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    In our world, there are many dangers we choose not to see. Dangers that make men like me insane and ravenous. All of my armies have been thwarted because of of people like them. The first round of heroes were stupid enough not to know what was actually going on, but now their legacies are taking the ropes. My plans are spoiled and now everyone is fleeing. This war isn't over yet, because the have yet to meet my legacy.
    In a alternate universe superheroes have only recently been added to the plethora of mysteries in the world. Many people have obtained powers by many different ways. Some gained their powers by the nuclear reactor that exploded in Fukushima or they gained powers from the crystals that fell from the sky. These powers could be obtained from anywhere and yet, they were impossible to find. You are one of these few who has obtained a great power, but you are not the first. Many of the heroes and villains of our world have hung up their coats or died trying to get out of the business. You are the legacy and you determine how the world will continue or end.
    Heroes are known within the world quite well and some people hide their powers just to not be torn up by the public. There is a rumor going around that war is coming to America and there is a force strong enough to stop is. A man named Arnold Drake, a philanthropist and human experimenter has set a large quantity of money for whoever joins this team. Some join his team purely for the money, others say that if you work for him he could reverse your powers.
    There are currently over fifty participants who have signed up to work for Drake. All of these are notible heroes like Black Hawk, Dragon Fist, Imortalla, and more.
    Biography(From when you were born to when you gained your power.):​
    Power (Detailed):​
    Why you signed up for the job:​
    OOC Q/A​
    Q: Can I play a different character of different species?​
    A: You can, but you have to PM me about the circumstances​
    Q: How powerful can I be?​
    A: You can be how ever powerful you want, but any hero/villain has a weakness so keep that in mind.​
    Q: Can I play multiple characters?​
    A: You can play as many characters as you want.​
    Q: How frequently do I have to post?​
    A: Try to post at least once a week or I will take over your character.​
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  2. Name: William carstairs
    Alias/Nickname: Trickster
    Hero/Villain/Undecided: Villiain
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Scruffy white hair and ice blue eye.Wears a brown waist coat and a white shirt with black jeans
    Biography:Born in london william spent hours in his work shop trying to make himself more powerfull than his father.
    Items/Weaponry:A bow and arrow
    Skills:He can corrupt others mind to make him do as he wishes
    Weaknesses:every time he uses his powers he gets a burn mark on his arm.
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  3. A tad short but Accepted.
  4. Should have my shapeshifter up later tonight!
  5. Application
    Name: Thomas Kingsley
    Alias/Nickname: Goliath
    Hero/Villain/Undecided: Hero
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Thomas is 6'2" Caucasian and he has a shaved head and grey eyes. He normally wears a long shirt or jacket over a white under shirt and khaki slacks. His arms and legs are covered in scars, and he constantly wears braces on his arms and legs. When pursuing beyond-ordinary activities, he wears ballistic armor from head to toe covered in portions of plate armor on the arms, chest, and legs, that take on a similar appearance to a Roman Centurion.

    Biography: Thomas was a star athlete in High School, and was especially dedicated to weight lifting. When he reached college things began to turn south, a degenerative bone condition began to weaken him. One medical doctor approached him with a chance, an experimental treatment that could counteract his decreased bone density. The treatment worked, his skeletal integrity increased to normal, but the rest of his body also increased its cellular density. The result was effectively the same as before, he could only make the gentlest of motions without snapping his bones, since he has an enhanced strength. Seven years of physical therapy and tutelage under that doctor, Dr. Gabriel, He eventually learned to adapt to to his new body, and Dr. Gabriel gave him a unique set of braces that could withstand his full strength. During this time Thomas has obtained an extensive knowledge of practical and theoretical medicine and physical therapy. Since then, Thomas has been trying to find his place in the world, he has been especially empathic to those with degenerative diseases.

    Power (Detailed): Thomas has super strength, being able to lift 25 tons over his head, and resilience to blunt force trauma.

    Items/Weaponry: Combination of ballistic/plate armor.

    Skills: Skilled with medicine both in diagnosis and treatment methods.

    Weaknesses: His increased muscle density only gives him protection against blunt force trauma, anything that can damage or bypass his skin can hurt him like a normal person. His bones are fragile relative to his physical abilities, without the specialized braces he wears, he can break or shatter his bones if he uses anything but the smallest fraction of his physical strength.

