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  1. It started with an idea in the mind of a recently unemployed man in the Kanto region.

    His former colleague in Johto seemed to agree that it was a good idea.

    A contact in Hoenn reluctantly agreed to work with an old enemy, but only if this plan worked.

    Another contact in Sinnoh agreed that civilian life was getting rather... boring.

    Eventually a man in Unova decided to give a helping hand.


    There's been rumours that the criminal groups of the past are beginning to resurface, whispers throughout the pokémon world of a bigger plan this time. But even if someone were to work things out, nobody would ever guess that all five teams could ever dream of working together, right?

    Each group might be out for their own individual goals, but step one is a mutual goal; to take over the world.
    It's working, slowly and subtly, but it's working. The major legendary pokémon of each region are next to be targeted, and so far, so good.

    The worst part of it all is that the trainers that brought these groups down are as yet, completely unaware of this super group and their plans.

    --- --- ---

    The small island of Betou is known only to a select few. It is an island not too far from the Hoenn region, with a warm, tropical climate all year around, although developments in recent years have created areas on the island suitable for pokémon better suited to the cold and the dark. It would make an ideal vacation spot, but actually serves a far better purpose as a training spot for elite trainers.

    Betou Island is where Gym Leaders, members of the Elite Four, League Champions and those of a similar ranking come to train, relax and network. Trainers who assisted in the take down of dangerous criminal rings may also receive a special invitation to the island as a reward of sorts for their efforts.

    You once helped to bring down one of the criminal gangs, but the years have passed, and you've gone on to bigger better things, or perhaps smaller and more mundane things. Maybe you got your pass to Betou, or maybe you still don't even know it exists. Either way, it's behind you and is the stuff of the occasional story told to children when you're in town.

    You recently received a letter, requesting your urgent presence on the island. You are only allowed to bring six of your team, as the letter advises that PC access will not be present on the island during the length of your stay. The distance, even from Hoenn, is too far for your pokémon to fly or surf, and you are warned that any attempt to use teleport will backfire.

    A ship will arrive at the port city closest to your current location to take you there in a day's time.

    Maybe you've got better priorities, maybe you don't want to jump on a boat to the middle of nowhere on the request of a vaguely threatening, mysterious letter. The last line will grab your attention. How many people know you met that particular legendary pokémon in the flesh?

    For their sake, and the sake of the pokémon world, you will come to Betou Island.

    ... ... ...

    This role play takes place several years after the events of the games finished.

    In the event of a third game, e.g. Emerald, replacing the story line of previous games, e.g. Ruby and Sapphire, the third game's story line is the one that took place.

    Instead of just one young trainer taking down an entire criminal organization by themselves, it was actually a small group of trainers, knowingly or unknowingly, working together to bring them down. Not all of them progressed onto the Pokemon League, and maybe not all of them came home as heroes. But whatever happened, you did have the extraordinary luck to meet a legendary pokémon, and maybe even a bond of sorts was formed. But at least five years has passed since those days, and they're just another page in your book.
    You might be an all-powerful, undefeated champion, or a simple pokemon breeder who has returned to their home town.

    Either way, because of that encounter, you're going to Betou and you don't really have a choice about it.

    I am willing to accept all players, as long as you agree to follow the rules, and can write a legible post.

    I reserve the right to reject or remove any profiles.

    ... ... ...

    The Skeleton:

    Show Spoiler

    [Full name]

    [17+ preferably older]


    Trainer Type:
    [Champion, Elite Four, Gym Leader, or an 'ordinary' trainer ranking.
    For those wishing to take on a position as a Champion, Elite Four or Gym Leader, ex or current, please PM me first detailing a reason why. These positions will be limited and I'm curious.]

    Region of Origin:
    [Where did you start your journey and have your adventure?]

    Legendary Pokemon:
    [Please try to avoid doubling up. See list for excluded legendaries.]

    [The story of your adventure thus far. 2-3 paragraphs]

    Chosen Team:
    [Up to six pokemon, from any of the mentioned regions. Please refer to bulbapedia for move sets, ect. No need to include levels.]

