Legend of Zelda: Darkness Reigns

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  1. Thunder roared as rain pelted down. Screams of fear were resounding through the castle. Blood was running down the hall from the queen's bedroom. Queen Zelda was dead. The princess, her only heir, had to be saved. Servants were running in fear, trying to keep the killer from their sweet princess. "No! I need to go with her!" A young sheikah girl, Inx, shouted as she ran towards the stables where the princess was to go into hiding. "Please, I need to keep her safe!"

    The woman on the horse, Inx's mentor, shook her head. "Inx, you need to stay here. The princess will be safe with me. You need to stay on the look out for the Hero." The silver haired woman gave her pupil one last pat on the head before moving the sleeping princess in her arms. "Yah!" A dark horse ran through the night, escaping the castle through a secret entrance. The screams of victims seared through the castle. A dark mist followed as a cloaked figure ran through the main entrance, a blood covered sword in his hands.

    Inx stood in the rain, her light blonde hair darkened and sticking to her skin. A tanned hand reached up to her head, brushing away some loose strands of hair in mild shock. "But the hero won't come... The hero won't come..." She fell to her knees, unaware of the dark shadow that was coming over her.

    "No... No... NO!" Red eyes flew open as Inx woke up with a shout. Sweat dampened her neck as she panted. It had been over three months. The hero hadn't appeared, and Inx still had nightmares. Taking a deep breath, Inx slipped out of the bed. She went to the washroom and quickly cleaned herself, ridding her body of the buildup of sweat. It brought her back to a calmer reality, one where she now had no use. The other guards often gossiped and whispered, the newer ones wondering what a SHEIKAH was doing in the castle, how they were suppose to be all dead. It annoyed her to no end.

    Braiding her hair, Inx threw on her day clothes, covering everything but her eyes. Just another day waiting around for a hero that wouldn't come. That was Inx's life. Who knew it was going to change so soon? And maybe for the better.
  2. *Inx had never seen it, never saw what the guard had seen that day. His father had been a farmer, a very successful one at that. And as such he had grown up near the Kokiri woods, knowing of the tales of heroes past, his mother had been a Gerudo warrior, on that day when evil rode into Castle Town, he had felt it. He KNEW it had come, the reincarnation of destruction itself had come apoun them, all he could do was find the Hero, and find him he did.... He found the mangled green-clothed corpse of the small boy laying face down outside the gates as thunder roared overhead with rain pelting the ground. He'll never forget the evil grin of the monster standing over the boy, atop a black mount.....*

    *Sosuke screamed, gripping the edge of the wall as he stared down from the dizzying height, right where the boy had been....he shook his head quickly, drawing his traditional royal guard sword, his silver armor glinting. As he poised the sword threateningly he recognized his angry-face captain glaring at him. He had been day dreaming again...*

    *Sosuke gulped nervously, his green eyes gleaming as he wiped his sweat-matted black shoulder-length hair from his eyes* "Si-sir i uhm.."

    "CAN IT ARANS!! GO GET TO THE CASTLE NOW! YOU'RE BEING REQUESTED BY THE KING!!" *The captain shouted at him, though with a slight smile which he never wore in poor Sosuke Arans presence. He nodded in shock and worry at what the king might need him for...he gulped nervously, staggering towards the throne room in a daze, wondering if anyone else would be called there as well..*
  3. Inx walked to the training grounds, looking over the guards who were training with a discerning eye. She was interrupted by a messenger running up to her. "Inx Abadi!" He called, running toward the blue clad girl. She turned, waiting silently for him to explain what he wanted. "Inx, the King has summoned you. You need to go see him right away. He said it was of the utmost importance."

    Inx nodded and waved her hand, dismissing the messenger. "I will visit him immediately." What the king could possibly want was a mystery to the young sheikah. If he was going to ask her to search for the hero. She knew he wasn't going to come back just yet. The queen knew this too. Whispers followed the halls when they saw the sheikah walk through the halls. They didn't understand her duty to the royal family. They didn't understand at all. The large doors to the throne room were easy to spot, and Inx quickly walked in, seeing the room empty. She knelt in front of the king, her head bowed and her braid trailing the ground next to her. "Your majesty. You requested my presence?" She asked, voice calm and respectable as it should be.
  4. *As she was addressing the King, Sosuke quietly slipped into the room, gulping nervously at the prospect of meeting the King for some unkown purpose. As he entered the room and scanned his surroundings he noticed the young beautiful Sheikah girl he had glimpsed throughout the castle, hearing countless rumors of her. His jaw hung open a little as he approached the King, excited for and yet dreading what was to come, why was he called to the King in first place, why was the Sheikah girl here?*

    *He knelled next to the Sheikah, bowing his head deeply as he pressed his right fist into his forhead, facing the ground* "I have answered your summons my league, i am honored to be in your presence, what is it you require of me?" *He tried to act as the knights from stories he read as a small knight, even though he was just a lowly guard. Despite his efforts, his voice cracked twice and he was sweating profusely as the King gazed at the both of them with a solemn, almost empty stare.*
  5. The king looked at the two before he gave his orders. "I have summoned you both because I need you to look for the hero. After you find him, you are to accompany him and help him defeat this new evil that has taken our beloved queen from us." He paused, watching their reactions. Inx was perfectly still, keeping her head down as the perfect servant. "You are dismissed. Please, avenge my wife and protect our land." With that, the sheikah nodded and left the room, not bothering to look at Sosuke. He seemed too young to be in the guards.

