Legacy: We Shall Take Vengeance

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    Blood in the hall pooled together after the man fell to the ground. His gasps were muffled by the sound of the laughter of The Shadow. The man had done so much to help him, yet he hated him with a passion. Others gathered around and took the body to the resting place of many and begun to chant. The blood lit up and turned into water, a miracle to some but a simple trick to others. The Shadow had only had moments before the rest of his group would find him. All of the masks before him dissipated and it was only him. This was the first testament to his doom...
    A wanted sign was posted outside several gang hangouts, bars, and whore houses. The call was simple and precise. "Super villains wanted, there is profit at hand." Under that was a a symbol with small words under it. The infinity symbol was confusing at first but the lines under it made it understandable. "To those who participate infinite amount of profit is to be made. This is for our future." Many took those posters and went to Jansen Street off of 99th. It was the darkest place in the whole city with just enough light to be able to make your way down the alley without tripping on anything. A table was set with a bottle of wine and flowers with a man in a coat and hat sitting at the end. "Evening gentlemen, the night is young, how about we introduce ourselves?"
  2. Alexander had been making his usual rounds, finding victims to play with when he noticed the wanted sign, reading it as he smirked. He didn't need the money at all, but getting to be a super villain sounded very tempting for him and would definitely be really fun. So he took the poster and went to Jansen Street off of 99th, seeing how dark it was and not needing the light to make his way down the alley. He had arrived, seeing the table with the man and a few others there too. So these would be his fellow super villains, huh?

    Then Alexander had heard the man ask for them to introduce themselves as he nodded back and stood up. "I'm Alexander Shade, otherwise known as Dark. As for what I can do, well I would suggest that you avoid getting on my bad side during the night." he had said to them all, smirking before he sat back down. He was curious as to what they all could do as well, wanting to know what he had to work with, especially the one who called them here with that poster. Alexander could not wait to finally have some real fun instead of just simple assassinations. As long as he didn't have to be out during the day, it would be all good for him.
  3. "Someone get that little bastard!"

    "How'd he get through the vault door?!"



    The mad cackle rang out through the streets like the grating sound of running fingernails along a chalkboard, if such a thing were increased somewhat, and capable of destroying mass payloads of brain cells after gallons of spectral ooze temporarily disabled the squad cars. The sound itself was being emitted by a dastardly hooligan who believed he was 'the smoothest motherfucker to ever live.'

    In reality, there wasn't damn near a smooth element to any of his fiendish street escapades. The small neon yellow hot pants he wore over his jeans, whose denim was faded and riddled with tears all over shined some even through his partial transparency, as he ran off with the weightless and equally non-physical sack of gold bars he'd stolen to use. This would surely get him geared up for the party of a lifetime on the outskirts of town.

    At least, it would have if not for the fact he'd been laughed at mid way due to his shorts being spotted by a band of hoodlums, he would have stayed in his astral form on the similarly named plane. But now the gold weighed much more than previously with the effects casted over it. Then there was a small 'buzzzzz!!' from his pocket to indicate he was being contacted.

    "yoooo brodie bro broham there r sum weird signs n shit out here where im at for some bad guy stuff u shud check it out it said something about infinty $$$ at Jansen Street 99th"

    And off to Jansen he went, staying transparent after hiding the gold off somewhere (He'd buried it under the ground of a children's park).


    When he'd made it, he simply phased through a series of dark rooms, avoiding whatever lie dormant within them as he spotted the dapper gentleman with his drink.

