Legacy: Justice For All

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    Arnold Drake sat a the end of a long oak table. His hands were folded, the rings on his fingers rubbed together slowly as Arnold started to become more and more impatient. Arnold had worked hard most of his life and his new project was going to make his wildest dreams come true. All the rest of the groups have proved unreliable and he needed fresh blood. Every man that has stepped into this room has made a fool of himself or showed their true genius. Heroes were the only ones who were able to get some of the jobs done, but sadly every man has their breaking point. This new team may give him a way into the great abyss that was Arnold's future. Arnold sat back in his chair and the first of the heroes entered into the room.
    This was the beginning of it all. His final process to his goal was going to be complete and he could feel it. Arnold was a skeptic, but nothing can beat these so called "heroes." His business was built on these heroes and their expeditions, yet he hated them. Why were they so ignorant he asked himself. If more people would have been like his father, the Earth would have been united as a whole. He often reflected upon the words of his father. "To be free, a man must be free of his brothers. "Take your brothers as your own and never forget them. We are the great and those who oppose are the weak."
  2. Tori Keane, more commonly known as TK stood outside the office building of Arnold Drake, hands stuffed into the pockets of her black hooded jacket she wore. Her hair was quite obviously brushed hastily, and her casual attire suggested she'd dressed without much thought. "Worthless alarm..", she cursed the device, as she had nearly the whole time since she woke up. In truth she'd just slept through it, only having fallen asleep a couple of hours before it was set to go off. She'd been to excited and nervous to get to sleep at a decent hour, having been looking forward to this meeting with mister Drake and joining this team he was putting together for some time now. Up until today she'd been a small-timer, taking down petty thieves and street thugs. The idea of being part of something this big was thrilling. Maybe even more thrilling than discovering her potential to be a super hero.

    Having slept in late, Tori panicked and left in too much of a hurry to really prepare herself for this. She didn't even think to grab her costume on the way out, which felt like a bonehead move now that she thought about it. Going to meet a super-hero recruiter without her get-up was probably going to seem a little unprofessional, she thought. There was nothing that could be done about it now though, the time it would take to go back for it might cost her the interview altogether. The suit wasn't everything though, more important was the ability to get things done. She'd prove herself to him, and if he fixated on her appearance she'd just have to get fancy with her demonstration, pull out all the stops and really out on a show. Yeah, that'd work. Tori took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, then made her way into the building, checked in with the receptionist, and headed into the room where she'd meet her potential employer. "Hello, mister Drake", she greeted the man as calmly as she could manage, trying to hide the excitement that was apparent in the look in her eyes, "I've been looking forward to meeting you."
  3. Thomas Kingsley sighed as he approached the security checkpoint in in the building. He had enough trouble from checkpoints because of the braces he needed to move easily, but when he carried his armor with him, like now, it could take up to half an hour to get through. He dropped the duffle bag he had brought onto the belt of the scanner, but turned to the security officer standing next to the metal detector instead of walking through, "let me save you the trouble, you'll need to wand me, I'll set the damned thing off."

    The guard grabbed the wand, patted him down because the wand went of on his arms and legs. The guard watching the monitor stopped him before Thomas was waved through, the guards talked for a minute in hushed tones before one came back. "Sir, what's your business today?"

    "I have a meeting with Arnold Drake, he has a possible job opening for me." Thomas replied.

    "What are the contents of the bag for sir?"

    "That's my work uniform"

    "Do you have an ID to confirm an appointment?"

    Thomas reached into his wallet and pulled out his Government Issue ID and handed it to the guard. The guard toggled his radio getting information from his supervisor. After a few minutes the guard got his reply.

    "Sorry for the inconvenience sir," The guard returned the car to Thomas, "have a nice day Mr. Kingsley."

    Thomas gave the guard a nod, walked to the end of the conveyor belt, picked up the bag and headed for the receptionist. She pointed him to the elevators and gave him a floor number. Entering the elevator he gave a gentle brush to the button.

