Legendary Encounters [Pokémon]

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  1. It started with an idea in the mind of a recently unemployed man in the Kanto region.

    His former colleague in Johto seemed to agree that it was a good idea.

    A contact in Hoenn reluctantly agreed to work with an old enemy, but only if this plan worked.

    Another contact in Sinnoh agreed that civilian life was getting rather... boring.

    Eventually a man in Unova decided to give a helping hand.


    There's been rumours that the criminal groups of the past are beginning to resurface, whispers throughout the pokémon world of a bigger plan this time. But even if someone were to work things out, nobody would ever guess that all five teams could ever dream of working together, right?

    Each group might be out for their own individual goals, but step one is a mutual goal; to take over the world.
    It's working, slowly and subtly, but it's working. The major legendary pokémon of each region are next to be targeted, and so far, so good.

    The worst part of it all is that the trainers that brought these groups down are as yet, completely unaware of this super group and their plans.

    --- --- ---

    The small island of Betou is known only to a select few. It is an island not too far from the Hoenn region, with a warm, tropical climate all year around, although developments in recent years have created areas on the island suitable for pokémon better suited to the cold and the dark. It would make an ideal vacation spot, but actually serves a far better purpose as a training spot for elite trainers.

    Betou Island is where Gym Leaders, members of the Elite Four, League Champions and those of a similar ranking come to train, relax and network. Trainers who assisted in the take down of dangerous criminal rings may also receive a special invitation to the island as a reward of sorts for their efforts.

    You once helped to bring down one of the criminal gangs, but the years have passed, and you've gone on to bigger better things, or perhaps smaller and more mundane things. Maybe you got your pass to Betou, or maybe you still don't even know it exists. Either way, it's behind you and is the stuff of the occasional story told to children when you're in town.

    You recently received a letter, requesting your urgent presence on the island. You are only allowed to bring six of your team, as the letter advises that PC access will not be present on the island during the length of your stay. The distance, even from Hoenn, is too far for your pokémon to fly or surf, and you are warned that any attempt to use teleport will backfire.

    A ship will arrive at the port city closest to your current location to take you there in a day's time.

    Maybe you've got better priorities, maybe you don't want to jump on a boat to the middle of nowhere on the request of a vaguely threatening, mysterious letter. The last line will grab your attention. How many people know you met that particular legendary pokémon in the flesh?

    For their sake, and the sake of the pokémon world, you will come to Betou Island.

    ... ... ...

    This role play takes place several years after the events of the games finished.

    In the event of a third game, e.g. Emerald, replacing the story line of previous games, e.g. Ruby and Sapphire, the third game's story line is the one that took place.

    Instead of just one young trainer taking down an entire criminal organization by themselves, it was actually a small group of trainers, knowingly or unknowingly, working together to bring them down. Not all of them progressed onto the Pokemon League, and maybe not all of them came home as heroes. But whatever happened, you did have the extraordinary luck to meet a legendary pokémon, and maybe even a bond of sorts was formed. But at least five years has passed since those days, and they're just another page in your book.
    You might be an all-powerful, undefeated champion, or a simple pokemon breeder who has returned to their home town.

    Either way, because of that encounter, you're going to Betou and you don't really have a choice about it.

    I am willing to accept all players, as long as you agree to follow the rules, and can write a legible post.

    I reserve the right to reject or remove any profiles.


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  2. Current Setting:

    Late afternoon ( 15:00 )

    28 June ( Summer )

    Ferry / Peach Landing (Village)

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  3. Alice had rarely missed the life of a celebrity since she'd become a professor. It had it's upsides, certainly, but nowhere near enough to keep up with the hassle and the drama that her presence drew on itself. It did however, mean that she had a lot less time to relax, and couldn't visit Betou as much as she'd have liked to in recent months. She was currently stretched on on a sun lounger, under the shelter of a parasol.

    Her team were playing around the pool, with each other and with a small group of children. It was nice to watch them relaxed like this, even though they all understood why they were here. Even Salamence was almost enjoying himself, sun bathing next to his trainer.

    The professor was finding our difficult to relax properly, her thoughts always returning to Rayquaza. What if it really was in danger? What if Groudon and Kyogre were similarly threatened? Hoenn was in grave peril, and who could tell what effect it might have on the other regions. Her fingers absent mindedly played with the chain around her neck, her reminder of the legendary Pokemon . She could only pray it was safe.