    Physical Description:
    [What do you look like? You're welcome to include a picture, but a written description is a must.]

    [Have you encountered anyone else on your adventure? What your relationship to the others that helped save your region?]

    [Anything else you want to add?]

    ... ... ...

    Rules [Short n' Sweet]

    • The usual stuff. No godmodding, no mary-sues, gary-drews. ect, ect.
      I haven't included levels or stats, because I a] don't want this to be about battling, and b] expect you to be able to play nice. An eevee isn't going to be able to hold up against a blastoise, for instance, and your goldeen is pretty much useless out of water.
      If every one plays nice, everyone can have a lot more fun together.
    • Please try to post daily, or at the very least three or four times a week, and if possible, let me know in advance if you're going to be gone for any length of time. Exams, groundings, vacations and even exhaustion happen, but I'd like some notice. After a week of no activity without warning, you will be NPCed for a bit, and after two, your character will disappear. Three weeks, and you're out.
    • Go for it! By all means, go forth and woo your beloved, but as this is in the main forum, please fade to black or take it elsewhere if things get too graphic.
      Absinthe is an equal-opportunity game master, so if you're not comfortable with playing alongside 'non-traditional' relationships, then this mightn't be the RP for you. I don't like to actually have to say it, but you'd seriously be surprised the messages I've received on this topic.
    • Battles, if anyone wants, will take place either in chat or over PMs. I will be a referee, as my character is unlikely to engage in battle. NPC battles are not required to go through this, just go ahead and post it!
      Boss battles will be worked out at a later stage!
    • For sanity's sake, the following pokemon are not being included. This list may expand, so please keep tabs here!

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  2. This actually seems interesting! I'd like to join! Do you have a character skelly for us to follow?
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  3. I too would be much interested.
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  4. I will have the skeleton up with other bits and pieces this afternoon. Thanks for the interest!
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  5. Awesome!! And is there just one trainer from each region? If so, can i have dibs on Unova?
  6. @Incubus Prince
    There can be multiple trainers from each region, since in reality it's highly unlikely that one young teenager could take down an entire criminal ring by themselves. However, the trainers might have never met before, but as a result of their collaborative efforts, they succeeded.
  7. Alright, cool. I'm still comin from Unova! Totally using the best Pokemon from my White!!
  8. Are our teams limited to the Pokemon you can find in the region? It's fine if not, but I'd like to know.
  9. No, but obviously I wouldn't expect a trainer whose never left Kanto to have a team consisting of pokemon usually exclusive to Hoenn or Unova.
  10. Name:
    Professor Alice Jones




    Trainer Type:
    Ex-Champion, currently a Pokemon Professor.

    Region of Origin:


    Legendary Pokemon:


    The only daughter of an elite pokemon breeder and a senior aide to Professors Oak and Birch, Alice's early life was filled to the brim with pokemon of all kinds. She and her family were originally from Violet City in Johto, but moved to Petalburg City when she was three years old. As a result, Alice identifies as a native of the Hoenn region. Despite growing up with a strong love of pokemon and showing talent as a trainer in her youth, she chose not to become a trainer at eleven, instead remaining at school to follow in her father's footsteps. She received her very first pokemon that year, a Torchic, regardless of her decision.
    Alice and her torchic, Blaze, didn't set out to battle often, but encounters in the tall grass happened, and every now and then, an over-eager trainer wouldn't go away until they had battled. It wasn't she was thirteen when she took out a Team Magma grunt that had been bothering her, did she realize that she wanted to be a trainer after all.

    As a parting gift, she received an egg from her mother, and amongst other important equipment and tools, a pokedex from her father. Her egg hatched something incredibly rare, and rather special, a shiny, female Eevee. At first a little disappointed with how weak and fragile it was, with time and training, she became a good and loyal partner alongside Blaze. Alice let her make her own choice as to her evolution. She chose a water stone, and so Alice gained a Vaporeon. She added a Bagon to her team and rescued a small Dratini from some Aqua grunts. She trained her team hard, but as fairly as possible, building up a relationship with her team as they began decimating Hoenn's gym leaders one by one. Alice was starting build up a reputation for herself when the weather started to get a little... unusual.