    Why you signed up for the job: Thomas is exploring opportunities to use his, finally under control, meta-human abilities.
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  6. Name: Terrance Fink
    Alias/Nickname: The Phantom Cobra
    Hero/Villain/Undecided: Undecided
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Biography(From when you were born to when you gained your power.):
    Terrance was born in a small suburb in southern Kentucky with his father James and his mother Trish. He was raised Catholic and had a sister named Mary. As a child he went to Kenderton Elementary and continued until he reached high school. Terrance was always a fantastic student and was somewhat popular in school. In his third year in high school he developed a rare skin condition which made his skin burn as if he were sun burnt. Often he would peel the skin away just to try to get past it. Soon his parents were able to obtain some money for a treatment which involved snakes. He was injected with the DNA of a snake and was soon able to shed his skin. His parents soon were dismissed from the facility to go home and get some rest while the continued testing on him. Terrance was put through intense treatment and was experimented on by all sorts of scientists. By the time it was ended he felt he wasn't even human. He felt cold and was able to extend his jaw. From then on he was trained and acquired as an asset to Drake Enterprises, now he works for them under very interesting circumstances.

    Power: Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Climbing, Venomous Fangs, Elastic Jaws, Super Strength

    Items/Weaponry: Two Kamas, Gas Pellets, Super Suit, Mask.
    Skills: Lock picking, sneaking, hiding, killing, using several sets of weapons, doing dirty work in general.
    Weaknesses: Can not be exposed to extreme cold or he will die.
  7. Tyler you are accepted. From now on I'll just like your post to say it is accepted.
  8. Name: Tori Keane
    Nickname/Alias: T.K.
    Alignment: Hero
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Talk and somewhat tanned, more like someone used to being out in the sun as opposed to someone who actually worked on their tan on a beach or at a tanning place. Not muscular but fit, perhaps athletically built. Short, light brown curls reaching just above her shoulders and olive colored eyes. Two small hoop piercings in her left eyebrow and one stud centered under her bottom lip, all three silver.

    Uniform - Black bodysuit with one long zipper in the front that runs down from the high neck to just above her waist-line, long dark purple gloves and boots that reach just past her elbows and knees, and a dark purple eye-mask that (Contrary to comic-book logic) completely fails to hide her identity. All of this is tight, flexible, and shiny - very stereo-typical super hero attire. She tried a cape for a while, but it proved to be annoying to maneuver with and didn't really add to the outfit as much as she originally expected.

    Biography: One day while out walking, Tori received a text message out of the blue, one of her friends asking what sort of power she'd have if she were a super hero. "Who says I wouldn't be a villain?", she texted back jokingly, but it did get her thinking on the subject. Too many possibilities crossed her mind, as they always had when the subject came up. Super strength, invisibility, flight, x-ray vision, pyromancy, super speed, and many more. Super human abilities must have been amazing to have, she'd always thought. She was envious of the heroes on the news, of what they could do and how awesome they looked doing it.

    Completely lost in thought, Tori didn't notice the wildly swerving vehicle speeding her way until it was almost close enough to reach out and touch it. She panicked and froze up instead of trying to jump out of the way, raising and extending her arms forward as she turned her head and forced her eyes shut, as if to push it back. It was a stupid thing to do, she realized, an incredibly stupid thing. She should have been paying more attention, should have watched the road ahead of her and moved out of the way.

    When she stopped scolding herself mentally, she was shocked to find she hadn't bounced off the hood of this guy's car and landed in a ditch all broken and battered. Her eyes reopened and she cautiously turned to face the vehicle which was now, to her incredible surprise, completely stopped and being held in place. After a moment of just staring at the car in confusion she began to realize an odd sensation, like she was actually holding it there somehow, without actually touching it. She couldn't have explained it any better. Moments later her head started to hurt, to really throb with pain. She thoughtlessly flung an arm as if casting something aside before taking her head into her hands and holding it until the pain faded.

    When she looked back up, the car was off in the ditch, the driver passed out at the wheel. Tori called for an ambulance and waited to see him off safely, then went home to calm down and think, to try and understand what just happened. The event had been horrifying, but also incredibly interesting, and ever since it happened she'd researched online, trying to figure out what she did and how she did it. Once she figured it all out, she practiced every day until she was good enough to become what she'd always wanted to be; A super hero.