    Eventually He arrived at Mr. Drake's office. Gently trying the door handle he inched the door open. Walking in he saw that he was only the third person in the room. He strode to the near end of the desk, put down the duffle bag and sat down on a side chair. "Pleasure to meet you Mr. Drake, miss, I am Goliath."
  4. Alicia had walked up to the building, looking up at it and slightly intimidated by the sheer size of it. She was still so surprised that she is even here in the first place, getting the chance to be an actual superhero. She had only done small things up until now like getting cats out of trees and giving medicine to sick kids, so this would be a completely new experience for her. But she knew that she would be able to help out a lot of people as a superhero, thinking positively as she smiled. Alicia clutched her bag that had her outfit, utility belt, whip, and rapier in it before walking into the building and checking in with the receptionist.

    Then she headed up the elevator and got off on the right floor as she walked down to Mr. Drake's office. She opened the door, surprised to see that she was now the fourth person in the room, seeing the man and the two other potential superhero companions. "Hello Mr. Drake, everyone. I'm Alicia Greenson." she said to him and the other two as she bowed before taking an empty seat and sitting down. She was really nervous and excited about this. This is her chance to do something good with her powers and help the world.
  5. Several hours prior...


    A station within a remote countryside of Europe had erupted into chaos. On the exterior it was a government building, as calm as the sea itself could be. But storms raged indoors as computers were manned, and phone calls were being made several times at once. A town approximately 200 miles away would be the target of a downed satellite.


    "We can't get the military in time to take action!" cried a woman clutching a phone for dear life.

    "And the explosion p-p-post-impact will extend for hundreds of m-miles." Stuttered a man, looking at a computer screen to analyzing data. "We're all done for."

    "Some new object's rocketing out towards the satellite!" Exclaimed another fellow.

    "But the military doesn't know about this yet! I just got patched through."

    "I don't think this was the military."


    The hurdling craft began to slow down some, but not by much. It was about as large as a house, possessing dozens of new, experimental technology sent outwards in the hope that it would gather all sorts of new information.


    It had been the driving factor to a man. A man who once had everything, and had no need for such paltry concepts. But that man now wields that same hope, after indirectly robbing it from a boy with dreams of his own, accomplishments he would never have seen himself achieve.

    And now here he was, his back to the chariot from the heavens, the fiery light overtaking the ride worthy of bearing widespread destruction to the masses. But alas, at the speed which it traveled even now, generated too much force to simply be stopped, even with augmented strength such as that of this cosmic savior.

    Imperial Conquest.

    Enemy Agent.

    Noble Sacrifice.

    Kindly Mother.


    Now, he flew underneath the craft, pushing it upwards some. Then he flew off to the left side, and began to carefully push again, before returning to his first spot, and pushing again from the front. With the strength he could muster, he began to push as much as he could.

    "Hrrrr...." He grunted, beads of sweat pouring down his forehead and down past his eyes of infinite darkness, whose only other feature was the silver pupil that let others know he had eyes unlike a normal man's. That he could do things that no other could.

    Eventually, the speed of the craft slowed some. The trajectory had been radically altered with a fine dosage of superhuman strength, as it flew down just past town limits, Kanro D'ran Araki's boot wearing feet touching the ground and digging into the dirt, as the craft began to follow him, paving through the eastern road into town for a bit, before finally stopping at a bridge that was over a river, Kanro pushing himself out of the dirt, and landing in the water.

    He levitated up into the air, looking at the satellite before him. This was certainly not the place to leave it... But he assumed the humans would want whatever remained for spare parts and such. Still, he took the time to move it off to the side, doing his best to fill dirt into the make-shift landing strip that had dug past gravel and grass and into the fertile greens.

    After all. He had an appointment to make.


    Now. Present day, Present moment of truth.


