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    The father of monsters will rise once again
    The corpses of those who oppose will be lain

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    OoC thread

    The sun signalled the morning.

    "Chimera. Chimera. It's morning," Hydra greets her little sister Chimera. The two shared a bedroom and bed that they rose from and left, headed for the bathroom while still clad in pyjamas.

    "It's Saturday, do we have to wake up that late?" Chimera's vision was still pretty hazy, based on her drowsy voice.

    "Yes, yes we do," Hydra said. "By the way, I had to quit school and I think I'll have to repeat a grade next year."

    "A year is nothing to us," Chimera comments.

    "Depends on the situation, which was why I quit school," Hydra comments. "Wonder where the others are. Think we should eat out for breakfast or should we cook it?"

    "Let's eat out today~," Chimera responds.

    "Ah, you're so predictable my little sister," Hydra smiles, "after breakfast we'll brief the others about the information we got. It's... in this country. Evidence of a piece in this country... in East Asia even. That bird person really outdid himself. Speaking of which, who is that bird person even?"

    "Beats me. He looked a little Egyptian though. Does this mean..."

    "Let's not overthink this. Let's wake the others up."

    Chimera starts to knock on the respective doors. "Big brothers, big sis, it's time to wake up. Colchy? Orthy? Leo? We're going to head out for breakfast soon."​
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  2. Leo had been up for a while, his thoughts restless, and thus keeping him awake for the majority of the night. It wasn't anything new though, and in fact he had only been even more restless ever since he met back up with the rest of his siblings. It was hard, he had to admit, to remember that he no longer worked for anyone, no longer had a system in which he had to follow, to report back to. It was overwhelming, and even with the change in scenery, Leo just can't imagine himself truly enjoying himself anytime soon. Not to mention that whatever had brought the siblings back like this, so magically, so abruptly, surely couldn't bode well - for anyone. While Leo may have been freed at last from the watchful eyes of humans, it seemed that the power players above still managed to keep him on a tight leash, whether he, himself, saw them or not.

    With a click of his tongue, his eyes wandered off, softening as he gazed up into the star filled skies. It appeared that he had a lot to mull over, contemplating his previous lives, and the current one he lives now - he simply couldn't decide whether he was killing off the faux human memories to commemorate his true return, or to continue the charade, to remain as the reborn individual that he had been sent into - Leo felt that the two carried strong symbolic powers, and he was no stranger to the idea of beliefs holding strength over one's capabilities. As much as he wished to consult another of the subject, he felt as if it weren't possible - so he would wait. Or perhaps wish for a miracle once more, as he had once done.

    Before his thoughts travelled any further into realms better left untouched, footsteps were heard and Leo turned his head over, quietly identifying the lighter footsteps before the voice carried in. With a parting look to the sky, and fading stars, Leo heaved himself off the bed without a sound. His feet landed solidly on the ground, and a grin tore across his face as he realized that the last of the phantom pains hadn't made a special appearance this morning. He intended to keep it that way too. And so, with a shark-like grin, Leo opened the door, casually leaning against the frame of it whilst keeping the door only partially open. It filled him with joy that such simple actions were no longer accompanied with the sharp pain in his ribs, or the soreness between his shoulders. Glancing down the hall at the young Chimera, Leo only raised an eyebrow, "Are you sure that there are any good places open this early?" He asked, and though it did sound like a complain, the embodiment of the constellation of leo trudged down the hall into the bathroom anyhow, no doubt looking to freshen up whether they decided to head out or reconsider.
  3. Zev just recently it still seemed had chosen to come out of hiding. Much seemed to change while he was gone making him decided to find new clothes to fit in. This resulted in his outfit he had now. A red and black jacket with a checkered pattern on his right shoulder. The inside shirt was red and his jeans were red skinny jeans with a white belt. It hadn't been long since he heard of the others meeting which had been when he finally deiced to show his face again. What could be ahead he wasn't sure. When Zev seemed lost in his own thoughts as he walked he soon heard his stomach growl and sighed. He knew it was time to find somewhere to eat. Where he wasn't sure.

    Niruth had been asleep for quit some time. Finally the witch's spell wore off, and she had been able to stretch her legs. Seeing what had developed outside of where she had slept. Niruth did however know one thing she still seemed hungry from all that sleep and not that tired yet at all. When she had come to word had gotten out to her soon after she had awakened about something that seemed like it involved her siblings. She then set out to find out what she could being in the new surroundings.
  4. "Hmmm... there should be," Chimera ponders in response to Leo's question. "Yeah, I think there are some restaurants open now. Let's check-"

    Before Chimera could complete her phrase, her tail noticed something.