    Power: Telekinesis. Manipulating small objects is a breeze, but larger ones require a bit of concentration and can put more of a strain on her, giving her headaches and draining her. In addition to moving and throwing objects with this power, she has more or less mastered the ability to propel herself using telekinetic force, or "super jumping". Quick, "short" jumps feel pretty natural to her, but longer/higher ones require considerable focus and energy.

    Items/Weaponry: A short, double-edged knife (Blades about the length of an adult's index finger) hidden in either of her boots, very simple in design save the amethyst set into their hilts.

    Skills: Great hand-eye coordination (Likely thanks to her many, many hours of gaming), pretty quick response time, and fairly perceptive/aware of her surroundings ever since her near accident.

    Weaknesses: Physical injury, straight up. Tori considers herself a little tougher than the average girl now that she's actually been fighting crime and doing the whole super hero thing, but she has no real super-human resistances to speak of. She is still very much mortal and bleeds as easily as any other human being. She also has a weakness for baked goods, especially those with cinnamon in their recipe, but I'm sure that's not the kind of weakness you meant.

    Why you signed up for the job: To further improve her skills and do some real good in the world.
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  9. Name: Kanro D'ran Araki

    Alias/Nickname: Earthman, Roy Jurgens

    Hero/Villain/Undecided: Hero

    Age: 24
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Kanro is a 5,11 toned body caucasian male. In his true form his hair is gray and his eyes are black with silver pupils. While disguised as Roy Jurgens, Kanro takes on brown hair and green eyes.

    Costume- http://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/10/108224/2161855-quasarrider.png

    Biography: Born into the Imperium of Ramona, Kanro was a member of the nobility, who often boasted both superiority and their claims of diversity and love, when in reality the elites were really an xenophobic class of hateful war-mongers. Kanro was raised since youth in the military arts, honing himself in the arts of conflict and infiltration amongst his various subjects. Showing both physical and written performances that exceeded expectations for the average Ramonian trooper, Kanro was accepted immediately into the interplanetary fleet at the age of 19 Earth years, fighting in several conflicts and earning the respect of colleagues for his feats of combat.

    It was eventually realized by the Ramonian Imperium that a planet in a distant galaxy was already making its way up into the scientific departments. Seeing this as a chance to cripple and dominate an entire world and its people without the stress of facing technologically equal opponents, the Ramonians had sent an advance crew to investigate the planet first, and to destroy anyone that grew knowledgable of their plans. Kanro was sent to the U.S. along with several other agents deployed internationally.

    At first Kanro watched from the shadows, observing with great disgust the travesties of the human life. Rampant crime, declining economies, warfare and hatred widespread, leading him to believe them to be a race of primitive sub-lifeforms, until one day an enemy species had deployed an agent of its own, and forcing Kanro into battle. The ensuing combat eventually blew Kanro's cover as it took place on the streets for all to see.

    Towards the end, Kanro and his opponent were both weakening, but it was his enemy that had flown into a berserker rage for the 'honor of his emperor.' Kanro avoided a particularly vicious attack, only to witness a blind woman struggling to escape the area when a young man leaped into the way to save her life. Shocked by this turn of events, Kanro would learn the woman was the boy's mother, and as a result he had realized his ignorance had blinded him to the truth of this world.

    Saving the woman's life, he utilizes his practice of donning a human appearance to pose as her son, Roy Jurgens, forever to live with the guilt that he had caused the death of an innocent man. But his sorrows would not last forever. With Ms. Jurgens, he is shown donation drives, homeless shelters and even watches a policeman arrest a thug. Inspired by the true nobility of the humble human race, Kanro vows to atone for his wrongdoings to all living beings by utilizing his alien gifts to fight for a better tomorrow.

    Power (Detailed): Due to the unique nature of his mission, Kanro was subjected to an experimental bombardment of cosmic rays believed to merely protect him against any dangers presented by the Earth's gravity, atmosphere, etc, granting him power uniquely over cosmic energy.

    Force-Field- Kanro projects an aura that acts as a defensive forcefield, primarily against penetration wounds like bullets, and augments his physical strength. The energy can also be forced outwards as beams or waves of energy for ranged attack.

