Legacy, tales of a new world.

This is an original RP that will become so much more, with the players help. It is an open-world long term play. I am always accepting new players, and have a plethora of lore should anyone be interested. Please consider joining.Take care.

Over a hundred-thousand years ago the angelic barrier keeping the mortal plane separate from the demonic lower planes was shattered by a Demon Lord named Nokato Shinjuku. He did this maliciously, and intentionally for his own selfish gains, and out of spite to the angelic beings that passed judgement across all of the known realms. The entrance out of the abyss lead to a very large, very diverse planet simply named "Ebonzia". "Go, show them the wrath of your King." He said to demons of all calibers, and they did just that. The following days, weeks, months, and years were sheer chaos, death, and utter confusion. Whole countries were wiped from the map, and placed under new leadership. Many, many died. Though the species that suffered the worst of the casualties was mankind, for they held the greatest numbers, and most territory. Once Nokato had conquered a sizable amount of the Northern continent, he established a new order in which he would rule. The Order of Six.

The order of six is made up of Six demonic rulers. They are High King Nokato Shinjuku, High Queen Ein, Demon Lord Abbaddon, Princess Asyria, The nameless, and King Juzatsu. They are some of the strongest, wisest demons in all the realms, and it was with their combined might that they drove back the humans, and clipped the wings of Dragons whom dared to interfere.

It was only with the arrival of Angels that the bloodshed came to an end, angels whom defied the will of God himself, and intervened in mortal affairs. The leaders of these angels were Raphael, Michael, Ramona, and David. All extremely powerful archangels, and Seraphs capable of deciding whole battles by themselves. It was them who united the races into a temporary unification, and convinced the power hungry demonic High King to halt his expanse. Though by the time this happened sixty years had passed, and almost a third of the known world was occupied by demon forces.

Only a few still hold the knowledge of these ancient happenings. It is a closely kept secret among the most elite of secret societies.

"Previously the Human Empire of Ebonzia ruled most of the northern hemisphere, with the Elves and Dwarves bending to their will. This came in the form of unfair trade agreements, laws, and taxes. Whenever the slightest hint of disobedience came from a rival land, punishment was swift. Often times the Emperor would slaughter mass numbers their citizens, as if to send a message. The way of life seemed destined to last forever, but the Ebonzian Empire began to crumble from within. Some speculate it was due to the reckless nature of young emperor Masego Mal'Ik, others say it was the tension between the native Ebon's and Ivo's. Whatever the reasons, soon a terrible, vicious civil war began. This tore apart the empire and killed nearly a million citizens by the fifth year. "

The Emperor whom had ruled his beloved land for a majority of his life, was now watching it die a slow, painful death. He did everything in his power to quell the rebellion, and stop the internal war, though all to no avail. As a last resort he gathered the most powerful arcane masters in the known land, and sought to summon an unstoppable army from the lower planes. The creatures would come to be known as Orcs, and were far less obedient than he had hoped. The breach of realms was too severe to be repaired and within days thousands of the merciless green beings were rampaging through the capitol city. In a month, the once mighty nation was no more."

" Though the denizens of Ebonzia didn't know it, something sinister was brewing throughout all of the realms. Since the day the foolish emperor decided to cause a rip in the very fabric that kept the demonic, beastial creatures from the world of man, the lower-plane occupants have been gathering. Another fact that sentient life was utterly unaware of was that Orcs were the low beings on the metaphorical totem pole. Nothing more than pawns for the truly powerful, and cunning to manipulate. The reason only orcs passed through the rift was due to the fact their spiritual essence wasn't truly malevolent. They were a violent species, yes, but purely evil? No."

"Azreal, a fallen, angelic being capable of genuinely magnificent capablities, had been observing as the events unfolded. Watching, waiting. When things became unfavorable for his entertainment he would intervene. Nothing significant, just a little nudge in the right direction. Perhaps through a dream, or twisted riddle. His existence is unknown to all of this world, however. This fallen played a crucial role in the catastrophic events that were soon to follow."

"Twenty years later the Orc's were nigh unstoppable, just as the deceased emperor had wanted. The neighboring monarchs were clueless as to how the green savages were desolating opposing, better equipped forces. There had been several captured; and by no means did interrogations give off the impression of intelligence. In fact it was quite the opposite. The truth of the matter was, Azreal, had gifted five Orc's with knowledge beyond what individuals of the same species could even dream. Thier names were Grock, Rigor, Hordin, Zoric, and Protor..."

The Player :

This is where you come in. If you wish to play a pre-made character, then you may choose from the unselected NPC(s) listed below. Your choices, given the scale of your actions will directly influence the plot of the story. You can play a leader, or just someone caught up in all this mess, up to you.

Playable Races:
(If you would like to add a race to this list, please let me know.)

I think @
SgShallow SgShallow did a good job at explaining magic.

  • Action Level Magic - is magic stimulated by a single action. It occurs when one uses magic similar to how they would use a weapon. For example, the spell Mind Bolt's execution is similar to how one would shoot an arrow. Most of the magic of Mage-type classes are Action Level Magic, regardless of their power.
  • Battle Level Magic - is magic that can be used to decide the result of a single battle. This magic allows one to decide the fate of himself, his allies and his enemies.
  • Tactical Level Magic - is magic that can affect two to three battles at the same time. Legendary spells cast by a group of Sorcerers is said to belong to this group.
  • Strategic Level Magic - is magic of an even greater scale compared to Tactical Level Magic. This type of magic can have effects that last for days and has the ability to destroy a fortress, tower, or even an entire dungeon.
  • War Level Magic - is magic that is capable of deciding a war.
  • National Level Magic - is magic that is capable of destroying an entire nation.
  • Continental Level Magic - is magic that can affect an entire continent.
  • Global Level Magic - is magic that can decide the existence or fate of a whole world.

