Legend of the Guardians

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  1. Ch1. Time and explanation.
    Long ago before time began it was nothing but darkness. Then God said (let there be light!). From there 4 cores appeared. one blue core, one red core, one green core, and one yellow core. They all came together and made a bright core of light that lit up the universe. That very day God had made space and time. for 7 days God created everything then he made angels, the galaxies, the solar system, th sun, the earth, mankind, and last the gardians. The Gardian's job was to protect mankind at any rate even if they have to sacifice their soul to save them. however if a gardian dies in his or hers human form they go to heaven. If he or she dies in their spirit form they will no longer exist.
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    Ch 2: The betrayal
    After when every thing was finised one one God's angles challenged him to a fight, God won the fight and the trator was banished to earth's core. but the the trator sore he will get his revenge. meanwhile adam and eve where walking in the garden. adam went to go get water. eve stayed by the forbitten tree. a snake told eve to eat the fruit on the tree, so she took a bite. God was angry after that, before he told adam and eve not to eat the fruit from the tree. so the were banished from the garden. adam found out that the trator tricked eve into eating the fruit. but God sent a gardian to help adam and eve survive.
  3. Ch.3: Today
    Today there are over billions of gaurdians protecting billions of people. most gaurdians are usally in their spirit form while others are in their human form. when gaurdians are in their spirit form they can't be seen. there are 4 types of known gaurdians, 1 the pure gaurdians that have a blue core inside them, 2 the galactic gaurdians that have a red core in them,3 the tecnology gaurdians that have a green core in them. 4 the life gaurdians that have a yellow core in them.
    The pure gaurdians are the most common gaurdians there is, their job is to protect people.
    The galactic gaurdians are incharge of keeping the universe balenced.
    the tec gaudians keep tecnology undercontrol.
    the life gaudians make sure to keep plants alive.
  4. ch.4:Ryan's time to shine
    I was waling down the street when I noticed today was sunday. It has been a week since the strange event. that strange creature and that human figure. It was like I was the only one who seen It. I told my friend smith about the story but he did not belive me.oh snap better get to church. on my way to church I seen IT again. IT looked like IT was looking for somthing or someone. IT spoted a little girl. IT was getting ready to attack. So I had thowen a stone at IT and somehow became visable to everyone. It spotted me and started charging at me. police were shooting at IT but that dident even hurt IT. That only made IT mad,people watching in fear. IT sunk IT's claws into my sholder. After It went arter the girl again, I grabed a broken pipe with a sharp end and stabbed IT in the chest but IT's claws got my heart at the same time. the beast was dead and people were safe but I did not survive.
  5. ch.5: Wake up Ryan!
    It was dark and I heard a light soothing voice saying (wake up Ryan).I had awaken to a happy and peaseful place. "am I in heaven ?" I said, the a random person said "nope you are in the land of the guardians" I said "wow" I was thinking "holy figin crap the stories my grandfather told me was true!" I ask what is your name? she says my name is lilly. were are you from she asks. winnipeg manitoba canada I answered. enough talk time for your guardian training Ryan.
  6. my announcement
    hey guys C19 here, hope you are enjoying my role play
  7. ch.6 training day 1.
