lucky, but at least it seemed not to be linked to anyone else. Finally, with more commotion than needed, he raised up onto his knees and was able to view the entire scene. A sylph was apparently the second speaker and all the other captives that had been chained to together were scattered around. Gota'sae shook his head and tilted his head, tapping his noggin to rid his ears of the dreaded sand.

    "What'd you say?" he asked, hearing now unimpaired. Awaiting an answer he spotted the upright blade, pegged in the sand. He smiled and snatched it up. Things were certainly looking up, considering being a slave the night before and a free man. The bleeding man and the greenish sylph were both standing by then, so Gota only found it fitting to do so as well. Now at a vantage point he also spotted other Altinians, to his delight, another man and a... something. Something he remembered seeing, but couldn't recall knowing.

    "Seems like we made it, eh?" He said to no-one in particular.
  4. How did this all come to be.... Hmmmm a flimsy vessel being the only thing standing between myself and immersive death, oh I should have listened to the elders this was madness. But it was also freedom! It was so exciting to go somewhere outside the world know, a small step for me but a large step for my kind, so to speak. And then I was taken by this strange group, whats the word again? Pirates, that was it!

    The quad-limbers bound me up, and so many others, apparently we were to be made to work elsewhere, such a strange custom. I keep thinking about it, once the inexpicable storm arrived the prisoners tried to break free. This was clearly not a custom of those being bound, so fascinating how such a thing could happen.

    I keep thinking about this in a loop, ever since everything darkened, immersive death no doubt took me and I am suffering for it, an afterlife of eternal introspection on ones mistakes.

    A bleat rings out, and a curse, and various people questioning things... Am I not dead!?

    Feeling returns to my being, I am lying on something, people starting to move. I am alive.... I'M ALIIIVVEEEE!!!!

    I open my eyes, a cave made of various forms of silica, other bound captives I vaguely recognize, failed bonds of iron whose form had been preverted by time and immersive death seek to bind us. I heave with my limbs and the weak bonds holding me in bondage are finally eliminated, their sudden faliure sending small pieces of degraded metal bouncing off the walls with a ping.

    I have triumphed! And my limbs need to be stretched after all this time, so I rise and do so to my full height which thanks to my limbs of proper length makes me far taller then the quad-limbers around me. The speech of those around me.... Yes I remembered that language now, I do hope I am not rustic enough at i so that communication is overly difficult..... This could be awkwad.

    Sizing up the people around me I see: A green winged one, Three low-hair ones (one hairier then the others, and one with odd deforimites on xir chest) and two fully furry ones with the tails...

    I spend a while just thinking, recalling the descriptions and readings... Humans... Altin..... Elves...... Genders (now what was that concept agian? It was somehing very fascinating but I can't quite put an uppershake on it).
  5. The rushing waves... the scent of salty and damp, mossy rocks, the sensation of water coldly licking at his bared feet, the inquisitive voice of someone way too loud... Slowly but surely the constant assaults by these stimulants began to stir the rather weary, battered and very groggy Aren Del Soren from his, admittedly, rather relaxed state. The spot-pelted Altinian slowly, groggily began to drag himself out from beneath the rolling waves of the infinite ocean of unconsciousness. As he neared the glint of light right above him new sensations came to him, various smells and sounds.

    The bleating of a young goat... the scent of.. elf? No... not quite the same... the pleasant aroma of a Sylph, they always took great care of their bodies. The wet scent of water resistant fur... another Altinian? Another Maenoran? Or one from the other cities? And what was that... strange... fascinating scent! Could it be? Boorean!? When his head finally broke the surface of the waters of unconsciousness he was greeted by a vision of violence. His ship, the Merchants Gambit and his compatriot in life, his lovers ship the Amaranthine had set out to sail across unexplored waters in search of a new trade route!

    They were set upon by pirates and while the two frigates were tough as nails they had eventually been overrun, killing a large number of both crews... his memory failed him on the fate of his beloved but he remembered the Sylph who had bartered passage aboard the Merchants Gambit... at least a little, the pirates had considered themselves lucky to have found a new "pretty boy slave" to sell on the market. The pirates had most assuredly not been gentle either... ruffians, luckily he'd managed to hide his Bonds locket in his pants prior to his capture... though a pirate or two lost their heads to his cutlass at least!

