Legends of Cerdryn

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    Legends of Cerdryn
    (Currently revising almost everything to clean it up and make it more presentable)

    Cerdryn is a vast world and on edge. A century ago a devastating war spread across the lands by an unknown enemy who wielded magic to an impossible degree, heralded by a strange magical storm that wracked most of known Cerdryn with multi colored lightning that would change Cerdryn in subtle ways. The vast army of unknown spellcasters invaded various corners of both Kryst and Vestien, destroying minor settlements and clashed against the cities of the world, from the walled city of Badele to the forest home of the elves in Kravos. For 13 years these attackers have been relentless and were on the verge of completely breaching through Badele when they inexplicably became weak and retreated with no sign of why. A 121 years later the world is still shaken and scarred from the 13 year long devastation and the world is still on edge and no clear evidence of who was responsible.

    Many pointed fingers at each other at the end of the devastation with some suspicion going over to the people of Maenora as those responsible were suspected of originating within the nation while others suspected Besserad due to the lack of attacks that they suffered compared to others. No clear evidence came to light however and suspicions could not be acted upon.

    There were small skirmishes between Maenora and Besserad, their age old rivals and their relations has only gotten worse but only just avoided a full scale war as the skirmishes were determined to be the acts of radicals on both sides and quelled. Some suspect however that once more Maenora and Besserad will come to blows that will lead Vestien to another large scale war and drag Kryst along with it.

    The world has changed much since the end of the terrible tempest that plagued it. Advancement in fire dust has given the world more fire power of non magical origin. Creatures have changed to become more terrible yet others changing to become more intelligent. Those that can tap into magic still feel it changed with certain spells resonating quite differently than it did prior to the war.

    Plot Progress.
    A group of prisoners of pirates were marooned during the start of the great tempest and find themselves, unknowingly, in modern day. They are stranded at the coast of Kravos, some leagues away from the borders of Trestan and are making their way north to find civilization with limited supplies.​

    World Map
    Nation Map
    I am working on more detailed maps.

    Playable Races

    • [tab=Humans]

    • Dwarves are known for their short and stout stature, their above average muscle growth compared to humans and their affinity to live in the vast mountain caves of Cedryn. Although the last thing isn't exactly true for all dwarven settlements, the dwarven people have set their reputation of having one of the best metal production and craftmanship in the lands of Cedryn. Beard growth is encouraged in dwarven males but it shaving isn't ridiculed or treated as heresy. Their high alcohol tolerance has caused any breweries to make very strong spirits for the stout folk and often they are the last one standing in a drinking game.

      Some women who seem to be very masculine tend to grow a little facial hair, mostly just thin sideburns but most women, like humans, don't grow a beard too commonly.

      There are two kinds of Dwarves, Thoramir and Maldiri dwarves. Thoramir dwarves are more traditional and serve a king and queen while Maldiri dwarves are more outgoing than their cousins and tend to be recognized by having a bit tanner skin.

      Courtship between a Dwarf and a human isn't too uncommon and the birthrate between such courtship isn't too low either. Direct Human and Dwarf parents tend to leave an offspring slightly taller than the average dwarf and a little shorter than the average human, depending on the ethnicity. They are usually identified as just somewhat short and masculine humans on average and especially if the offspring is male. "Angular" is the common word to describe dwarven features.

      A dwarven lifespan on average 230 years to those of pure dwarven bloodline. Breeding with humans has mottled the average lifespan of dwarves.

    • Most elves of Cedryn are gifted with almost completely symmetrical features including antlers that grow from the temple of their foreheads and prehensile tails that reach down to the ground. Sometimes, very rarely, some elves are born with multiple tails, the most of which was recorded was six tails. A single tail however is the most common and the tail is strong enough to hold a small item but not strong enough to be used in excessive combat. Elf antlers are often used for medicine and many elves volunteer to have their antlers sawed off while in a magic induced sleep as not to suffer the pain and repeat once their antlers have grown a fair length. Soldiers are required to have their antlers removed unless they reach an officer rank or higher. Most however only have parts of their antlers be sawed off and allow most of it grow, many nobles and royals letting their antlers to grow an immense length as a show of nobility though still donate a few branches.

      Elves often have rather bright eye colors and elongated ears. Elves don't grow a proper beard unless they have at least a few drops of human blood in their heritage. Their compatibility with other races however is minimal at best so the birthrate of Half-Elf hybrids is extremely low. The most likely candidate for the non-elf parent would be a sylph for the most likelihood of an offspring though it's still not a guarantee. Half-Elves however do tend to take most of the features derived from the father. Most half-elves don't grow tails and the antler growth is far slower than that of pureblood elves. Half-elf and half-dwarven offspring are utterly unheard off as the two races are all too incompatible to bear children.

      The average lifespan of an Elf is that of 400 years though legends and those gifted with more tails have been known to exceed the limit by a few decades. A legendary king who was born with the six tails was known to live almost a thousand years reigning over the elves through most of his years. He was described as a Demi-God in that sense.

    • (Player Made)
      A sylph resembles an elf at first close glance as they are known to be a cousin race, with the same four limbs, slight yet athletic frame, angular features and pointed ears, but the differences are immediately apparent. The most glaring example of this is the large, feathered wings sprouting from their shoulders. Sylph skin, hair, eyes and feathers commonly come in shades of green, blue, yellow, gray and white, with other colors less prominent but not unheard of. The feathers can be more than one color, but the base color is always the same as the skin, though the skin is paler than the feathers. Sylphs also do not share elven tails nor antlers.

      Sylph wingspans are usually slightly longer than the sylph is tall, with some particularly large examples reaching half again that. Their hair, usually kept around shoulder length, has feathers interspersed through it and a small crest of feathers on the forehead. Some parts of their bodies – the cheeks, shoulders, upper back, hips, shins and forearms – have a small, downy coat over them.

      Like elves, whom they are believed to be related to (leading to the nickname ‘sky elves’ which many sylphs consider derogatory) sylphs tend to be lithe and dexterous, but not fragile. By the time puberty hits all sylphs are capable of flight, barring the infirm, and can often move with remarkable speed and agility, though this varies greatly between individuals. Since they require either some altitude or speed for takeoff practically all sylphs are at least passable in one or both of these practices; most don’t go a day without flying somewhere, both for convenience and for the simple enjoyment of it.

      Their bodies are well adapted to flight and high altitudes and only those who have lived their whole lives in ground communities have any trouble with thin air or sudden changes in pressure; even they quickly adapt. The down on their bodies helps regulate their body temperatures and their eyes are built similarly to hawk eyes, allowing them to spot small or distant targets easily.

