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  1. The day was warmer than usual; winter often brought down cold rains and fierce blizzards upon Seloca, and West Angel City was one of the settlements that was heavily impacted. Cars wouldn't start in the midst of a particularly brutal snowstorm, streets would be flooded with murky waters filled with frost. But that day was unlike any other winter afternoon.

    The sun shone down upon the concrete forest, bathing the metropolis in a warm light. Fletchling and Pidgey squabbled over roosting spots closer to the sun. Pampered Furfrou pranced beside their owners as they carried out errands. Mightyena and Poochyena battled over scraps in alleyways. It was a warm Selocan day, and everyone was taking advantage of it. Even Wyeth was.

    Even though Wyeth wasn't that fond of heat, he was glad that they could have a break from the cold winds of winter. The black-haired young man's face was just as warm as the day as he strolled down the street, carrying himself with a swagger. Sombra, his Umbreon, padded beside him, her ears swiveling around to pick up the strange sounds of the city. Her crimson gaze drifted up to Wyeth as her tail swayed slowly. "Breeh."

    "It really is a nice day, isn't it, Sombra?" Wyeth answered her low bark, shoving his hands into his pockets. "It doesn't even feel like winter."


    He took the dark fox's purr as an agreement. Wyeth glanced down at her, a small smirk playing on his lips. "I wonder where everyone is," he continued the conversation with Sombra, feeling a bit childish for speaking so much to a creature that didn't speak English. "Probably doing some boring stuff. They'll probably come after me soon."

    "Reon!" Sombra barked again, her ears flattening slightly.

    It was nice to get off your feet every once in a while.

    Suzume's feet was covered with blisters that stung even when they weren't touched. It was a good thing that the Pokemon Center had seating. The soft cushioning of the sofa that rested in front of the front desk provided her with the comfort that she needed. The past few days were filled with pain and frustration. Lux, her Shinx, had been poisoned by a Weedle rather close to West Angel City, and Suzume rushed to the nearest Pokemon Center in a hurry. The poor electric lion cub was devastated by the poison coursing through her veins; Suzume knew that she wouldn't have lasted much longer if she took her time getting there.

    Basilisk was curled up beside her, his eyes half-lidded as he, too, rested. The serpentine Pokemon had been working hard all throughout their journey-- it was no wonder that he evolved rather quickly. Suzume glanced at her Servine, a broad smile crossing her face as she reached out to stroke his long, green body. He hissed in pleasure, rolling onto his back and kicking his stubby feet. The blonde-haired girl gigged as she rubbed his soft stomach. "You've done good, Basilisk. You're stronger than any Pokemon I know."

    The Servine poked out its forked tongue, smiling up at his trainer. "Viinee!"

    Of course, she had only said an empty compliment. There were Pokemon out there that they battled and only won because of luck. But Suzume didn't have the heart to put the poor snake-like Pokemon down after such a long trek.
  2. On the corner of al alleyway, two Poochyena's were fighting over bits of scraps. Their growls and yelps were quite loud, yet it didn't seem to bother the passerby's. Soon, it got a bit heated between the two as they started to bite one another, thus causing even louder noises to erupt from them. Unable to leave them alone, a long, pale haired woman with a Lucario behind her appeared, crouching down to pull them apart. "Now, now. Stop fighting," she said, her voice smooth and calming. From within her backpack that she carried, she pulled out a small container that held Pokemon food, which she kept handy for her own Pokemon. After setting the container down and letting them eat from it, she said, "Happy? From now on, don't fight, kay?" A small smile spread across her face as she stood up, continuing on her walk with her Pokemon.

    Sayuri was wearing black shorts and a tucked-in white sleeveless shirt. Her black boots covered the majority of her knee-high white socks. This was considered very casual to her, which was perfect for going on a stroll with her red-eyed companion beside her. "Say, Lucario, isn't it a nice day today?" She asked him, in which he replied with a grunt. Lucario was slightly shorter than her, much in contrast to her Haxorus who was much taller. Her love for small Pokemon often led people to wonder why she had larger ones, but even she didn't know the answer to that.

    As she walked, Sayuri caught sight of a familiar face walking towards her. His black hair and blue eyes were unmistakable. It was Wyeth. He was of a higher rank than her in the Blades of Seloca, so she sort of admired him. Deciding to greet him, she managed to say, "Wyeth...sir. Er.. Hello!" She couldn't believe how lame she must have sounded, but at least she said something.
  3. "Ee," Kou said as she nuzzled Yosuke's cheek with her own, having just been fed a poffin. Yosuke had bought it just a few moments ago, for Kou. She didn't prefer any flavor over another, which made it easier to buy them for her, since berries of all types may not be available. Yosuke smiled a meek smile and ran his hand along Kou's back, petting her. "Ee," she said again, smiling, before licking Yosuke's nose. This made Yosuke smile a bit wider and hug Kou. "You're welcome, Kou," he said in his soft, light voice. It was almost a mumble.

