Legend of the Three Kings

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  1. ((This rp is based slightly on Dark Souls 2 DLC and stuff you don't need to play it to rp))

    There is a legend of three kings that once ruled the land. The old Iron King whose land fell to ash because of a shard of darkness took over him by summoning a demon turning him to Ichorus Earth. The Sunken King whose land is almost flooded and is ruled by a Dragon under the spell of a Squalid Queen. And the Old Ivory King who has fell to the old chaos under his kingdom and his wife, another shard of darkness, has been trying to bring him back along with four of Knight of the Land Elum Loyce who seek the chaos that are waiting for someone to guide them. There is now something holding the crown and whoever has all three crowns will gain power beyond normal human standards...question is who will gain this power.

    The story begins at the Entrance to the Sunken city at a bonfire was a man sitting there one of his eyes closed and he looked at the large building and the bottom. the building had no way into it other then a seemingly broken bridge.

    ((To enter it is recommended that you either talk to the man or just walk past him if you walk past him however you might be in trouble))
  2. Kat walked up to the gate and sighed. In her opinion, guard should be more vigilant. 'If I could sneak past him, he's not doing his job!' So she attempted just that.
    She put her black cloak with silver rims over her head and put her arms through the sleeves. The short person chuckled slightly to herself. Before she knew it, she was unnoticed on the other side of the wall. She stopped to warm herself by the fire, then walked up to the man on the inside.
    "I do have permission to be on this side of the wall, right?" Kat asked, smiling. Her blue eyes simmered a bit oddly and her dirty blonde hair was hidden under her cloak.
  3. The man only smiled. "Don't ask me ask the undead soldiers...I'm just resting here before I try to grab the crown in this sunken city" The man said as looked down the path that had a seemingly dead soldier sitting there. "We are underground right no...no sky but these soldiers will continue to fight even when dead...funny isn't it"
  4. Otto looked at the path and the undead guarding it and groaned he was hoping to find a bonfire soon he needed to fix his sword and the crack forming in his shield he rolled by the undead trying to not damage his blade or shield anymore. He saw a bonfire and two people talking by it and approached he cleared his throat getting their attention and asked. "Hello, do either of you two mind if I rest here for a bit?"
  5. Red followed the tracks she found earlier and let out a huff, annoyed. "I told her not to go without me! She'll get in trouble as always!" she muttered to herself as she hurried along. The trail led her to the entrance of the Sunken city and there she saw her talking to an old man and there was also another man that looked like a guard. Forcing herself to calm down, she walked leisurely towards the trio but her eyes were focuses on her quarry. "Kat!" she started pleasantly as she smiled at her. "I've been looking for you and I'm so glad I found you!" she stopped just in front of them. Pulling off her hood, she flipped off her bright red hair with gold accents and trained her blood red eyes on her. "You've got me worried." she added calmly though she was angry. "Hi. I'm Red by the way." she introduced herself to the others.
  6. Well..apparently there are more people then what I originally thought be coming after the crown of the Sunken king" The man said as he stood up. "My name is Kuro Mitsuki and this is Shulva...the Sactum City" Kuro said. "I want to know why you are here though" Kuro said holding a scimitar/katana like weapon
  7. Her face was blank for a moment before smiling brightly again. Holding both her hands up, she answered politely. "I'm just following Kat here who I told not to go around without me since she kinda like to go where she's not suppose to and then get into a bit of mischief." she explained to Kuro, her eyes resting on his weapon. "That's an interesting weapon. Does it have a name?" she inquired curiously.
  8. Naryu" Kuro said as the blade turned into a female grey wolf. "Her name is Naryu a weapon made from a piece of the soul of Fenrir" Kuro said. "And this" He rolled up his sleeve to show a metallic arm. "Is another means of attack..." Kuro said rolling his sleeve down.
  9. She whistled softly at his reply. "Naryu's a cool name. Wow! A piece of Fenrir, huh? How'd you manage to get that?" she commented, still eyeing the blade with interest. She sat opposite of them so she could watch Kat and this man. The warrior, she didn't mind. Not yet anyway. Besides, she could detect anyone despite her back turned. Now, Kuro showed his metallic arm. "You're bionic? They said that hurts to attach metals to one's body." she remarked thoughtfully.
  10. "I got the piece when I fought Fenrir once....and it doesn't hurt but getting it so it can be used as a weapon also was a pain" Kuro said as he looked at the girl. "Why are you here exactly...or rather why are any of you here" Kuro asked the warrior and Kat
  11. She seemed quiet for a while then shrugged when he asked again why they're there. She's only there for Kat and she had to convince her to go back since the people in the area looked dangerous. "Kat. We need to go. We shouldn't be here." she told her.
  12. "Why don't you stay...it would be best if there is more around to help out" Kuro said as he started to head down a path till a soldier got up and tried to hit him with a large mace.
  13. Her expression remained smiling at his statement. She was torn between curiosity and concern for Kat. "Damn my curiosity." she thought to herself. As she was trying to decide, she saw a soldier coming up at Kuro. Knowing that warning him wouldn't do any good, she swiftly grabbed a dagger and threw it squarely at the soldier's head. She just shrugged again after killing the soldier. "Kat? Come on." she tried once again to convince her.
  14. "Looks like t-WATCH OUT" Kuro said as he impaled another soldier with his claw before it shot a fire ball blasting it away. "They got no soul anymore....they will kill what ever they see unless they still have sanity left" Kuro saod
  15. Her eyes widen when she realized she was almost killed. "Oh. I'll take note of that but I didn't mind killing them." she answered with somewhat a concealed bloodlust. "Can you take out my dagger off that dead soldier? It's my favorite." she requested politely as if she didn't just killed someone.
  16. Kuro went to take out the dagger and looked around before he heard a roar and saw a dragon swoop by before heading toward the large city. He took the dagger and gave it back. "Looks like the Slumbering Dragon is awake"
  17. She caught it all the while watching the dragon fly over them. "Whoa. There's a dragon here. Sweet." she said in awe. "Are you gonna kill it?" she asked him interested with it.
  18. "If it becomes a problem then I might have to" Kuro said as he sighed. "Sinh the Slumbering Dragon...know to be able to breath a poisonous ffire and it's blood is poison also...that spear in its chest caused him to wake up and he done this" He pointed at the dead soldiers. "Which is why they tried to attack us" Kuro said sheathing the blade.
  19. She gave a light laugh. "Well, I'd be breathing fire poisonous and all when someone stuck something sharp in between my ribs." she joked. "So there'll be lots of those things to kill out here huh?" she scanned the area for lurking soldiers and whatever's hiding from them. "Where you going by the way?" she asked him.since she didn't know.the direction he was heading.
  20. "Down that way" Kuro popointedown to an area where the floor was glossed with water. "Something is down there that I need to get" Kuro said. "But my main objective is to get the crown and head to the Brume tower which is somewhere else" Kuro said