    After a couple of hours in supersonic flight, Kanro had arrived. He took the time to greet the guard, the instant recognition working its charms, followed by his 'invitation,' and the request of which room Arnold Drake was in. Now, Kanro was by no means enchanted by the man himself, something about him reeked, and it wasn't of the American Way. What did catch his attention however, was the concept of being able to work with other gifted individuals for the betterment of the whole of society....

    ...And right then and there before the guard's eyes, the costumed adventurer levitated upwards to the window to greet him with his physical appearance.
  6. Getting into costume was always the worst part, sometimes harder than the actual crime fighting. Sure, Clark Kent had been able to wear his suit underneath his street clothes, but Clark Kent was actually an alien from outer space who could fly, had super strength, x-ray vision and all sorts of other powers. Clark Kent was also a fictional character. The rules didn't really apply. Dominic Emmanuel, on the other hand, was a very real and very flustered masked vigilante, struggling to get into the suit he had spent the last seven years building. In all that time, he had figured out all kinds of kinks, but no matter how hard he tried, there wasn't a quick way to get the damn thing on. Earlier that day, he had gotten into costume, preparing to make his way to the Drake Enterprises building, but just before leaving his apartment, he realized how silly the enigmatic (albeit somewhat green) hero known as Clockwork would look riding the subway. And during the day, the rooftops wouldn't be as empty as they were at night. Naturally, he had shed the suit and stuffed everything into an enormous duffel bag before rushing out the door.

    By the time Dominic actually reached the grandiose Drake Enterprises building and bypassed security (which took some doing, despite his insistence that Mr. Drake had asked to see him), he was running late and still dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt. He hustled up the stairs, looking for a bathroom, but there didn't seem to be any around. Finally, he stumbled upon one, staggering in with beads of sweat rolling down his forehead. The woman washing her hands at the sink had let out a surprised yelp and his attempt at a joke ("Are you sure this is the lady's room? You may have to show me you're a real woman…") had only been met with a scowl and a bottle of soap that nearly hit him square in the nose as he shut the door. The men's room was blessedly empty and he began to assemble his suit on his body.

    Piece by piece, the familiar form of Clockwork started to come together. He had left a few pieces at home, since he hadn't expected to need his weaponry or tool belt. The armor and the mask were the most important things, but getting everything situated took a great deal of maneuvering. Once everything looked presentable, he glanced down at his wrist out of instinct, only to realize it would do him very little good. "Seven years and you still haven't added a wristwatch." He shook his head at his reflection in the mirror. "What are you doing with your life, Dom?" He stashed the duffel bag in a particularly foul smelling stall and dashed out of the bathroom, hardly noticing the piece of toilet paper stuck to his boot as he made his way through the halls of Drake Enterprises. He was clearly out of his league here, nodding polite greetings to people who probably made twice as much in a year as he had in his whole life. They stared back at him. Not everyone here seemed to be aware of the presence of him and the other heroes.