    Yosuke was planning on training some today, since it was rather warm. Usually, it was frigid and snowing. He didn't even need a light jacket. In fact, a lot of people were in spring and summer clothing. An example would be a woman strolling alongside a Lucario almost her own size in a sleeveless shirt, shorts, and tall boots. He watched as she approached two Poochyena fighting over scraps of food, and resolved the conflict by feeding both of them actual Pokémon food. Yosuke admired the act of selfless kindness from her. Considering his childhood, he saw genuine kindness as almost a thing of fairy tales.

    He continued watching the woman as she went along, talking to her Lucario. He didn't even notice that he was staring at her. He couldn't stop himself. For some reason, the woman and her genuine heart captivated him. He then watched her as she approached a man on the street. The two were further away now, so it took him a few moments to see that the man was actually the same one as he'd seen walking around before. A member of the Blades of Seloca. Was the angel woman a member of the Blades, too?

    Kou took notice of Yosuke staring at the woman as she walked and encountered the Blade. Whether it was out of jealousy or wanting to play with her, or a scheme to get Yosuke to her, Kou leaped out of Yosuke's arms and made her way over to the woman. Yosuke got up and went after her, trying to get her back. But, before he could get to her, Kou was already standing on her hind paws in front of the lady, pawing at her leg, saying "Ee! Eevee!" Yosuke was frozen, standing feet behind her, watching Kou as she tried to get the woman's attention. His hands and knees shook with fear.
  4. [​IMG]
    "Ah, crap...Not again, Ferion!"
    A girl's wailing echoed through the street as the small crow settled on the dark-haired male's shoulder, its eyes glimmering just as much as the necklace between its beak. Seeing the police starting to get involved, Shou desperately tried to free the necklace from his Murkrow's hold. "Giv-give it back! Come on Ferion, this is not funny!" After much tugging, the dark bird seemed to have gotten enough, clapping his beak with displeasure as Shou hurried over to the little girl and her mother. "Hey, I'm really sorry--"

    "Keep that bird under control next time!" The woman glowered as she snatched the necklace from him, storming away with the still crying girl. Shou sighed as one of the police slowly approached him. "Yeah, yeah, I know...I'll keep a better eye on him. It won't ever happen again, Officer," Shou stated in a monotonous voice, all too familiar with this scenario. The officer gave him a long look. "...That better be the case, young man. Theft is not widely appreciated in these parts." As the officer had walked off, Shou stuffed his hands in his pockets and began to head in the opposite direction. "...These Selocan people have really short tempers, don't they?"


    "...I swear, one of these days, I'll get taken into custody because of you," Shou muttered as he passed by one of the many alleys, two Poochyena quietly munching on something in the background. At least the day was nice. Selocan winters sure were different from the humid, freezing kind he was used to in Unova. And speaking of winters, his Sneasel had been awfully restless lately. In fact, she had been eager enough to get herself knocked out from startling a group of Geodude. What a mess. Stepping into a Pokemon Center, Shou had eventually put down Ebony's Pokeball on the counter, watching as it was taken away by the Nurse. Hopefully, she'll be okay soon.

    Taking a seat on a sofa in the corner, a muted groan escaped from him as he sank down against the cushioning. After the incident with the police, he hadn't even noticed how exhausted he was. That's probably what happens after lurching through woods after woods and then a whole city. As Ferion had hopped down onto his lap to preen his feathers, Shou's attention shifted over to a blonde girl and her Servine. Seeing the smile on the serpent's face, it brought a warm feeling to his chest - nostalgic even. It reminded him of the days when he had traveled with his Purrloin. "You seem rather close with each other."
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  5. While Wyeth really didn't want to be bothered by work, he wished he caught sight of a familiar face. He had been roaming the city's streets for longer than he wanted to, having nothing to do. If only there was a pretty lady around... all he had seen were older women, not at all attractive, trudging to work or the grocery store. Having nothing to preoccupy himself with only made him anxious, and when he was anxious, he began to drink. That was one of the reasons why he got himself piss drunk. And no one liked it when he was drunk except for exceptionally rowdy women who thought he was good looking.

    A familiar voice rang through the air, making Wyeth perk up. He looked ahead to see a woman making her way toward him, a Lucario at her side. The man recognized her as one of the Blades' admins, Sayuri. Her awkward greeting make him smirk as he pulled his hands out of his pockets. "Hey, Sayuri," he greeted her along with a nod. He held himself a bit straighter now that she was around. "Nice weather 'round here, ain't it?"