    Unusual got worse, as weather patterns across the region slowly got worse and worse, with violent storms at the same time time as droughts in other parts. Eventually Alice received a call from a friend of her father's, asking for help. Magma and Aqua had awakened the legendary pokemon Groudon and Kyogre, whose fighting was throwing the weather of Hoenn into chaos. They needed to try and locate Rayquaza, who was said to be able to quell their fighting. Unsure if Rayquaza would attack an intruder or not, he wanted someone who could avoid getting wiped out all at once by the sky pokemon. Arriving at Sky Pillar to wake the dragon, Alice found that while it was angry and lashed out once, once it saw that she was no threat to it and she had explained herself, it left peacefully.

    It left behind a scale, which Alice later had made into a necklace, and still wears around her neck to this day. Normality resumed following the appearance of Rayquaza, and she was once again free to continue her journey. At fifteen she defeated the Elite Four and then became Hoenn Champion, although she didn't stay to defend her title. By sixteen she had returned to Johto to defeat the gym leaders there, and by her seventeeth birthday she had defeated the Kanto gyms and the Indigo League. She travelled around Sinnoh, meeting a singularly unusual Lucario, challenging the gyms but declining the League challenge, citing exhaustion. She had become something of a celebrity by the time she returned to Hoenn. She re-took her title of Hoenn Champion after a two week break, holding the position for a year before she took time out from training. It was during this period that she reconnected with her dream of becoming a pokemon professor, and she officially retired from pokemon training at the age of twenty.

    Four years later, Alice is a brand new Professor, specializing in legendary pokemon. She is currently without a lab, but actually prefers life back on the road with her team, even if they're not battling anymore. She attained her ticket to Betou Island after she first became Hoenn champion, and still often vacations there on her time off. She is concerned with the well-being of Rayquaza after receiving this mysterious letter, having dedicated at least part of her life to meeting it again.

    Chosen Team:

    Blaze//Blaziken ♂

    -Swords Dance
    -Flare Blitz
    -Hi Jump Kick
    -Sky Uppercut

    Beon//Vaporeon ♀
    -Ice Beam

    Salamence ♂
    - Outrage
    - Draco Meteor
    - Fire Blast
    - Earthquake

    Dragonite ♂
    -Dragon Dance
    -Dragon Claw
    -Fire Punch

    Coby // Lucario ♀
    - Swords Dance
    - Close Combat
    - Psychic
    - ExtremeSpeed

    Blissey ♀
    - Softboiled
    - Aromatherapy
    - Ice Beam
    - Thunderbolt

    Physical Description:


    Alice stands at around 5 feet eight inches in height and is of a moderately slim build, with a few curves in the right places. In her days as a trainer she got incredibly fit, and made an effort when retiring to keep up a similar level of fitness. She is a natural red-head, although at the time of her first becoming Champion, she was brunette. Her eyes are a curious shade of blue that appear almost purple under certain light conditions.

    As a Professor, Alice wears the required lab coat that trails past her knees, fresh white shirts and either black pencil skirts or black slacks. However, as she is a travelling one at the moment, she is more typically seen in a sky-blue halter neck tunic, with black shorts. She has a brand new pair of running shoes on her feet and as always, a Rayquaza scale around her neck on a chain.

    Alice is familiar with with most of the gym leaders and Elite Four from all regions, but she is friendly in particular with those in Hoenn and Johto. She is a regular on Betou, and as a result is quite friendly with many Champions, current and past.
    She counts Sinnoh's Cynthia as a good friend, alongside Hoenn's Steven Stone. A shared love of dragon pokemon has also made her friends in the dragon trainer circle, Johto's Clair being just one of them.

    Will edit if anyone will take up another of the Hoenn Legendaries

    Despite her best efforts, she couldn't locate any of the other trainers that helped to save the day from a warring Kyogre and Groudon. Maybe they'll find her, and not the other way around.


    Coby, Alice's Lucario, is telepathic but often chooses not to reveal her gift unless it is called for.