      The average lifespan of a Sylph is the same of an elf's but they don't possess the rare birth of some multiple limbs. Sylphs are more commonly compatible with Elves and half-elf and half-sylph tend to have small nubs for antlers, less extensive feathers on their bodies and small wings not strong enough to even glide.

      Sylphs tend to be vain and it's not too uncommon that they have a superiority complex. Their entire culture is rather militaristic and many civilians serve a term in their army.

    • (Player Made)
      The inhabitants of Maenora are anything but ordinary. At first glance they appear to be upright humanoids with large ears and tails, upon closer examination you will however find that they are desert-dwelling animal kin! Felines to be exact. The species itself refers to itself as "Altinian", which loosely translates to "Striders of Land", more commonly abbreviated as "Landstrider." More commonly referred to by their nationality, Maenorans are fantastic fishermen, their ability to sense electrical fields emitted by the movements of muscle systems in any organism means it is extraordinarily difficult to catch one off guard underwater but only sensed via touch above it.

      Maenorans have highly sensitive ears, but their eyes are their specialty as they have a natural night vision. Their greatest skill, and most noteworthy aspect of their civilization, is their seemingly natural aptitude for sniffing out a good bargain and for recognizing a burgeoning market long before anyone else does. Quick to teach their young the value of currency and of the need to be quick on the take to secure a good bargain, Maenorans are regarded as highly talented business owners, entrepreneurs and traders. The term "cut-throat business" does not exist in their vocabulary in the traditional sense, Maenorans will fight with tooth, claw and gunfire to protect their business interests and their allies, but their business acumen, more often mistaken for a philosophical and near religious stand is that it is better to have a steady if modest income than a one-time "big score". That however has not stopped the stereotype that most street merchants might be con artists to other nations.

      Maenorans have twin sets of vocal chords, enabling them to "parrot" any sound made by a similar larynx as well as duplicate any pitch or tone of voice, Maenorans are able to learn almost any language given enough time and study, pronounciation is rarely an issue for them. Their tails are strong enough to support their own weight and sometimes they can be encountered hanging from the strong branches of trees imported from other nations in their many and often lush public parks. The average life-expectancy for a Maenoran is but 80 years, Maenorans above the age of 80 are a rarity.

      Maenorans are pleasant to look at, due to their often well-defined physiques it is easy to admire them, due to their gracious movements and sometimes striking fur patterns, the same as one would admire a powerful predator or lushly colored pheasant. A common tradition amongst Maenorans is shadowing their eyes with a black dye to emphasize the striking golden, green, browns and blues their eyes often display, diverse and often colorful hair colorations due to their tendency to dye their hair, clothes and parts of their fur are also pretty common.

      The most common Altin sexuality is bisexuality but not universal one as individuals have their preferences. Lacking sexual discrimination, Altins see little difference between genders.

    • (Player Made)
      An odd race of beings found only on a strange island and fairly recently in history. Described as a ball of fur possessing tentacle like appendages, they walk on said tentacles with a hand at the end of each tentacle. This gait is rather slow or awkward but they posses remarkable reach and flexibility, they have been observed casually climbing trees and rocks without even slowing down.

      Their immense maw takes in their meals, they have an uncanny ability to subsist on almost anything organic, and their thick fur and tough hide provides ample protection against scrapes and extremes of temperature. However their strange physiology is extremely vulnerable to salt and other similar water binding substances, that attack their bodies similarly to acid.

      The typical Boorean has a tentacle length between 2,5-3,5 meters and a body that stretches 1-1,4 meters. They typically weigh between 100-300 kg. All Booreans are hermaphrodites.

      There was definitive confusion after first contact, and significant feelings of mutual repulsion, Booreans were repulsed by the explorers just like the explorers were repulsed by them. Some Booreans have however traveled with them onward to other new places.

      They mostly live in extended group communities of around 100-1000 Booreans with some trade happening between the various cliff towns and forest towns. They had lived there for a long tie, their vulnerability to seawater preventing them from expanding past their continent. The tech level of the various Boorean towns varied greatly from something resembling Ancient Greece up to 1700ish Europe but tech was often all over the place even within a given town.

      Booreans are intensely social creatures and suffer greatly if cut off from their groups, many are willing to do almost anything to prevent themselves and others from suffering such a fate. They have trouble speaking "normal" languages, it often sounds rather deep and rumbling and indeed Booreans make extensive usage of body language and often show their affection in a physical manner.

      Booreans are very strong, averaging around 2,5 times the human average but they must also eat proportionally more. The six log tentacle a Booreans have allow them to excel at grappling but not so much at multi-wielding, because they must use 4 tentacles to walk or stand, which tentacles are used for that is interchangeable though.

      It is only recently that you might see a boorean in other nations as the war caused them to stay put on their distant island until about two decades ago.

    • Another recent addition to Cerdryn. Goblins were once a despised pest throughout Cerdryn. They were small, skinny and smelly beasts that had a primal language of grunts and growls and just barely the understanding of sapience. However, during the tempest that was the harbinger of the war over a century ago, the goblinoids gained remarkable intelligence for their kind. They seemed to have disappeared for decades before a company of bandits found a strange village within the Sulstan forests. Domed roofed houses of wood and clay and people just shorter than the average dwarf farming. They recognized the people as goblins but they had drastically changed. Either way, they tried to take advantage of them as goblins had been known for their stupidity before. Their attempts was met with major resistance and those that survived were driven away to spread the news of these new breed of goblins.

      Goblins aren't tall. They are just shorter than dwarves and alot thinner. They are agile and rather lithe in movement if not graceful. Their hands and feet are proportionally bigger and at the end of their fingers and toes they posses blunt claws. Their hands do not possess a small finger but instead there is a secondary thumb. It's only slightly shorter and thinner than the primary one but it gives the goblins a sure grip.

      Their skintones are commonly shades of green with possible patches of darker shades in various places depending on the individual and their hair colors are often dark shades of brown but there are some that have natural light colors. Red hair is considered an attractive feature amongst goblins. Their faces are somewhat human looking but tend to have slightly larger and broader nose. Their ears are very long, longer than that of elves but they droop downwards while elven ears tend to be pointing up.

      Although small in stature and not really strong, they make up for it in fierce tenacity and cunning. Goblins are also rather skilled acrobats and thieves.