    It took some time to find the meeting room he had been told to arrive at (especially since he was fairly sure he caught a glimpse of Earthman flying past and had to stop to look), but when he did, he strode in confidently, toilet paper still trailing behind him and a bit out of breath. "Sorry I'm late, gang. You'd never know it… or, maybe you would, but these suits are a bitch to get in and out of, and security didn't seem to buy that a guy like me could warrant Mr. Drake's attention." He grinned warmly, only to realize that no one could see the smile beneath his mask. Not sure what else to say, he chose instead to drop into a seat near the entrance and not make any more mistakes. Hunting down criminals was fine and good, but it didn't pay very well and he couldn't afford to lose this gig on the first day.
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    Drake looked at every hero that entered. One at a time he would stand up shake their hand, and lead them to the next room over where they were all sitting. Everyone had been seated and then a couple minutes later Domonic showed up. Arnold had a couple packets set out and he passed them to everyone. It was a formal meeting that seemed like something you would go to if you were at a hearing for a will. Arnold looked around his thirties but he was about forty five. The man had an edge about him, as if he had a sense of life that no one had. His suit was black and he wore a back wrist watch, he was organized and proper. After he passed out the packets to everyone he sat at the end of the table with a window behind him. Drake enterprises was in the center of downtown, it was a notable building that anyone who visited would never forget. It was so intricately made that it was an icon for all new architecture. Drake had helped make and create his business, it many years to establish a name for himself and present an honest company. Recently, he has come in the contact of super heroes to help secure his business and to show his love for the super powered people. All the super heroes that had been gathered all had something that Drake needed. Something has been happening in his company that has lead him to the decision to hire more heroes. "Listen up, we have quite the job set for you all. Everyone will need to get to know each other because you will be a team. This team will complete tasks against super villains who have been trying to ruin this city and this company. As a manufacturer we make many things including weapons, so we must protect these at all costs. Your headquarters will be by the docks and it is fully equipped with things you will need for your missions. So since we understand that we now move to the second part of the meeting. The first mission you will receive today is that you must find and capture a group of villains called The Hearts. Their operator is The Queen of Hearts, if you capture them then you must move and capture the main leader. It's simple, so if you ruin anything you will ruin the mission. I have the patience of a 5 year old so if I do hear anything goes wrong, there will be consequences. Any questions?
    After the long winded speech you should be wondering. "Hmm, where exactly are we?" That my friend is a good question. Your characters live in Astral City. It is a benchmark in the building safe and efficient cities. Sadly, it is like all other cities. There is crime and justice. Your side of good is justified by the justice that you preserve.​
    An example of a street in Astral City​
  8. Tori had been astounded to find that she, who had thought she'd be late, had actually been the first super to arrive. Maybe she had a little more time than she'd innitially thought. Some extra color had found her cheeks when she saw that everyone else seemed to have come prepared, where she'd brought nothing more than herself and the loose change in her pocket. This was all still very exciting though, meeting Arnold Drake and all these other heroes that she might get to work with. A couple of them were already in costume and both were impressive, but one interested her more than the other; The impressive metallic armor of the vigilante Clockwork, who had been the last to enter. She'd always had a love for robotics and the technologically advanced, or at least the asthetic of it. She personally knew next to nothing about how any of it worked or came together, but it was still all really cool to her. She couldn't really fawn over it right now though, mister Drake had begun to debrief them and she couldn't afford to not pay attention.

    Tori was sitting in one of the chairs near the middle of the table, trying to be sure she could hear everyone. It didn't sound like mister Drake was going to be asking any questions though. A few times while he spoke, she couldn't help grinning. They would be fighting real super villains, would operate out of a real HQ, and would be a real team. She looked around the room at each of them, more than once, but only very briefly. Her attention kept going back to Arnold though, she made sure to stay focused on him. This first mission had to be a test, she reasoned, a trial to see if they were capable of the kind of work he'd have for them. It would be vital for her to pay attention and know what she was supposed to do, there was no way she was going to make a mistake and ruin this opportunity.

    The Hearts, Queen of Hearts. Pretty cheesy, she thought. Probably a bunch of wannabes with a thing for Alice. She smirked, shaking her head. "None on my end, mister Drake", Tori answered first, eager to be on her way and prove that she had what it took to be a valuable member of this team. Suddenly, that color from before returned to her cheeks. She lowered her head a little, biting her lip as she spoke up again, "Actually, scratch that.. Is there maybe, by any chance.. Time to, uh.. Quickly!.. Run back home and grab my gear?" She laughed nervously, lowering her head a bit more, eyes avoiding everyone. She knew they were staring though, even if they weren't, she'd swear she felt their eyes on her. Embarrassing.
  9. Thomas looked emotionless as he leafed through the packet he had been given. It was a very bare bones set of information, the address of the HQ, the few details of the first mission that Drake had just told them. He did give a little chuckle that there was a mission statement included in the packet.