    Flight- Kanro is capable of flying at supersonic speeds, his body almost psionically defying gravity.
    Items/Weaponry: Kanro had previously been carrying Ramonian gadgets and equipment, but keeps it at home until it is needed. He had also had a disintegrator ray, but has since destroyed it due to the painful memories it has caused in the days when violence was but a game to him.


    Military Grade Training- Kanro is a trained Ramonian Soldier, with additional practice in espionage.

    Force-Field Integrity- The Force-Field aura does possess its weaknesses. Despite being strong against penetration wounds, blunt force can still shake up Kanro, and enough of it can even deactivate the shield entirely. It can also deactivate if too many energy waves are thrown out at once.
    The shield possesses a unique lack of defense against concentrated elemental attacks of frost, and any weapon or ability such as poison can attack him internally.

    Ramonian Nostrils- A Ramonian's ability to smell is sensitive. Gas based attacks will disorient Kanro.

    Strict Morals- Upon donning his costume, Kanro adheres to a strict set of morals, such as he will do everything in his power never to kill again, no task is too lowly or too great for him to assist in, the typical boy scout.

    Why you signed up for the job:

    Kanro's persona as Earthman is widely known, often times inspiring hope in people. He joins the team personally in his own hopes of accomplishing more together, and giving the world ideals to believe in.
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  10. Application
    Name: Alicia Greenson
    Alias/Nickname: Rose
    Hero/Villain/Undecided: Hero
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female

    Costume: She wears a dark green masquerade mask with a dark green halter-neck dress that goes to her knees in the front and to her ankles in the back, covered in green leaves. She wears dark green ankle boots and short dark green gloves, along with a green utility belt around her waist with the whip on one side and the rapier on the other side for easy access.

    Biography(From when you were born to when you gained your power.): She is the daughter of two educated and loving 'hippies' as people would call them when they just care about the environment and the earth a lot. She was raised in their small cabin-like home in the woods on the very outskirts of the city due to wanting to be close with nature and away from all the pollution. Ever since she was young, she was always home-schooled by her parents with the major focus being on nature and environment. She learned how to plant her own garden and grow her own food, being a vegetarian/vegan like her parents. She grew up like this the rest of her life, her only friends being her parents and the plants around her. When she was 18, she decided to go to the city to study Botany and help with the environment. So she got herself an apartment and a job at a floral shop, working part-time while taking classes at a local college, eventually getting an Associate's Degree in Botany at 21. She got an Assistant job at a Botany laboratory, where a freak accident involving experimental plants caused her to gain her powers, realizing that she could use it for good.
    Power (Detailed): Plant Manipulation, which means that she can control and manipulate plants/plant life Plant Manipulation
    Items/Weaponry: She has a rose stem whip with thorns that is used for restraining and capturing and also a rose stem rapier that is used for close combat. On her utility belt, she has two pockets, one for seeds of healing plants and another for seeds of dangerous/poisonous plants. There are also vials of different homemade poisons and medicines on her utility belt.She
    Skills: Vast knowledge of plant life, making poison and medicine from plants
    Weaknesses: Being that her powers are plant-based, her weakness is obviously fire and she has a great fear of fire as well.
    Why you signed up for the job: She wants to help people and stop the bad guys.
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  11. Clockwork (Dominic Emmanuel)


    Hero/Villain/Undecided: Hero

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Biography: Raised in the town of Kearney, Nebraska by a single father Dominic was a perennial thorn in the side of nearly every responsible adult around. People blamed his penchant for trouble-making on his absent mother and his distracted father, but the simple fact of the matter was that Dominic had an aptitude for technology, a good sense of humor and an obligation to liven things up around town. His pranks were always good-natured in his eyes, but he had trouble understanding that people were not fond of being the butt of the joke. Even though he often poked fun at himself as well, people took offense.

    Even through his middle school and high school years, where he found himself in detention on a regular basis and without many friends despite his outgoing personality and remarkable cleverness, Dominic's spirit's never dimmed. He knew he was smart and funny and that was all he needed to be happy. His home life as well was largely comfortable. He and his father connected best over their engineering ability and their best times were often spent in Thomas' workshop, fixing clocks while Dominic cracked jokes.

