Legal and Just: not always the same (1x1)

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  2. Ghost Rider's Son (open)

    Name : Ryan Blaze
    Age : 18
    Parent (one Super Hero unless there is a couple in the comic) : Ghost Rider, Human girl
    - Able to become a ghost rider when evil is near
    - Control hell fire (coat the chains he has with it) If ever touched with hell fire it will burn for weeks and even months
    - Chains (can make them appear when ever he feel like it to wrap around a foe. the chains can't be broken
    - Devil's Motorcyle - Able to reach speeds of 340MPH the firey morotcyle is able to out run things that trying to catch it. It can come to Ryan's aid and catch things on fire. It can also up up buildings it also seems to have a mind of its own.
    - Human resistance , can resist anything that is made from man thats a weapon, A gun, Bomb or Macien gun will not stop him, hurt him alot after he changes back but not effect him while in this form
    Limits (A real limit not a fake one)
    - tranformation into the ghost rider form is VERY VERY painful and often he will need few days to recover from tranforming into one after the job is done
    - Very weak to water at times but only ICE can truely stop him cold in its tracks , For a momment at least
    - He can go ona rampage and not tell friend from foe at times so be careful
    - he seeks out only the wrong doers, not all villians are so he might be a lone wolf at times. Hard to make friends
    Personality : Very cold at times with a flare of fire in his eyes. He often is very warm and his tempture for regular is 105 digrees. He often is alone and because of his warmth he often can't control his flames he can spark at any time.
    History (Optional) Father was Johhny Blaze the Ghist rider, he fell in love with a lady and passed on the genes of the ghost rider to his only son. Ryan has never become a ghost rider before it might all change now.
    Crushes/Love interest : Yet to find
    Regular form
    Ghost Rider form
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