Legacy Retirement Home [OOC/Interest/Suggestions/Sign-Ups Thread]

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  1. Legacy Retirement Home is a place for characters that have experienced the harsh effects of aging in their lives, with their imminent death as a constant fact. However, it's Legacy Retirement Home's mission to be the flat out best, luxurious hot-spot that is mansion-like in grandeur and houses even retired supers. There are toned down excursions for the adventurous, and relaxed activities for those that just want to sleep.

    - You can choose to RP a staff member or an elderly resident.
    - Suggest activities/events/plot lines at leisure here.
    - Age affects the elderly in different ways: physically, mentally, and psychologically. It doesn't have to be painfully noticeable, and varies. Some focus on this for your character is encouraged, but not enforced. Thinking about how your character would be different comparing their prime to now is a good start imo.
    - Yes, you can be a Alien/Esper/Furry or any Super. The only limits in my mind would be: No Immortality, Eternal Youth, or Slow-Aging. Also, powers should take a penalty of some kind. Take Batman at age 80. He might still put up a good fight, but won't be as spry or agile as his 25 y/o counterpart.