    On the rather... grim market for rare wildlife an Altinians pelt was worth a fair deal, and Aren was worth his weight in gold... it honestly felt like they were debating over whether to hang him and skin him or ship him back for the price tag. The journey in the slave pens had been long and hard, the enchanted chains didn't make things any better but Aren was a swordsman, and he despised pirates. When the opportunity came during a particularly violent storm he'd risen with the rest of the crew and run the ships rotten slave master through with his own cutlass. Then the most peculiar thing he had ever seen happen on a seafaring vessel took place, the soaked vessel caught fire due to strange, radiant lightning strikes!

    Within moments the ship was aflame and the main mast snapped in the powerful winds, pirates were burning and Aren knew the ship was doomed but it was very hard to sink a wooden vessel. In his attempt to make it back below deck and trying to get those he was chained with to see reason a violent wave had shook the ship... his last memory was of the hard touch of the ships rigging as the main mast ripped free from the hull... and the cold embrace of the sea welcomed him. Sitting up like a gopher poking it's head out of the ground the violently awoken Altinian's heart was beating a nautical mile a minute. Looking around he saw the tattered bits of rigging were still entangling his lower body, though the rope looked... almost rotten, it looked like it had spent years in water but his clothes... the sylph silk was very strong, but even it was tattered and damaged.

    Fumbling about his pants quickly he uncovered his locket... fondling it gently, brushing sand and seawater from the pretty brass and steel bauble. It was then that he heard a loud "kathunk!" followed by an immediate groan of great pain. Turning around he saw what at first glance looked like a human, but the mans features betrayed him as a half-elf to the felines keen sight before long, though by now somewhat... irregular due to the most definitely unwanted headbutt by the small goat that was for some reason nearby. "Are... are you all right sir? That didn't look or sound like a pleasant experience."
  6. hector groaned as he sat up, he cracked his neck and shoulders looking around. He tapped his prosthetic arm and moved it, he nodded approvingly and stood up as well. "I believe I'm alright." The half dwarf says looking to the other ex prisoners. They were all varied, his old friend Therum, himself, and the others, he noticed that none of the pirates washed up on shore...nor that there were any out to sea. "How far were we dragged inland by the tide?" He wonders standing and groaning again, his body felt like he had just gone twelve bouts against all the best warriors from his father's house and his muscles and limbs were stiff as boards, no doubt from holding on to dear life as they were all thrown and flung by the raging currents made by the storm. Stupid pirates going out in a storm like that, they should've known it would've ended up like this, either dead or trapped on a no doubt deserted island. The half dwarf makes his way to Geth "At least you made it out too...now where the hell are we?" He asks looking towards the others "And what are we all going to do now?" He pulled the metal cestus he had taken from a nearby crate on the vessel, back onto his hand, not threateningly towards anyone, just getting ready in case any trouble came at them. No guffaws or chuckles would come from him till they were back with civilization and found their wherabouts so he could head back to Hel Thoram and tell his family he was okay...or at least get a few pints in his stomach.
  7. "I don't know, Hector. I don't know" Therus said and patted his friend on the shoulder with his other arm while still holding the other against his nose. He checked it and found that the bleeding had stopped but dried blood coated that side of his nose and left side cheek, and his sleeve was now stained with a large spot of blood. He looked around at those who seemingly had woken up and spoken, looking first over at the formerly richly clad Altinian who asked about his condition. "I am fine, thanks" he said to the Altinian in the tattered sylph silk and looked over at the other who had grabbed a blade from the sand. "Apparently the current washed us all up in this little cave. Quite fortuitous I'd say" He said and looked around the cave and then buckled as the baby goat once more rammed it's head into him, this time to the side of his knee causing him to fall onto his knee. "Blasted goat" He said, grabbing it and pinning it down, it's noises of angry resistance filling the cave. It did however manage to squirm away and bolted for the narrow cave exit, kicking the half-elf in the forehead before doing so and baaaaaaaaaaaaaaahed all the way.