    Sombra trotted up to Sayuri's Lucario, giving him her best canine smile. "Hello, Lucario. Nice to see you again." To a human's ears, she only gave the tall Pokemon a purr. Her eyes glimmered for a moment before she saw an Eevee approach Lucario's trainer, pawing at her leg. "Looks like we have some company. Who are you?" she turned to the Eevee, her eyes narrowing slightly.

    Wyeth was just as surprised as Sombra was. His blue eyes flicked up to Sayuri from looking at the Eevee, a confused expression on his face. It was then that he saw the light-haired man behind his fellow Blade. "Is this your Eevee?" he asked bluntly. He had to make an impression on outsiders, after all.

    Basilisk seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself, leaning into Suzume's hand as he continued to trill happily. This brought forth another light giggle from her lips, and she began to knead the tired Pokemon's sore muscles. She was careful not to apply too much pressure-- if she did, she might harm the Servine without meaning to. Basilisk's trilling died down to a reptilian purr as he relaxed under her hand, his eyes closing slowly. Once he fell asleep, she would be able to nab a few minutes of sleep as well. Or maybe she would pass out on the couch again... Frankly, she didn't care if she did or not. She was exhausted.

    A man walked into the Pokemon Center with a Murkrow on his shoulder and gave the nurse a Pokeball. Suzume watched him for a second before turning back to Basilisk, who was now fully awake. The Servine rolled onto his stomach, staring at the Murkrow on the male's lap. Her fingers massaged her Pokemon's back, her free palm covering up a yawn. She couldn't wait to get some sleep.

    All of a sudden, the new visitor addressed her. She opened her eyes to meet his own. "We are," Suzume replied, bringing an end to her Servine's massage session. Basilisk stretched before sitting up, his leaf-tipped tail swishing lightly. "Basilisk and I have known each other for many years. Isn't that right, Basilisk?" she turned toward the green Pokemon for confirmation.

    Basilisk gave Suzume the best smile he could muster. "Seeeervine!" he trilled, nodding his head.
  6. Sayuri let out a smile as he returned the greeting, answering his question with a simple, "Yes, it's beautiful. " She found herself quite happy to be able to talk to him somewhat casually outside of work. Upon closer inspection, he was quite handsome and the type many females would dream of having as a lover. At some point, even she was drawn into his charms. But now, she wasn't sure where she stood in terms of liking him or not.

    In response to his Umbreon, Lucario let out a low growl, which translated to, "Likewise." He remained stoic and emotionless, only paying the smaller Pokemon a glance. As another small Pokemon came, an Eevee, Lucario turned to Sayuri for any orders. Lucario had learned to always listen to his owner, thus making extremely obedient.

    Sayuri waved off the look Lucario gave her and bent down to Eevee, petting its head softly before lifting it up beneath its front legs. "Its so cute! Aw...Who's a little cutie? You are! Oh, you're just so cute!" she baby talked to the small creature. Her head turned to look at the man who Wyeth had questioned about ownership of the Eevee. Her smile from before widened at the sight of the man as she asked, "This is your Eevee, right? Its really so adorable!" She held the Pokemon close to her face, feeling its soft fur against her cheek. Sayuri knew it might be rude to do that to a Pokemon that wasn't hers, but sbe couldn't help herself. Subconsciously, her arms wrapped around Eevee and squeezed tightly.
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  7. Yosuke's shaking was undoubtedly visible as the woman turned to him and addressed him. "I'm Eevee! My human calls me Kou!," she said to the Umbreon. To everyone else, she was saying, "Eev! Vee!" Kou kept on pawing at the woman's leg, as well as jumping on her hind legs. She wanted desperately to be picked up by the woman. When Kou was picked up, she wagged her tail and licked the woman's nose. Yosuke tried to speak, and for a few moments, nothing coherent came out. He finally managed, "I, um, y-yeah...I...I-I'm so-sorry for this," which was still soft and meek. He must have looked so pathetic in that moment.

    Yosuke managed eye contact with the woman, and as soon as he did, he couldn't stop. His eyes were pasted to her, and they weren't budging. Yosuke's cheeks blushed brightly, frozen in place. Not as much fear as pure admiration. She was so beautiful to Yosuke. He couldn't fully see from a distance, but up close, she was beautiful. His mouth moved, but nothing came out. He was so pathetic, acting so stupid. Why? This has never happened before. And yet, he still didn't realize he was staring at the woman holding Kou.
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  8. Feeling prying eyes on him, Ferion's head perked up as the bird searched for the responsible. Spotting the Servine, the crow had stared back for a moment, his crimson eyes shifting around as if in search for something. Not seeing anything of interest, the disappointed Murkrow returned to the preening of his feathers.

