Legacy of the Mausoleum, Death has never been closer...

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  1. Today is your thirteenth birthday, the day where you will start to build your Mausoleum in the Necropolis of Nyx. You will have to train and grow wiser, stronger and more self-relient as the materials and funds you will gather will mean whether your soul will reincarnate or go mad from jealousy on the day you die. You see, Death is never the end for the inhabitant of the world of the Kingdom of Benerium, where, long ago, a witch cursed the land in a state of unending existance.

    As the flesh rot, the soul persist, and as that soul live on, they must find peace to reincarnate. For a reincarnation to take place, both a full life and a prestigious resting place must be built, and that is where you stand now, on the first day of your adulthood.

    This roleplay, should it take off, will be a quest based game, where each successful and, indeed, even unsuccessful completion of each quest will bring either Materials, Fortune or Soul points, depending on the nature and unfolding of the task. Who knows, if you do well, you may even find a mix of these rewards waiting for you!

    Each point types will have goals to reach, from merely buying a small plot of land in the Necropolis to becoming the Ruler of the realms.

    Do you have what it takes to settle into an unlife of luxury at the end of this journey?
  2. This reminds me of empire building game on iPhone, but for role play forums, I am interested :)

    I also just learned about the dice function on Iwaku, are we using that by chance? It is fun
    Kalista threw 50-faced die for: fun Total: 137 $dice $dice $dice $dice $dice
  3. We could, how do you suggest we implement it?
  4. Maybe you can roll three dice of some face value that is decided and first dice is how much soul points, second is how many of this material, etc

    Not too sure on specifics but could help add some luck so people grow at different rates

    Though might annoy those with bad luck so maybe it is only for bonus rewards
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.