    My first day of trainnig I wonder how theses guardians train. oh hey lilly what was that thing I killed the other day IT looked like an ape but with claws. (lilly) That sounds like you are talking about a mothian. (Ryan) what is a mothian?. (lilly) A mothian is this dark spirit that feeds on human and guardian flesh and may sometimes eat spirits. (Ryan) That sounds extreamly cruel and deadly. (lilly) enought waisting time, your trainning begins now! Your First task is to capture the flag on top the building. (Ryan) that seems easy. (lilly) wait! first I need to attatch theses 50 pounds to your arms and legs. Now I need to adjust the tower's gravity to 5 times the weight.(Ryan) Woah are you trying to kill me! that sounds crazy hard!(lilly) hope you are finnished by dinner time because you are not going to eat till your done.(Ryan) So I Started. I ended falling afew times and broke a few bones. The building was atleast 10 floors high, and I know no one should have survived that fall but remember I am now one of the guardianpeople now so thats possible. 8 hours later I was so close to getting to the top. man I am so tired and hungry. and dinner was 4 hours ago. but I can't give up now I stared trainning now I will finnish trinning.(lilly) I better tell Ryan to stop and eat. His food is cold. Hey Ryan you can stop and eat now!(Ryan) Not now I am still trying to get the flag. 5 more hours later. It was 6:00 in the morning and I need Just 1 floor to go.( lilly) He is still trying to get the flag? he is crazy to stay up all night just to get that flag. but he has the willpower to keep going.(Ryan finally I made it.I ended up falling down the 10 floors and langing into apond. (lilly) Ryan are you ok? (Ryan) I am tired, hungry and sore. (lilly) good job you are the first GIT to get the flag. (Ryan) what is a GIT? ( lilly) I Will tell you after you eat and get some rest.
  8. Ch: 7, trainning day 2.
    So Yesterday's trainning lasted till this morning, so what It's not like I had died again. ok I almost died says on the nurse's note. But that doesen't mean I can't stop trainning now. (Lilly) Ryan wake up it's time for more training. (Ryan) can't I sleep for atleast 10 more minuets, I was up since 6:00 this morning. (Lilly) It's better for you to get started now, get ready then go to the cafe to get your breakfast. After that come see me at the trainning hall room 22. (Ryan) So I got ready and ate my breakfast and arrived at the trainning hall room 22. (lilly) ok First you will need armour for your sholder.( Ryan) Why do I need armour for my shoulder? (Lilly) Now you wholden't want your injury to get worse do you little guy.(Ryan) I AM NOT LITTLE and what injury are you talking about? (Lilly) that scatch that mothian made, if you dont cover it the wound will open.(Ryan) fine. (lilly)now your job is to Fight me and hit me by the end of the day. (Ryan) wait, wait I had never fought a girl before because thats rude.(Lilly) I don't mind fighting now begin! (Ryan) so there I was getting tossed around like a ragdoll, I know what you are thinking, but the odds were unfair she was 16 years old and was trainning here since she was 13 and my age right now is 13 and I had only a day of experience, I was also tired and really sore. Anyway During the fight I was trying to land a hit but she was so fast it was like she knew every move I was going to make. 3 hours later. It was lunch and I still haven't even a hit or touch yet.(Lilly) ok Ryan take 30 minutes brake for lunch then it's back to trainning. (Ryan) wait Lilly tell me, what does G I T mean? (Lilly) Oh right I was going to tell you. alright then, G I T stands for guardian in tranning. This morning you where the first G I T to get the flag. not even I was able to get the flag.(Ryan) Well I am going for lunch now, see you later. 30 minutes later. I am back lets start the lesson now. So the fight had started and I am still geting tossed around like a ragdoll when I ask what is the lesson even about? (Lilly) thats for me to know and for you to find out little man.