    "Is that so?" Shou replied to the girl, a grin decorating his face from the Servine's enthusiastic response. "That explains it then. Ferion and I have only been together for a few months," he continued, the Murkrow pausing to look at him as soon as his name had been mentioned. After a short moment of silence, Shou threw an arm over the back of the sofa. "I should probably introduce myself; I am Shou Mikami. I suppose I am a bit of a traveler," Shou mused, a hand scratching under Ferion's beak. The dark bird made a gurgling sound, closing his eyes in pleasure.
  9. Well, this was a strange sight. The young man that had approached them couldn't stop quaking in his shoes, no matter how hard he tried. Wyeth didn't find it amusing at all, however. The dark-haired man crossed his arms, his eyes narrowing slightly. Yosuke wasn't speaking much, and when he did, it was difficult to understand him. Everything that came out of his mouth was complete gibberish. It seemed like the stranger was infatuated with Sayuri-- it only became more and more obvious every moment. There was a blush dusted across his cheeks, and he kept staring at her as if he were a starving Mightyena and she was a thick, juicy steak.

    "I'm sorry, but who are you?" Wyeth's voice was nothing close to being friendly. It wasn't because he was jealous, oh no. It was just because the kid was plain annoying to him. His jaw clenched and unclenched as he waited for a response from the stranger. Sombra pushed up against his leg, staring at Yosuke with curious eyes. The comfort that his Umbreon brought him made him calm down. She always did keep him in check. "I don't know about you, but I don't necessarily like strangers coming up to me and spouting nonsense."

    Sombra sniffed the air, her tail sticking out straight. Even though her trainer was tense, she didn't sense any hostility coming off of the stranger. The black, fox-like Pokemon sat on her haunches and licked a paw, making sure to stay by Wyeth's side.

    Basilisk blinked when the Murkrow stared at him, surprised that he noticed that he was being stared at. The Servine heaved a sigh, leaning over the edge of the couch and jumping off of it. He scampered over to the other sofa and looked up at the Murkrow, his tongue snaking out to taste the air. He didn't know why, but the bird Pokemon caught his attention. "Hey!" he chimed, the smile remaining on his lips. "What's up? M'name's Basilisk. Then again, I think you already know that, heh!" he paused for a moment. "I haven't seen a Pokemon like you before."

    Suzume was surprised when her Pokemon leapt off of the couch and made his way to the Murkrow. Then again, Basilisk was always the cheerful and talkative one-- he always had something to say, even if he knew she didn't understand him much. She watched him speak to Ferion, amused with his "chattering". Her attention was brought back to Shou when he spoke about his Murkrow, Ferion, and introduced himself. "Bonding with a Pokemon takes a while, but your friendship lasts a lifetime." she replied, remembering the time it took to get Basilisk to trust her.

    "My name is Suzume Hayata. I'm traveling around Seloca to try and become the Champion," she told him, a longing expression coming over her face. "But a lot of people want to become Champion, don't they? I guess I'll be happy being a Gym Leader if I have to, if it comes down to it. Nice to meet you, though."
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  10. "Vul~"A Vulpix pranced down the street, clearly happy about the warmer weather. Her trainer, Shay, followed not to far behind. Shay stood out a bit from most of the people making their way around town; while a lot of them took advantage of the nice day to wear shorts and bright colors, she was in long pants and boots.

    Shay had only been in West Angel City for a day. If even that. She arrived at some point the previous night and stayed at the Pokemon Center. This morning she wasn't really planning on doing anything but a supply run (As she liked to call it). When she had finished, the day was still young, so Shay had decided to let Blaze decide where they went next.

    Blaze turned right and crossed the street before giving a small bark over her shoulder towards her trainer. This was where she wanted to go. It looked like a small park. The entrance wasn't in sight at the moment, though. "Oh, good," Shay says, smiling, "Maybe Calix can have a chance to enjoy the sun." She felt kind of bad for the Absol. Being the 'Disaster' Pokemon, most people didn't take too kindly to seeing one just walking down the street. So he spent most of the time they were in cities in his Pokeball. "Yeah, definitely here. Let's find the entrance." Shay watched as Blaze continued her prancing down the sidewalk before she stuffed her hands in her pockets and followed.
  11. Simon Evetts - West Angel City, #8467D7
    Curses, grumbles and exclamations like "Watch it!" could be heard here and there as the tropius known as Tully wandered through the city, grunting in response to annoyed citizens he'd bumped into along the way or just ignoring them altogether. The fruit-bearing pokemon's trainer seemed to care even less about inconveniencing the other folks walking around, appearing to have actually fallen asleep. It wasn't until a portly woman in a sundress and pearls changed course to follow the leafy creature and nag her heart out that the pale-haired young man's sun-kissed nose scrunched up. "Would you give it a rest, lady?"

