Legend of Korra season 2 Discussion - Yes, there will be spoilers in this thread.

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  1. SO that's the warning guys, spoilers are going to happen in this thread as we are discussing the current season as of now. It's been two, maybe three years since we've had any new Korra so...what are your thoughts?

    So far, I'm into it. I mean, it's pretty obvious as to what's going on. I completely expected the uncle to be a traitor and using Korra to keep her out since he knows she's powerful enough to stop his actions and all. I do feel that it is a bit rushed, like so much happening and not enough development time however considering it's only 30 minute (which is lame, they should really make it into an HOUR), I guess I understand. I love the whole thing with the spirits and I wish there is more interaction with them. I'm honestly confused as to the scene with uh was it Ikki or Jinora who wandered into the statue hall and the glowing statue. They never actually explained it and it's like...what was the point? Like why go another episode without mentioning it again, ya know? Thoughts? Opinions? Hopeful points for the show?
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  2. I do agree with it feeling a tad rushed, but I think they're just trying to get to the heart of what's suppose to happen this season, at least that's my guess. It's been mentioned that they'll need more help to face the uncle's forces, so my hope is that Korra and the gang will travel to various places to ask for back up. (I'm just eager to see the changes that have happened in the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom, outside of Republic City.)

    Also, I'm guessing the moment with Jinora and the statues is some foreshadowing for the tale of the first avatar which is suppose to be told in this season.
  3. While I was suspicious of Unulaq from the beginning, I can honestly say I wasn't expecting him to be as manipulative and power-hungry as he has turned out to be. I thought he would be a well-meaning kind of villain who was trying to do the right thing and just going about it the wrong way.

    I'm sort of not liking that we have had two Water Tribe villains back to back. Granted, in the original series the main villains were always Fire Nation, but you also had other bad guys like the Dai Li to make things more interesting. I just hope this doesn't become a trend and that we see other villains with different backgrounds as the show progresses.

    One of the downfalls of this series so far has been its pacing issues. The plot seems to suffer from being rushed at times, and it just doesn't seen to move along as fluidly as The Last Airbender did. The Water Tribe civil war and Dark Spirit storylines seem to be connected so far, but I'm not sure what the direction of the show is going to be once the conflict between the North and South is resolved.

    Another thing that is sort of bothering me is the character development. We're in the second season now, but I still don't have a good feel for some of the characters in terms of their motivations and the reasons for some of their actions. Particularly with Korra, I'm just not sure what her true personality is and what drives her beyond being the Avatar and the relationships she has with other characters.

    As for Jinora, I'm pretty sure her moment in the statue room has something to do with the upcoming two-part episode about the First Avatar. We'll just have to be patient and keep watching to see how it plays out.
  4. Sooooo, Korra has been pretty frustrating this season this season so far. Bolin is about to do some silly stuff too. I feel like Mako is the only one being logical, though breaking up with Korra over what happened was pretty silly to me too. Yay General Iroh appearance! .... Boo because it was so short.

    But I think we can all agree on this.

  5. The Makorra drama llamas seem a little unnecessary to me. It's just making me that much more frustrated with Korra and all her stupid decisions. It is good that somebody is finally calling her out on her mistakes, even if it is Mako and they'll probably just end up back together eventually.

    But hey, looks like we're going to get to see the Fire Nation pretty soon, which is cool. Just have to wait for Korra to recover from being owned by that rejected Angel concept from Evangelion.
  6. Yeah, I'm glad that Mako had enough of Korra's nonsense because she was being incredibly unfair towards him. So it was a good call on his part and with Korra, well she's meant to be the exact opposite of Aang and I have to say that she is. She's impulsive, sensitive and quick to anger. I do like her as a character and I feel that she acts like a modern teenager who doesn't like being told what to do. I get it and I see it.

    As for the thing with Jinora, now I see. The first's avatar's name was Wan and it's rumored that he was an Earth Bender or something. He looks coolish for a hobo guy. I guess, lol. And the thing with Bolin and that crazy twin has me dying, YOU STOLE MY HUSBAND O___O LOL, I love that bit. I'm looking forward to next week's episode and from my understanding, Zuko's daughter is currently ruling the Fire Nation as Zuko is traveling the world helping people or something. I want to know what happened to Troph and Sokka. Did they die?
  7. I do believe it's been said that Sokka has passed away, sadly ;___; I was looking forward to funny old man Sokka back when this series was announced but oh well. I'm pretty sure the same as been implied for Toph but I'm really not sure about that?

    Also, I wasn't aware that Zuko had a daughter too, must have missed that detail. Now I'm even more excited about seeing the current Fire Nation.

  9. Those are fine, XD. I did mention the hobo guy, I saw a video of him fighting spirits. <_<
  11. Looking forward to seeing the first avatar. I've wondered if he/she was also the first bender, and how they were able to teach it to others. I see the first benders being a pretty chaotic time period.

    I'm following the story on TV and I'm into it, I just hope they don't end it like they did the last season. I loved the first season of Korra all the way until the last episode, where it felt like they wrapped it up too quick. I like how Aang's saga ended, with a big TV movie that tied things together quite well, and I hope for something like that instead of a quick "Oh, let's just get her in touch with Aang and give the Avatar state" ending.
  12. I very much enjoyed the first and so I'm looking forward to this. No I haven't started on it yet. Gotta make time. >.<

  13. You tread upon dangerous grounds. Thar be spoilers here.
  14. It's ok, spoilers doesn't significantly affect me. If I hadn't seen it, it's still quite a big mystery to me. :D
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  15. Here's a clip of Wan,

    And another,

  16. Noooooooooo Verrick nooooooooo! He's so funny and lovable. Why you hafta be evil?

    Also, amnesia Korra is a bit... meh. Seems like such an easy direction to take. But hey, looks like we'll be seeing some Fire Nation soon.
  17. So, that makes another Water Tribe villain. I'm beginning to think they really are trying to make them the new default evil nation.

    The amnesia thing does seem a little clich├ęd, but I'm guessing it will somehow tie into Korra learning about how Wan became the first Avatar.

    I like that Bolin is getting his own little storyline with the Nuk Tuk propaganda movies, even if it is mostly just more comedic fodder. I'm hoping things will get more serious as the conflict with Varrick intensifies. A brother vs. brother bending match between those two could be interesting.

    I'm not sure about the kiss between Mako and Asami. I'm all about some Bosami, so I'm really hoping those two don't end up back together. It seemed more awkward than anything, though, so it probably won't lead to a renewed relationship.
  18. Amnesia? I'm sorry, isn't that the never-fail plot twist used in crappy soap operas? Korra just isn't being run by the same geniuses that gave us Aang, are they? I'm still gonna watch, but that lazy plot twist is just kind of sad.

    I was hoping Korra would end up in the spirit world. Talk to Aang, Wan, maybe even see Roku again. Maybe have an encounter with Ko the Face Stealer. That would've been awesome! But no. We go with Amnesia instead.

    Also, am I the only one still wondering how we went from 8th century China to the Roaring 20s in just seventy years? I mean, the Fire Nation war gave us metal benders, and air ships, but Radio? Pro Bending? Movies? Moving a little fast aren't we?
  19. Hmm, I don't think the leap in technologies is such an odd thing. I mean, think about the technological advances made between 1943 and now.

    But anyway, yeah, I'm a bit disappointed in this twist, and her ending up in the spirit world would've been a much more interesting way to go. But hey, we already know she'll end up there eventually, so.... yeah.
  20. I think they put more thought into the one hour special with Wan than they did the whole first season on Korra. The origins of the first Avatar was awesome.

    I guess we know what Korra's uncle has been up to all this time, too.
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