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    The event known as the Titanomachy. King Cronus and the Titans lost, and the Olympians ruled. They were the victors, so they were marked as heroes of history, when in reality, they toyed, they played, with humans. Mankind were but mere puppets to them.

    Gaia's rage swelled within the very core of the planet as she birthed a new god. He was part Titan, part monster, pure vengeance. His name was Typhon, the god of destruction. The purpose of his birth was to destroy the Olympians.


    Typhon's massive size was no match for Zeus' exaggerated capabilities. Hundreds of hits hit the mark, only to release a giant spark. This sealed Typhon underneath a great mountain.

    Mellenia later, he was reborn. However, an avian foe, unrecorded in Greco-Roman legends, sliced Typhon's weakened, freshly-awoken body into pieces and scattered them across the world.


    As children of Typhon, it is our duty to eliminate the threat, gather his pieces and revive him.

    "Yeah yeah, I know sis. But don't you think there's a missing piece of the puzzle?"

    "Yes, yes I do think. Once we figure it out, the two of us can get father together again."

    "Two of us?"

    "You're the younger one, but you've got a bright brain. I'll treat you to a good lunch tomorrow, then we can get the others somehow."

    "Yeah, this thing is going to last really long, and you have school, how will you deal with that?"

    "We're gods. We can do a lot."

    "Maybe I really am the smarter one here."

    "Just go to bed, little rascal. I'll figure something out."

    The usual rules - no godmodding, powerplaying, etc.

    Maximum three characters per person, for now

    I will control most, if not all NPCs.

    Typhon's children do not have children.

    Have fun.

    Break rule, one strike. Three strikes, out.

    If you have read the rules, type 'Hail Hydra' in the 'Others' section of your app. There isn't one so make your own at the end.

    (Insert Anime-esque Image Here)



    Age Rank: These guys are eons old so I'll just do this. Ladon is predecided as the second youngest. 1 for the oldest, 2nd for the second sibling, and so on.

    Appearance: The above picture isn't 100% what you wanted. What is their physical age? Also, include height in METRES and CENTIMETRES.

    Capabilities: What supernatural abilities does your character have?


    Equipment: Well?

    True form Appearance: Put some pics, description, etc.

    True form Capabilities: What can you do in your true, monstrous form?


    History: Try to have some mythology parallels, like the Hydra vs Heracles and stuff. Include where they were found, how they got to where they were found, and such.​

    In this Roleplay, we will play the various children of Typhon. Before asking, Typhonian Harpies will be NPC mook troops that will occasionally appear, so no, no playing Harpies.

    If you have a suggestion, go ahead and suggest it. I am considering allies, but will only consider implementing them after a good deal of Monster roles are filled. Allies include regular humans who may or may not be useless, or even deities who have allied with the Titans.

    Hydra and Chimera's house/headquarters/dostuffdome is in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan. There's enough room for all the siblings. If you want to ask why nipland, just go with it. We'll be globetrotting anyways.

    We don't know the actual age ranking so yeah let's just make it up

    These kids were guardian beasts, tamed beasts, but now they stand together as family...

    1. Lernaean Hydra - played by Crow

    2. Orthros - played by Raven

    3. Colchian Dragon - played by Raven

    7. Namaean Lion - played by White == Chocolate

    11. Chimera - played by Crow

    Through affiliations, Hydra got a someone to trick Hades into letting Cerberus free. Hades is very angry but cannot move away from his post because Cerberus is no longer there to stand guard.

    (Greek) Sphinx

    Caucasian Eagle

    The scrap remains of this technoorganic being were found by Chimera and brought together again. How these got through customs is a story for another day. This fusion of flesh and blood from the bloodline of monsters and the craftsmanship of Haphaestus, the world's first cyborg is frightening indeed.


    Crommyonian Sow

    Trojan Dragons
  2. [​IMG]
    "Be on your best behaviour, or else..."

    Lernaean Hydra


    Age Rank:

    Hydra appears as a 1.65 centimetre tall teenage lass. Her chaos black hair and her sky blue eyes contrast with each other in sheer beauty. One should not be fooled by this slender maiden, for she hides some secrets...