    "Do you have any more specific information on The Hearts? Any areas that seem to be their territory, hangouts, or possible targets?" Thomas asked.

    He may be new to this as a whole, but you could never have too much information, Dr. Gabriel had certainly taught him that.
  10. Alicia had seen as more people arrived, thinking about how she would be working with them. Then she had taken the packet that Drake gave to them, reading as she was listening to him. This will be the first time that she has ever been on a team with other people and having to face super villains too, nervous about that. She heard as he was talking about their mission, which was how they have to capture a group of villains called The Hearts and then their leader The Queen of Hearts. He also talked about how if anything goes wrong, that there would be consequences as she gulped and felt more nervous now to get it done right with all this pressure. Then Alicia listened as two of the others had asked Drake questions, having no idea what to ask and still trying to take it all in that she would be working on a team with all these other superheroes to capture some super villains.
  11. Entering through the window was by all means a casual thing. And apparently Mr. Drake had expected it to happen. Kanro seated himself alongside the others, and took in the information the team had been given in a very computerized manner, as if he had simply absorbed everything the way a device simply downloaded a file meets a dedicated member of the military following orders right down to the smallest details, and then took his packet with which he would scan quickly.

    "Not to interrupt you..." Spoke up Kanro, gesturing to Thomas. "But I would also like to address potential plans for maintaining schedules, team-building exercises and unified training regiments. I feel if we all chip in and really get to know each other, we could go above and beyond simply being brought together for business. We could become something people will recognize, not just as a group of super-powered beings who happen to be self-proclaimed 'good guys' coming together to crush all the people we don't like, but as a functioning squad. Something that'll help people sleep at night."
  12. Arnold looked at Tori then he turned his head to the group then nodded. "Miss Keane you may do that all in do time, as of now we are here for business." Arnold again turned his head to several others in the group then put up one of his hands. "First off The Hearts are a gang that has been around Astral City for quite a while, secondly their base is by the docks of Astral Harbor. Their base is stationed in a brothel called The Pig's Feet. There you will capture the boss, you will not kill anyone. Secondly, this team will have a base set near here. It is a couple blocks away and suits all of your needs, including suit upgrades, weapons, and vehicles. Your training will begin in a week, after you complete this mission. The Hearts may be the biggest gang in Astral, but they are slowly dying out. If you are looking for something to sleep at night, just know you are doing good for the city. Now for your training, you will start after you return from this mission." What Arnold doing was absurd and irrational, but he seemed to know what he was doing. "Your escorts should be here so pack your bags and head for your base, also while you are at it, come up with a team name. The last group that worked for me were called The Seekers. So just as a favor, do something original." Arnold packed his things and a man came in and took his things. After the assistant left so did Arnold. Then the heroes were the only ones left in the room. It was about mid-day so there was plenty to time do be able to get these requests done. While some of the heroes were looking at the packets Arnold gave them, they found directions to The Pig's Feet. Everything was set, now how would this game be played.
  13. Dominic scanned the packet he'd been given. There was a good deal of information there, but for whatever reason, he was having trouble registering any of it. Maybe it was the excitement of taking on his first official job as a costumed hero of Astral City. He was finally breaking into the big leagues. Or perhaps it was the fact that his first big mission was to take down the Hearts. He'd had a run in with a few small time drug runners that were loosely aligned with the Hearts and putting them in jail had been one of the worst decisions he'd ever made. Since then, he'd hardly been the Queen's number one priority, but any members of the gang that saw him out and about gave him a hard time. It would be nice to have them out of the way.