    "If i catch that goat again I'll-" Therus growled, rubbing the hoof shaped bruise on his forehead as he watched the goat's exit and then looked around the cave again and at those that had woken up. "Well...aside from that. It seems that we survived that storm and managed to get away from those pirates before. Miraculous I'd say" He said, taking his hand away from the bruise, not knowing that it was rather defined. "Alright, I guess some introductions are in order seeing how we are all in this little situation together. I am Therus Geth and this is my friend Hector Blackhammer. Although we are all strangers I say that the best way to survive for now at least is to work together. We do not know how far we are from civilization. We might be on a deserted island for all we know. I do hope that you all agree"

    According to the light at the beach side of the cave it was probably mid-day, possibly early afternoon. The breeze was rather cold and the sound of seagulls could be heard as well. The only thing that could be seen outside though was the sea and nothing discernible that could lead to a hint where exactly they were.
  8. Lucky looked up as the others started rousing themselves and talking. Seemed he and the half-elf weren't the only ones awake. His gaze landed on said half-elf just in time to witness his epic struggle with a baby goat, which he ultimately won only by default. The sylph tried to hold back a laugh, but fould he couldn't quite pull it off. Of course his fellow prisoner was probably still groggy from their shared near-death experience and would no doubt be much more competent normally judging by his muscle tone, which suggested a warrior's training, but somehow that only made it funnier. No doubt he'd re-tell this story later. Possibly with some embellishment.

    Finally, after he felt he'd gathered his own strengths and wits enough not to fall over, Lucky got to his feet, leaning a bit on his staff and spreading his wings to check on them. They weren't in the best shape - a serious preening would be needed before he could safely fly again - but all the important feathers seemed to be there, so they'd been through far worse. Tucking his staff under one arm (he didn't like to put it down so soon after nearly losing it in a shipwreck) he began to carefully realign the feathers of his left wing, plucking the broken ones and pulling the rest gently into position.

    Around that time the half-elf introduced himself and his metal-armed friend as Therus Geth and Hector Blackhammer, respectively. Looking up from his delicate work, Lucky shifted his staff back into his hand and gave a casual salute with the curved tip. "Working together sounds good to me," he said brightly. "My name's Tycheros Elpida, but most folks just call me Lucky outside Anaemos. I spend a lot of time outside civilization, so I'm ready to pitch in anywhere."
  9. I am snapped out of my train of thought by that animal from earlier kicking the half-elf and running off, how mean. I tense and shiver, I don't like seeing people get hurt like that, it's so unfortunate that I don't know their physiology very well. But right now the task at hand is to actually talk to them, I hope I am remembering this right.

    I turn to fully face the speaking half-elf, mouth wriggling. Urge to hug rising...

    "This being is called Alvissro by itself and its associates, It hopes for good co-operation between beings stranded together in this place."

    I... am unsure how right that was, I at least know I pronounced it mostly corectly. Now I must merely hope they understood me properly. How was it that one was supposed to greet in their culture?


    I am too busy thinking about minute details like that right now, say what is that object I just brushed a limb up against? I run my rear left limb over it, the handle and the ferrous head, a hammer! Such tools are reassuring to have for me, I'm no warrior but a hammer and nails are things I like almost as much as Fizzachis pie!

    Everyones coming off so calm and collected, probably just because I don't understand their body language fully, the sylph Tycheros Elpida had done a gesture called a salute right? that was a respect gesture I presume.

    These beings will take a while to get used to.
  10. He had to admit it was quite miraculous, but pondering over a good turn of fortune was like looking a gift horse in the mouth. Something that wasn't to be done. With the knife tucked into the waistband of his trousers made of coarse fabric, more for sturdiness than comfort, Gota smiled at the goat and its antics. He agreed with the man's suggestion of staying together. After all sticks are harder to break when they're gathered in a bunch, or at least that's how he thought the saying went. He kicked up a bit of sand to free his boots, browned leather reaching up to mid-calve. He realized there was still grains of sand in it, but decided to ignore it. As each occupant of the little cave introduced themselves, admittedly he jumped slightly when the hairy creature did, finally it was his turn.