    In her time as Champion, Alice's Vaporeon, Beon, was rated potentially one of the most valuable non-legendary pokemon in the world, owing to her colour, her gender and her level of training. As a result, there were times when she required more security than Alice did.​
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  11. Name:
    Jason Benjamin Smith



    Trainer Type:
    Prolific competitive battler; has been mysteriously inactive as of late

    Region of Origin:

    Legendary Pokemon:

    Even as a child, Jason loved to compete. Whether it was sports or academics, he had a go at it, only thinking of the consequences when they actually occurred. Winning was never his aim, though. As good as winning was, the thrill was always in the competition itself, to him. He won some things, and he lost others, but he rarely lost stride. On the few occasions that he did, it didn't take long for him to pick himself up off of the ground, before he got back to whatever was going on five feet away. His was an eventful childhood, but a happy one.

    Eventually, he got around to setting out on his Pokemon journey - to see knew places, meet new people, and to challenge everything he could. To him, being a Pokemon trainer was the biggest competition of them all - he was competing to be the very best, out of everyone else in the world. There was no way that he could have turned down the challenge.
    With his Chespin at his side, he set off, catching and training, battling his way through the land, taking down any gym leaders he encountered along the way. He, like so many others, was walking the standard path of the Pokemon trainer.

    However, his journey came to an abrupt halt when he was staying in Geosenge town. Team Flare had enacted their plan - and, while he didn't know the details, he was sure that it was bad. The massive... thing... in the ground was what tipped him off, as well as the numerous grunts scattered about. He dashed outside, and after seeing a small group of trainers enter somewhere, he decided to cover their tracks. He didn't know what was happening, but he hadn't heard anything good about Team Flare, and apparently, neither had any of the other trainers keeping the troops above ground at bay.

    The battle was long and arduous. Jason's Pokemon had been trained to their limit, and Jason had almost broken down trying to command his entire team at once, in an attempt to keep goons from backing their allies up. But, when the structure collapsed, and Yveltal broke out, he knew they'd won. He knew that he could rest easy. And, as he collapsed to his knees, grinning like a man possessed, he noticed something. A single feather, one that emnated a distinct feeling of death. Not an unpleasant feeling, though. More like relief, and the sense that something bigger was on the horizon.

    It took them a little while to recover, but soon enough, Jason and his crew were back on the road again. The remaining gym leaders were taken care of - all that was left were the Elite Four. Except, he didn't feel ready. he didn't feel it was time. The leagues of each region - they were the real deal. Elite trainers, the best of the best, known for their prowess in battle. Jason would have loved to challenge them, except... Well, he wanted to save the best for last. He knew he wasn't ready. His team wasn't, his mind wasn't, and his emotions weren't. Swearing he'd come back one day, he left for greener pastures, his team in tow.

    For years, he roamed the land. He fought gym battles if the opportunity presented itself, but his real joy came in the numerous tournaments he entered. It wasn't often that he won them, but he had a great time battling in them anyway, and his teams did as well. No matter who was on it at the time, they all seemed to be infected by his spirit. They fought with just as much - if not more - vigour, and other trainers swore that they couldn't see his partners without even a small smile on their faces. He seemed to be doing great - he was even getting to be a minor celebrity.

    That was before he entered the Eastern Championships, two years before he left for the island.

    Nobody knows what happened in that tournament - it was big, but only received minor coverage in the regions he'd made himself a name in. Some people have their suspicions, but beyond their small circles, their theories haven't spread. All anyone knows is that he entered the tournament as chipper as ever, but when he came out, he was a broken man.
    The gleam in his eyes had dulled to nothing. His vigour had left him. His eager stride was replaced with a despondent shuffle. Airy optimism was replaced with bitter cynicism. Jason Smith was no more - one wouldn't be blamed for thinking he wouldn't want to come back from the island.