    He glanced up, grinning goofily and forgetting again that no one there would be able to tell. "Well, I think that went rather well, don't you? He's such a charming man." Tossing the packet onto the table, Dominic stood and walked around the back of his chair. "I'm Clockwork, by the way. For those of you who don't know, which… let's face it, is most of you. I'm a self-made masked hero of the people." Glancing down at his suit, he chuckled. "Literally. Got all kinds of tricks and tools for whatever job. Although, now that I mention it, I'll have to run back to my apartment… er, lair… to get the rest of my gear." He turned to the girl who had asked about her own gear. "Thanks for asking about that, by the way. Don't think it would fly to be late and unprepared…"

    He glanced around the room, taking in the team Drake had assembled. None of the heroes here were ones he had idolized growing up. In fairness, some of them looked like they were younger than he was himself. Dominic had arrived expecting to be the biggest rookie on the team, and while only time would tell, he just might be surprised. Again, he looked down at his wrist and shook his head. "Still no watch…" he muttered to himself. His apartment was still a good distance away and the last thing he wanted was to be late twice in one day.
  14. When Arnold left the room, Tori exhaled quietly. She had been holding her breath involuntarily when he'd replied to her, having become slightly nervous after she'd made her embarrassing request. Charming, he said? She wasn't sure if he was joking or not, considering you can't really read a person's face when it's covered by an awesome mask. She'd only really gathered that mister Drake was a very serious, no nonsense sort of man. He wasn't the type of person she was used to, her small group of friends were dorky goofballs and aside from them, she really didn't mingle with people all that much. That simple fact actually worried her a little, made her wonder how well she would adjust to working with these other heroes. But who knows, maybe they wouldn't be too much different. Or maybe they would, and she'd still get along with them just fine. Only time would tell, right?

    Tori stood up out of her seat as well, stretching her arms above her head and leaning back just a little, groaning at the same time before she spoke, "I do want to go back for my things, but that ah.. Doesn't seem like a great idea right now, huh?" Once she'd finished though, she approached the metal-shelled hero and offered a hand. Only after she'd stuck her hand out and glanced down at it did she realize how strange the gesture felt. It was a common one, but it still felt so unusual for some reason. She'd caught herself staring at her own hand for a moment while she thought about it, quickly looking up at Dominic and introducing herself, "Tori, or TK.. Whichever you like, heh. Nice to meet you." Hand still extended toward Clockwork, she turned her head toward the other two heroes in the room and quickly added, "It's nice to meet you guys too! It's, um.. Gonna be pretty cool working with you all, I think." She hoped, at least. If she managed to secure a spot on this team, she wasn't going to pass up the chance just because she didn't bond with her companions, but it was always good to be able to get along with the people you worked with.
  15. "I hope so," Thomas said to TK, "it would be great if this team did work out." Standing up and shouldering his bag. "I need to talk to someone, I'll meet the rest of you at the base." As Thomas reached the door he stopped and turned back to the group, "My name is Thomas Kingsley, also go by Goliath. As for a team name, my suggestion would be Fulcrum, we're the support that lets the world keep turning for regular citizens." Thomas then exited the room. He met his escort and proceeded to a lab on the outskirts of town.

    The retinal scanner allowed entry to the lab for Thomas as the door opened with a hydraulic hiss. Stepping through the door hissed closed behind him. The room was filled with all sorts of half finished projects, everything from medical to robotics was fit into this one lab. Walking over to one project and dusted of the plaque on it. The plaque read 'Heavy Infantry Assault Battle Armor Prototype 5: Blitzkrieg'. He looked at the damaged suit, it was large, a solid foot of metal components and armor plating, Dr. Gabriel had told him about the exploits that the armor had helped with. Before he could go to the next shelved project Thomas saw Dr. Gabriel. The doctor was an aged man now, in his 80's, not bad for a man that had been diagnosed with terminal cancer over 50 years ago, covered in wrinkles and gray hair down to his shoulders, from which a worn, stained lab coat hung loosely.

    "How did the meeting go Thomas?" Dr. Gabriel asked.

    Thomas sighed, "It went well enough, I think it's a good team. I'm just not sure about all of this is all."