    "My partner needs more discipline and I should be more heedful of blah blah blah..", he said, yawning halfway through and moving his head just slightly to face the woman who had now moved in front of Tully and caused him to halt, "That's the gist, right? I've heard it all before and have taken it under advisement. Now, unless you want something shiny found, I'd appreciate it if you'd go about your business."

    "My, but you do have some nerve! If you were my boy-"

    "But I'm not", the tropius' trainer cut her off, sitting up a little but still slumping a bit, "And I have somewhere to be, so if you'd kindly step aside.."

    "Oh no you don't, mister! You and your beast aren't going anywhere until you learn some common courtesy!"

    Said beast and his human groaned in unison. "I apologise, ma'am, but as I said I have somewhere to..", he paused mid-sentence and shook his head, "We don't have time for this. Tully?" Without need to issue an actual command, the blonde's companion lowered his head and attempted to push the woman out of the way. When the attempt yielded no results, he instead bumped past her carelessly. She followed a while longer, but gave up upon realizing they weren't going to stop a second time.

    "Well, that was tiresome", the overdressed trainer said as he adjusted his scarf to cover more of his neck in retalliation against a light breeze, then heaved a sigh of relief as a series of identical, non-descript apartment buildings came into sight. The Western portion of Angel City was nice enough, he supposed, but it was much too crowded for his liking. He and his tropius enjoyed traveling out in the open and conducting business in smaller towns far more than in these big cities. At least he could find pretty nice accomodations here, he thought. Next time he'd have to meet his contact at the hotel he'd be staying in.. Or a nice spa.

    Soon enough the tropius had stopped in front of the third in that row of apartments, his rider sliding down onto the ground. As soon as the young man was on his feet, he stretched out fully before walking up to the door and presing in a buzzer with his thumb. He raised a brow when the noise it made was answered with what sounded like something thrashing about. "Mister Kagari!", he yelled in hopes that the man would hear it above.. Whatever was creating the ruckus just inside, "It's Simon! Simon Evetts! I'm here about the item you requested!"

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  12. Dr. Kagari - West Angel City, gold
    Simon didn't receive a response immediately, the ruckus inside only growing louder. "Just a second!" Came a hurried reply, the voice sounding rather distressed. "STAY BACK, YOU HORRID DEMON!" The last exclamation was followed by what sounded like one heavy object being slammed into another, accompanied by the distorted hissing of who only knows what. "WHY DID I TRY TO PLAY GOD?!"

    Fiddling with an unnecessary amount of locks on the door, the homeowner finally threw open the door in a panic and shut it just as quickly, barricading it with his body as it was repeatedly slammed into from the other side, crying out hysterically each time the door was rammed. Whatever it was gave up after a moment, the doctor letting out a sigh of relief.

    It was worth noting that the scientist was wearing very little, aside from his glasses, lab coat and goggles, heart print boxers, and a pair of pink slippers. Under his arm, he clutched a very shaken looking Ditto, its indistinct glob of a body jiggling with terror. Catching his breath, Kagari recollected himself, just now remembering he had a visitor.

    "Uh," he blinked, looking over to Simon. Without taking the time to think of a proper explanation, he just blurted, "...Women, am I right?" The uncomfortable chuckle that came after soon turned into a sigh. As if in response, the Ditto in his grasp practically melted out from under his arm, plopping onto the sidewalk with a soft patter. It looked a tad weary, either from the commotion before or just the sheer badness doctor's weak excuse, it was unclear.

    "...Oh!" Something seemed to click in that odd brain of his, a grin suddenly spreading across his lips as he recognized the treasure hunter. Immediately, he seemed to forget the near fatal situation he appeared to have been in, striding over to Simon and wringing his hands with glee, lacking any shame for his underclothed state. "You found it, did you? The Vo-" He paused mid-sentence, glancing around for potential eavesdroppers. "The, uh... special material?"
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  13. While it was a beautiful day, Rowan was at the research offices, she couldn't stand to be enjoying herself when there was work to do. It had always been like that, much to the chargrin of her professor. She was currently working on synthesizing Pokemon food five times more nutritious, so far she had been successful but her Snivy wouldn't touch it and her Growlithe cried eveytime he took a bite. "I don't understand it in the slightest, the structure is perfect, I have done everything right and I have checked a thousand times, nothing is wrong."

    "Its pretty obvious, you know this is a futile pursuit. Numerous studies show that Pokémon prefer naturally made Poke food rather than whatever you're making." Her professor was standing in the door way.

    "Good morn-afternoon sir, I just thought maybe there was something that we were missing, no chemicals just extracts and plants and berries."

    "Then it probably tastes like a Koffing's behind." He smiled at her and gingerly nibbled on a piece of her new Poke food. Immediately he spit it out and began coughing, "No, I stand corrected it's much worse." The professor shook his head, "That's just sloppy work and you know it, I don't believe for a second you couldn't figure out why your Pokémon hated it. You're throwing yourself at random problems and its making you blunt. You need a break." There was a slight frown on his face, "After all you're one of the only ones here on a day like this."

