Legend of Zelda: The quest for the Twilight Realm

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  1. I am sorry if the plot sucks. I don't usually write it.

    Midna had just left the realm of light to go back to the Twilight Realm and Link was ready to break. They had shared an amazing adventure together then she just left. He wanted to see her again to hear her voice and he never wanted to leave her side. He felt a light tap on his shoulder, looking to see who it was it was to his surprise Dark Link. Jumping away he draws his sword ready to fight but Dark puts his hands up sayin, "I think I know a way back to the Twilight Realm." smiling he drops his arms.

    Who you are....
    I need one person to be Link and one more person to be really whoever they want from Twilight Princess. However I am Dark Link.
  2. I don't know much about LoZ, but isn't dark link meant to be the manifestation of Link's doubts and fears and stuff? IE he'd probably stop existing once ganon was defeated. Or he'd take on a different form. I'm guessing something evils going to happen in this plot though, probably to do with the mirror. I'll probably play Zelda.
  3. You prove a valid point but I have something devious planned with the appearance of Dark Link. You don't have to be well versed in the lore of LoZ to rp here. It is ok though you can be Zelda.
  4. I know enough to get by. I value my ability to complete OOT's water temple without a walkthrough higher than I value half my actual life skills.
  5. I applaud your abilities. I value my ability to find every collectible in tp without a guide.
  6. I dont think I ever finished TP actually... I think I broke the controller cable.
  7. Smooth move
  8. I still need a Link!
  9. I could play link
  10. Awesome! How familiar are you with the LoZ lore?
  11. Played and beaten about 85% of the games to a bloody pulp lol
  12. Hi guys! For future reference, the sign-up/OOC thread is not for the actual roleplay. You need to make an IC thread for that in the main Fandom section.

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Thread Status:
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