    "Gota'sae is my name, though Gota seems to be the short-hand for it," He flashed teeth in a smile, and went around the cave in an attempt to shake hands with each. "It's definitely better to stick together, I'd say. At least up until we get back to somewhere familiar." He paused in front of the one called Alvissro, slightly unsure of the handshake, but offering it nonetheless. "I suppose the first step to that is finding a stream. You know? Since towns sprout near fresh water." He stood with hands to his hips once he made full circle back to his original spot.

    He was glad that he'd made some acquaintances. His father always said that a good merchant is one who knew had many connections and although he doubted the group to ever do something like mere business, there were always other things comrades were useful for. Especially with the fact that current circumstances were still very mysterious.

    His eyes darted to the exit the goat used.
  11. Arel sat up, shaking his head to get rid of all the sand. Seawater his fur was proof against, but not sand, sand got in everywhere! Even into places he never knew he had... and could have gone his entire lifetime without ever knowing what sand in those places felt like. The "baaaaahing" caught him by surprise and once again he witnessed the truly bardic level fight between the half-elf and the demonic goat! Unlike the pleasant looking Sylph Arel did not contain himself at all and started snickering something fierce before holding his stomach and letting out a burst of laughter before calming himself. "I'm sorry... but that was one for the Epics!"

    The Dwarf intrigued the feline, he had only once prior to this situation encountered a Dwarf equipped with a prosthetic arm. Getting himself into a more comfortable, cross-legged sitting position he looked at the Boorean, another fellow Altinian, the Sylph, everyone in turn. "My name is Aren Del Soren of Maenora, former captain of the Merchants Gambit. Pleased to meet you all, though rough seas are behind us I cant help but ponder if more are not just past the horizon." Dipping his hands into the nearby sea he lifted his hands up, cupping a fair bit of seawater between his palms and closing his eyes.

    Concentrating, a soft teal glow emitted from the water in his palms. Soft vapors arose from it for a little while before it became crystal clear, and he gently drank the water. "Hmmm... it feels good to get water that is cool and not stale.. those pirates weren't fit to boil water let alone handle water... I'm amazed the chef didn't give them all indigestion... "
  12. Geth nodded as he saw that most of these survivors were on the same page, wrapping the piece of sail into a more manageable bundle and tugged it under his arm. He then looked over at them all and saw what they may have grabbed. It didn't seem that they managed to grab anything of much use but at least it was something. One Altin seemed to have a dagger and the Boorean had a carpenter's hammer which seemed to be the most of value. His friend on the other hand seemed to have just have acquired a cestus which wouldn't be much of survival use. The Sylph seemed to just have a cane or a walking stick which probably wouldn't be useful seeing how if they were anywhere near a tree they would be able to make a cudgel or two. The other altin, some sort of captain by the looks of the torn clothes he had on, didn't seem to have anything of use. He himself got the sail which would probably be enough to make a cloak and something else.

    "Alright. Great to see that we are all on the same page. Although it seems that we are are rather strained when it comes to supplies...but...I think...we can make due" Geth said as he looked over at the survivors once more. He could not think of a more random bunch of people to be stuck with. He at least considered himself lucky that they didn't have a Tenian Drake Rider, a Trestan Nobleman, Besserad Slaver and a Gul Maldiri Dwarf with a Thoram prejudice. He let out a sigh and a small snicker at the mental image and tried to think. "Well, I guess that the first in order would be getting out of this cave." He said and looked over at the cave exit, the baby goat's hoof prints on the sand leading out. He could hear it still as it frantically baahed as if in trouble. Stuck or something.
  13. Lucky nodded, the last of his weariness fading. It would do him good to get out in the sun. He'd spent too long without it already, in the hold of the pirates' ship. After shaking hands with one of the altin, he stepped out of the cave mouth, shading his eyes with one wing against the bright sunlight. It would be a few minutes until the sun had moved noticeably enough to tell if it was rising or setting, so for now he still had no idea if that was east or west, but come nightfall he should have a vague idea where they were.

