[Legend of Zelda] When Shadows Return

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  1. PLOT:

    Hyrule and Termina had coexisted peacefully for a few hundred years now, free from suffering, but what no one knew was that this was the calm before the storm. With the current generation's heroes unaware of themselves and their abilities, the two kingdoms were in grave danger. Dark Link, Ganon, Ghirahim and their companions of darkness were coming back from their banishment, and they planned to strike hard, desiring nothing more than a world better than their own. With the battle on the verge of beginning, one can only wait for the coming hardships...



    1) Being a Jump-in role play, keep it PG-13. Anything beyond this should be taken to PMs or faded to black.

    2) You're allowed to involve anything checked in this RP, though not all of them must happen. For example, 'Mental Illness' is marked, but we may not have any mentally ill characters.

    3) As you can probably tell, this is based of the Legend of Zelda franchise. Please have at least a little basic knowledge of the setting and lore involved! The Hyrule this is base on is the one from Twilight Princess, and Termina is the same layout as Majora's Mask.

    4) OCs are allowed, but remember this is the Zelda world, so they're not going to be all technologically plugged in and dress in modern clothes!

    5) If you so wish, you may play as a canon character, but try to stick to how they really are (i.e. no really chatty and cowardly Links!).



    I will be taking on Dark Link and Midna, but all other free roles are up for grabs. The available roles are Link, Zelda, Dark Zelda, Ganon, Ghirahim, Fi, Impa, Navi, Princess Ruto, Darunia, Skull Kid, and Twinrova.

    OCs do not need to be accepted

    If anyone has any questions about what's happened in this world or how the timelines have come together, feel free to ask!


    OC Skeleton:

    Alignment (Hyrule, Termina, Shadow):
    Role (Hero? Medic? Spy? etc.)
    Weapon of choice:
    Brief Bio:


    Dark Link walked down the stairs of the palace in the Twilight Realm, his breathing coming in pants and his face glistening. He'd just been out on the roof, practicing his sword skills. He knew he was out of shape and out of practice, and with plans to attack being formed, he knew he had not a moment to waste.​
  2. Name: Falsetto
    Age: 2 (fourteen in human years)
    Alignment (Hyrule, Termina, Shadow): Hyrule
    Role (Hero? Medic? Spy? etc.) Companion
    Personality: Upbeat, lighthearted, childish
    Appearance: A red fox with purple eyea wearing an outfit similar to Link's village clothing with a dagger strapped to his waist.
    Weapon of choice: Dagger, and if needed teetch and claws
    Brief Bio: Falsetto grew up in the same village as Link and would work along side him at the Lon Lon Ranch, befriending the not al talkative young man. He shared Link's love for adventure and heroism, but both friends took different but similar paths. Link being an all around hero and falsetto took up being a knight working in the palace.


    Link and Falsetto walked threw the town, Falsetto talking as Link smiled and nods. "Zelda must be proud to have some one like you on her side." The fox said happily.
  3. Name: Agrippa Serapio / Rage
    Age: 30's
    Alignment: Shadow
    Role Mercenary
    Personality: Cold, cynical, hard, calculating, ruthless
    Appearance: Picture Long, dark brown hair partially shaved on the sides and standing straight up on the top of his head, a square face, beard stubble that covers his jawline and chin, but not his upper lip, sharp amber eyes, and a scar on the right side of his face. Wears loose fit green garbs, and carries a small buckler shield and a light straight sword on his back. He's 180 cm tall and has a wiry body with intimidating muscles.
    Weapon of choice: Straight sword and buckler shield.
    Brief Bio: A former member of the Termina elite Clock Guard, Agrippa Serapio was once a hero, a renowned warrior of great courage and skill, who protected Termina from evil. He was passionate, loyal, friendly and enjoyed the good company of his fellow Clock Guards. However, it changed when one day he found his little sister murdered in their home. Signs pointed towards it being the act of Hyrulian assassins, though for what purpose, none could say. Agrippa's heart was filled with blinding hatred and in his thirst for vengeance he left the Clock Guard. He became a mercenary in the Twilight Realm, and in time joined forces with the companions of darkness to take revenge on Hyrule. He has become the nameless assassin of Darkness, bearing down without mercy on anyone who threatens the plans of his employers.

    Agrippa stepped inside the palace. The guards gave him a curious look, but recognizing him they relaxed. The mercenary was a common sight in the Castle, and though none of them ever spoke to him (He never seemed to speak at all), they knew enough about him and his reputation to stay out of his path. As he wandered up the walkway towards the stairs that would eventually take him to the throne room, he spotted Shadow Link walk down the stairs. He was sweaty, and Agrippa surmised that he had just returned from training with his sword, something the shadow had been doing a lot lately, in an effort to get back in shape.

    Agrippa, driven by his thirst for vengeance, of course, never got out of shape. He didn't say anything as he stopped and waited for Shadow Link to reach him.​
  4. Link and Falsetto finally reached the temple stairs, there they noticed to others one was a man Falsetto had seen many times but was too frighten to approach let alone speak to him. The other caused Link to narrow his eyes "What's up Link?" Falsetto said and looked over in the direction of Shadow Link "Oooh." The fox whispered
  5. Name: Ganon/Ganondorf
    Age: unknown
    Alignment (Hyrule, Termina, Shadow): Shadow
    Role (Hero? Medic? Spy? etc.) Main Villain/Dark God
    Personality: Ganondorf is a cruel, sadistic, cunning individual who wields the Triforce of Power. He is power hungry and will do whatever it takes to rule the land of Hyrule with an iron fist.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Weapon of choice: [​IMG]
    Brief Bio: Prior to the events of Twilight Princess, Ganondorf's true intentions were exposed, and he was captured, put on trial, and sentenced to execution by the Sages. While they managed to severely wound him by impaling him with a light sword, the Triforce of Power activated at that moment and thus they could not kill him. Using the power granted by his Triforce piece, he manages to free himself from his chains, and kills the Sage of Water as well. Knowing no better solution, the Sages open the gate to the Twilight Realm and send Ganondorf through it. There, he influences Zant, who had been denied the throne of the Twilight Realm, to seize control and access Hyrule again. Ganondorf grants Zant a fraction of his power in return for the opportunity to escape the Twilight Realm.
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