    The Intangi-Bro's desire to slap the drink out of the guy's hand and go 'DAAAAAAYYYUUUMMN.' Was overbearing, but he figured he'd wait for the perfect moment.
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    Mary looked out the window of the apartments fourth floor only to have her sights set on a city clad with the orange light of the setting sun. Night was coming to this city, which meant she had plenty of time for even more fun. With a smile on her face she turned away from the window and walked further into the apartment. Her bare feet felt the cold damp carpet as she made her way to the bed. Reaching down she stretched out wrinkled bed sheets so that they were smooth and flat. Mary set her duffle bag down on the bed and slowly pulled on the zipper. She looked down at what would be her new clean clothes
    People could be so messy....
    Mary's slender fingers slowly slid off her soaking wet clothes. Her personal preference was to fully absorb herself in all her meetings like this, so it was almost sad to see her stained clothes go. When she finally felt the last of her dress fall to the floor, soaked in blood, Mary couldn't help but smile. The man was nothing more than a two bit lowlife she dragged of the corner, so it was no wonder he made such a mess of the place. Mary left him in the middle of the floor. The mess of his insides had been there for a while. Mary could still remember how warm his insides felt as she dug into him. He didn't even have time to scream. What was his name again? Oh... That's right. He was Steve. As Mary remembered his name she left her dress in the bloody carpet and walked over Steve's reaching hand that was aimed at the door. There was no way she would leave yet though. Steve had done the most uncourteous thing to a woman and gotten her all dirty. She needed a shower...
    By the time Mary had finished showering and getting dressed the city was already well cloaked in darkness. Perfect. Mary opened the door to make her leave but then remembered Steve. Before she shut the door to leave the experience behind her, Mary looked in to see Steve's bloody corpse lying on the ground. He was pathetic even as a corpse, but that didn't stop her from leaving some parting words.
    "Thanks for the good time Steve. I'd leave you my number.... But I don't think you'll be needing it anymore." Mary said, smiling before she shut the door and made her way out to the city.
    As she made her way past the rather unsavory part of town, something posted up on one of the whore houses caught her eye. Mostly it was the money followed by the infinity sigh. She humored the paper and took it down from the wall to get a better look. "Infinite profit..." Mary mumbled as she studied the paper with her one good eye. Now that was something she could get interested in. Mary had no plans for the night, and Steve hardly had enough cash on him to warren her doing anything fun tonight, so she decided to let curiosity take its course. Mary made her way to Jansen Street...
    Upon arriving at the rather shady location, Mary was met with a few unsavory looking characters. Well, at least a few. The man named Alexander was at least dressed fashionably. The other unnamed gentle man with the neon pants over his jeans looked to be someone she really wouldn't mind splitting in half. Just by looking at him she could tell that he was going to be one annoying stain, but this was business so Mary controlled the urge to shred him. As Alexander made mention of no one messing with him during the night, Mary couldn't help but make a snarky comment. "Tck..." Was t he sound she made under her lips as she crossed her arms. He sure thought highly of himself...
    After Alexander finished his introduction Mary saw fit to introduce herself as well. "I'd rather not say my real name. Let's just call me 'Maw' for now. As for what I can do..." Mary started before she walked closer to the table and picked up one of the empty glasses. Mary held the glass up and then with ease crushed it in her bare hands. Unmaking her fist she let the bloody glass fall to the ground. She had several visible cuts on her hand from the glass that she showed everyone. It didn't take but a moment before they healed themselves and Mary held her hand up to her lips, her tongue meeting with the blood on her hand.
    "That's what I can do. Now, who's the one advertising?" Mary asked.


