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  1. Okay, so I really love the Fate(Type-Moon) series like every sane person who seen either Fate/Zero or Fate/Stay Night. What really draws me in about it is how they would summon heroes from old to fight for them. So how about a roleplay where heroes who died at least 100 years ago are resurrected and tasked with saving their land from an evil being that wants to destroy everything they knew in life. Will create our own legendary warriors with their own special abilities and magical weapons.

    The setting will definitely be a medieval fantasy and I'm open to any ideas for the world. If someone wants to play an elf or orc I'm completely open to it. You can come from your own made up country and have your own tribe of people. It would be interesting to have heroes who fought in wars against each other or whos people could never get along when they alive. Everything is in its beginning stages and any help will be greatly appreciated. I think 5-6 including myself would be enough to form a party to go on this adventure.
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  2. This actually does sound like a solid concept that's got a lot of potential. The whole heroes from different periods and myth cycles interacting is a lot of fun, when they bother to explore it in Fate.

    Though, it probably would require a lot of collaboration between players to establish things like different ages of legend or legends, and so-on. Or there wouldn't be as much potential fun in bouncing characters off each other when they're all original.
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  3. After establishing characters that can be talked about and have history or legend revised to include it if needed. They can all come from different cultures and country before their land became peaceful. I imagine there is one all-powerful kingdom that was born from the ashes of war. We could also have some sort of alliance like the European Union, United Nation or the United States. I'm thinking we will be fighting demons or something like them.
  4. Now this has caught my attention. Being legendary heroes of the past brought back to fight alongside others of the same fate? That sounds fun!
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  5. It should be fun. Once revived they'll feel like they died just yesterday.
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  6. That could lead to interesting moments if the range of years is vast enough. If you get enough interest for this to kick off, count me in! I would love to do this.
  7. Hey~hey~~^^!!

    Interested and will wait for OoC then^^
  8. I like the idea. What really draws me to Fate is the concept of the Heroes fighting each other. However, if they fight alongside each other, that seems hella cool. Especially if we can craft original heroes. I'm all in.
  9. Soo.. Fate with original heroes? Count me in!
  10. I'm interested
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  11. Also for Character Sheets do you think I should add parameters or just leave that out. Which would you guys prefer? I personally don't care. I also want your opinion on should we have role to like healer, tank, spellcaster, damagers, etc. @Reanimator Spuds Sure thing guy, but you're the last one for sure.
  12. Even in Fate, the whole attributes rated from E-EX are just fluff, so it's easy enough to do without them. As far as roles go, there are the servant classes to draw ideas from, and it may be a good idea to at least have a solid spread of character archetypes, but we may not need to enforce rigid roles and such, either.

    A lot of roles like Tank, DPS, Healer, Crowd Control, Buffs, etc. are very much a gamist thing tied to online games and their mechanics of things like aggro management, etc. So they may be somewhat irrelevant here. Things more like Fate, where it's what sort of hero you are, or more what your legend is known for, may work better for classes. If they're used at all. Some amount of limits can be liberating or useful, though. It can help avoid everyone being some sort of jack of all trades type.
  13. Didnt realize the basis of the RP my bad. But sounds like too video gamey for me. Imma drop out. But thanks and good luck err'body^^!
  14. It's not really like that I'm just asking how fate other would like it. I was just trying to figure things out. You can drop but it won't be video gamey as you say. If that idea is turning people off I can drop it and keep it simple.
  15. I'm interested for sure and I might be able to reuse an old oc I made some time ago for this one. Hopefully there's still some room left.