    "I believe that would not be the case if I was to do the field work I signed up for, qualified for, and prepared for. This city has been my home since my acceptance and while I have been a part of many great accomplishments it is time for me to look out side rather than within, you know as well as I that it has only been recently that we have explored the North mountains or searched the southern seas. The amount of opportunities out there are endless!" Rowan's eyes had glazed over and she seemed more like she was day dreaming than talking to a respected professor. She snapped out of it but her professor had already caught her.

    "Rowan, there's no argument, you are one of the brighter people who have come to work for this institute but you are also the most idiotic, you want to travel the world but you forget, or maybe ignore, the dangers out there. You're too smart to waste on a wild Pokémon attack or some other incident, god forbid you get caught by those ruffians in the mountain. I won't discuss this with you anymore, you know my terms." With a small shake of his head her left the lab. Rowan was about to go back to her work when the power in her lab went off, courtesy of one nosy boss. If she stayed around all the temperature sensitive samples she had would be ruined, she had no choice but to leave.

    "Come on Sylvester, Gawain. Would you like to ride in my jacket again?" She grinned at the Growlithe who was wagging his tail and jumping around. Sylvester had always preferred the Pokeball to riding around with her. She left the lab, hoping her professor would remember to turn the power back on. Dressed in her street clothes she stepped out into the light to 'enjoy the day.' Gawain popped his head out of her hoodie to look around, it had always been a bit cold for him in the Angel Cities. She caught him merely by chance on a trip with her parents to Ember City, it was more likely that the Growlithe had allowed her to catch him. Now that she was out, she was rather unsure of what to do with herself, it had been a long time since she had time off. She thought briefly of trying to find someone crazy enough to accompany her to the north mountains but no matter how hard she tried, no one would take the offer. This was her time off and she was going to clear her head and enjoy the day.

    That resolve lasted for less than five minuets, she found she had made her way back to the research facility. Gawain whined softly, Rowan often though he worried for her, "I know! Shall we go to the park? I know how much you love to play fetch." She smiled and Gawain seemed happy with the idea so she changed her course and headed to the park.
  14. Simon Evetts - West Angel City, #8467D7
    As the noises from inside the apartment grew louder, the pair waiting outside glanced at eachother, then took a few precautionary steps backward. If something besides the doctor were to come out of there, they didn't want to be within grabbing range. Soon though, Kagari did join them outside and put them at ease.. Sort of.

    The scientist's poor excuse elicited an amused smirk from Simon, who had leaned over against his tropius once whatever was on the other side of the door had stopped trying to get out. Tully lowered his hindquarters to the ground, careful not to throw his trainer's balance, then craned his neck down toward the pink blob who'd slipped from under Roy's arm and greeted it with a low, nonthreatening growl. He wasn't generally a very social creature, but he felt a sort of kinship with Gloopy due to their similar trainer-related struggles. Sure, both of their humans were vastly different, but they were both often a pain in the neck.. Or whatever Dittos had.

    "Settle down, doctor. I do indeed have your.. special material", he replied, producing a pouch from an inner coat pocket. Simon juggled the pouch in one hand briefly, then tossed it toward the eccentric scientist. "I trust you have the sum we agreed upon?"

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  15. Opening his eyes, Ferion once again found himself staring at the serpentine Pokemon, the other much closer to him now. The Murkrow cocked his head at Basilisk's friendliness. It was unfathomable to him, but he guessed that a reply would be better than nothing. "Basilisk?" The bird Pokemon repeated."I heard them call you that. The name's Ferion. You won't find a better bird than me in the whole region." Ferion's chest puffed out a little at the statement. "Sparkly silver or shimmery gold, I'll snatch it all! I won't ever let anyone have a bigger hoard than me, so be sure to remember that!" The Murkrow's wings spread out dramatically, as if to emphasize the last sentence. To a human, his speech would have been an odd mixture of cawing sounds.

    Watching the two Pokemon chatting with each other was oddly entertaining. As Suzume spoke, Shou's attention shifted back to her. "That is very true. I take it that I should be more patient, then?" he smirked coyly, soon resting his chin on a hand. "Suzume Hayata...I'll be sure to remember that. And a Champion? That's not bad, not bad at all. One would have to be truly dedicated to reach that goal," Shou responded, his voice carrying a certain tone of importance to it. "I myself would be perfectly content with being a Gym Leader, so I suppose that would make us alike in that area. Ferion and Ebony are both very talented. I have no doubts of their potential."