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    The human sized robot stood atop the roof of an abandoned building which probably giving shelter to a gang of some sorts, though that did not matter much to C-Alpha. He propped one foot upon the ledge and scanned the area, his cybernetic eyes zooming in on signs and suspicious figures. C-Alpha looked left and right but did not notice much, until a certain sign caught his eye. The sign was poorly pinned to the side of a brothel, and he read the words carefully. Apparently there was some meeting taking place for those who wanted to make infinite profit. He sneered at these words before nodding. "Where there is money, there will be the people I want." He decided that this was a good moment to test out a burst of electricity. C-Alpha moved his left gauntlet, and took hold of his right. His right gauntlet formed into a fist and focused a blue sphere of static at the tip. The sphere then fired with a force so great that his right gauntlet flew back into the air. The ball traveled towards the brothel at high speeds and right when it touched it, it instantaneously blew up. The explosion blew with air pressure so great that the pieces of the building went flying into others, causing cracks and damages to the foundations. C-Alpha nodded at his gauntlet before leaping off the roof and onto the ground, forming a small crater at the point of impact. The towering figure than progressed towards the street crossing of Jansen and 99th.
    Upon his arrival, he noticed a group of freaks making their introductions. He listened closely as this was the time to gather and assess necessary data for his mission, and also thought up of an introduction himself. After listening to the stories of their grotesque personalities and idiotic nicknames, he finally took upon himself the role of introducing.
    "My name is C-Alpha. I have come because I am in desire of funds. I will not do anything to example my power, nor do I care of your opinion. I am not here to make friends either, and I will not be ordered around." His eyes scanned the group, waiting for a reaction. He also released a large gust of air from the ducts in his gauntlets, trying to make himself more intimidating.
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    Mary took notice of the giant mechanized figure that entered their space. She'd seen her fair share of robots and cyborgs dealing with some rough individuals in the past, but this C-Alpha looked like he would be quite the pain to handle. As usual for metal men he also seemed to lack any tact, a quality she hated when dealing with his type. As C-Alpha made his introduction, Mary slowly placed her index finger into her mouth while she watched him over. Despite being focused on C-Alpha, Mary also couldn't ignore how euphoric her blood was to her. The cent of iron was always her personal weakness.
    Once the giant finished his introduction Mary slowly pulled her finger out of her mouth, sucking on the blood until when her finger finally exited it made a slight 'popping' sound. Mary gave a sarcastic grin as she gave her two cents on their newcomer. "And I don't care for your attitude. Word of advice, don't come to a gathering of dangerous people and start throwing your weight around." Mary said to him directly.
    "You might regret it..." Mary said softly, though the remark was more than threatening in nature.
  7. The transparent frat boy made his body less transparent after he noticed Mary had somehow noticed him. But either way, he was still intangible. Painted onto his features was an idiotic grin as if to suggest a form of higher level arrogance than one could ever have thought possible for a human being.

    "Oooh Hooo." Went Kelso. "We got a blood sucker and some guy in a sweet-ass suit..."

    The young man walked over towards Mary to observe her in the act of blood drinking. To any person it would have been putrid and vile alone. But for Kelso, it was a surefire way to tell that this girl was easily the weirdest member of the opposite sex he'd ever come across. At least, until he met the next super-lady on his many misadventures.

    "Okay, okay. Let me get this straight. So we got us like, this technical genius there" Uttered the Apparition, pointing at C-Alpha and nodding his head as if to offer some kind of strange sense of respect "And then we got this chick, suckin' her finger like a baby. What, drinkin' blood make you feel all badass like some fuckin twilight shit? Fuckin nootch, ma."

    He proceeded to shove his right fist into his mouth, holding back laughter. It wasn't psychotic by any means, no. But it was more like when someone told a really bad joke, and you really were the only one who never found it funny, despite the hundred or so times a day it was repeated in some twisted sense of half-assed material that passed for humor in this day and age.

    No. This was the laughter of a complete moron. Then followed a couple of coughs in between chuckles, as he began to regurgitate the foulest substances from his mouth, watching it ooze past lip and knuckle alike, before pulling his fist out to watch the lime-green stuff splatter onto the ground towards the two others who had arrived. The ooze seemed to seep towards them slowly, each little handful of the stuff creeping up like little rats of some sort. But they weren't sentient as far as anyone could tell.

    "Yeaaaah. That's all for you dogs." He explained briefly, before turning back to the man in charge. "Yoooo Yo YO. I'monna let the big man speak though, my mans's gonna be my key to gettin' some mad dollars."
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    "James Isaac Artina is my name. You shall not refer to my name but you may call me whatever you wish. I am here to settled a deal that was struck many years ago. Sure blood was spilled but it was all worth it until now. The people we are after are trying to do something that would make us villains unable to do what we wish. Depending on your preference that may be pillaging, raping, marauding, et cetera. Now you may be wonder, 'what is this thing that we need to do boss?' What you are going to do is listen to me and listen well. There is plenty of money to be made here as long as you follow my instructions." Artina pulled out a deck of cards from his pocket onto the table. The lights flickered as he pulled out the first card from the deck. Looking at it, you notice that is has been chewed on and dipped in a brown substance. "This card is your first mission and you will all make fifty grand each. If you want to take that money and leave after this mission that is fine, but you will lose what is to come. All of you have the talent and ability to be able to make this town our bitch." Artina set the card on the table and it was the Queen of Hearts. "I have been assigned by a man to be able to help this plan along. Each card represents an objective you must complete. Your first mission is to assassinate the Queen of Hearts. If you look for her you won't be able to find her, unless you play your cards right." Artina smirked at what he said but then went back to the task at hand. "You will find this woman at The Pig's Feet down on 14th and Damon Avenue. Today is October 19th so you will have to have this job done by the 24th. It may be a long period of time, but you will need it. After this meeting we may only ever see each other one more time, then you will never see me. Your leader is my associate Screams who is currently doing some work for me currently. On the 21st of October you will meet at the William's Family Warehouse down by Astral City Community College. Now, since I have filled you in on everything there should be no questions. If do have one, say it now or forever hold your peace."
    After the long winded speech you should be wondering. "Hmm, where exactly are we?" That my friend is a good question. Your characters live in Astral City. It is a benchmark in the building safe and efficient cities. Sadly, it is like all other cities. There is crime and justice. Your side of evil is justified by your own thoughts, but may God be with you...​
    An example of a street in Astral City​
  9. Questions? Sure she had some, but what was really on her mind was how shady this James person was. Mary couldn't help but feel like she was being strung around, and she didn't like it. However, no matter how much she despised manipulators there was still money to be made. A lot of money. She would feel a lot better going into this with more details then just the little bit that Mr. Artina had given them.