    Chosen Team:

    -Dragon Claw
    -Stone Edge
    -Fire Fang

    Reuniculus/Jelly Baby
    -Focus Blast
    -Calm Mind

    -Shadow Claw
    -Horn Leech
    -Poison Jab

    -Milk Drink

    -Earth Power

    -Air Slash
    -Hidden Power (Grass)

    Physical Description:
    Jason's build has been toned over the years, due to his continued adventuring giving him a constant workout. Though tall and muscular, he isn't at the extreme end of the spectrum of either. While he's taller than most, it is only by an inch or two, making it barely noticeable - or just outright arbitrary if it is. While his years of adventuring have honed his muscles, they are compact and toned - therefore, they do not stand out at all when clothes are worn. Even if they are, Jason doesn't look particularly impressive with his shirt off.

    Jason's hair, in recent years, has become somewhat unkempt. Though he keeps it in check with haircuts and such, he never really seems to make an effort to look his best. As such, his dark brown locks often look tidy from a distance, but when you get to within speaking distance of him, you quickly see that his parted hair is not as well-maintained as one would think.

    Jason's eyes are a brown similar to the colour of chocolate - but do not hold the sparkle they'd had back when he was younger. Now, his eyes are constantly half-closed, as if Jason is perpetually tired. The expression in them rarely seems to change from a blank, analytical gaze - and it very rarely changes to something positive.

    Jason doesn't particularly care for fancy clothing, instead opting for things more practical. For his trip to the island, he has chosen to wear a plain white t-shirt, made of a thin and breathable material. His legwear consists of khaki cargo shorts, that reach down to just past his knees - kept baggy for comfort. Jason typically wears a pair of thin black trainers, chosen because of their comfort and their surprising durability.

    He helped hold off the hordes of Flare grunts at Geosenge. he may be recognised by a few people, but it's unlikely.

    Don't bring up the Eastern Championships that happened two years ago around him. He's not very fond of people doing that.
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  12. Name: Takeuchi Keita

    Age: 19

    Gender: Male

    Trainer Type: World Tournament Champion

    Region of Origin: Unova

    Legendary: Victini

    Biography: Takeuchi started out like any normal beginning pokemon trainer. He started off by going to the professor and gaining his own starter pokemon. His happened to be an Axew, having Snivy Tepig and Oshawott already been taken some time ago by the older, yet still new, trainers from his home town.

    Sure, he wanted to go on a journey, but he didn't do it to become the Champoin, he had always loved the PWT. He loved the idea of all of the world's strongest trainers coming together in an epic tournament, so he decided that he wanted to be a part of it. This is what drove him to get his Axew and begin his journey across the wide and expansive Unova region.

    Takeuchi had been traveling through Castellia City when he decided to take a little break after beating Burgh. He had happened upon this boat, who's captain gave him a pass and took him to the Liberty Island. Unbeknownst to him, the island was being attacked by Team Plasma and the 'captain' was also a member. The little group had decided to get him alone and wipe him out. But, for what reason they chose this island, Takeuchi had no idea.

    Takeuchi had a rough time, but he had eventually cleared the small island of the members of the bad team. The defeat of the last member had brought him down into this little room. In the center of the room, nestled on a little pillow on the floor, was a small little pokemon. The pokemon seemed scared and looked ready to defend itself. Of course, Takeuchi meant the little pokemon no harm, and he made it show.

    Takeuchi stayed for a little bit, calming the little pokemon before he left it, decideing that this pokemon must have some meaning for being targeted by Plasma, and he didn't want to startel it further. He left back to the ship, finding the real captain tied up. He then left back to Castellia, deciding to continue on with his journey. He eventually decided to visit the little pokemon again, only to find that it had disappeared. He hasn't seen it since.

    Takeuchi continued on with his quest to become part of the PWT. He quickly made his way all across Unova, defeating each Gym Leader he came across with ease. he soon made his way throught he Victory Road and up tot he Elite 4, where he passed with actually some challenge. The current champion gave him the most trouble he has ever had, but he barely pulled through in the end. When he was asked if he wanted to take the roll of Champion, he declined, explaining his reasons.

    He then went back to Drifveil and began to participate in the World Tournament. He had lost quickly, realizing that he was in a completely different level than the rest of the trainers here. For this reason, he practically made Victory Road his home as he vigorously trained his pokemon until the pokemon there were ust no problem and ofrfered no help. he then returned to the PWT and challenged again, finally coming out on top in a single tournament. He wanted to become the best from all of the regions, so he continued to train and train until he came out on top in all of the tournaments aside from one. The Sinnoh leaders tournament. This one had proven to be his hardest yet and he has been training for a long time, trying to surpass them.