(Ryan) Stop calling me little. the fight continued till 8:00 pm and still continuing. When I Finally noticed that the times Lilly called me little, she was only taunting me so I whold lose focus. and I now I know what This lesson is about, it is to learn to focus on your target so you can see the attacks coming easier. So I Waited for Lilly to make a move, she stuck, I was focused on her movement and seen the move in slowmotion and made my move and knocked her to the floor. Finally I hit her, the trainning was complete. (lilly) so you found out my stratagy and what the lesson was about.(Ryan) how was I able to see in slowmotion?(Lilly) The guardians have special eyes that lets you see in slowmotion when You focus. well done Ryan you finnished today's trainning looks like you can go to bed early today.(Ryan) YES
  9. ch:8 last trainning day
    So I guess yesterday was better then expected.Today was the last day of trainning, but today I have a partner. I don't know the person's name yet. Well today's trainning ground is in the courtyard, I should make my was there now. after. When I got to the courtyard I seemed to reconized my partner's face. But it's hard to remember who she was.(Lilly) this is your partner Ryan, you remember her right Ryan?(Ryan)Sorry no I don't quite remember.(Sara) I was the little girl you saved a few days ago.(Ryan) THAT WAS YOU! but why was that Mothian going after you?(Sara) I had to deliver something seacritly to the next base undergound the city. I was thanks to you I got there safely. But why did you sacrfice you self to save me?( Ryan) I don't know, I felt like I had to do something.(Lilly) ok lets start. for your trainning you have to shoot down those targets with your spirit energy.(Ryan) So is that even possible? I know I know that was a dumb question.(Lilly) yes it is. now get going.(Ryan) so we got going and I tryed to shoot out energy but it kept exploding in my face. as for Sara she managed to shoot energy but it only made it a quarter way. after we took a brake. I finally noticed that somthing was wierd with sara's eyes, I asked, whats wrong with your eyes? (Sara) , nothig is nothing is wrong with them.(Ryan) ok that was a dumb question to ask I thought. Sorry for asking. After when we got back to trainning. Sara noticed that my energy kept blowing up in my face every time. so she told me that I have to relax more when I gather spirit energy. and I told her to focus more when she is gathering her energy. So was managed to hit up to 15 tagets each. From there the trainning was a breeze and was done just in time for dinner time.(Lilly) well done Ryan and sara, Tomorow you both start your First mission. (Ryan) Finally I thought.
  10. ch.9 mission of friendship
    Ok so yesterday was alright, but I still feel guilty for acidently making Sara feel bad about her eyes. Anyway today is our first mission. (Lilly) Ok Sara and Ryan for your mission you are going to deliver these blueprints to the tec guardians, BUT whatever you do don't look at the blueprints no matter what. Start making your way now!(Ryan) so Sara and I make our way to the guardian tecnology station. Simple.After.(Sara) DON'T TAKE ANOTHER STEP ! (Ryan) What why! (Sara) I see strange spirit energy near by. (Ryan) I don't see anything. (Sara) STOP IT, STOP WALKING.(Ryan) and of course a Mothian jumped out of a bush. In an instant I shot at it with my spirit energy. Right away IT deflected the shot with it's claws, and scratced my arm. The feeling of IT'S claws just burned badly. IT was geting rady to strike again, But Sara stoped IT With a critical shot to the head. I T ran away.(Sara) Ryan! are you ok?(Ryan) I am alright.(Sara) next time listen to me! (Ryan) how did you see that spirit energy?(sara) Ok I will tell you, unlike your guadian eyes mine are special, I can see trails of spirit energy.(Ryan) wow you got a gift.(Sara) Well, thank you. (Ryan) Sara's face looked kind of rosy when I said that. 2 hours later. We shold be there in a few minuets now. little did we know the was an ambush of mothians near by.(Sara) Ryan THEY are nearby.(Ryan) we got ready to fight back, they jumped out of nowhere.So Sara and I worked togerther to take Them down. after a few hours of fighting Poor Sara her legs were broken because of the fight so I offered to carry her to the destination. I haded over the Blue prints to the tec guardian and then he teleported us back to the base.