    "1. How will we know who this 'Queen' is?"

    "2. What if one of us kills her before the others? Do you expect us to work as a team?"

    "3. What exactly is the Pigs Feet?"

    Mary asked him all these questions calmly. She had many other questions such as who this Scream person was and what Mr. Artina's relationship with him was, but that didn't have anything to do with the money now did it? Perhaps they were questions for another time. If she was lucky maybe the vomiting idiot would spit out a good question as well, though from what Mary could tell all he was full of was idiocy. She best not get her hopes up.
  10. Artina stared at Maw for a moment then folded his hands. "The Queen is a woman who runs a gang around Central Astral City. You will all work as a team and if you don't you will regret not doing so, and if you don't think I'm watching you, you are wrong. I am not the only one who is trying to have this operation succeed. The Pig's Feet is a whore house that has been run down for some time now. When you go there it will appear to be open for business, but that is a clever ruse. If think this is easy, you are also wrong. At The William's Family Warehouse there will be varieties of weapons and gear that you may use. The things you are wearing now Maw is unsuitable. If you are going to wear something fancy at least put a bullet proof vest under your clothes, we don't want any casualties as of yet." Artina looked at the deck of cards on the table and quickly put them into his pocket. With his right hand he pulled down his fedora over his brow. "Ciao ." Artina flicked his wrist and he disappeared in a heap of smoke. A small glass with some wine in it was the only thing left. The bitterness of the night left the alleyway silent.
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    C-Alpha sneered at Maw's comment before looking away from her, and look towards the ooze on the ground. He carefully examined the apparition and took note of his dialect. Although he seemed like a complete idiot, this guy might be smarter than he looks. One point he made was right, and that point was to listen to the man who gathered them all there. He looked towards the shady figure and inspected him, making sure to assess all of his features, and to also listen carefully to his instructions. He got an itching feeling that this man truly wasn't who he brought himself up to be.
    After being briefed on the details of the mission, he now learned of their objective which was to hunt down 'The Queen', a leader of a gang. And although Artina did not give much detail on the gang 'The Queen' led, he did not care. He would assess all necessary data at the time of the encounter. He now thought that his comment before was un-needed and that he should not have provoked negativity from his cohorts. C-Alpha than ignored these thoughts after he watched Artina disappear in a cloud of smoke and he also thought their supposed leader, Screams. He guessed that more information would be learned about him later.
    "We should probably head on our way towards The William Family Warehouse. I can head around in the dead of night, but not into facilities. Recon missions are not my kind of thing. Maybe at the warehouse there will be some communication devices that we can use to talk, so if you ever get into trouble, you can call me. Now who is going to lead the way?"
  12. "I take it he didn't like my dress..." Mary said right after her shady employer vanished. Despite his sudden disappearing trick she was glad to see someone was quick on the uptake, though she was a little upset that it was C-Alpha. Who was she kidding, or course it would be the tin can. Mary did have to agree with a few of Alpha's points though. He really wasn't the one best suited for sneaking into a place undetected. Luckily they knew of one person who could, for the most part, become a ghost. That would make things much easier. All that aside Alexander was remaining unexpectedly quite, which was a shame for Mary since she found him to be the most interesting of the bunch.Either way someone needed to speak up and take the lead. Unfortunately Mary didn't have the knowledge to take that role.