    (Will be expanded and/or in the future as plot progresses


    Since time in memorial, three dragons of the aether kept the realms of existence in harmony. The Golden Dragon, Dar'nu watched over the material realms and the passages that connected each realm. His scales were brighter than any gold in any realm with eyes like the clearest sapphire. His brother, Mu'ardu, however kept watch over the Nexus and it's denizens. His scales were like a star filled night sky and his eyes were that of rubies like no other. Their eldest brother, Nariloth, a dragon with prismatic scales and blind eyes that see all, kept the balance and the realms open to one another. As the time past by the great Aether Dragons, the energies of the Nexus began to influence the great black dragon of aether, twisting his sanity. His scales went from a beautiful star filled night sky to the blackest void, his eyes burning with wild madness.
    He waged war on his golden scaled brother, twisting the Nexus into a mad maelstrom and placing the rest of the realms in grave danger. With the help of the third brother, Mu'ardu was finally cast into the center of the maelstrom and the passages between the realms closed so that the Mad Dragon may never seek a foothold upon the material world. Creatures of the Nexus further twist the Aether Dragon's mind while they themselves try to seek an opening to the other realms.

    -/ From the Codex of the Aether /-

    Some inhabitants of Cedryn are gifted with Rift-Tearing within themselves. The gift involves tearing a rift within their being to the Maelstrom and allow the energies to flow into them and manipulate them into spells. However, each Rift making holds a risk of catching the attention of wraiths of the Maelstrom. Each person can feel the presence of the wraiths as they approach their rifts as a feeling similar to an arctic ghost going through them and over their graves or something similar. Students of the art of magic learn to keep their rifts relatively small yet let more magic flow into them.

    Enchantment magic is one of the most difficult school of magic to master. Trapping magical energies into an object for an indefinite amount of time requires a large amount of concentration and minimal distraction that enchanted weaponry is done in a group of magi and only for weapons intended for people either of great worth or very deep pockets and influence. A failed enchantment spell, in best case scenario, nothing happens to the item. Worst case scenario, the item crumbles to bits.

    A very dangerous form of enchantment magic is Body Enchantments. These are only attempted by the most confident of enchanters to those only either desperate enough or crazy enough to attempt them. Body Enchantments also only work on those not gifted with Rift making as it's surmised that the tiny rift that is seemingly always open within the person siphons the magic required for the enchantment into the maelstrom where. Body enchantment is also cursed with a high failure rate when not done correctly as it's theorized that the body is always changing in every moment, constantly animate unlike inanimate objects. Failure is not a pleasant option in Body Enchantments as it's either succeed or the patient dies horribly.

    Most often people end up just as dabblers or are just self taught. No self taught person would be able to match a taught and experienced spellcaster in his skills with spells. Competent self taught spellcasters are able to cast cantrips very easily.

    Notable Kingdoms and Settlements

    Helfast (open)

    Hel Thoram is the home hold of the dwarven race according to legends. Hel Thoram resides in the Helfast mountains and only a few leagues from the largest lake in Kryst. The kingdom of Hel Thoram leads good way into the Helfast mountains and has multiple levels up and down the mountain interior and boasts one of the hottest forges in the realms outside of dragon's fire. The city itself also spills out of the mountain and around the base near the massive gates. Away from the city is a harbor town that is the main supply of fishing goods for the great dwarven hold.

    Helfast being known for it's vast mountain ranges and for it's massive lake, it's considered dwarven land though there are human settlements all around the lake where they fish. No human king rules over Helfast though.

    Hel Thoram is the possibly the largest contender in the metal trade and supplies the people of Tenia and Sulstan with it's goods. The interior of the city is quite the sight. The houses seem to be carved from the very walls of the vast mountain and leads deep within into the dwarven mines and forges. Another, smaller gates is on the east side of the mountain where they may engage trade with Tenia far more easily.

    Trestan (open)

    Gul Maldir is the home of the former Hel Thoram exiles during the Dwarven Sundering over a thousand years ago. The exiles went south, intending to go to the Great Border between Kryst and Vestien, to the nation of Trestan, but just north of it they found Mountains where they decided to settle in. There was much infighting between the clans as they tried to keep the old ways of a King and/or Queen to guide the people but no quarter was given as different clans built their own city. More fighting for control resolved with all the cities united together to form the Dwarven Hold of Gul Maldir. The people made their mark on the world with the discovery of Firedust within the mountains and used the exploding powder to mine more and faster, lending more building material than most others in Kryst with quality stone and architects. They especially did business with the elves of the western forests of Kryst and the elves in turn taught them better farming. Maldiri dwarves are the most travel prone dwarves and still the animosity between them and the Thoramir dwarves stands the test of time still and is sometimes the spark of a drunken brawl.

    Trestan is also ruled by a human kingdom of Islefield close to the border between Trestan and Helfast. It's relationship with Hel Thoram greatly decreased when they gave the exile dwarves sanctuary but with time it made up for the lack of trade with them as the exiles formed Gul Maldir. Islefield is one of the cities heavy with dwarven and human coexistence as their relation with Gul Maldir is very intimate and Maldiri dwarven is spoken by it's citizens as a second language, if not primary by some.

    Sulstan (open)

    Sulstan is the nation north of Kryst and a fairly humble nation and has the highest number of farming settlements when compared to most others and actually is a big support to a nation like Helfast when it comes to food produce. It may not have much variety on fruits or meats but prides itself with the sear amount of produce it brings to other nation. It quickly gained the allegiance of Tenia and Helfast.

    Sulstan's capitol is called Elkmire and, like it's surrounding settlement, is often described as humble except for it's castle. It's castle is actually a massive keep with very impressive fortifications. It's impressive walls surround the capitol and with heavy support from Helfast and Tenia they are guarded by well trained soldiers and cannoneers.

    Tenia (open)

    Tenia is arguably the most impressive of the human focused nations. It's kingdom, Windemere, is located near Dragoneye Lake and the surrounding towns and villages boast the most active sea trade of all other nations, even more than Maenora, mostly due to the fact that the towns and settlements of Tenia are easily reachable to each other by boat than on foot. The Maw, as it's known for short, has easily the one of the most impressive naval fleet in Cerdryn rivaled only by Badele but makes up for it with it's alliance with the kingdom in Aneamos and a direct line to the high quality metal of Helfast. The palace of Windemere is called Dragonspire Palace, one of the grandest single structure in Cerdryn and easily takes it's place with the walls of Badele as one of the impressive structues of Cerdryn. Once a cathedral devoted to the Aether Dragon, Dar'nu, the palace is filled with depictions of dragons which isn't surprising where the city is located. Tenia boasts the largest following of devoted followers of Dar'nu, praying to him directly as the chiefest of all deities other than his prismatic brother, Nariloth, while the dark brother, Muardu, is cursed.

    Kravos (open)

    In the western provinces of Kryst is the most heavily forested nation of the two continents. That nation is called Kravos and is the home nation of the Elves. The Capitol of Kravos is the city of Aldren, named after the most famous king of the elves who lived for over a thousand years. The city is located just north of the large cove that separates Kravos to the lands of Gul Maldir. There are smaller provinces in Kravos that are controlled by separate Lords and all of them answer to the King or Queen of Aldren.