    Hearing the sound, Shou had looked towards the counter, seeing a Chansey patiently wait with a Pokeball between its round hands. Looking back to Suzume, the male flashed a smile to her. "Ah, if you would excuse me." With Ferion put down on a seat, Shou stood up and made his way over to the counter. Thanking the nurse, he took the Pokeball and returned to the sofa, sitting down with a small sigh. "Let's see now..." With the click of a button, a red line beamed to the floor until it formed a bipedal feline. "Ebony...how are you feeling? I'm sorry that I couldn't prevent those Geodude from hurting you," he apologized, an unmistakable concern replacing the former pride in his voice.

    Looking over to him, the Sneasel's eyes had almost instantly narrowed into a frown. Crossing her thin arms, she cast her head to the side, away from him. "Snea!"

    Leaning back against the cushioning, Shou rubbed the back of his head. "Alright, I get it - you're mad. I'll let you cool off a little, though you'll have to accept my apology sometime."
  16. "Don't be sorry, it's fine. I'm glad I got to see such a cute Pokemon," Sayuri said, her smile widening as Eevee licked her. He did seem a bit nervous, and she could only wonder why. Maybe it was because of Wyeth? If so, it'd make sense. He looked intimidating and even the way he spoke had a way of making people scared. But fortunately, she didn't mind either. She also didn't seem to mind his constant staring. Well, she definitely noticed, but simple thought nothing of it. She even remained oblivious to his flushed cheeks.

    Before she could say anything more, perhaps ask his name or something, Wyeth went ahead and did so himself. She knew that he could be difficult at times, but he really was a good person. However, he was a bit harsh towards a stranger who meant no harm. But then again, he was ranked higher than her and she hesitated to say any thing. "Uh.. I'm Sayuri Tokage. It's a pleasure to meet you," she said to the other man, setting his Eevee down. Hopefully, the man wouldn't take Wyeth's words to heart.

    Lucario stared at the man, wondering if he was good or bad, he did seem harmless enough. If anything, Lucario's state of mind was about the same as Wyeth's; he found the new man annoying, but he couldn't voice any opinions if Sayuri liked talking to him. Lucario stood beside her, his stare unchanging.
  17. A little ways down they found the gate that served as the park's entrance. Blaze stopped and turned around to wait for Shay to catch up, even though she wasn't actually that far behind. Together, the trainer and pokemon strolled into the park and roamed around for a bit before stopping under a tree.

    "Alright, let's let Calix out," Shay said, kneeling down beside her Vulpix. She took the Pokeball off of her belt and opened it, letting the Absol out. "Hey, bud." She said, rubbing his head. Calix gave a low, brief growl in greeting. Blaze ran up to Calix and gently headbutted his front left leg and hopped around.

    Shay smiled a little as she watched the two. Blaze always seemed to be much more energetic than Calix, but that never stopped the Vulpix from trying to get the Absol to run with her. Most of the time he would give in. Shay stood back up and started walking along the path. "Come along, you two," She said, looking back over her shoulder at the Pokemon. Blaze quickly trotted forward while Calix took his time catching up; he certainly seemed to be enjoyed the weather. Then the three began to walk down the path, with Calix leading, Blaze running out front at times bit for the most part bouncing around the Absol, and Shay following, off in her own world.
  18. Dr. Kagari = West Angel City, gold
    The pouch landed perfectly in his hands, the gleeful scientist practically bouncing with excitement. Scooping up his Ditto, he put his face close to its, grinning like a lunatic. "He found it, Gloopy! Can you believe it?!" Gloopy seemed a little less enthusiastic, though it at least managed to smile somewhat. As worn as it was, it at least seemed happy for its owner.

    "Oh, yes, of course! I have your mo-" As his hands went to dig around in the back pocket of his pants, he realized he wasn't actually wearing said pants. "Hmm..." The scientist scratched his chin, glancing back at his front door, then looking to Gloopy, who seemed to realize what he was considering.

    "Ditto..." it muttered, as if to say Don't even think about it, you crazy bastard. Roy rolled his eyes, exhaling a reluctant sigh. After stashing the precious material in his coat pocket, He set Gloopy up on his shoulder and patted the part of its amorphous shape that could be considered its head, its adhesive body sticking to his coat like chewing gum. His attention quickly snapped back to Simon.

    "Uh, so, little problem," He jabbed a thumb at the doorway behind him. "The uh... wife is still loose- I mean, she's still angry in there. It might be a while before her power source depletes- er... that is, until her temper cools down? Yes, yes that's it." The doctor nodded calmly at his own masterful deception, while Gloopy retracted its shape just a tad with an unbelieving scoff.

    "Worry not though, I can still pay you. I have some money in the safe at my other lab! I mean... my only lab. Ha-ha!" The laugh was about as insincere as it could get. Without a second thought, the almost nude doctor started his way down the sidewalk, motioning for Simon to follow. He cast an intrigued glance at Tully as he walked by, having apparently just NOW noticed the rather large Pokemon with its delicious looking banana beard.