    "I'd be glad to, unfortunately I have no idea where this William Family Warehouse is. Seems our employer really likes to leave us in the dark with the details. If no one else knows then I'd say we're screwed, that is unless we can download a GPS into our walking tin can." Mary said in a joking voice. She turned her attention to Alpha smiled as she poked fun at him. "What do you think Alpha, can you be a good boy and search us the address?"
  13. "Yeeaaaa." Nodded Kelso, as he began to turn solid again, yet keeping his distance from the other two. "Aight. Sounds like a real good plan and stuff. And I'mma phase into the place, do some Call'a Duty recon, maybe get some dudes inside and kick their asses."

    Kelso didn't exactly like the hand he was dealt, having to work with a whole team. But he changed his mind at the sound of getting fifty big ones as a starting payment. That alone had been the largest sum of money he could ever obtain in his life, and at that from someone else. And all by killing some loser that probably pissed off the boss? Classic stuff right there.

    "Weapons." He noted. "And rides. A getaway car is what we totally need, and a few extra guns just incase."
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    C-Alpha looked blankly at Maw before turning away. Obviously he was not very fond of her comment, but she did well to put trust in him. He made well to pay attention to Kelso's statement as well, and for some reason 'Call a Duty' was not in his database. "Hmm, yes, let us do this 'Call a Duty' AFTER we find out where this facility is. But you two need not worry, for I can easily find this place. It will just take me a moment." C-Alpha took a few steps back away from the group and stood in the middle of the empty road before looking up towards the sky. His fluorescent blue eyes lit up brightly before he searched up the William Family Warehouse in his data banks. A flurry of words were audited outwards towards the others.
    He wondered why nothing came up in his data banks before realizing that all of their gear would be at this warehouse, which would make it a very secluded and secretive place. C-Alpha knew that Artina was smarter than giving them a noticeable location for them to relay at, they had a chance of being busted by the cops, not that that was much of an issue. He than remembered Artina mentioning that the warehouse was by the Astral City Community College. This location would obviously be known to him.
    His head lowered towards the ground, and then jerked back upwards to face them. "Now I have shown you ONE reason as to why it is beneficial to have me around. If we head down this road for about six blocks than make a left, we shall reach the community college. We can then have a search for the warehouse and make our plans there."
  15. A warehouse full of dangerous weapons and various other supplies in the same area of a community college? The world really was full of surprises when you could look behind closed doors. Indeed Alpha had already proven his worth and Mary knew it was only a matter of time until she to could show her own set of skills, but for now they best be on their way. Mary started to walk out of the alley, hoping to have the rest of the group follow.

    "I don't own a car so unless Alexander or Ivan Ooze over there owns a vehicle it looks like we're walking six blocks." Mary said before she looked over at Alpha. "No offense Alpha but I just can't see you driving a car with that body of yours."
  16. "Perhaps I can be of assistance." Mice stated walking down the alley towards Mary, "My apologies at being late I was, occupied, on my way over. There seemed to be a rather nasty staph infection afflicting a patient at a hospital on my way. Being the.... good samaritan that I am, I decided to stop by. Tragically, I'm afraid the infection got worse, the family will surely be grieving for some time."

    As Mice finished it stepped into the light, it looked human and was covered head to toe in clothing, A fedora pulled down to obscure his face, large black sunglasses, and a scarf covered his face, he was wearing a trench coat with the collar turned up, gloves over the hands, and pants covering the boots on what would be his feet.

    "My name, as far as you are concerned, is Mice," it added in, "and don't worry about catching me up to speed, my friend kept me well informed of the meeting."

    After making this comment a rat ran in between Mary's legs. Mice stooped down and the rat ran up his arm, and into his coat via the collar, briefly showing some brown fur at the neck level.
  17. Alexander was annoyed as hell by the next guy who had come into the room, and judging by their actions and words, this guy was by far the most stupid person he has ever met. Then he saw the girl, thinking she looked smart until he heard the sound she made after he did his introduction, thinking that it would be silly of her to underestimate him. He watched as she hurt herself and healed instantly, knowing that would be very helpful to work with someone having that ability. He was a bit surprised by the robot entering though, angry as he heard that the other didn't want to be ordered around, knowing that this guy is messing with the wrong people. Alexander was then getting very annoyed and disgusted by the one guy, before listening to their employer and what their mission would be, along with the details before they left.