    The forest is laden with rivers of various width and depth and the city of Aldren is blessed with the largest river going through it's city, using it to get certain boats out to the western seas.

    There are towns and villages too and those tend to keep themselves closer to the outskirts of the forest itself but Aldren is deeply entrenched. Outside forces that wish to approach by land need to go through it's forests which are crawling with fierce beasts such as barghests. By water they have only one entry way and can be ambushed by hidden cannon and mortar locations along the shores.

    Anaemos (open)
    The home nation of the Sylphs though they tend to keep themselves to their military capitol on the mountaintops, the capitols in question being Ouranpolis and Kataiyida near the western borders of the nation and who boasts the perfect natural defense against invaders due to the their high altitude . The nearest non Sylph kingdom is the kingdom of Solice which is located in the northern shore and does lot of it's trade with the nation of Tenia, also known as the Dragon's Maw, and with Helfast.

    Anaemos's biggest trade on the human side is their fishing. A lot of good fishing locations can be found in it's territory and adequate whaling spots as well. Their settlements tend to mirror that of their sylph neighbors and favor high ground. Not mountains exactly but large hills and there for their internal roads and streets are at a slight tilt.

    Anoth Wastes (open)

    The Anoth Wastes are separated from Kryst by the longest mountain line in the world. Only small roads through the mountains allow travelers to reach the Anoth Wastes. Anoth is a massive land of tundra and frozen wasteland. Men who live in this land are split into tribes. Not much trade goes through this land though a good deal of the lost nation of Fey reaches it.
    Although actually part of the continent of Kryst, the Anoth Wastes are often seen as it's own land due to the long mountain reaches that separate them.

    Anoth Wastes seem to be mostly inhabited with humans as it's main sapient race and they tend to be fierce warriors. They are tall and fair haired and tend to be well muscled due to the harshness of the wastes which are also the home of dangers. Though these are few and mostly at the coasts. Who knows what lies further in this mysterious and hostile land?

    Reason why the Anoth wastes aren't as traversed on foot than on ship is because of the dangerous roads that lead to the vast nation and the Anoth Mountains are the often the most popular breeding ground for wyverns.

    Those who venture to the safest land road into the Anoth may be able to see massive spire mountains in the distance to the north west. No one who has gone there has come back to give a report on what it truly is but rumors say that they might actually be structures, massive towers of a grand frozen palace.

    Reidan (open)
    The homeland of the booreans and one of the more odd places in Cerdryn that have been discovered. It's not often traveled since it's recent discovery and very few of Reidan's inhabitants travel to Cerdryn's other lands. With random weather patterns and strange flora and fauna. It's mysteries are yet to be fully discovered.

    Maenora (open)
    Maenora is said to be the home nation of the Altinian race and it's most impressive settlement is that of Badele and it's vast walls. Arguably the most fortified city in all of Cerdryn with it's very impressive wall structure and strategic placement. Located at the northern corner coast of the narrow sea river in Maenora before being expanded to the southern side as well it boasts the most impressive navy under a single nation as the invention of cannons pushed their hold of power immensely with the help of the Border. Most of Maenoran settlements other than the capitol however are mostly located at the coasts to either the sea proper or, more numerously, along the sea river.

    Fey (open)

    The birth nation of the elves and their ancestors but lost to all. It's shrouded in mystery as half the nation is heavy with unknown power that drives people away. Ships avoid going to it and only the most devoted of pilgrims and adventurers dare to challenge it's enigmatic shroud. It's said that the ancient ancestors of the elves lost themselves in their hubris and caused the fall of their own nations. Due to the fact that clearly no one has firmly explored the lost home of the elves enough to set a firm theory, the leading speculation why the nation is uninhabitable now is that the leading magi might have performed some sort of ascension ritual for their emperor to rule over all of Kryst but payed the price for their hubris. Now their land is unexplored and avoided by all. What land that wasn't part of the Fey empire became the now Kravos where the most heavily elven population resides and Trestan where now Gul Maldiri dwarves hold their lands.

    Attempts have been made to conquer the lands and set up settlement by the people of Sulstan but paranoia and visions plagued the people and after a year of an actual brutal civil war caused them to once again go home to Sulstan.

    Besserad (open)
    One of the largest human focused nations in known Cerdryn, the humans of Besserad are defined by their skintone which tends to be tanned or even very dark and the nation is rich with a history of slaving and lucrative trade power of the western coasts. The Besserad Sovereignty was once on the reach to becoming an empire with it's hold on the Border, Xanto, Maenora and Trestan as well as the Cloven Isle. Due to instablitiy in it's on sovereignty and retaliation from slave uprisings, the Besserad Sovereignty lost alot of territory after setting a more benevolent heir to the throne as well as the release of a massive amount of slaves. Although their slaver trade is not as extensive as it was, it is rather prominent in the Cloven Isle, The Great Border and Xanto Coast.

    Basserad has a rich history of slave trade in the past and although they have not invaded other nations for such, they are not shy of this fact. Slaves may be bought and sold within Basserad.

    Janbu (open)

    A mostly empty desert with little to no fertile ground, the Janbu desert resides between Maenora and the Xanto coast. Leagues upon leagues of burning golden sand with no water in sight, the land is avoided by almost all except for the coasts of the desert. It's plagued with a massive amount of Wyrms, a species of dragon like serpents and deadly to all who travel over the Janbu sands and other predators.

    There are some who live there though but only at the edges and brave hunters trek through it to hunt down the Wyrms for their precious hides used for tough leather items and meat for the royal halls.

    After the great tempest the Janbu has been showing more oases than in recent history.

    Xanto (open)

    Xanto coast is the southern most nation of Vestien and rather secluded. It was once a part of the Besserad Sovereignty but has grown independent. It's rocky wastes make it ideal for trade in building material to nations such as Besserad and Maenora and it's people tend to be great builders in general, building impressive homes and walls in relatively short time. The more proud and arrogant of the Xanto people say that their land is the home of architecture but it's a gross overestimation though Xanto Coast has given the world rather impressive architects, some of which took part in the construction of the Badele Wall.

    The coast is technically named after it's capitol, Xanto, which has quite grown since the power loss of the sovereignty. It is however extremely dependent on outside trade.

    The Unexplored (open)
    Speculations are that Vestein, Kryst and Reidan are not the only landmasses on Cerdryn although that is just speculations. No one has explored beyond the Wysh Expanse nor the Habon Sea beyond Reidan. No contact has been made from beyond those seas either so all evidence of a land are only rumors and speculations. They might not even exists. A good reason why no one has done much exploring beyond the seas is because if the storms and tempests that are prone to rise out of nowhere. No one knows why if it's magical or strange natural phenomenon.