  11. Lost chapter # 1: A friend's story.
    It has been a few day's since my friend Ryan died. Question is what was that creature that killed him, it looked strange, and the area felt wierd like the was dark energy coming somewhere, was that energy coming from that creature? no, that can't be possible, can it? Anyway I better go home now it's getting dark. So the time Ryan told me that he seen a strange creature, was that the same one? Wait, I hear something. But I don't see anything. Crap! what was that? What Sratched me! (????) So your Friend Ryan died, Is'ent that right Smith? (Smith) how did you know my name! and show your self! (????) Enough talk time for you to die! .End of chapter
  12. Ch 10: The work of a guardian
    I feel bad for what happed to Sara yesterday, but they said that she whould be fine within a few weeks. Until then I have to do the missions alone, so today I have to go investigate a city that's population just disappeared.There is a rumor going around that some Mothians can take human form, if so the leaders say that's can be a bad thing.(Lilly) Ryan stop day dreaming! and start going to the city.(Ryan) sorry. Later. I made it to the city, and no sign of spirits anywhere. dang it I wish Sara was here, she whould have seen spirit energy somewhere around here. Hold on sonthing dosen't seem right around here. The area feels intence, like something or someone is still around.can it be a mothian? or no it can't be. (????) so a guardian did come here after all! (Ryan) Who are you? (????) May name is stark, and I see you still haven't noticed that I killed your friend. And after I find the spirit child in this area your cousin jake is next to die.(Ryan) Not unless I stop you.(Stark) Please , you think you can stop me with that scar on your shoulder, all I have to do is just to cut deep into that scar then you Will eventually bleed to death. (Ryan) I stated to fight Stark. he was so fast, even faster then Sara. when he hit me in the stomach and I felt my stemina just fall increadibliy. and when he punched me again his fist had this dark energy around it. I fell(Stark) next time stay out of my way. (Ryan) he had went searchig for the spirit child. But why did he spare me? I also started searching for the spirit child I looked In the near by church and I herd th child cying softly I went up to the child . the child was a little 5 year old girl. She said you are a guardian, arent you? I ansewerd yes I am. It was smart of you to come hide here in the church, mothians can't come in churches. I am taking you to the base, is that ok? she ansewred ok. so I started to make my way to the base. by the time I got there the child fell asleep . she looked so cute.
  13. Ch 11:The name is kelly
    As soon as I got the girl to Lilly she asked me what I had seen. I told her that I told her that I seen a guy that had this dark power.she told me that it was one of the mothians that took human form. he beat me whithin 5 seconds and could have killed me if he wanted to. So anyway today I have to join a team. this time a sqad of gurdians are going to chase a group of mothians out of an area. I also have to look after this girl. now we are on our way to the battlefield. After. so here we are, as I fight for the sake of the people, I also had to try make sure this little girl diden't get hurt. and just when I thought things whoden't get harder that guy Stark saw me (Stark) YOU! YOU were the one who found the child, And I told you to stay out of my way.( Ryan) so again the fight happend. I started shooting at him as fast as I can, but even though I shot at him he still beat the crap out of me. the little gril tryed to help me but she too was beaten badly. That gave me a chance to attack I mannaged to injur him quite a bit.(Stark) That's It! am done messing around see you later fool.(Ryan) Just as I was going to die again the little girl unleashed a powerful blast of energy.(Stark) how can just a little girl beat me?(little girl) The name is Kelly!(Ryan) I wassitting there badly hurt , and I was shocked to see Kelly knockout Stark in one blast. After stark was beaten the mothian retreated. and the battle was over. So we started to make our was back to base. and thankyou Kelly for saving me.
  14. Ch 12: surprise attack
    Today I had to deliver more blueprints to the factory, but what is so important about these blueprints. Too bad I can't look at them. meanwhile.(????) ok team to day our leader heard that the factory is going to recive more blueprints, so we have to steal those blueprints. (Ryan) ah , dang it who ever put these wires here. (????) get him! (Ryan) Your joking right. you guys are just kids. and your trap is just wires to trip me. (????) we are not kids, we are men! (Ryan) you guys are 8 years old! you guys are kids! now go home! (????) my name is samual and I demand you hand me over those blueprints! (Ryan) why do you need these blue prints so much? (Samual) If I deliver those blueprints I may be able to become a guardian, so hand ti over! (Ryan) so I decided to put the kids on top of a tree, so I can carry on with my job. I know I know I am a jerk for doing that but that was for their own good. After crap I sence mothians again and this time there are lots. my battle for my live began, I managed to take down 15 of them but I was over runned. I could feel my wounds burning after each strike. I was just about to pass out untill another guardian showed up. he had huge amounts of spirit energy and managed to chase away the mothians. Like what ever man I could have been able to do that if I wanted to. who Is this guy?