    He did not like the fact that he would have to work with a cocky robot, a disgusting weirdo, and a fancy girl. Alexander did not need the money, for he could easily make that and more just from killing off a mob boss, but this would be his chance to do what he wants. He thought about how to do this and thinking of all the information, listening to the conversations going on around him as he followed them out of the alley. "It's the city, I have no need for a car and it is unlikely that he would as well. I don't see no problem with walking, it'll be easier to sneak in and out without being seen by the authorities, and we can get there sooner in order to start on a plan for this mission. Now let's get going." Alexander said back to them all as he led the way, wondering what kind of gear would be at the warehouse. He would need a bulletproof vest, but for anything else, it will depend on what is there and available for them.

    He has the darkness and shadows as his weapons, along with the poison and dagger that he uses sometimes, but one can never be too careful. Just then he had noticed the new person joining them, hearing what they said. If he couldn't bother to be on time, he could be a liability to them in the future. So Alexander ignored them and just kept on walking, expecting everyone else to follow. He wanted to get this done and over with already so he can get that money.
  18. Mary stopped as another figure started to come towards her. Mary started to have a bad feeling about this man as he made his way towards her. Her senses could tell her that something was definitely wrong with him. Despite not knowing what it was.... Her bodies sense of danger excited Mary. This new board on the chess piece might make things a little more interesting. He also had his way into their little scheme. Already she could tell that he'd make a great alley in this group. Then the mouse ran between her legs and over to Mice.

    "I think.... I like you." Mary said smiling in a soft voice that didn't quite mask her excitement. "And what assistance can you bring to the table, Mice?" Mary asked. Then she saw Alexander walk on past them and out into the street. He didn't seem to happy for whatever reason. Mary figured that Alexander wanted to get this over and done with as soon as possible, so he probably couldn't see the usefulness in Mice. Mary's look turned sour as she realized how much Alexander's loner quality might upset things. The high and mighty attitude was always a liability....
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    C-Alpha nodded at Maw's comment before sticking out his arms and looking at his large bio-mechanized parts. Obviously this body was not suited for the normal daily functions of a human being. Out of the corner of his left eye he noticed a shifty figure come out from the shadows of an alley. A mere man who seemed to be completely human went on to talk about his patient and how the patient suffered from staph infection, and even went on to say he was a good Samaritan by coming even though he completely left his patient alone. C-Alpha then turned to face the new member of the group, and eyed him carefully. He would make a new data file of this man known as Mice for that was what he wanted to be called. He then watched a mouse scurry between Maw's legs and onto the arm of Mice. He now got a hint as to why he wanted to be called Mice.
    C-Alpha than turned back to look at Alexander. He had forgotten to make a file of this character as well, and although Alexander had not seemed to possess any talent of any sort, he might disprove him later. He continued to make a data file under the name Alexander. This man was obviously conceded because he tried to lead the group when he had been silent almost the entire conversation. C-Alpha then shook his head because it did not matter, the group was all heading towards one goal.
    He lowered himself to one knee and stuck out both arms behind his back. A gyrating force of air than surrounded his gauntlets, and his arms started to shake vigorously. The mech then rose up swiftly and took a large jump before flying through the air, the forces of wind around his gauntlets were the things that supported and powered his version of flight through the air. C-Alpha traveled towards the Astral City Community College. Although taking flight was very risky since it could have blown his cover, he did not care. He wanted to complete this objective as soon as possible.
    Upon reaching the front of the Astral City Community College, he lowered himself to the ground. He decided that he would wait for the others.
  20. Mice quickly moved his hands to his hat and scarf as C-Alpha took off. "My, it does seem our companions are in quite a bit of a hurry. As for what I do," Mice paused, moved close and leaned to whisper in Mary's ear, "I don't kiss and tell."

    It moved back and extended its arm for Mary to take, "Shall we, I do believe I saw a very nice Ferrari a short walk from here," thinking for a second he added, "but I'll give you a hint, Bram Stoker might have been inspired by someone with my talents for one of Dracula's powers."