    Notable Technology not related to magic
    The lands of Cedryn mostly relied on steel and swords yet the development of firedust took over the attention of many. It was first used for construction work and mining, to access even more ore before someone had the bright idea of using it to force metal balls out of metal tubes. The lead developers of Firedust are dwarves of the dwarven hold Gul Maldir yet the one who had the bright idea of using it to launch projectiles was a half-dwarf from Sulstan known as Haskil Bronson (Though everyone writes his name as Bronze Son) who was an inventor of sorts and was deeply fascinated with the use of the firedust. He worked for the lead developers of the dust and he noticed rather prominently how much debris was launched due to the explosive nature of the dust when ignited. With a team of his own, he tried the theory of redirecting the debris first as a means to prevent further injury to miners. Through his experiments he saw the destructive power of the launched debris and with time let the debris be lead by narrower and narrower contraptions which ended being tubes. After many explosions, deafened scientists, some catastrophic injury to peons and at least one blinded, they invented the first cannon. It started first as a sort of scatter gun using rocks as ammo and shoot the shrapnel at the enemy but was quickly developed to shoot metal and even more quickly after that, large metal balls.

    The invention quickly caught the attention of a certain commadore figured that these heavy iron cannons might serve better on a ship than on land for moving armies. The commadore was from a fleet from the Border and was still in conflict with Berresad which more claims to the throne was causing trouble in Vestien. With the help of the dwarves of Gul Maldir and the Border Navy they managed to quell down the conflict a bit which proved the effectiveness of the cannons who then took the world by storm and were also an essential part of the rise of Badele and it's legendary fleet.

    Factions & Organizations
    Coming soon. Ideas are welcomed.

    Other (open)

    Notable Languages
    A language that has essentially become universal and become the first language of minor settlements is simply called Trade Common or just Common for short. A language created by traders around the world for easier communication. It was mostly used by crews of trade ships and those who dealt with them but it became more and more wide spread as caravans picked up the language that it's now nearly impossible to find a settlement in The Great Border or even Kryst without a group of Common speakers.

    Most humans on Kryst speak a tongue which has been named Aluin. Each nation has it's own little variation on the language but know one and you got basic understanding of the others.

    There are two forms of Dwarvish as Hel Thoram and Gul Maldir have different dialect but they are rather similar in towards each other. Both have similar writing and one fluent in one may understand brokenly the other dialect. It's not hard for those fluent in one form of dwarvish to study the other due to their similarities. Gul Maldir Dialect is called Maldiran Dwarvish and Hel Thoram is called Thoramir Dwarvish. Both were once a single language but split up during the great Dwarven Sunder.

    The elven people only have a single form of dialect and, like their handwriting, their speech is flowing as well as melodic to the ear. Elven bards and minstrels are very popular in high court in that regard.
    The humans of Vestien speak the Bess tongue originating in Besserad. Harshly referred as the Slaver's Tongue as the Besserad Sovereignty once held a great slaver tradition with flesh goods from Xanto, Maenora and all the way up to Kravos. Though their slaving is not has expansive as before with the outlawing of slaves in most of Kryst, the language itself tends to be looked upon with disdain by some, especially people from Maenora, Xanto and Trestan. A rather harsh sounding language with dependency on emphasis and pronunciation.

    Notable Species

    are three different species of creatures rumored to be the close relatives or even spawns of dragons.
    Drakes are among the most common as they are quadrupedal creature with many other breeds that come in the size of a large hound to work horse sized. Most breeds tend to enjoy warmer climates so most of them are found Berresad, Maenora, the Great Border and Trestan. They are rather aggressive creatures but skilled beast tamers manage to tame them to serve as guard animals or even mounts to expert riders. Although great mounts, they tend to prefer independence so the rider himself must also condition himself to the beast as much as the beast must be conditioned to the rider. Due to the amount of time needed to fully train beast and rider, they are often considered impractical for common use and not to mention the expense needed to feed such a beast.
    Wyrms are another species of dragonkin and have several different breeds, the most known of which being the desert wyrms mostly found in the Janbu Desert. Extremely dangerous beasts, they have been the bane of caravans and travelers for many centuries. The bravest and smartest of hunters are often hired to hunt down wyrms for their hide and meat as both are a valued commodity for leather workers and royal kitchens. The desert wyrm is the only sort of wyrm that has short legs to tunnel through the sand while it's cousins, the swamp and sea wyrm are more similar to serpents. The swamp wyrm are usually found in the south west coast of Anaemora, the North East coast of the Border and around the Criss islands. Sea wyrms are reported to only be found in the Habon Sea and the largest reported had sunk down a galleon with ease though such reports are rare and legendary. Though the Sea wyrm breed is often far larger than it's two cousins with the swamp breed growing about 6 meters in length at most and the desert wyrm at 9 at the largest.
    Wyverns are by far the most dangerous of all the dragonkin. They are also the only ones, aside from sea wyrms, to prefer colder climates and most breeds tend to nest at the Anoth Mountains but have also been seen on the Helfast Mountains and caused troubles for the sylphs in Aneamora. Wyverns are bipedal creatures with massive wings and possess dangerous claws and fangs. The largest wyvern ever seen was 15 meters in length from head to tail with a wingspan of 20 meters. The largest ever been told was said to be able to tear down a castle but that is only in legend. Beast tamers brave or stupid enough try their skills at taming these beasts but due to their ferocity and strength they are ill suitable for taming. There have been exception and legends and songs about brave heroes saving nations from an attacking foe upon the backs of wyverns are very popular to children and those seeking glory and adventure.


    Keep mature themes such as sex outside the main thread. That is to be done privately.
    No severe auto-hitting
    No Godmodding
    If you are lost and not sure what to post, don't hesitate to ask for help.
    Collab on long, dialog heavy posts between two PCs (Titanpad is great for that)
    If you are unsure about something, just ask, openly or otherwise.
    Requests of any kind shall be asked for in private.
    Suggestions are always welcomed​

    CS Skeleton (open)

    Character Skeleton (Customize and arrange at your leisure)

    Gender:(just formality)
    Appearance: (Detail Description or Picture with optional added description)
    Magical Abilities: (Skip if no abilities. Detailed Spell List/description which I will review and discuss with you)