    Gabriel gave a hearty laugh, followed by a fit of coughing. His hand shot up, showing one of the works that he had become so famous for, his pioneering in cyber/organic technology. As the coughing died down he rasped, "none of us are Thomas, that's what separates us from the villains, we weren't ready for any of it."

    Thomas winced as the coughing started. "It's still spreading isn't it?" Thomas asked.

    Gabriel nodded, "Never could make the replacement parts faster than it spread, but still, I'm alive. Go on Thomas, don't want to keep the world waiting."

    Thomas sighed and nodded, "Alright Doc, I won't waste what you've given me." Thomas moved to a side chamber, got dressed in his uniform, and then headed to the base.
  16. Alicia was listening to Drake, glad to hear that they would not have to kill anyone and that they would be doing good for the city. Then she heard Drake tell them to head to the base before leaving as she nodded back. Alicia had then listened as the other heroes were introducing themselves, the one called Goliath leaving already as she stood up. "I'm Alicia Greenson, but you can call me Rose. It's nice to meet you all and I hope that we can all work together as a team." she then said back to the others, smiling as she grabbed her bag. She also needed to go back to her place too, wanting to get all her plants and herbs. But Alicia did not want to disobey orders by not going straight to their base first like they had been told to.
  17. "I do certainly hope we can all find it in ourselves to adapt to our current standing as a team covering the better part of the world." Noted Earthman, climbing out of his seat. "I'll get onto my own business, unless anyone would like to go patrolling, discuss any major issues, or?..."

    Kanro hid his guilt at the offer of continuing his work for the day. Granted it was his usual task of attempting to serve the public as he was called upon, but tonight he had promised his 'mother,' Mrs. Jurgens that he would spend the rest of the night with her. A stream of debts had been plaguing her, Kanro having swiftly handled a majority of them in some time which prompted the elder woman to desire some time to relax. 'It was all the poor woman ever deserved,' thought the former invader as his thoughts shot back to the imagery of young Roy Jurgens-- Whose own face and life he had stolen away-- was hurling himself in front of the woman to protect her. And there was the Ramonian Scout, watching as the enemy carelessly took the life of an innocent bystander to a war he had no part of.
  18. Many limousines waited outside for the heroes as they left the building. Arnold shoved everyone out the door and they left for the head quarters a couple of blocks from Drake Industries. The building was large and statuesque, the limousines pulled into the garages and let the heroes out. Many butlers took their things and set them into separate rooms and another lead them into the main hall. It was circular with many computers around with some chairs by each. As the heroes looked up they saw a large ceiling window that lit the room up brighter than the lights itself did. The butler who brought them in left and the door shut behind him. The building was beautiful and it fit the way the heroes should live. One of the computers started up and Arnold looked upon them. "Look team, your costumes should be arriving soon as well as the rest of your things. All of you are now a team and I expect you to act like one. Maybe come up with a team name or something." The video message ended and the heroes sat there. There were many rooms within the building. Training halls, bathes, many luxuries, as well as an armory. It was a paradise for heroes.
  19. Tori stood around in the room she and the other heroes were led to, waiting to see what the rest of them did before she'd move to take a seat or anything. She took that idle moment to look around and marvel at the interior architecture, having never really seen anything so grand. Granted, she'd spent most of her life in crummy apartments like the one she currently lived in. Small and cramped, barely big enough for her to live in comfortably on her own. She'd never complained about it though, she had everything she needed and it wasn't like she ever had any important visitors to impress.

    The young woman's eyes snapped toward the computer monitor when it lit up with Mr. Arnold's face, looking a little surprised briefly. She kept quiet through the short message, turning to shift her gaze between the other heroes in the room once it ended. "I kind of like Thom-Er.. Goliath's suggestion.. Uh, that is, for the team name", Tori told them, stuffing her hands into the pockets of her jacket as she usually did when she wore it. She tilted her head back to look up at the glass ceiling for a moment before adding in, "This place is pretty nice, huh?"