  15. ch 13: Ryan's rivalry begins
    So what if I almost got beaten to death. because of that I lost the blueprints. (????) Your blueprints are over there by that tree, are you blind or something? (Ryan) sheesh, you don't have to be a jerk about it. Who are you anyway? (John) my name is john, and I came here to beat the crap out of you for picking on my little bro samual. (Ryan) look I didn't mean to pick on him but he was getting in my way, and I have these blueprints to deliver.(John) fine, I will let you go but next time you better watch out. (Ryan) So I started to make my way to my destination untill that crazy guy took my blueprints. he was fast, jumping up in to a tree and jumping from branch to branch. I wish I earned my wings already so I can catch things more easy and I am tired of these little delivering missions I want to be in battle already. I wonder how sara is doing? that ambush was kind of unsuspected, who knew there was going to be thst much mothians. poor sara her legs were messed up badly. Anyway I have to catch that John guy. So I thoght that I whould cut him off at the path 13 km ahead but I was waiting there for 2 hours and just noticed there was an alternate path. Finally I cought up with him 5 km away from my destonation. hey you hand over those blueprints! (John) you have to grab it if you want it! (Ryan) dang it he is too fast and only 2 km left. I can let him do this or I will fail. then start the trainning all over! no! no! not again! this makes me so angry! then something strange happened. I some how stoped time for a few seconds, enough time for me to get the blueprints. (John) How did you grab the blueprints? I didn' even see you grab it! (Ryan) I managed to lose john and sucessfully deliver the blueprints. another job well done. end of chapter (or is it.
  16. ch 13.5:???
    After the battle when stark lost to Ryan. Little did Ryan know that stark survived kelly's blast. This time Stark had a plan to take the poor spirit child kelly away. Over the last few days stark learned to cover up any sence of spirit energy he left behind. He also learned how to hide by turning into someone's shadow. So as of now Stark is traking Ryan.
  17. Ch 14: The hunter and the hunted.
    (Ryan) so I delivered the blueprints successfully. And I am here visiting my partner Sara. She is going to be let out of the Recovery room today and she made a fast recovery too. (Lilly) So Ryan, I need you to come to the post office I got a surprise for you. (Ryan) so I made my way to the post office. (Lilly) Here it's in this box. (Ryan) so I open the box to find that there is this strange armor or somthing in the box. what is it? (Lilly) this is the spirit launcher, It launches stonger shots of spirit energy. that what the blueprints were for. I wanted to surprise you. that's why I didn't want you to look at the blueprints. (Ryan) wow, thankyou. oh and lilly I need to ask you something. Can Guardians stop time? (Lilly) So you managed to do so. Only a small amount of guardians can do that. (Ryan) oh and where is kelly? (Lilly) she is sleeping in one of the bedrooms. (Ryan) well thanks again for the gift, I am going to see sara. so I was making my way to sara untill sara told me she seen strange trails of energy. she lead me to the doorms. It was stark he is trying to take kelly. Sara we can't let stark take kelly. Stark spotted us. (Stark) YOU! Don't think you can stop me so easy this time. If you even think about capturing me my brotheren will help me and this trainning base will be destroyed. and don't even think about getting help fron the other guardians. and I see you friend there can see energy even it is coverd up. looks like I have to rip her eyes out. (Ryan) sara haven't ever fought a mothian like him before. Don't worry sara I have your back. so we started to fight but stark kept on disappearing into the shadows. after a while bothe me and sara were injered. and stark was too low in spirit energy you take shadow form. so I pulled out my weapon and used the shot. But stark gathered enough energy in time to take shadow form and he made a blade of energy with his hand and slashed my scar on sholder. after he grabed kelly and escaped. I was bleeding very heavly and passed out. Sara went to go get Lilly to help me.