    "It actually happened..." Chimera turns her head around, only to see that the sleeping beauty - Niruth, the Colchian Dragon - had awoken from her seemingly eternal slumber. She ran up to her gold-guarding sister for a single hug. "I'm just glad that you're back, Colchy."

    "Chimera," Hydra says, "I think it's a good idea to give her a little personal space after a long slumber. It happens kind of often for us gods, so..."

    Turning to Leo, then to Niruth, Hydra shrugs her shoulders. "Well, something tells me that I'll need to get used to this. So... ummm.... who wants to go out for a walk? Family bonding time and all?"

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  5. Niruth had heard someone but still wasn't sure who till she heard the someone who seemed to be speaking to her. She turned and soon was a bit shocked to be welcomed with a hug and her hands moved slightly in reply with the short hug. She was quiet a moment still processing what had happened. Then gave a more relaxed smile as she realized who it was she bumped into. "Um a walk would be nice..." She commented after her time of listening rather than speaking. "And I'm glad to finally be awake...." She added realizing she hadn't commented about her being back since she had just let the two siblings of her talk.


    Zev noticed where he ended up was just seemed to be a town. Then his stomach made around once more he hoped to find food soon. He slowly made his way closer and began to look for places that seemed to be open and served food at this hour.

    Alexander awakes after the long flight from Greece, the stewardess was coming to wake him, but she caught a glimpse of his black eyes and walked back startled.
    Alexander wake up as he hear the muffled scream of the stewardess, he notices that his sunglasses had slipped down "Stupid..." he mutters as he adjust them. Most of the passengers had already come out, only him and few others remain. Alexander hurries leaving the startled stewardess behind, still shocked as she try to understand what had seen.
    Alexander pick up his baggage, a sports backpack, black, he sighs as the locals keep staring at him, that make him feel uncomfortable and miserable, he hated being the center of attention, even with his peculiar style, which he used to repel people but always end attracting more attention.
    Out of the airport he looks around sniffing the air, "nothing, all this fumes and the peoples stink hides everything, even her smell" disappointed he pull out his cellphone, a cheap one, bright red and black, "Hades just gave me this number, hope its her number, otherwise Im gonna have to run around the city until i find her smell and track it back, well here we go..." Alexander dials the number in the agenda and waits until its connected, but no one answer it, he choose to leave a message.
    "Umm... its me... Im at the airport, could you send someone?, I dont have your address and dont speak the locals lenguage, I will wait here"
    Alexander ends the call and look where he can wait until her sister send someone to pick him.
  7. "Give me a second," Hydra said as she picked her phone up. "Hello~ oh~"

    She talked on it for a while.

    "Change of plans," Hydra exclaims, "let's head to the airport first, then grab a bite or two. Everyone ready to head out?"

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    "Dont be late..." he whispers as the call end. He hated being here, in the open, so brigth and shiny, he looks up, expecting to find a black sky, lightnings shining in the darkness and the succulent smell of the dead roaming around, but no, the sky its blue, white clouds, and no lightnings raining down, its so depressing, and to make things worse his stomach begins to growl.
    "Im hungry, should have eaten something before taking the plane, but the Master was in such bad mood that I didnt wished to make him more angry, I have to ask her what she said to him, this is just the... second? third? time that he let me go, no easy feat convincing him to do so, Hades is very greedy since he didnt have too much, only souls"
    The cars, planes and endless chatter of the people around him its begining to annoy him, he plugs his headphones into the phone and search around, until he find something, it looks like a normal music file, but really its only cries, moans and screams of pain and despair, somehow it calms him and drowns the other sounds.
    "Please hurry, I dont want to be here, I want to be... in home..."
  9. Niruth hearing the change of plans gave a sigh. "Aww and I was looking forward to a nice meal after a long nap." She commented then gave a nod. "But that's fine as long as were getting food later." She replied she swore her stomach growled at her a bit disappointed. She then waited to be led the way to the airport.


    Zev continued to wonder not sure when he would find somewhere to eat. He noticed up ahead a place with machines that appeared to have wings. He wondered how long he hadn't been paying much attention to the world around the forest.
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