    So caught up was Alice in her thoughts that she didn't notice the children wandering away from the pool side. She didn't even hear Blaze's warning, and she certainly didn't see the flash of pink until it was to late. A cold, wet mass of attention seeking Vaporeon tackled her trainer, resulting in a loud shriek of surprise and a very startled Salamence.
    Even so Alice chucked to herself, wrapping her arms around her Pokemon and making a fuss of her. Thank heavens she had the foresight to wear a bikini and not her gif outfit on the boat today.
  4. Jason wasn't quite sure what he was doing, going to the pool.
    He had arrived to talk and do business, not frolic around in and by some water steeped in chlorine. Years ago, he might have enjoyed just splashing around in the pool, without a care in the world. However, time and experience had rendered him a changed man, and the Jason shuffling aimlessly towards a poolside chair wasn't the one his followers would recognise. In fact, he seemed a little haggard - more than normal, anyway. He looked around once, but decided he'd wait for more people to show up before he introduced himself.

    He lay back in the chair, and unfurled his copy of the local newspaper, scanning over headlines for anything interesting to read. Nothing seemed to interest him, however, and he found his thoughts wandering over to Yveltal. He was being hired due to his exposure to it, after all. Quite why the heroes who'd gone in weren't chosen, he didn't know. Maybe they had been, and he hadn't been told. Jason decided to stop thinking about it, and continued to look over whatever dull stories the village had for him. It was at times like this that he regretted not bringing a book with him.

    Some children looked at him oddly, but moved on fairly quickly. Few would blame them - he looked rather out of place, given the setting. Uninterested and moody, his air hardly suited the playful atmosphere of the pool. He had even taken to hiding his face behind the paper. He was doing it unconsciously - whatever was affecting him had gotten to the point where he was actively trying to hide himself, without even knowing he was doing it. That was not to mention the fact that, despite being by the pool, he wasn't even dressed for swimming, instead wearing a plain white t-shirt and khaki cargo shorts.
  5. Takeuchi was enjoying himself, despite the social setting. He had all of his pokemon out as they frolicked around the pool. His pokemon even seemed to be enjoying themselves. Starator was having fun up in the sky above the ship. Haxorus was curled up next to where Takeuchi was sitting, the large dragon sunbathing. Lucario and Bisharp were sparring, not using any moves, just hitting each other. Carracosta was having fun in the pool, swimming around an playing with the other water pokemon. Even Zoroark, who was the funniest of all, was masqueraded as a child and was running around with the other children and having a grand old time.

    Takeuchi smirked a little bit. He was currently sunbathing next to haxorous, some water glistening off of his body. He was clad in his black and purple swimming trunks and he was happy to have this moment of relaxation. Back on the mainland, he was always hounded by trainers, wanting to battle the World Tournament Champion. It was rare that he was able to relax.

    Sure, the note he recieved explaining about the legendaries bothered him, but he wouldn't let it get to him at this moment. He wanted to get one more moment of relaxation before he would have to be all serious. Surprisingly, no one had challenged him to a battle and he was very happy.He sighed in relief as he reached down to pet Haxorus, relishing in the calm they were in.
  6. Professor Hawthorne leaned against one of the walls near the pool comfortably. He honestly wasn't expecting to be on Betou for very long and as uch, while following the rules, he had kept his lab coat on and had packed a small bag of supplies. He had been to Betou multiple times since his very brief tenure as the Kanto Champion. Though he had denied the title, he had proven himself to Lance and the dragon master had personally invited him. For him, Betou was a golden oppourtunity to meet trainers who fundamentally understood pokemon and had had many different experiences with pokemon. Aiden knew well enough that he didn't know everything, could possibly even know everything, and to have such a source of experienced and well traveled trainers at his fingertips was an oppourtunity he could not pass up.

    Of course, much of this information was gathered through battling - Betou was home to Gym Leaders, Elite Four and Champions alike. It was unthinkable that there might be no battles on the island. As such, Aiden had made certain to bring along his most trusted and versatile pokemon. Only four of them had ever seen the halls of the championship but the other two were just as well trained to handle anything that came his way. He didn't recognize anyone else on the boat thus far and he also hadn't recognized the handwriting of the letter.

    The letter was disconcerting in many ways. As far as he knew, only two people might know about his interaction with Giratina and only one of them had he told about the phantom pains in his back. Cyrus had been left in the Distortion world and after his defeat, Aiden had not looked back at the leader of Team Galactic; he was very unlikely to have contacted Aiden and he had never known about the phantom pains. Which meant that the only one who knew would have been Cynthia whom he had told. But ever since then, he had kept in regular correspondence with the Sinnoh Champion and knew her handwriting well - this letter wasn't hers. Which did not bode well for the other implications of the letter.
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