    Therus Geth
    Race: Half-Elf (Human Father)
    Age: 28
    Appearance: 186cm tall, 95kg. His eyes are impossibly blue like sapphires. As a Half elf and still fairly young, he has barely even grown any antlers.
    Starting item: Carpet sized piece of a sail.
    Skills: Geth is skilled with a sword, spear, dagger and ax, able to hold his own against capable fighters outside of masters that practice their entire life. He is a capable hunter able to live off the land when it comes to the cold north and forests yet has little experience with deserts and jungles. He has exceptional language skills, able to speak accented elvish, almost fluent Thoramir dwarvish and Trade Common. He has a relative skill with leatherworking and skinning as well as some tailoring for mending clothes and even make some himself. Decent but nothing that one would sell to a nobleman. He never really fancied pistols all that much but he had used them before as they became more popular.
    Magical Abilities: Geth had a latent magical ability at childhood and when a master Riftmaker in his village noticed his rift he taught him a few basics to better control it. He can conjure up a ball of flame in the palm of his hand, allowing him to use it as a torch or as a very nasty touch attack. If he concentrates he may move the ball through the air. Other than that and some cantrips, Geth can use a bit of magic to throw a concussive force of wind at an enemy that is metaphysically the size of his fist and hits an enemy as if he had punched him with all his might. He was told that he had potential with using magic but he didn't spend much time expanding them.
    Personality: A rather serious man but not beyond making jokes and taking things easy. He is not one to make unnecessary risks and avoids conflict unless it's unavoidable which can be a flaw as he make take a long route.
    History/Bio: Therus Geth was born to an Elven commoner mother and a wandering human knight from Tenia. They met during as a entarouge of elven traders from Kravos were in Sulstan trading their goods and his father acting as a body guard for a caravan from Tenia. The two met and after their flirtatious encounter, getting to know each other a little better, decided to share a bed for the night. Thinking that the encounter would bare nothing as it was mostly intended for some companionship during the next few days, his mother was extremely surprised to find out later that her intended temporary fun with the human warrior resulted with her heavy with a babe.

    Unable to reach the knight again as they had parted long before she knew what their companionship had resulted in, she contemplated for a long time what to do. Her family always viewed childbirth as something holy, not uncommon among elves, so she made the choice of keeping the babe even though unable to reach the father.

    Therus grew up among his elven family who, although did not push him away nor neglect him, did make him feel as if he wasn't exactly a matching piece in it. His family were that of traders so he traveled alot with his mother when he was old enough, going from various villages in Kravos to Sulstan and Helfast. As part of a travelling band of traders he was trained to provide for himself as it was sometimes needed and how to defend himself as long travels tended to be at risk of bandit attacks.

    It was when he was at the age of 18 when he met the half-dwarf Hector Blackhammer when in a trade with dwarves in Hel Thoram. They became friends and since then they have been more or less together as traveling compatriots.
    (more to be added)
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  2. just leaving this here for now, writing the rest.
    Name:Hector Blackhammer


    Age: 45

    Race: half human/dwarf (pureblooded dwarven father)

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Gauntlet arm: [​IMG] The glove is the same golden color with sharp claws for fingers. Small raised knubs dot the knuckles for added damage with his punches

    Starting Item: Metal cestus for his left hand

    Skills: Knows dwarven hand to hand combat as well as some human martial arts. Skilled with hammers and axes, as well as a shortbow.

    Magical Abilities: (Skip if no abilities. Detailed Spell List/description which I will review and discuss with you)

    Personality: He is a full of lively energy, he tends to laugh most things off, just don't actually piss him off or you'll get a bloody nose...or worse. He is a light hearted and kind individual, not really exuding the gruff side that most dwarven (and dwarven children at that) He would to clientele but too his friends and family he was always the fun ale and mead swigging guy.

    History/Bio: Hector was born in Hel Thoram residing in the capital city and was raised to fight from a young age. his father was definitely the pinnacle idea of how a dwarf was seen by the outside world, loud, energetic, and always ready for a good fight. He was also a brave and loyal soul, all of these he taught to his son, his mother on the other hand also taught him how to act human, as he would be working with both humans and dwarves, and despite many dwarves being cunning, man's silver tongue too often can lead to disastrous consequences. When he was 20 years old he met with a human and his band of mercenaries, they wished to recruit the young half blood, Hector became known around Hel Throam for his martial skill as much as his skill with axes and hammers. He aided some local mercenaries as well as roaming traders for a time, during the latter half of these travels, he met with a young trader known as Therum Geth. It was on one such excursion that he lost the use of his arm when a highwayman sliced the tendons of his arm, paralyzing it. Hector lost his will for battle then, not being able to keep up even with the younger warriors of Hel Thoram now, he almost fully retreated into isolation within his home. The only things that kept him going were his father, mother and monthly-yearly visits from his friend Therum, it was during one of these the other man told him about magical implants, Hector knew little about them before hand but his friend told him all he needed to know. With a vigor he hadn't had in almost 6 years he left his home and with his families aid he was able to pay and get the magical prosthetic. He knew the risks and everything to go with it and he underwent the surgery, he finally had both his arms again and decided he'd continue his studies with martial arts. Becoming a dwarven brawler and learning human martial arts as well, from traveling masters as well as during his time within the human capital.
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  3. Alright I will put up a skelton now, to be filled in later with details.

    Name: Alvissro

    Gender: Hermaphrodite

    Age: 23

    Race: Boorean

    Appearance: Alvissro is a rather childish looking Boorean, though humans might hard pressed to tell. Xir body is mostly unscarred and unblemished by signs of heavy struggle, barring xir frontmost arms which are scarred from workplace accidents.

    Xe has short and neatly trimmed sandy brown fur sitting a faded purple hide, xir eyes are a brilliant orange. Xe is rather short as far as booreans go and that combined with xir smooth features gives xir the childlike look.

    Alvissro typically dresses in light and fancy clotes if xe can get away with it, xir rarely needs much clothing because of xir fur and fat which protects againt temperature. Of course given that xe was just taken for a slave xe only has simple clothes now, grey sleeves and simple brown torso coverings.

    Starting Item: Light Hammer (With claw for nail removal)

    Skills: Alvissro is a versatile handyboorean, xe has picked up various crafting skills from xir various work as the assistant of multiple craftsbooreans. Xe is a passable: Blacksmith,Carpenter, Healer, Leatherworker and Seamstress but don't expect any miracles form xir in any of those fields.

    Magical Abilities: Alvissro has picked up an uncanny magical ability to sense magnetic fields. The two primary uses for this is to help him find his way and to locate nearby iron.

    His compass spell is easy and intuitive (by spell standards that is), and gives him a quick flash of where the magnetic north is relative to his facing. He can maintain it but doing so is harder and requires concentration.

    His second common spell is magnetic detection, he concnetrates and sends out a magnetic signal that resonates with iron and other magnetic materials. Xe describes the feeling of finding iron with it as a "ping".

    He has also demonstrated the ability to use his magnetic gift to midly wobble and shake small iron objects, but this is a vestigal and mostly useless ability.