    He looked back at the cave he'd just walked out of - more specifically at the rock it was built into. "I got an idea," he said aloud, letting the others in on his thoughts. "If I can find a high spot or a flat stretch to run, I can take off and get the lay of the land. Figure out if it's an island or just a coast. Between that, the sun and the stars I think I can figure out where we are. Roughly. Ish. I mean, I haven't seen a star chart in a while but I know a few constellations and where they ought to be." Lucky shrugged. "Okay, not comprehensive, but I'll know what I know when I know it."
  14. That extended limbsign, since the others are doing it it must be important that I do so as well! I extend my frontmost left limb and move it up and down in synchronity when the Altin named Gota'sae offers. A strange gesture, I have much yet to learn.

    I look over to the one named Geth, and given that everyone else pays attention to xir it may seem like xe will become the groups leader. Of course I cannot be certain just yet.

    The point xe raises about survival concerns is a valid one, what will I do? I never would have guessed traveling to new continents would have been like this, I don't even know if I could be much help with my non-knowledge of local life! Though, it shouldn't be too difficult to make some makeshift tools out of local material if I but get out of this cave.

    The main problem with that is how I should get out, The space looks tight and the others are filing through, my rear manipulators drum their fingers, this could be troublesome.

    "I intend to exit this cavern, would all you gentlebeings make sure to not be in my path for the duration? There is a substantial lack of space for anything less."

    After I think the space is as clear as it will be I flatten myself to the floor as much as possible, using my front limbs to drag my body onwards, I scrape against some stone along the way, but nothing sharp enough to cut a boorean.

    As I finally get out I take the opportunity to stretch my body and emit the pleased trumpeting of satisfaction. Now to take a look around, the cave seems to be ontop of a sizable rock, looks like an easy climb. Meanwhile there seems to be rigid vegetation not too far off and the ground is covered in that green stuff, grass I believe the traders called it. Behind us is the merciless immersive death, something I wish to be away from with great celerity.

    The creature that injured our seeming leader is stuck, with one limb trapped by a rock. We have no food and it might be edible so it would endear me to them if I capture it for them yes?

    I approach cautiously, freezing when it looks at me, it could well wish me harm, I do not approve of harm to myself! I approach it from the side, using my right forelimb to partially lift the rock, it quickly tries to flee, but using my left manipulator I trip it. I fall upon the beast but it bleats it's defiance, ramming one of my limbs with its horns even as I hoist it up, dangling it by its limbs. My hair rises and stands on end puffing up my size, this means a real struggle has begun!

    I hault it back at about half speed, making utterly sure that my precious limbs do not get rammed again!

    "*grphlgmumph* We may yet make use of this beast, yes!?"
    I ask the others, if this is a waste of my time I might actually get angry.
  15. Gota didn't have a problem with the fact that the man named Geth was taking charge. He seemed quite capable and it meant less responsibility for the Altinian. In fact, each of the rag-tag bunch seemed to be assuming their own position. The group made their way through the narrow opening, Gota feeling somewhat rushed by the creature, Alvissro, that followed behind him. He was glad when he finally escaped the confines of the cave. The enclosure reminded him of the hull of a ship, and although he had no outright problem with small spaces, he was genuinely happy to be back on soft grass and under the open sky.

    He lent half an ear to the Sylph as he inspected the area, shadowing his eyes with a hand when looking up at the sun. "I suppose it is a good idea," he said in reply to Lucky. "And I'm not to shabby myself when it comes to star reading. Though night seems to be a few hours off yet." His eyes caught the sight of the trapped goat and the Boorean closing in on it.

    "That rock not high enough?" He asked, pointing to the where the cave was carved into. Gota tried his best to ignore the tussle between the two furry creatures to his right. "But if not, with a bit of patience we can always see how the sun moves."

    The Boorean seemed to have subdued the goat, but Gota wasn't entirely sure what he meant in asking if they would be able to make use of it. Food was the likeliest of answers, but Gota was pretty averse to raw meat. Then again, he suspected the horns could be of use, maybe even the fur. He looked in the direction of Geth, not sure from whom Alvissro expected an answer.
  16. Aren's eyes were focused like a Shell Razor's on the Boorean as it crawled on the ground, pulling it's body along with it's many, many arms. Something about the undulating strangeness of it's motions caused his own tail to imitate some of the motions, he had to grab it firmly to stop it. Getting up and dusting himself off, he paused and then laughed. "Why am I dusting myself off... " he turned towards the now ambulatory group and figured he'd better get up and move as well. Feeling the moist ground beneath his feet he sighed, following the group outside the expansive cave, shielding his eyesight from the glaring but low-hanging sun. The Sylph's plan on getting the lay of the land from the air was a solid one. "I'd lend you my eyes, but sadly they're quite attached to me." Aren rubbed the back of his head, idly scratching at his torn left jacket pocket, feeling the metal in a secret fabric compartment inside it, he looked relieved that it was there, though he might look a bit odd looking relaxed while... scratching at a pocket.