    In his sophomore year of high school, Dominic developed a fondness for the snarky anti-hero antics of the masked vigilante, Hot Stuff. Although he didn't have a power of his own, and especially not the ability to shoot fireballs from his hands like his icon, Dominic aspired to wear a mask and do good deeds as well. Knowing it would take a long time, he began construction of a mechanical suit, complete with weapons, miscellaneous tools and a recognizable mask. It took him until he was nearly done with college to complete.

    Attending school in New York City when the suit was finally finished allowed Dominic a wonderful opportunity for a test run. Slapping on his mask and charging up his twin swords, he ventured out in the middle of the night. The first few nights were uneventful and he mostly tested out his own ability to move from place to place. He wasn't very good at it. When he finally did run across a pair of muggers, he demanded they stop and assaulted them with inordinate amounts of sass, only to get beaten down when his swords lost their charge in the middle of the fight. He nursed his wounds while attempting to fix the problems with his suit, study for his finals and survive all this on hardly any sleep. As it was, he barely graduated college and he had burned whatever bridges of friendship he had built.

    After college, he began taking classes in tumbling, sword-fighting and capoeira to accent his newly redesigned suit. With his new talents, he once again ventured out to stop evil-doers, armed with sass and skill alone. This time, he encountered his own personal hero, Hot Stuff, in the midst of a robbery. At first, he believed the anti-hero's lies that he was there stopping another robber, but when he very narrowly dodged a fireball from behind, Dominic realized he was in for a fight. His clash with Hot Stuff took a long time and left him with burns, scars and more than a little psychological scarring, but he finally bested his childhood hero and fled the scene moments before the police arrived. A young reporter caught a picture of him though and slapped a name on him, based entirely on the mechanical pieces of his suit: Clockwork.

    Power: In reality, Clockwork's closest thing to a "power" is his cleverness and mechanical aptitude, but he isn't quite a genius and certainly not superhuman. His ability to pull snarky comments out of nowhere is something, but it isn't very useful.

    Items/Weaponry: Basically all that Clockwork is can be summed up in a description of his suit. His armor is fairly protective against bullets and extremes in climate, but the most useful feature is that it is light and flexible, allowing safety without hindering his mobility much. His mask includes a binocular function and the ability to detect heat patterns, as well as a radio for communication to… well, no one so far. But if he had someone to keep in touch with and didn't rub most of his associates the wrong way, he could easily wire the mask for ranged communication. The pouches on his suit house a variety of simple tools, such as lock picks, small explosives and a few other technological doodads. The most noticeable weapons he has though, are his twin swords. Although they aren't sharp and are primarily designed as bludgeoning weapons, they were built from a pair of tasers and their core function is stunning his enemies.

    Skills: First and foremost, Clockwork is a mechanic, engineer and inventor. In the last few years, he's also become a lot more agile, capable of moving around the city quickly through the use of parkour, and defending himself with capoeira. When he's in the mood (and he rarely is) he can be somewhat stealthy, but his skill and inclination to make puns often overrides this talent.

    Weaknesses: Although he doesn't often like admitting it, Clockwork is still a young hero. He's rash, he's often more interested in looking cool than being effective and he hasn't quite learned when he should be sassy and when he shouldn't. In short, while he has skills that could result in a relatively acceptable career as a masked hero, he's too naive and untested to do much good. Maybe in time he'll get over himself.

    Why you signed up for the job: As a new hero, Clockwork needs not only practice but a new role model. He sees working for Drake as an opportunity to find both. With Hot Stuff in jail, his hope is that another snarky anti-hero might come along and take an aspiring hero under their wing. Oh, and saving the world from war. That's always good too.
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  12. Sorry for the long delay. Work was super busy this weekend. Also, sorry for completely changing character concepts. I'm sorry for a lot of things.
  13. I think I'm fine with what you put out. It looks really good.
  14. Alright here is the deal, so far we have 5 heroes, 1 undecided, and 1 villain. Depending on whether or not we get more players I may make a second group that works on a different mission. These teams could be divided by whether or not they are heroes/villains, or I will just toss it up in the air. I will make another character corresponding with what we get.