    Personality: Alvissro is intensely social creature, xe fears being alone and might be considered too affectionate for the tastes of non-booreans. Xe is intensely curious about studying new things, particularly new things for him to make or new carfts to learn. Xe is willing to risk a lot for the sake of discovery, which is part of how xe mustered the courage to journey over sea, knowing the seawater could kill xir.

    History/Bio: Alvissro has never been quite comfortable with pursuing one profession, xe was however a quick learned and intensely curious which combined with the good oppourtinites of xir hometown led to xir becoming decent in various fields of craftsbooreanship. When the first biped traders visited xir town, Alvissro was intesnely fascinated and curious despite the foreigners repulsive appearance and decided to try the wider world. Alvissro leaving the town, nevermind going over the sea was seen as intensely foolish by xir peers but xe went ahead an d did it anyway, the rest they say is history.

    Alvissro speak much like Treebeard from the Lord of The Rings movies, a deep rumbling voice. Xe speaks fairly slowly as the words of the common tongue are uncomfortable for xir to pronounce, xe is prone to forgetting to speak the common tongue when stressed. Despite sounding like treebeard, xir voice sounds high pitched and childlike by Boorean standards.

    Huh was going to make a simple skelton but it blossomed into an almost full bio, I just haven't made up my mind on Alvissros Appearance and Magic (if any).

    EDIT: Put in Appearance.

    EDIT 2: Magic, to be approved by GM.
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  4. Name: Tycheros “Lucky” Elpida

    Gender: Male

    Age: 64

    Race: Sylph

    Appearance: Tycheros is a sylph with a build somewhere between athletic and wiry. His skin is light green, with grass-green down across his cheeks, shoulders, upper back, hips, shins and forearms. His shoulder-length hair is brown, interspersed with feathers that go from brown at the base to bright orange further up. His wings are likewise mostly green, fading to brown around the primary and secondary covets and bright orange at the pinions.

    Though his face has the slim, handsome look common to sylphs it is undeniably rougher around the edges. The upper half of Tycheros‘ left ear is missing, looking like it was bitten or torn off by some beast. His other ear has an odd earring that appears to be made of a scorpion stinger. He wears a variety of odds and ends seemingly picked up from every corner of the world, such as an elegant, silver brooch on the front of the jacket, a steel bracer covering most of his left forearm, a necklace of rune stones slung around his neck and so on.
    Tycheros typically wears a weathered, hooded, brown jacket with several pockets sewn in across the inside and outside, often filled with various tools, odds and ends or mementos. His pants are the same; rugged traveler’s gear with a number of large and small pockets, some not easily found.

    Starting Item: A wooden staff nearly five feet long that curls into a hook at one end. It is an exceptionally sturdy, hardened wood that stands up well to stress and impact, making it an effective weapon as well as a mage staff, walking stick and general tool. The tip is slightly blackened, but for the most part it simply looks like a sturdy, well-cared-for stick.

    Skills: Tycheros is a well-trained mage, originally by the sylph weather mages, with experience managing weather in small areas, in addition to having branched out into spells for combat, illusion and healing since then. He has practical knowledge of both mundane and magical medicine for most of the common races, though not to the degree of an actual doctor.

    He’s an explorer with an understanding of wilderness survival in multiple environments, though he falters in particularly dry ones, and the languages and customs of various cultures. He also has a lot of combat experience, first being trained in the Sylph military, then by a travelling companion who taught him a peculiar, magical martial art called the Stormsong (detailed in the Sylph profile) and finally by long and varied experience of an often-dangerous world. Though trained in the typical weapons of sylph soldiers he has neglected these skills for years in favor of the staff, knife/dagger and unarmed combat.

    Finally he has picked up a few tricks and hobbies not related to his own lifestyle along the way, such as woodcarving, massage, singing and flute playing.

    Combat: Taking his multifarious style further, Tycheros likes to flex to fit any situation, applying his wits and his varied skills to a fight, or simply to find the best method of running away. He's neither an archmage nor a blademaster, more like a clever and capable dabbler.
    Minor weather magics, a bit of illusion and healing, some straight-up combat magic (any adult sylph is a soldier, after all, even if not full-time) and a talent with the Stormsong make up the bulk of his magical abilities.
    He's technically trained with the traditional sylph weapons, but he's really gotten rusty at that; favors the staff, knife and unarmed combat, using the hooked tip of his staff to trip, tangle, grab and generally mess with his opponents and his environment.

    Magical Abilities: Weather: Tycheros is trained in the Sylph art of weather magic. This is a complex branch of magic that involves subtly altering temperatures and pressures in the sky to indirectly control the wind and weather. The energy involved is much less than might be expected as he’s not trying to manually pull clouds around, but there are clear limits to what a single sylph can do and any use of it at all requires near-total focus. He usually uses it to predict the day’s weather, avert storms before they form, set up fair days for a farm or create favorable winds for a ship.

    Illusions: While not trained to nearly the same degree in this branch he is able to form both visual and auditory illusions, though the concentration required varies greatly by the size and complexity of it. In general he is able to reliably create an image of a fairly detailed handheld object or a large, simple thing like a wall in any but the most demanding circumstances (such as someone trying to cut his head off) and bright lights or loud bangs are even easier, but a full, detailed, audiovisual illusion of an armored warrior would require extreme focus bordering on meditation.

    Healing: Tycheros has some proficiency with healing magic – enough to close flesh wounds, fix minor bone damage and keep someone alive until proper help arrives, which he combines with a practical understanding of mundane medicine. This is strictly for peaceful environments, however. Even if he’s not in direct danger, the chaos of battle nearby makes it almost impossible to do more than close a cut.

    Stormsong: Tycheros is an adept of the Stormsong martial art, integrating it into his personal combat style. He can infuse a strike with his hands, his staff or a metallic weapon with electricity to jolt an enemy, hit with enhanced force, direct a sudden, powerful gust of air to knock enemies off-balance or (a personal invention) temporarily strengthen his staff or the bracer on his arm to withstand a heavy attack without straining him as much (not actually an enchantment, as the magic comes from him and vanishes when he stops using it).

    Other spells: Tycheros knows a couple of other practical spells he’s picked up over the years: Minor Telekinesis, used mostly on small objects to limit energy draw; Tornado Shell, which surrounds him in swirling winds that deflect most projectiles (difficult to use, mostly for brief periods of protection while staying in one place); Lightning Bolt, which can be quite powerful but takes a while to charge and can’t be used while moving much and certainly not while being shot at; and Tailwind, which gives him a favorable wind for fast flying and is fairly easy to use, but best used in short bursts due to the focus required to fly at high speeds.