    Inx walked toward the armory, knowing she would need weapons and such to defeat these monsters and the new threat that was coming. Knives, shuriken, any weapon she could hide on her person and maybe a short sword. After this she would get medicines and herbs to help with injuries. It was all about stocking up and leaving early. She didn't expect much interaction with the young guard. He was nervous and probably had heard countless rumors. She was not looking forward to the inevitable useless trek.
  6. *Before the young Sheikah had left, he spoke out in a trembling voice* "Yo-your Majesty, we....we ca-cannot. The Hero died the day your wife passed on, i...i had just joined the Castle guards when it happened, i looked down at lifeless corpse of the boy...the Hero dressed in green from all of the legends, i saw an evil man atop a black mount devour the Fair of legends....i have no doubt, that monster destroyed the hero and any chance we have of defeating him. All of this waiting has been useless, and if you send us we will both die..." *He gulped, his face beet red as he chocked back tears of terror at the memory of the evil grin staring up at him from down below*
  7. The king did not like this. Grief had left him cold. "If you do not go on this mission, then you will be killed. Now, I suggest you leave quickly and do not return unless the evil has perished or the hero is found. Now. You. Are. Dismissed." The man left the room, anger flowing through his veins at the boy's insolence. He missed his wife dearly and he was going to have this evil stopped one way or another. If that meant sending out some guards, then he would do it. To avenge his wife, his precious love.

    Inx had listened, but said nothing, just continuing with what she planned. At least the boy had agreed that the hero was gone from this world, dead, but he got the timeframe wrong. He probably saw the Kokiri slaughtered, poor thing. She would have to visit the forest that the hero had first come from to see if there were any surviving and if the Great Deku Tree the Queen had talked about was still alright.
  8. *Sosuke stared at his King in shock, he was willingly sending both of them to their death, he didn't understand. The KING DIDN'T UNDERSTAND! He never saw the demon who had killed the Goddesses's chosen Hero, Sosuke had felt the power lain within the demon that night, and he had undoubtedly gotten stronger over these wretched months. And none the less, he was the King. Sosuke had sworn to uphold his righteousness, and uphold it he would.*

    *Sosuke rose slowly to his feet lowering his arms to his sides as he stared directly into the Kings eyes* "Yes my lord, i will die for you, for my Kingdom. For our fallen Queen and Princess..." *He walked out from the Throne room, after leaving he became clamy, almost shaking with fear and nervousness....he did not realize that the Princess, the King's only living heir, was not dead. He thought the Kingdom was doomed in the end anyway, but he'd be damned if he didn't take the chance to kill that bastard. As he entered the Armory, looking at all the wonderful gear he had been given access too, he began to feel much more confident.*

    *Walking to the Sheikah he nervously thrust his hand to her, blushing slightly realizing he must look ungodly, his hair sweaty, matted against his forehead and his eyes bloodshot from his sleepless nights.* "Hello, i am Sosuke Arans, Sergeant of the Castle Guardsmen, it will be an honor fighting with you."
  9. The sheikah girl glanced over at the young man introducing himself. She glanced him up and down, her red eyes piercing into his inner workings. She gave him a small shake but quickly pulled away. "Inx." Simple and short, they way she preferred it. Taking a few more smaller weapons, Inx started putting them into secret pockets and into a pouch on her right leg. She finished up, managing to still look like she was completely unarmed. She grabbed a short sword, attaching it to her back. "We leave as soon as possible. Gather all the things you need. When you're ready to head out, meet me at the stables." She walked away, not wanting to really be around the strange man anymore. He probably had many problems that Inx didn't know how to deal with. She barely could deal with her own problems, let alone someone else's. She didn't understand why the king wanted only two people on this journey. It seemed almost a little suspicious, but she would not question her king.
  10. *Sosuke raises an eyebrow at her rudely short introduction. He shrugs and walks over to the amorys weaponry. He grabs a long bow and quiver, as he used to constantly go hunting so he knew how to effectively use it, a Knight's Long sword with the Hyrulian symbol emblazoned on the hilt, a small bomb bag with various types of bombs inside, coming with instructions on how to use them, and he dons new armor. His armor was now that of a Knight, green and brand new full body light armor* "So, you're a Sheikah....you must know the truth then, was that boy i saw....was he the Hero? Were we truly beaten before the first battle even began?"
  11. Inx glanced back at Sosuke before turning ahead. "No. That was not the hero. He left this land many years ago in search of a friend... he hasn't returned since." She answered. The medical bay was her next stop as she started to stock up on medicines and herbs. She nodded to the nurses who greeted her, giving a small beneath her coverings. She was picking up a small vial of cure for a poison she had when a nurse walked up to her.

    "Inx, what are you doing here? You wouldn't happen to be here for your physical, would you?" The woman smiled, knowing the sheikah well. The blonde had always loved the medical bay, at least until she realized that it was more fun making poisons and finding the cures than helping the sick. "Or are you on a mission?"

    Inx hesitated before responding to the red haired woman. "I'm on a mission, though I promise I'll be back for a physical as soon as I can." The larger woman seemed to be skeptical of the sheikah's claims. "I just need to get a few medicines..." The red haired woman grabbed Inx by the hand, bringing her over to a bed and grabbing her medical supplies. She started to check the sheikah's eyes, ears, and most everything she needed to check.
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