    One of her bites can intoxicate an individual, causing one to be temporarily paralysed. This doesn't affect fellow Typhon spawn, but it certainly affects other deities too.
    As a sea serpent, unlimited underwater capabilities are obligatory.

    Swimming is a very obvious trait.
    She knows how to fight. Her fighting style is odd and animal-like.
    She has a good deal of knowledge in Greco-Roman myth and legend, and has less knowledge about other myths.


    True form Appearance:
    The Lernaean Hydra. This sea serpent is one of the most threatening beasts to roam. Each of her necks are four metres long, and her body length is 6 metres. Her four strong, reptillian legs possess vast strength and sharp claws, and her tail slugs at intimidating forces. Her hue is primarily purplish black, her her eyes a pure blue. When she assumes this form, she starts off with a single head.

    True form Capabilities:
    Each of her sets of teeth ooze with poison that could potentially kill if not treated within time. She has various kinds of poison - mainly hallucinogens, paralysis and damage. Her very breath and scent holds such poisons and can cause harm or even cause hallucinations.
    With each head you cut down, two more grow back. The regeneration process halts when you burn the area of regeneration. If all her heads are gone, she will die in a sheer combustion.

    Hydra is a caring big sister, always looking out for all her siblings, even if they don't appreciate her. She's a good girl, per say, and prefers to be disciplined rather than rowdy. She may look calm and composed, but she is easy to anger, just that she hides it rather well. Despite this, her mouth is able to emit words of encouragement and reward. Hydra's attitude is what makes sayings such as 'let's order pizza' worth it.

    Deep inside, she seeks vengeance against the Olympians for various things.

    Hydra was the first child of the great Typhon and his mate, Echidna. Ever since young, Typhon had told her stories about the monstrous Titanomachy, the age of the Titans and the tyranny of the Olympians, leading her to have a wavy mindset about the dangers of the world, which were later justified when she was captured by the wicked Hera for her entertainment.

    The first known records of the Lernaean Hydra was that she was but a slave, a pet of Hera, enclosed and trained for many years for the purpose of destroying Heracles, being only one of his twelve labours as recorded in the Dokeathlon. Heracles knew how to defend against the Hydra's ways, and had soon slain her. With this death, Hera painted a picture of the Hydra in the sky to remind herself of the meddling Heracles.

    Being immortal, her death was not permanent, and she soon found herself in the form of a young girl. An anmesiac young girl. Being immortal, she befriended many a human as they began to fade away.

    One day, she finds a young woman that for some reason, aged at the same rate that she did - which was not at all. When they accidentally bump their heads into each other, they regain their lost memories and ultimately remember each other as sisters - Hydra and Chimera.

    As they start to recall events, and researching on them, they soon find out that the Olympians have imprisoned their father. He was implied to have despised them, and they despised him back. The sisters decide to put their heads together, and after centuries pass, they decide to move to Asian lands where it will be unlikely that the Olympians can find them, so that they can bring their father back.

    They successfully do so on a trip to Greece, but an unidentified foe slays him and scatters his pieces throughout the world... He didn't look familiar at all, which was what puzzled them...

    Hail Hydra!
    But yeah, she likes Gyros.
    She attends a local school, simply under the guise of the foreign student 'Hydra'. Real creative.​
  3. [​IMG]
    "I'm sorry, but are you even suppose to be here? Better answer my riddle if you want to stay..."

    Elora Xi-Sphin

    Age Rank:

    Current Location:
    London, United Kingdom
    Residing in the British Library where over 170 million books rest.

    Elora, in mortal form, stands tall at 170.1 centimeters and is just shy of bone thin. Long ebony hair, flows past her hips and down to her knees like a dark, earthen river. Golden hazel eyes accompanies the hidden mystery within. A gaze that is like a puzzle, unsolvable and intriguing. When it comes to clothing, Elora frequently wear, unusual business dresses that may seem rather "unprofessional". Though she is never without a tie and her white lab coat that signifies absolutely nothing. She just enjoys the style. It is often seen that Elora wears unique Emerald Earrings that have not been matched by any other jewel maker.