    Personality: Tycheros “Lucky” Elpida was born to travel. He has a wanderlust rivaled only by his friendly, cheerful demeanor and his love of stories, whether old or new, fictional or true. He has a natural curiosity and no inhibition when it comes to walking up to anyone on the street and asking how they got their hair like that, where they got the spiffy hat or why the sky is lighting up. Bonus points if he can find out himself, without asking – after all, he reasons, there’s probably a story behind it. He believes that there’s an adventure around every corner just waiting to be had.

    This sylph is usually thoughtful and patient by nature, but once he gets excited (for just about any reason) instinct, intuition and “seems like a good idea” take over. Likewise, while he has little problem accepting help, given a choice between letting someone else handle it and doing things himself he’ll take option B anytime it isn’t obviously impossible or outright dangerous. Sometimes even then. To go for help as a first resort the situation has to be well outside his area of expertise and obviously something he won’t just pick up as he goes along.

    He’s a free spirit and doesn’t like being told what to do unless he’s listening by choice. Likewise he dislikes staying in one place for very long, and once his feet start to itch (his way of saying he’s tired of sitting around) he’ll say his goodbyes, pack up his few belongings and leave town. Anything that threatens to tie him down, including developing responsibilities, quickly triggers a panic alert in his head. Despite this, he will take a stand when he feels he’s really needed.

    While not blindly optimistic, he is a strong believer that “hope is just a heartbeat away,” meaning that as long as anyone’s alive things can still get better. He has admitted privately that, as hard as it is sometimes to maintain this belief, in those same times it’s the belief that sustains him.

    Tycheros grew up in Milochorio, a small farming community in Anaemos, the Sylph home nation. Born to a pair of innkeepers as the second of three children, he grew up watching travelers come and go, telling stories of their homelands, the things they’d seen and the world beyond his small town. This catapulted his burgeoning curiosity into all-out wanderlust, leading him to thoroughly explore his home town and the surrounding countryside and forest as soon as he could.

    At the age of seventeen he was conscripted into the sylph military, where his burgeoning magical talent was trained and honed in the Weather Patrol. Initially excited at the idea of serving in distant, exotic lands, he was disappointed to learn he would be putting his training to use in Milochorio, mostly overseeing an apple farm owned by an old acquaintance of his. His only brush with actual combat was a brief but fierce orc incursion along the western borders that he was called to fight against.

    Once his service period ended he decided to take matters into his own hands. Packing up a few essentials and saying his goodbyes, he left Milochorio to see the world for himself. Thus began a long, long journey that has lasted for over twenty years, during which he has learned from a master of the Stormsong, served on a pirate hunting ship in the Maenoran fleet, fled from soldiers, animals and criminals, burned down a house, fought off frostbite and nearly been killed more times than he has feathers on his head.
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  5. losing...interest...not...enough...people...
  6. Name: Gota’sae Viqqoh [Go-Tah-Say Vee-Koh]

    Gender: Male

    Age: 19

    Race: Altin

    Appearance: Untitled.jpg
    A 6’1 male Altinian with a muscular build, but otherwise unassuming looks. Enjoys dying his hair and facial hair (beard basically, since he keeps the soft little hair that covers him its natural dark color) cyan to match his striking green eyes. Sometimes his tail gets a dye job as well, but due to the incident with being sold into slavery, all dye is gone from his features leaving him his normal off white, grayish hair.

    Starting Item: Simple, wooden handled iron knife of about 8 inches in total length [+/- 20,5 cm].

    Skills: Proficient in the Trader’s tongue, Gota’sae has a great ability like all other Altinians in learning and speaking most languages, mostly due to the fact that they are traders in general. Added to this, are the various other Altinian base skills, which none of the species would consider a skill if asked about it, like enhanced hearing and eyesight.

    His other skills are consist of knife expertise (includes daggers) which means he can do fight with them as well as use them as projectiles if necessary. For projectiles he prefers pistols though and is thusly proficient in them as well.

    Another skill he has is orienteering/navigation. He can read maps, compasses and even stars to figure out his location and the direction in which he should travel.

    Magical Abilities: Gota, although far from great at it, learned water magic when young. He is able to manipulate small amounts of water, about 3 litres worth [+/- 0.8 gallons] and also sense water locations. A useful skill when traveling in dryer places where water is hard to come by.

    Personality: A loyal and mostly optimistic fellow that enjoys fine company and a drink. He also enjoys playing gambling games and flirting with pretty girls, the latter less successful than the former.

    When working though, Gota is serious and enjoys knowing he made a great deal.

    History/Bio: The second child, the first his sister M’entsa [Em-entsa], of a well-to-do merchant in Maenora, Gota’sae grew up being groomed as a seller for most of his life. Though not uncommon he was taught the currency of the various holds, tutored in written and spoken word and also taught, by insistence of his father, weapon skills. The reason for this would become apparent as his father later required him to travel to other places in search of good deals or to secure holdings.

    Not that he’d complain. He enjoyed seeing the various cultures and their beautiful women. Eventually things did go awry though, as his father came to make some enemies which ended in Gota being ambushed on the road and, after being held for ransom, sold to the pirates that intended on selling him as a slave.
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  7. I decided to post an ad after what I posted before so I am getting some hope for this again. I am still accepting.
  8. BTW how many people do you want to get?
  9. Max 7 at the beginning then take a break for the first group to get settled in and then start to accept more people again. The whole game is dependand on a timeskip plot at the beginning where the players are Pre-Timeskip people and find themselves in the future of x-number of years. All the info that is in the OP is info that the players may or may not know from their timeline.

    And your CS looks alright and acceptable.
  10. Just to make sure, I'm a bit slow on the uptake it seems, the Characters are now awakening after the time-skip, or are we technically in the time-skip? The time-skip part is what is technically confusing me. Did they like fall in the water and the time-skip happened or is the time-skip just applicable when new players are going to be accepted after this group?

    And I know you're likely still busy, but what's happening with your character's Bio and stuff?
  11. I actually took a break from composing and just forgot it and have yet to write it up XD

    But to summerize

    The Starting Players, those who are there at the beginning, were on this ship when a strange storm hit the seas. During a revolt of the captives a lightning hits the enchanted chains that keep the players in line (all chained together) and during the rocky waves they go overboard. They seemingly pass out and wake up, washed up at a inlet cave, after the timeskip. So the timeskip basically happened while the players were unconscious.
  12. Ah... Got it.

    And this cave, where is it on this map of yours, or will we be discussing that when the play starts?
  13. The cave will be at the western coast of Kravos, somewhat near that big inlet.
  14. Right because of my alerts I remembered that this thread existed, and that I was going to edit in my desired magic into the CS. Now I need to do that, maybe only at the end of the week when some other things are done though.
  15. That's...encouraging...
  16. Good banner BTW Witchy :P
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