    "Hey, that reminds me. We should get some breakfast on the way. Oh! And pants!"
  19. Yosuke was able to pull his gaze from the woman when the man behind her spoke to him. It was then that he'd realized how much of an idiot he looked like. This man was intimidating to Yosuke, reminding him of his abusive father, almost. The annoyance and pity in his gaze. His voice somehow commanded domination. He tried his best to not break down in fear and stress in the presence of the man whom reminded Yosuke so much of his father. "I-um, m-my name's Y-Yosuke, sir..," he said, adding the sir by instinct from memories of his dad.

    After Sayuri introduced herself and let Kou down, she ran directly to Yosuke. She knew that he was close to another breakdown. Kou would always comfort him at this point. Yosuke found comfort in the small Pokémon. Kou would paw at Yosuke's leg, saying, "Ee..," until Yosuke picked her up and held her close, almost burying the lower half of his face in her fur. Almost. He was still able to speak without it being muffled. "It's n-n-n-nice to m-meet you, too...," he said to Sayuri.

    Yosuke's gaze had drifted back to Sayuri, somehow. He, for some reason, found comfort in Sayuri. It helped with the nervousness a little bit, intimidated as he was about the man behind her. Kou could sense the infatuation from a mile away. Satisfied, she nuzzled her cheek against Yosuke's, saying, "Vee." Yosuke let her do so, his cheeks' red tint becoming deeper the more he looked at, and even admired, Sayuri.
  20. Basilisk was obviously enjoying the chat that he was having with Ferion. Even though the bird was rather full of himself, he was pretty fun to speak to. Ferion surely wasn't like any other bird in the region, much like he stated himself. The Grass Snake Pokemon was a little bit intimidated, however, especially when Ferion spread his wings to emphasize his last statement. He continued to grin up at the dark bird Pokemon, swishing his tail lightly. "I wouldn't dream of having a bigger hoard than you, Ferion!" he chimed again. "I don't even think that competing with you is even possible!"

    Suzume listened to what Shou said with a curious expression on her face. So he was on the path to being a Gym Leader, then? It seemed like he was interested in becoming a Dark-Type Gym Leader; that was good, there weren't many of those throughout the regions. Water-Type Gym Leaders or Rock-Type ones were probably the most common. "I can tell that Ferion is the type of Pokemon that can handle himself," she said, looking over the Murkrow for a few moments. "And you seem to be the type of person who would be an amazing Gym Leader." Suzume murmured, plopping her elbow on her knee and resting her chin in her palm. "We need more Dark-Type Gyms in the world. Those types of Pokemon have always intrigued me."

    The blonde blinked when she heard a soft ring. Shou got up from his seat and made his way over to the Chansey, who was holding a Pokeball in its pudgy hands. Basilisk ran back to her, leaping into her arms and curling up in her lap. She giggled, rubbing his head once again. She should probably find someplace to stay... sleeping on the cold ground for weeks as she saved up enough money so she could rent a room put enough wear on the body already.

    Suzume raised her gaze when she heard Shou speaking to someone. A Sneasel was standing before him, appearing to be pretty miffed with her trainer. Her smile morphed into a smirk of amusement. "That's a cute Sneasel," she told him. "She sure has an attitude though. I never liked boring Pokemon who simply carry out commands, anyway."

    Sayuri appeared to like Yosuke more than he did. Wyeth found it strange that her Lucario took the same stance that he had taken; they were both standing their ground in the face of the strange young man that had approached them. When the pale-haired man introduced himself (after stammering as if he were an idiot, of course), he raised an inquisitive eyebrow. "Yosuke, eh?" he repeated. Sombra let out a low 'breh" again, looking up at her master for any sign of a command. He chuckled, stepping closer to Yosuke and crossing his arms.

    "Listen, Yosuke. The world isn't for a blubbering idiot like you," Wyeth told him bluntly. "I wonder how you got by with just an Eevee. It's surprising that you haven't gotten mugged out there, yet."

    Wyeth made sure that Yosuke understood what he was saying. This wasn't a kid's cartoon filled with colorful characters, brandishing shy smiles and soulful eyes. And Yosuke was one of those characters. He sighed, slumping slightly as he looked at him with pity. "Listen, kid," he drawled lazily, becoming less and less interested in the young man now that he found out that he wasn't a threat at all. "Maybe you should travel with someone instead of doing so on your lonesome. There are muggers out there, especially in the mountains. And that Eevee isn't going to do much to protect you when they come after you with Hariyama and Mienfoo."

    Sombra sighed, padding up to Yosuke's side and peering up at Kou. "Wyeth's right, young one," she told him. "There's only so much a Pokemon like you can do."
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