    He gained his pass to Betou Island when he had beaten the first of the many tournaments in the PWT, the Island becoming his frequent training grounds for his new and more powerful pokemon. Upon recieving the letter, he became worried and excited. He wanted to keep training and he wanted to help out as much as he possibly could, not even realizing that he may possibly run into Victini.

    Chosen Team:

    Ability: Mold Breaker

    -Dragon Dance
    -Dragon Claw

    Ability: Intimidate

    -Arial Ace
    -Close Combat
    -Brave Bird

    Ability: Illusion

    -Night Daze
    -Night Slash
    -Shadow Ball


    Ablility: Inner Focus
    -Force Palm
    -Aura Sphere
    -Extreme Speed
    -Close Combat

    Ability: Pressure
    -Shadow Claw
    -Night Slash

    Ability: Hard Rock

    -Hydro Pump
    -Ancient Power
    -Ice Beam

    Physical Description: (He just wears the eyepatch as an accessory)

    Relationships: Being the World Champoin (Up to Unova, not Kalos) Takeuchi has been aquainted with all of the gym leaders from all over the world. He knows them all, but they aren't friends. he's only friendly with Champoin Cynthia, with whom he spars with constantly.

    Extras: Takeuchi isn't to fond of people and is quite silent most of the time, not having worked directly with anyone to defeat team Plasma.
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  13. Might possibly reserve a place, if I may do so~
  14. All right, that should be everything.
  15. Great work guys! I am going to see about graphics and possibly a banner, but with a bit of luck I might have the IC thread ready in three or four days.
  16. Update!

    The IC will be up tomorrow afternoon GMT.
  17. Before we start, would it be acceptible if i changed one of Haxorus' moves?
  18. Sure thing.
  19. Thanks! Changed Draco Meteor to Dragon Dance
  20. Is it too late to join this? If so ignore the following charry sheet.





    Trainer Type:
    Advanced Trainer. Never became Champion but placed in the Top 4 in the most recent Kanto Pokemon League

    Region of Origin:


    Legendary Pokemon:


    Most trainers left Pallet Town to become trainers at age 10. Calder did not. He instead went off to a Pokemon Prep school for two years to give him the edge on the competition. When he returned to Pallet, he finally got his first Pokemon, a Charmander. (I used this character in a previous Pokemon rp and his charmander was a Dark Grey color. I hope the miscoloring is alright. He doesn't use any legendary pokemon.) He traveled with two friends for quite some time, until his butterfree was killed. After that he became distant, and eventually broke off from his group, starting to raise darker pokemon as his preference. HIs advanced knowledge and natural skill as a triner lead him to the Pokemon league, taking outteam rocketmany timesalong the way, including their attempt to claim the Indigo Plateau by force. But in the semi-finals, he lost a close battle with one of the friends that he began his journey with. Since then he's been training daily for the next Pokemon League Tournament with the goal of winning and Challenging Lance for his position as Leader of the Kanto Elite Four.
    During this time, he traveled to different regions where he discovered Deoxys He had no intention of capturing any pokemon in his travels, as he wasn't a collector, but an opportunity this reare he was unable to pass up. He captured the Deoxys. But although they work together as an excellent team, he's had a difficult time bonding with the Psychic Pokemon. His attempts were interrupted, however, when he returned to Kanto and discovered a letter awaiting him. ..

    Chosen Team:

    Coal/Charizard (Dark Grey)♂

    -Seismic Toss

    -Ice Beam

    - Hypnosis
    - Dream Eater
    - Psychic
    - Thunder Bolt

    -Shadow Ball
    -Quick Attack
    -Night Shade

    - Psychic
    - Zen Headbutt
    - Zapp Cannon
    - Night Shade

    - Surf
    - Blizzard
    - Psychic
    - Thunderbolt

    Physical Description:
    Mid length silver colored hair and grey eyes, he's typically seen wearing a white button up shirt, and dark pants/jacket.
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