Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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    Interested? Here's a Link! (ha, get it? stupid pun, sorry)

    Instead of destroying the Mirror of Twilight, Midna decided to play a game. She gave Link one Year in Hyrule. He will be forced to stay in wolf form except on the full moon. (reverse werewolf) She will take him to the twilight realm after the time is up. Link can't just use the master sword to get out of it, because he agreed to be Midna's Servant, so it isn't evil. He has to fight to find a way out of this curse before it is to late. You can help or hinder, or just be neutral

    We currently have only two role players. We need others to join.
    Iwaku Rules
    Be reasonable: No flying, fire breathing Zoras.
    Have fun
    add to the Rp. Don't just join and do nothing.
    You can make up characters or use already existing NPCs from the game

    Characters and Names taken

    Have Fun!