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  1. I'm wondering if maybe 3-4 people would be interested in organizing a LoZ OoT

    Roleplay in which the group of us are chosen instead of link to go on the quest to

    save Hyrule. This would include romance, action, humor, and all sorts of other

    enjoyable aspects. The roleplay could be carried out on here or organized

    someplace else for a smoother flow. I'd prefer 2 girls and 2 boys joining me but

    anyone is welcome, maximum of 4 members not including me. we will follow the

    main plot but not exactly, well be getting the same items and going to the same
    places just not as link did. well go at our own pace and style so we can enjoy it

    the sages are still there but instead of just gaining medals we will each

    individually be given new abilities when we gain a medallion. but itll be one person per
    medal. since we get the light medalion for free i guess we all will just ignore that

    one. and yes sheik can be a seprate entity from zelda, it did disappoint me too. i

    thought maybe he was gunna be a cool hero that fought with you at some point.

    also there will be love interest throughout the story for each person if they choose

    so. I AM CLAIMING MALON!! >////< [​IMG]

    ALSO: watching this thread would be useful as i will edit this alot to include more info so if your not interested now come back later.

    Character Skeleton:

    • Name_________
    • Character Race___________
    • Appearance including height, eye color, hair color, skin color, and clothing along with as accurate a description of your voice as you can. it makes roleplay easier.
    • personality of your character and a few interests.
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  2. Name: Zeref
    Race: Shekaiah
    Appearance: 5 ft 7,turquoise,black,grayish black,basic Hylian clothes with a black cape and blood colored heart on it
    Personality: Quiet,Problem Solver,Aggressively Nice, and has a Sorrowful side.
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