    Looking towards the Sylph he squinted his eyes a little. "Wait a moment... didn't... wasn't it you who chartered passage on my vessel before the pirates overcame us? L-lucky was it? I remember you, I think. My mind is all hazy, like I just emerged from the deep depths, unscathed of body but not quite so of mind." Aren's left ear drooped, he seemed deep in concentration before shaking his head. "N-no fret, if you can get a lay of the land I might be able to find out where we are, the pirates couldn't have taken us massively off the beaten lanes, if they did them I'm out of my depth here... " Aren rubbed the back of his head embarrassingly, didn't need to point out I'd be useless if it turned out my knowledge was useless... Aren smacked himself, figuratively speaking, upside the head with a looking glass.
  17. Hector looked around, he kept moving his arm, worried it wasn't working right, that something had messed with it somehow. He smiled as the hyperactive one came over and shook his hand, thankfully not caring that it was his gauntlet and not his regular one. He watched the others and his friend move out and followed suit, it was good that Therin was taking charge, from what Hector remembered he was good at leading people, Hector was really only good with bashing skulls.

    " I guess getting up to a good vantage point would give us the lay o the land better, plus we might find food by either foraging or maybe, once we actually get something close enough to a decent projectile like a spear, or even a large rock I guess, we hunt." He says holding his hand over his head looking around, he was glad he was a half dwarf though, that way he wasn't as short as his brethren and could actually look past people and around. "I'm not much of a pathfinder either, always was around more for their protection than anything else, I wonder just how deserted this place could be though." He says shrugging his massive shoulders, he moves his fleshy hand over his beard, scratching it and moving his bangs out of his emerald green eyes, looking back at the others he smiled "I guess I should formally introduce myself as well, always late to the party with this, I'm Hector Blackhammer, second son of the Blackhammer clan, warrior by birth and by deed." He says and nods a bow to the others.
  18. Therus Geth watched as the survivors left one by one and he followed suit outside, looking around. He saw the Boorean subdue the young goat and heard the rest speaking about how they could orient themselves about where they were. He decided to answer the Boorean's first question about the the goat. "I guess we could do something with the animal if we find ourselves short on food. I am personally not that hungry at the moment." He said to the Alvissro and looked a the goat that had almost broken his nose. It might have been his imagination but for a moment there he thought that the animal glared directly at him. A little shaken by that, Geth looked around and then nodded at Lucky. "Try using the rock as a perch. It might assist your take off" He said as he gestured at it

    Taking a higher vantage point and taking a wild gander at the positioning of the sun would show that the survivors were at a far east coast of Kryst which would leave them either somewhere in Kravos or Trestan. UNless they were really unlucky and found themselves in the lost nation of Fey. The mythical ancestral home of the elves or their predecessors and a land filled with unsavory tales about settlers plagued by night terrors and driven out as fast as they could.

    Geth made his own assesment about where they were as he observed the surrounding area. The woods seemed to be more than a grove and stretched far to the right and left. It wasn't dense at first but even a casual glance would show that the forest was old by the height of the trees and how dense it was when looking deeper into it. The trees themselves had a dark brown bark, very dark when looking at the dense thicket through the younger trees. His eyebrow arched at that sight as it might be a clue to where they might be. He lightly jogged to the nearest tree and crouched to pick up some of the leaves that had fallen at it's base in the past and rubbed them between his palm. The crushed leaves stained his hand and he drew in a deep breath through his nose and smelled the odor. "Well...I'll be damned" he said to himself and then looked over to call to the others. "This is crow-wood. It only grows in Kravos" He told them, brushing his hands of the green leaves against his torn shirt, staining it even more as he rejoined them. "A mixed blessing I'd say. We might be in the outskirts of the Stross Timberlands and they are usually filled with game but also with dangerous beasts and largely uninhabited. We might go days without seeing civilization" he said in a serious tone. "Sticking together is now a necessity. We'll need to gather up whatever we can salvage. Gota. I see that you possess a dagger. It will be really useful. I have a large piece of sail which we could use to make blankets or cloaks. Hector here can use his fists like a blunt ax to chop down wood" He said to the group in general. "Your hammer might also come in handy, Alvissro. Oh, and another thing" He said to them, his face mirroring his serious tone of voice. "Stross is the home of the barghest" he said, referencing a beast that was more commonly known as a Goblin Hound.

