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  1. Alright. I'm searching for commited, detailed, roleplayers whom enjoy awesome detail, plot twist, along with creating lore. As for myself, I post between one-novella length post. I enjoy playing a wide variety of characters, from male to female, human to God. There are others participating in this as well, though I'm very much open to one x one.

    The world known as Ebonzia is a world in transition. A world trying to recover the lost glories of an ancient past. Previously the Human Empire of Ebonzia ruled most of the northern hemisphere, with the Elves and Dwarves bending to their will. This came in the form of unfair trade agreements, laws, and taxes. Whenever the slightest hint of disobedience came from a rival land, punishment was swift. Often times the Emperor would slaughter mass numbers their citizens, as if to send a message. The way of life seemed destined to last forever, but the Ebonzian Empire began to crumble from within. Some speculate it was due to the reckless nature of young emperor Masego Mal'Ik, others say it was the tension between the native Ebon's and Ivo's. Whatever the reasons, soon a terrible, vicious civil war began. This tore apart the empire and killed nearly a million citizens by the fifth year.

    The Emperor whom had ruled his beloved land for a majority of his life, was now watching it die a slow, painful death. He did everything in his power to quell the rebellion, and stop the internal war, though all to no avail. As a last resort he gathered the most powerful arcane masters in the known land, and sought to summon an unstoppable army from the lower planes. The creatures would come to be known as Orcs, and were far less obedient than he had hoped. The breach of realms was too severe to be repaired and within days thousands of the merciless green beings were rampaging through the capitol city. In a month, the once mighty nation was no more.

    ^ Brief introduction into the world.

    There's room for those that wish to have standard roleplay, and those that want more R.P.G elements; such as stats, and dungeon crawling.

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  2. I'm interested if I get to be a catfolk, and if there's a plothook for your setting.
  3. Nevermind, I have 12 players.
  4. Reviving from graveyard.
  5. Okay. So, where is this roleplay happening that it had twelve players? And, since it had/has players, what's been happening in the roleplay?
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