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    Basic story
    A group of tourists stumble upon an ancient temple that tells of a tale of a Golden Phoenix. By accident they come into contact with the gemstones that grant them a special power. Now that they have those powers they have to protect the earth from upcoming dangers.
    Starting setting: rugged terrain, up in the mountain on a remote island. A vacation with the intention of a bit of survivaling, sleeping in tents, etc. This is highly unlikely a setting for children (or disabled people), so keep in mind that the tour group has made it a requirement that underaged individuals must be accompanied by an adult.

    Full story
    Our story begins long before now, many aeons ago...

    The world was new, harsh, and unbearable. Great dangers threatened the inhabitants day and night, never pausing, never rest. The world's inhabitants were slinking in rapid speed, becoming on the verge of extinction.

    Just then, at the moment all hope was lost, a bright light, brighter than the sun, appeared. The dangers that threatened the inhabitants vanished without a trace.

    The bright light they had seen, many claiming to have seen it take form of a large, flaming bird, set off to the skies and disappeared in a flash creating the stars. A handful of these stars came down to earth, the remains of the great creature in the shape of smooth oval shaped stones.

    The inhabitants named the day the light appeared the first day, as it became celebrated every year round on it's exact date that the threat had been taken away. The figure they had seen soon became named the Golden Phoenix, the protector of the world and was set as a symbol for everything that was good, right and perfect. The Golden Phoenix became portrayed on many wall paintings, carvings and statues, and every year, on that appointed day, people lit up small packets of gunpowder and certain minerals, creating large flashes in the sky in honour of the Golden Phoenix itself. A great temple was built in the Golden Phoenix’ honor, resting at the place of the first sighting of the great legend.

    After decades of ages passing by, the great legend of the Golden Phoenix disappeared just as the Golden Phoenix itself had done. The day that had been appointed just became the first day of the year, the packets of gunpowder had turned into modern-day firework, sent of into the skies to show the beautiful explosion for all to see. None of the inhabitants, save for a hand full that dedicated their lives as priests of the Golden Phoenix, remembered even a single thing of the legend.

    Over time, many statues got lost, paintings and carvings had been broken, fading away to the forgetfulness. Only the great temple, dedicated to the Golden Phoenix, still has the remaining evidence kept alive. Yet it’s whereabouts had become unknown to the outside world.

    One day a tour group on vacation stumbles upon the ancient massive structure, covered in the forest’s vegetation.

    It is now when their story begins...

    You will be playing as part of the tour group. And it is here in this very place that you will receive your gifts.
    Multiple characters allowed, but preferable only two characters that obtain the gems&power. Any additional characters are okay.

    OpalForesightNot perfect premonitions, just posible outcomesQuintessence
    LapisIntuitionNot premonitions, just sensing presencesQuintessence
    AmberHeatNot fire, just heating (burnable) objectsFire
    TopazFrostNot ice, just cool objects (remove heat)Fire
    QuartzSpeedNot strong, just fastAir
    OnyxStrengthNot fast, just strongAir
    AquamarineEmpathyNot healing, just sensing including inanimate objectsEarth
    JadeGrowthNot physical ages, just speed up nature and natural healingEarth
    AmethystMorphingNot into animals, just human appearanceWater
    RubyLevitationNot flying, just floatingWater

    In case you're interested, just click the above banner, it will lead you right to the sign ups!
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  2. Yes I wanna join! I want morphing -prepare for Liam lol-
  3. Me too x3 I want speed >:D
  4. I lied, I'll PM you my idea for my character in this RP and you decide where she'll fit more XD
  5. @Noceur sure, PMs away XD

    @Pluviophile Quartz, Speed's the one that caught your fancy? Nice choice if I may say so myself ;)
  6. @Olissa I've already got a character in mind :D AND IT'S TOTALLY NOT LIKE ME EITHER hehe x3
  7. Haha that's awesome to hear.
    I have a second character on reserved that I would love to play out on Strength, but I'm holding off on placing that kid there in case someone else really wants it.
  8. Oo...kid? Wait?! I can play a kid Q_Q Hmmmm *wheels of smarticalness start to spin* >:3
  9. Well, I say kid, she's 16 XD I have a tendency to call anything below 20 a kid XD
    The start up setting is a remote island, with a group of tourists traveling up a thick forested mountain, camping out at night, bit of survival stuff. So having a young child be part of that isn't a very handy deal.
  10. I pmed you my idea 8D
  11. I saw, and replied.
  12. Ahh okay xD So if I wanted to make my character young, 15 is about the limit before it just doesn't work with the RP?
  13. I've edited it a bit in the first post (first paragraph) that probably should cover it, right? ;)
    But yeah no younger than that, definitely, preferably older due to the responsibilities of the gems. They choose a worthy host (I'll explain later on how and what) and should the host become unworthy, the gem let's go and stops working.
  14. Ahhh there we go :D
    Warn all the newcomers that the Golden Phoenix will eat them if they're younger then 16!! >:D What?
    I'm thinking...17...possibly 18...I definitely want her younger then 20 :P
  15. I have the most perfect character for Ruby!
  16. 17/18ish sounds like a fun one for Speed hehe.
    And yush it will eats youuu~~~ lol no, unfortunately the Phoenix went up into the sky and hasn't ever been seen again (why do I get the feeling that's definitely not going to be the last time it will visit earth) and all the world has forgotten about the Phoenix by now, only a few remnants remain to tell of it's grand tale. Of course that's where these brave (unsuspecting) crusaders step in. Bring back the Golden Phoenix, rawr!

    Ruby? I'll put you listed for ruby then :D
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  18. @Noceur: You haven't noticed me following you in the threads my wife?! LOLOL just kidding, but I do miss ya too!
  19. @EMajyyks [​IMG]
    I have. We been joining the same RPS sometimes by coincidence. I think we have the same tastes kind of 8D <3
  20. @Noceur: We were just meant to be! In the same roleplays that is //wink wonk :rotfl:
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