    Though the Sphinx is well known for its Encyclopedic knowledge; she is more than a walking library. Elora has the gift of Solar Empowerment where most of her strength and natural skills come from the sun. Thanks to this Empowerment, she is not effected by any sort of solar radiation. However, during the night her power is reduced by nearly half and is rather dormant.

    - Flight/Flight Manifestation
    - Predatorial Instincts
    - Enhanced Agility/Flexibility


    True Form:
    While the traditional Greek Sphinx is a winged feline, with a serpent like tail and a female's head; Elora is uniquely fitted with a mysterious mask. The mask is a dull silver the shimmers upon certain angles of the sun. However, when placed under any other sort of light, it does not mimic any sort of shine. Decorated by Emerald jewels, it does not hold to any defined gender. The mask's purpose is unknown and none have dared to ask.
    Elora's feline body and wings are of a copper color and are tipped with unnatural hues of black. The serpent like tail follows the same base color however does not carry it's fur texture but rather a rough, scaly one. The Sphinx is large in size towering over man, and carried a muscular build signifying it's primal strength. No feline in history was to be taken lightly, neither should the Sphinx.

    True Form Capabilities:
    The Sphinx has naturally Enhanced Wisdom and Conditions due to its Physiology. Elora excels in blending in with her environment and naturally is capable of seeing in the dark. However, she has no special capabilities. The natural enhanced conditions make her terrifying enough to mortal man if not her size.

    Since Elora's wisdom exceeds over most if not all, she often acts as if none could possibly be better than herself. She is also territorial and do not welcome guests into 'her' library, generally acting out in verbal hostility. Her outer personality Is not something that should be taken heavily, as deep down she is calm and noble, patient and rewarding. Elora never expresses an excessive amount of emotion as most is held inside.

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  4. [​IMG]
    "Easier done than said, if you're me."



    Age Rank:

    Chimera is 1.37 metres tall and is very petite in size, much like a child. Her, short, messy hair appears to form what looks like cat ears. She tends to don a cat-ear hoodie, preferably white and usually with the hood unveiled, and her bottoms are adorned with black short shorts. She also wears white stockings and a pair of black school shoes.

    She is naturally fireproof, being a beast of flames.
    The tail that protrudes from her spine can launch small embers. It can function as a light source and is prehensile, much like a monkey's tail. She can see through the eyes of this tail.

    Chimera has a good deal of technological knowledge, computers, weapons, all that. This stems from prior experience. You could say that such technological knowledge could one day rival that of Haphaestus and Daedalus. Maybe it already is there.
    She is a tricky one, one would say, as she can analyse opponents in order conjure strategies. She's the brains in the sisterly duo of Hydra and Chimera.

    The Chimera, being an expert of the crafts, has a good deal of advanced technology and armory. Her main weapon is the Chimera Armour, a portable device that transforms into full armour that fits her true form, donned with claws on the limbs.
    Chimera has tricks up her sleeves as she enjoys making low-powered bombs in her free time. They're mostly for distraction, but pack quite a punch. Pretty redundant for a fire-breathing beast, or so you think.
    She possesses many other items, but she can't carry all of them at once, obviously.

    True form Appearance:
    The Chimera is a great multi-headed monster that appears to be an unholy amalgamation of beasts. On the front, the heads of a lion and a goat align, side by side. Its forelegs are that of a felid beast, and its hind legs are the hooves are herbivorous ungulates. Its tail is a third head - a fanged, venomous serpent.
    This ferocious fiend is four times the size of its template - a lion.

    True form Capabilities:
    In addition to the she-beast's sealed form abilities, the Chimera can unleash flames from all three heads present. Each of Chimera's heads possess independence, but think in synch. The lion controls the frontal body while the goat controls the hind, the snake has authority over the tail.
    The felid claws and lion's head can slice many a foe, much like a predator. The goat's horns can ram great warriors to the ground like nothing. The hooves have a very powerful kicking force. The serpentine tail is fanged and possesses venom much like Hydra's. This would be no problem to deal with eons ago, but now, Chimera's trickery and intellect have been raised to great levels.
    Chimera can essentially view her environment in a 360 degree manner via vision-sharing of her three heads.