    Barghests were beasts that seemed to be a mixture of a hyena and a tiger. Their faces were nothing to swoon over and were known to bring children to cry at a glance, similar to actual Goblins. Unlike goblins though, they had large fangs that grew into tusks over the years. They were about the size of a large dog like a great dane but far more muscular. They were popular as ruthless war beasts or intimidating guard hounds but they were really aggressive. The only fortunate about barghests is that they weren't commonly known to be pack animals but were smart solitary hunters, more intelligent than the regular hound at least.
  19. "Maybe you should get some rest," Lucky suggested to the Maenoran captain, who seemed to be having trouble remembering things. "I don't think you have a concussion, but if your head's feeling off you probably shouldn't be on your feet anyway." Then he turned to the rock face. This was where his staff came in handy: The hooked tip was perfect for grabbing and climbing things, and combined with his experience doing exactly what he was doing now, it let him easily scale even a treacherous mountainside, among its other benefits as a tool and weapon. Once he was decently high, the sylph double-checked his wings (yep, preened and ready) and leapt into takeoff, circling quickly for height to get a better view of the area.

    For the most part he just saw a lot of forest, but he did recognize the mountains in the distance. Combined with the sun, he knew roughly where they were: Kravos. Well, that was comforting. At least they weren't on a desert island somewhere. Lucky knew first-hand how much easier it was to get to civilization if you didn't have to build your own raft first. He descended back to the beach to find that Therus Geth had come to the same conclusion he had. "Barghests," he muttered. "I barely survived the last time I met one of those. Not eager to go through that again." Most beasts would run off when you shot some sparks at them, they instinctively feared fire. Barghests, though clever, were aggressive enough to just get angry instead of scared.

    Looking back at the cave, Lucky considered the situation. "We'll need a proper shelter," he said. "This cave is decent at low tide, but I'd rather have something stable. I know a little about simple construction, with some wood, leaves, that sailcloth and something to bind with we can make a lean-to that'll hold up. Give me a minute and I can figure out how long we have until the next rain, maybe buy us some extra time if we need it." With that in mind he sat down, his staff laid over his crossed legs, shut his eyes and focused on a spell he knew well, a somewhat complex but low-energy dweomer to examine the weather. With his education he should know what it would be like for a couple of days.
  20. Lucky's spell would show that the weather would is rather calm and shows nothing concerning a storm or a drought. There would be however be rain somewhere in the future. Most possibly in the middle of the night but not clear on whether or not it would be a hard rain or a minor drizzle. Strangely enough as well was a strange vibration that he didn't quite feel during his previous prediction. Similar to a gong or a bell that was struck and though the sound can no longer be heard, the vibration after the strike was still there.

    "Kravos... Barghests? The last time I came across any of those I had a company of men and a lot more swords than I do now to dispense with them. They're fascinatingly brave creatures, but stab them often enough in the head and even they cease their assault." Aren remarked casually as he processed the information given. "Kravos is dangerous territory, finding out where we are would be easier with a map. Sadly my maps of the world were probably used as toilet paper by those uneducated ruffians who sacked my ship... " Aren rubbed the hidden little metal pendant in his torn jacket pocket, praying to the Brass Tower that his love might find peace should he have risen to the high heavens.

    Aren absent mindedly kicked off his remaiming, ruined boot. No sense in going around with but a single boot Sighing a bit as he dug his toes into the sand, at least the sea was calmer now, he turned to face the rest of the gang.