The Rules:

The usual "No God-mod/meta-gaming."
Respect each other OOCly
Post a few sentences at least, if you're able to.
All fighting is to be done in T-1 (Turn based) unless fighting NPC(s)
Have fun.
I am accepting most character types, and and species. Allow your imagination to run free. There are factions, wars, politics, and since I have a soft spot for romance novels, romance is allowed as well. Fade to black or continue in pm. All Iwaku roles apply. I am the gm/dm which means I will take this seriously, in terms of providing a fun, judgement free experience. If I garner enough players than this will be a long-term thing, ya dig? Here is one of my characters.

Name - Raikenzu
.Occupation Elder Mage in the Council of Mag
-The elements of nature, infused with his magic.
-Strong Will.
-High mana reserves.
-Yin/Yang control.
-Strong Mind
-Intermediate Swordsmanship

-Short temper.
-Is weakened by opposing mental attacks.
-Very few allies.
appearance - See picture for reference.
fears - Death.
History - v

Rai is most notably known for the many battles, and wars he has ended on his own. Most notably the lycan rebellion, when he mercilessly slaughtered thousands of werewolves attempting to overthrow the capital of Drogma. For his actions in the rebeliion he was harshly criticized, and nearly exiled from the Council of Magi. His history is a long one, for through his mastering of otherworldly magics, he has become an Immortal. His appearence has not changed in over 1,200 years. Currently Rai is seeking to meet with the High King, and Queen of the daemonic empire for reasons unknown.

To truly understand Rai, which is a difficult enough task on its own, you have to know his past. Rai has seen much triumph, and victory, but has also experienced untold sorrow, and despair. When he was still an apprentice in the Tyberian Mage's Guild, he met a woman that instantly changed his outlook on life forever. Her name Estella Brigantine, and she was as gentle, and as beautiful as a butterfly. Seemingly the complete opposite of Rai. The two would become best friends, then lovers, and eventually soul mates.

On the eve of their wedding, Estella was taken from him. The apparent cause of her death was an aneurysm in her brain. You see, any normal man would have excepted this answer, but Rai is no normal man. Utilizing ancient, taboo rituals of magic he was able to meet the Shinigami that had taken her soul. In a heated exchange, it was revealed that the reaper had taken her randomly, before it was her time to leave Ebonzia. For every human a Shinigami kills, they receive their remaining life, thus allowing them to lessentially live forever.

Realizing this, Rai flew into a rage previously unseen. He recklessly engaged the Shinigami in battle. Perhaps if he were thinking clearly he could've bested the reaper, but do to his rash actions he was tricked, and the shinigami escaped leaving him with severe wounds. This event plunged Rai into darkness forever.

Still bloody, and broken, tears streaming down his face like an unrelenting stream, Rai saught to do something unthinkable. He made a deal with the six most powerful daemonic beings in all the realms. You see, beings from the lower planes are kept in check by numerous ancient, angelic sigils set in place by the highest ranking angels in all of creation. There are six hundred, and sixty six seals. Rai broke every single one.

With the seals broken, there was only one thing left for him to do. Sacrifice the heart of a virgin girl. This was the final step in Rai's true decent into darkness, and with the task complete Nokato Shinjuku was able to break the final seal located on the other side of the lower planes.
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Name: Bolor Verdu.
Age: 33
*Barbaric Warrior, Revenant
*Pro Swordsmanship
*Quick Reflexes
*Trained marksman and H2H Combatant
*Can be Gullible and Tricked
*Mages and Magic Users
*Zero Allies
*Has a Temper that leads him to do Questionable things
*Wears armor made from the animals he hunted in the wilderness
*Memories of his family
After Bolor turned eighteen he joined the military and spent six years honing his skills as a warrior and soldier in the Army. He slowly worked from the bottom ranking up from Grunt, to Soldier, and finally to a Captain. By the time he was twenty four he had become a skilled and disciplined killer, more than worthy of wielding the blade. Despite being offered another promotion Bolor eventually left the Army to live a simple life as a farmer in the quiet hills of Odin where he met a maiden named Maloria, whom he eventually married.

By the time he was thirty two he and his wife had grown a family, he had a son named Adrias and a daughter named Valeria. They were a small farm family living in the hills, oblivious to what was happening in the outside world, because of this Bolor was not prepared when a passing army of Orcs destroyed his farm and killed his wife, daughter, and son. Despite his efforts to kill the uncountable number of hulking beasts he was eventually defeated and left for dead in the mud.

Barely surviving the attack Bolor had to crawl through the wilderness to survive, having to eat any small creatures he could grab ahold of. He spent months living in the dirt like an animal, during this time something changed inside him, he abandoned his civilized ways and became just like the animals in the forest. His mind was filled with so much hatred and malice he became consumed by it. After eventually healing his wounds the revenant vowed to destroy every last orc and kill the one's responsible.

And so he set out on his quest, killing everything that stands in his way.