Legend of Zelda, anyone?

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  1. So I really want to do an LoZ/LoZ based roleplay but I'm not sure how I'd go about doing the story/when it would take place and such. Any one up for some roleplay planning? And this will be a group rp as well. PM me or post on the thread if you're interested!
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  2. Well, will the Hero of Time be present or an OC hero?
  3. I'm not sure. That's one of the things I was hoping to discuss with others. Whatever everyone agrees on is what I'll go with.
  4. I have played Ocarina of Time and Windwaker on my brother's consoles, so if those give me enough knowledge, I would love to join this :)
  5. Let's see, I've played Link to the Past and Twilight Princess.
  6. O.M.G. YUSSSSSSSSSS!!!! I will love to join!! (Not trying to brad, I'm really not) I've played all of these games and would LOVE to help make an RP!
  7. Awesome, I'm glad some people want to do this for me! And yes, @Kalista , I think those two should give you enough knowledge. If anything is needed to explain I'm sure anyone would be happy to explain a bit.
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  8. I have the Hyrule Historia book if you guys want to know anything. Are you just planning on having it set in the LOZ plot somewhere or actually RPing one of the plots?
  9. Hey I have that book too! Anyway, I was thinking about doing one of the actual plots? But I'm not too sure.
  10. I just figured if you set it in the plot instead of having it be the plot you'd have a lot more to work with but that's just me
  11. Well, this sounds interesting, but would it be new spins on existing plots in LoZ, or would it be an entirely new plot mixed with ideas from others?
    I truly wouldn't mind being someone who used to be human/Hylian and had something happen to make them become a monster.
    And wouldn't it be more fun if it wasn't the Link we all know and love, but a different Link, portrayed by the person rping him's own ideas and preferences?
  12. I have to agree with you about a different Link, that would indeed be more interesting. As for the plot it'd probably be an existing plot with some twists and such
  13. Hey Autumn, I am all up for helping you set a Legend of Zelda RP up if you want man. I am a huge LoZ fan, probably played like almost every game in the series haha. Also, another Link would be cool but how about having a group of people instead of just one chosen hero. Wouldn't that sound like a nice twist?
  14. Four Swords Adventures!!!!! XD
    Sorry, that's what it got me thinkin' of. XD
    So, say I wanted my character to become a Wolfos or Stalfos and have him go on a journey with the others to return himself to normal, would that be possible?
  15. This appeals to me greatly. And @Caramon Zero, I'm sure it's possible, if the events in Majora's Mask are any clue. There was a man who was basically turned into a Gibdo and was returned to normal.

    Also, I think maybe including a bit of lore from Skyward Sword could add a bit to the plot. It is supposed to be the origin story of all Zelda games.
  16. Yeah, I've played MM several times, but I only recently actually started making progress beyond the first part of Clock Town, so I don't know as much as I'd like about it, yet would you really want to use the 'line where Link died in Lost Woods that led to TP (which I've still yet to beat as well) and even beyond that?

    Right near the end of SS, but I don't know what elements you'd like to use of the different timelines, since you could actually start with things that began in SS, yet make a new 'line where Link was defeated by Ganon, but didn't die, and merely fled with Zelda, so he was able to teach his son and on down the line until his ancestors started teaching others, eventually leading to whole slews of things actually happening that wouldn't've happened before.
    The possibilities with this kind of thing are endless.

    Heck, if you wanted to, you could pull a Soul Edge and have each of the main players have a piece of the Master Sword within their own weapon, which is what gives the weapons their powers, and eventually the fragments could be removed when other magical sources are used to replace the magics of the fragments, and the MaSter could be reforged and used by the entire party, 'Linking' Four Swords and Minish cap into the RP as well. XD
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