    "The people of Kravos are... not exactly familiar to me, but a city should be easy enough to spot, especially with an aerial view such as yours Her..."Lucky" was it? Any sensible planner would put a city next to a river, the ocean or somewhere defensible, the middle of the forest is not a very wise choice lest you have the means to keep all the wildlife at bay, ease is better than rough approaches."

    Aren shedd his tattered jacket and tying it off around his waist, he expected it would get pretty warm once they got their blood pumping. "The biggest problem will be surviving long enough until we get there,judging from our lackluster state of non-existent debris... I don't expect a sword to just float up on up from the depths of the azure, good luck never was my strong suite... food and at least temporary shelter should be our primary concern right now. "

    "That aside, navigation is my forté" Aren continued as the Sylph descended from his high perch. "The lay of the land will be of use, and my sense of direction is pretty accurate. Navigation was my forté in the naval academy, that and vessel operations but that aside, I can probably guide us out of here if I have landmarks with which to operate on." Aren approached the half-elf, the seeming defacto leader of the group for the time being.

    "Geth was it? I have met half-elves before, some even visited Badele. Where are you from if I might ask?" Aren tried his best to be civil, even as his tail coiled around his legs, Altinian curiosity was easy enough to spot, they were about as obviously curious as a lantern in a dark hallway.

    The half-elf looked over at the tarnished Maenoran and nodded at the mention of his name, his palms still smelling of the crushed leaves.

    "I was born here in Kravos but not this far south. I was a caravan trader and my travels did not go through these woods very often so I am not too familiar with it but at least some which in this case is better than nothing. I haven't been to Badele though and know very few personally that have been there" He said to Aren, looking back at the almost black looking forest when he addressed before turning to look at the altinian again.

    "What I do know about the surrounding is that there aren't that many settlements, only a few small towns and villages at most. I cannot say for certain where we might be but my guess would be we are rather near the inlet that borders Kravos and Trestan, further south. My best guess at a settlement though would be further north but I make no gurantees. And what of you? I am guessing you are from the Walled City of famed repute"

    Aren rubbed the back of his head embarrasingly. "That easy to spot my pampered hide's softness? Indeed I originate from Badele, the Walled City of the East. I was a pretty succesful trader by... well, trade. My vessel, the Merchants Gambit was based out of Badele's Grand Harbor, from there I had business dealings pretty much everywhere a ship could take me. From the stable but unpleasant reaches of Besserad to the Dwarven Holds if a harbor was free for docking."

    The clothes Aren wore were (previously) of very fine weave, Sylph-made, which was the only reason they weren't in tiny tatters, Sylphs knew how to handle fine clothes better than most though metals were more a Dwarven and Maenoran trade.

    "And a Caravan trader? You ran your own business? That is something I cannot help but respect, nothing is quite as liberating as working for yourself, though of course the stress of always being in the know-how is unnerving from time to time."

    Ears cocked and twitching the Altinian appeared to be in lighter moods, conversation was by far one of his favorite arts, not too many practiced it. "As for our journey, I do have a meager handful of spells at my command, namely I can make small patches of water and nobody's eyes are keener. But I wont pretend I am a master mage... I sadly have no talent for larger spells."

    "I got my own magical abilities" Therus said, demonstrating said abilities by conjuring up a sphere of fire the size of a small ball. He let the orb of flame stay alight for a few moments before closing his fist over it. "I also know tiny cantrips. Small things that aren't of too much use but can be helpful at times" He said with a shrug. He looked over at the forest and turned to address the entirety of the troop. "We cannot linger here for much longer. I suggest we go further north in hopes to find a settlement of elves but it is a no gurantee of safety. We can also go south in hopes to reach the borders between Kravos and Trestan" He said to them all. "Either way we will need to stick together if we are to survive"

    "Agreed, it will be nice to not turn into a bleached skeleton lying around on the beach with a broken compass and an empty bottle like in so many novels. Onwards!" Aren smiled, about to march in a direction before pausing and about facing. "After you sir, I insist" he obviously had no idea where he was going and was trying his best not to look like a fool... well to not look like too much of a fool at least. "As for my vote... North?"
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