    Chimera can be described as rather child-like in terms of appearance and nature. She loves to drag on and brag on, and can never pass a day without boasting about how she's always right. Hydra describes her as 'annoying but good at heart'. Chimera refuses to do one thing - let anyone down. She cherishes Hydra and will do everything it takes to live up to her sister's expectations.

    The last child of Typhon and Ekhidna, Chimera had always been told tales of the treacherous Olympians.

    The first recorded battle of Chimera was the battle with Bellerophon as he rode on Pegasus. Ultimately, Chimera was slain.

    When Chimera woke up, she lost her memory and found herself in a young woman's bare body as a man stood beside her bed. This man was called Daedalus, named after his ancestor, the master craftsman. The mortal raised Chimera and taught her the art of the hammer and the craft, in which she took interest in it.

    At some point in her life, Chimera (literally) bumped into someone whom she would soon realise is her sister Hydra, and thus regain her memory from the impact. She then decided to tell Daedalus about it, and he was a little shocked, but then he said that he was pleased to have raised her. With that, she parted ways with the blacksmith and followed her sister.

    Eventually, the two found their way to the Eastern lands, where they would station themselves in order to hide from the Olympians...​
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  5. We're burning out.
  6. It's okay, it happens. You can always save this idea for another day when mythology becomes more popular again.
  7. I'm kinda still persisting though, getting people in. 2 others have expressed interest in the IC, one has ambiguous confirmation.

    Greek Mythology is actually a popular thing around here, just not on the side of mook monsters and more on the side of Percy Jackson stuff.
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    Aland Cadmus, the Solar Dragon

    Age Rank:

    Aland has that strong and stern aura, one that makes people think twice before coming near him. Being 178 cm tall with a good body build, he is considered to be "dangerously hot" around human women, along with the coldness he constantly spread. He has a huge scar that stretches from his left shoulder to his right hips, also another one on the bottom of his left eye that's shaped as a cross.

    On his human form, his ability is limited to fire manipulation only.

    A master of hand-to-hand combat and has good agility. Likes cooking also.


    True form Appearance:

    True form Capabilities:
    On his true form, he has flight capability, fire immunity, fire manipulation and fire manifestation.

    Not much can be said about Aland except for his bright yet distant smile that represents him in general. Despite the unfriendly aura he has, the truth is he's not such a cold person. Instead, he can be warm and welcoming when it comes to new acquaintances and friends. He likes to joke and when needed, he can be goofy and funny. But on the other side, he's a very closed person and will not easily give his trust to someone. He stays alerted everytime and only on a certain someone he can let his guard down.

    When the Titans got defeated and imprisoned, the Solar Dragon escaped from Helios' chariot and wandered alone on the mortal's world. When he heard about how other creatures were going to release Typhon from its' imprisonment, he immediately joined in order to help his master, Helios, to break free from the prison the Olympians had made for him and the other Titans.​
  9. @Hillsaint

    A few problemos.

    1. I have not heard of any form of Solar Dragon being spawned from Typhon in any myth. Is there mythological evidence for this? I find zero sources, but if you can provide me a few decent ones, especially those that include evidence of relation to Typhon, I will consider.
    2. Even if the first point was applied, you have to inform me if you wish to include new characters not present on the list.
    3. 1 is taken for 'Age Rank'.
    4. Elaboration of some parts of your app is desired.

    I have to reject your character.
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  10. Solar Dragon: When not driven by horses, the chariot of the Helios, the sun god, is described as being pulled by fiery draconic beings. The most notable instance of this is observed in the episode in which Medea is given her grandfather's chariot, which is pulled by serpents through the sky.

    However they are not strongly in the Greek Myth but are mentioned. Also I'm not sure if it's from Typhon.
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  14. A minimum of three roleplayers, and a minimum of four to five characters. I currently wait for @Shabriri to complete her only application, and I still have yet to complete Chimera.
  15. I think it would help if you made another interest check (that is if you made one at all). Its been awhile since this roleplay was made.
  16. I am continuously bumping the Interest Check. Plus, another IC would be moved to the deserted Group Advertising.

    Do you have any comrades willing to join this Roleplay?
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