    I believe the IC will be up soon so watch the thread.
  15. Name: Unknown
    Alias/Nickname: Screams
    Hero/Villain/Undecided: Villain
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male


    Biography(From when you were born to when you gained your power.): Information undisclosed, there is no history or files found under this name. Related searches: Yanna the Goddess, Keir the Oblivion.
    Power (Detailed): Make you feel your most intense fears and is able to make those fears come to life.
    Items/Weaponry: Mask and Cloak.
    Skills: Unknown
    Weaknesses: None....
  16. My body is ready for the supers.
  17. I have one more coming, and I hope to get at least another villain in the mix. If not I will have to mix up the teams. So, if you want to make another character, invite a friend, do that! This will help make the story better for you guys.
  18. Application
    Name: Alexander Shade
    Alias/Nickname: Dark
    Hero/Villain/Undecided: Villain
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Biography(From when you were born to when you gained your power.): He grew up like any normal boy would, the only child of loving parents and living the good life. But he was different from other kids in that he was not scared of the dark at all, but loved to be in the darkness. He was a night owl, staying up all night while he absolutely avoided going out in the daytime unless he had to, hating the burning bright light of the sun. As a result, he started sleeping all day while going out all night long and it worried his parents. They thought of him as a goth freak and tried to send him to an asylum to get better when he was eighteen one night. But he didn't want to go and told them no, angry as tendrils of darkness wrapped around his parents and choked them to death. He was shocked by the power and that he killed his parents, but getting over it quickly as he laughed and realized all that he can do with this. Ever since then, he's been using his power to get into the underground scene, killing traitors and even mob bosses while living a quite comfortable and luxurious life with the money he has earned. He really just likes to play with and torture his victims in the darkness of the night, watching them struggle before killing them.
    Power (Detailed): Darkness Manipulation - create, control, manipulate, materialize darkness/shadows
    Items/Weaponry: Needle filled with quick-acting poison hidden in interior coat pocket, dagger hidden in his sleeve
    Skills: Able to see perfectly clear in the dark, hiding/sneaking around in the dark
    Weaknesses: Since his powers need the darkness and shadows, he is useless during the daytime unless in a dark/shaded area. He hates the sunlight, not wanting to go out during the day unless he has to.
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  19. Name: Kelso Evan Jones
    Alias/Nickname: Intangi-Bro
    Hero/Villain/Undecided: Villain
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Calvin is a caucasian male with an athletic build of around 5,5. He possesses pale skin, copper red hair and bloodshot green eyes.
    He adamantly refuses to wear a costume. He does however, put on a pair of shorts/underwear so long as it has a bright color to it.

    Biography: Kelso comes from an upper-middle class family that has always had a steady supply of cash. He was raised to be rather spoiled, disregarding the acts of others except that of his own family. Through school he somehow succeeded through his classes, likely through intense study and more often blatant cheating that was rarely reported due to the fact he and his circle of friends would often threaten others.

    Sometime into his push into college life, Kelso was visited by the ghost of his recently deceased Uncle Torvik, who did most of the work to keep their family afloat. Torvik pleaded for Kelso to find his grave and properly bury him, but Kelso refused, causing Torvik to 'curse' him. And by curse, I mean he grants Kelso several abilities likened to that of any spectre, which he really just used to achieve his own goals as a small time street villain.

    Power (Detailed): The spirit of Kelso's uncle Torvik imbued him with a set of supernatural powers that work based on whether or not he stays confident.

    Intangibility- Kelso can phase through solid objects. While intangible, he becomes difficult to see without some form of enhanced detection or vision. Conventional physical attack is useless.

    Ectoplasm- Kelso can generate ectoplasm alongside natural fluids. He has primarily used this by puking at opponents, which not only blasts them with slimy ooze that may or not disgust the enemy, but it becomes more difficult to remove depending on the amount poured out.

    Items/Weaponry: None.
    Skills: Kelso lacks any actual skills.

    Temper/Confidence- In order for his powers to work, Kelso must remain confident. His confidence level works in conjunction with the level of power he possesses, as far as how long he can hold his intangibility, and how much ectoplasm his body makes.

    Astral Point- Kelso's intangible form is incapable of attack, and he must switch between solid and astral form in order to attack and defend. His astral form however, IS open for attack by other beings capable of becoming intangible, or otherwise existing on the astral plane of the universe. The form is also affected by certain particles and forces of energy. Otherwise, his solid form possesses average human durability.
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  20. Dang, well looks like you guys are ready for this role play. So here are the teams.

    Justice Team:
    Leader: The Phantom Cobra
    Earth Man

    Vengeance Team:
    Leader: Screams
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