  18. Lost chapter #2: Smith's Guardian experience.
    (Smith) Weird and freaky. I was just on my way home. Wait, I remember now that guy. why couldn't see him? that is I coudn't see him until I died. he tried to absorb my spirit but then. I sowre I seen the being of the legend. The Guardian. I thought these beings were just myths. But no. They were real, I even seen one of them. one of them saved me. Oh also. Where are the heck am I. So I just walk, and walk, and walk. For a week I walked and ate the Fruits near by. Until I seen this campus. Looked like a trainning ground. so I check the area out then I seen these 2 female Guardians carrying this male Guardian to the heath room. I couldn't see the male guardian because his face was covered with a wet towel and his sholder was cut deeply. Gee, I wonder if I will see Ryan here? Again I was walking around the area until I seen these doorms. they were wrecked and torn. Then I went to the main area then a Guardian asked if I wanted to join them. Yes I said. Now next time I see Ryan he will be impreased. then I had to climb a building with a flag on it. I tried for hours and faild to get the flag but my trainner told me not to worry because only 1 G.I.T ever got that flag, he didn't tell me his name. But my trainning starts tomorow.
  19. Ch 15:Good will is good healing.
    (Sara) Oh poor Ryan. He went though that suffering to save his little friend kelly. I never seen him in so much pain. I should leave so the nurse can take care of him. so sara went to the lunch room and bumped in to Smith. (Smith) Oh sorry. (Sara)..... (Smith) Hi I am smith, what is your name? (Sara)........... My name is sara. (Smith) sorry I didn't quite hear you. (Sara)........... my name is sara. (Smith) Sorry still can't hear you. (Sara)........... (Smith) Don't worry I won't bite, No need to be shy. (Sara) My name is Sara. (Smith) that's better. now tell me every one here has a team of 4,3,or 2. Who is your buddy. (Sara) My partner's name is Ryan. (Smith) hey. Ryan is my friend. well that's good to hear that he is here. are you shy of him? (Sara) No, the first time I seen him it was like he gave off a warm wecome just by being with him. But now he is injured. (Smith) I remember you and another Guardian were taking him to the heath room. Crap, Crap, Crap. Sorry Sara I will see you later I am going to go see Ryan.
    (Smith) Hey Ryan how are you doing? Wait, are you sure it is a good idea to do push ups with an injered shoulder? (Ryan) Oh hey! Smith I haven't seen you ever since I was still alive. (Smith) So I see you will has incresed alot. (Ryan) I am sure I will be healed really soon.
  20. Ch 16: Ryan's untold story
    It was 8:00 in the evening and Sara and Smith were visiting Ryan In the heath room. (Sara) Ryan, Did you have a bother or sister? (Ryan) Yes I did. (Smith) Wait, Ryan you live alone don't you? what happend to you parents? (Ryan) Well I never told anyone this but. my parents were killed by someone. I was 6 years old when this happend. Leaving only me, my 2 year old sister Leona and my 10 year old brother James. We started to look for people to take us in to their family. But it was like no one cared. then we seen a couple who owned a chinese resteraunt who whold only take 1 of us. We had no choice but to Give Leona to them. A few months later the couple moved back to China Hong kong. my brother and I were sad to see Leona gone, but atleast she had a place to stay and be happy. me and my brother just stayed on the street. A year after that my brother died of an illness leaving only me, taking care of my self. I got a partime job at the age of 8. I managed to get a cheap old, run-down appartment room. I continued to work untill I had enough money to go to school. So there you have it, my life story. I did once have a family.
    (Sara) you had must had been so lonely. (Ryan) Well it wasn't so bad after I became Friends with smith. (Smith) Well it has been 2 hours now. I guess we better go to sleep now.Busy day for me tomorow.