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  1. Legend of Dragoons! If you remember the game and loved it, or interested in knowing what it was (story wise) just let me know. This was one of my favorites and I'd like to do an rp in the same world. I'm still working on a good plot so if your interested send me a pm and we can discuss a plot.
  2. asdfghjkl Someone else who knows Legend of Dragoon!!!!!
  3. Heck yeah, that game is god-like
  4. I've never role-played it, but I would love to! Yeah I used to play the demo all the time until my friend got it for me for my birthday. Then I couldn't get enough of it. So little people know about the game that is Dragoons!​
  5. I've rped it before and I can say a lot can be done with the storyline. I would say the best way to do it is in the future. I still want to polish the plot but...we can do it a little like this.


    100 years have passed after the fate of the world was decided by the Legendary Dragoons. The world saw peace. Both wingly and human live as equal, but that peace was soon interrupted by the news of a village being burned to the ground and all it's citizen along with it, but what adds more fuel to the fire is the rumor of a Dragoon being spotted in the blaze. The Legendary Dragon Knights that saved the world from destruction was spotted in the village and possibly was responsible for it's destruction.


    That's all I have for right now but I should have a better grasp sometime today.
  6. Oh my that's intense. Hard to imagine my favorite character Albert being a bad guy. XD I'm assuming they aren't actually the cause. At least I hoping.
  7. no this is 100 years in the future so it's completely new characters
  8. Mkay, are we including the Divine Dragoon?
  9. yeah and I'm thinking of a few new dragoons
  10. What dragoon would you be interested in using? So I can know ahead of time.
  11. Hmmm..... That is a hard choice. I like the green Dragoon and the Dark Dragoon...
  12. I guess we can make it so that some of the dragoon spirits are family heirlooms and some were lost. My character is going to stumble across his. I think I'm going to make a aura dragoon as a newcomer dragoon. I'm starting off with two characters.
  13. This sounds like it would be awesome as a group rp. XD I might as well start off with two. The green and Dark dragoons. I think the Green will be an heirloom and the Dark will be found.
  14. I would love to do it as a group but from experience groups aren't as active as doing a one x one with someone who you know is active.
  15. Hmm yeah this is very true. Well we could always do a private one on one and also try making it into a group one.
  16. That's works for me.
  17. Mkay you wanna do character profiles.
  18. Most of the time I describe my character as I rp but if you feel comfortable with profiles I can do that instead.
  19. My Two Characters

    First Name: Mako

    Last Name: ????

    Age: 16

    Dragon Knight Element: Aura

    Race: Half Breed (Wingly/Human)

    Weapon: Twin daggers

    Mako is 5'3 has pale white skin with long black hair with strains of silver in some areas. She has blight blue eyes with black and silver eye brows. She wears a plain long-sleeve white shirt with plain brown pants with her whole body covered with a brown cloak the hood over her head, covering her odd colored hair. Around her neck is a necklace with a light blue jewel attached to it.

    Small Bio: Mako is in search of her older brother, who she thought died 10 years ago in a bandit raid that killed her parents. She doesn't remember much of what her brother looks like but was given a lead that may bring her brother back to her.


    First Name: Ryouta

    Last Name: Yami

    Age: 19

    Dragon Knight Element: Fire

    Race: Human

    Weapon: Ōdachi Katana

    Ryouta is 5'10, slightly tanned skin, semi-long black hair, and crimson red eyes. Ryouta wears a black shirt and black pants. He wears a long red unbuttoned coat. The length of his coat is to his knees.

    Small Bio: Ryouta is the head pupil of the famous swordsman Hiragi Myuga who saved his life years ago. Hiragi raised him and taught him everything he knew about swordsmanship. Ryouta has no memories of his past. All he remembers is fire and screams. After training under his adopted father, he later becomes a mercenary. After hearing about a village being massacred and burned to the ground, he gets a job to investigate what happened and who did it. What's even more strange is that he heard that a Dragoon was spotted at the scene of the crime by a survivor. Dragoons haven't been seen in over 100 years. What could it mean?