Legacy [Epic Fantasy]

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  1. Azul

    His mind was racing, his thoughts were delusional, and worst of all he couldn't get rid of the fucking voices inside his mind. Azul was literally losing his shit, sitting on his sofa with his favorite sword clutched within a tight grasp. "Damn...." He whispered through bated breaths. This was the worst he's been in years. Images of dying men, women, and children kept flashing vividly through his mind. All the killing he's done, all the battles he's been in, rushing at him at once. In one swift motion he stood up, upon hearing a womens voice inside his head. "Please...I've done nothing wrong.." Those words repeating over, and over. They were the words of a young women he witnessed be murdered just a week ago, a murder he couldn't prevent even though he wanted to with all of his might. With his lanky digits he curled his fingers around his blade, and hurled it towards the wall, which was instantly cleaved apart by the sharpened metal. Slowly he reached into his pocket, and pulled out his xenocromium cellular phone, and began dialing numbers he had long since memorized. Within a moment it began to ring. He hoped the person he was calling was going to answer, even though it was 3:45 in the morning. Jessamine.

    Tomorrow he had a freelance contract, which meant he couldn't afford to go off the deep end right now. Azul paced around the spacious living room, but after the fourth ring he hung up the phone. He felt guilty, and didn't want to bother one of his few friends at this early hour. Maybe she'd call back, maybe not. Walking to his coat rack he threw on an ominous jacket. It had a crimson star on the right pocket, with a furred hood. He had to get the hell out of that place, and he didn't particularly care where he was going either. The door slammed shut behind him, and a few moments later he was on the never sleeping streets of Mythos.

    The hours went by in a blur. Before he knew it he was standing next to the young woman he had just tried to contact not too long ago. "Jess...It's good to see you." He managed to say evenly. They were about to receive a briefing, but in all honesty that was the last thing he was thinking about.

    High King Nokato

    The demon King Nokato Shinjuku sat upon his throne, deep in curious thought. He alone had caused the transdimensional rift on this planet, freeing his demonic brothers, and sisters from the hellish, and chaotic lower planes of the Abyss. That was four hundred, and seventy three years ago. Nokato goverened a brutal, bloody, campaign across half of the entire planet, and with the help of his kin it was successful. Peace was achieved through a one sided treaty with the Northern races, which was in his favor. He had everything he could ever want, or need for that matter. However, he was satisfied. He craved more. Much more. If not for the threat of heavenly beings, he would have never agreed to cease his invasion. For you see, Nokato was logical despite what many may think. A war with the heavens, combined with the force of dragons, and other powerful races, he knew the risk far outweighed the rewards. The lower planes isn't somewhere he would ever willingly return to if he had a choice, and the Seraphims were just the beings to cast him back into eternal damnation.

    "Cyrus...come to me my pet." he spoke in a low, guttural tone.
    Almost instantly a small, whimpering goblin came inching closer from the corner of the room ever so slowly.
    "Y-yes m-my master..How may I serve thy greatness?"
    "Deliver a message to your other masters. Tell them I wish to meet, and discuss further happenings within the mortal plane."
    "As you wish, my lord." The little goblin skimped off with haste to fulfill his masters wishes.
  2. kor' Dia Valooemah I Queen of Pandemonium I GM

    "Stay away!“ he said, voice filled with panic and fear at what he saw.
    A creature, that must’ve stood more than eight and a half feet tall was before him. Six eyes embedded into it’s face; three on each side going vertical instead of horizontal; two pitch black; two blood red; and two bright yellow; all glowing. There was no nose. It’s jaw angled downwards and out, and was elongated at least a foot. Rows, upon rows of horrid jagged teeth, all varying in size protruded up and towards him from it’s maw. At it’s back were six charred wings, still burning like ember. There were no breast, or reproductive organs. It was a monstrocity. An abomination. It took a foreboding step forward. He had never seen anything as frightening as this in his life. His nightmares couldn’t even compete with the malevolence it was giving off. He did the only thing he thought logical in this situation. Kilion ran. He could’ve sworn he heard it laugh. A dark, evil, horrible laugh. Then he fell. Pain riddled his lower body. Looking down he saw the reason for the fall. His legs were four feet in front of him. Before he knew it the beast had him by the throat and lifted him into the air above it’s head. Kilion’s own blood dripping down his neck. It was squeezing too tight for him to speak. Though in all likely hood he would have screamed.

    "You…are my..salvaaatiion…” It said, eyes unblinking. The way it spoke was unnatural. Human tongue wasn’t meant to come out of such things. The last thing Kilion would ever see as a free spirit, was its gaping maw closing over his head; devouring his soul as he vainly tried to beat it with his fist. His entire being was now the demons, and the demons alone.
  3. Raikenzu | 22 Years Old | 5th of Tera, 445, year of the Serpent

    I always wanted to be with her. I couldn't help it to be honest. Everything about her is simply amazing. Her smile, her eyes, the way we laughed at dumb shit all the time. She was one of the few ladies I actually formed a mutal bond with unlike Jennifer. Her eyes captivate the very core of my soul, as if we lived a majority of our past lives together. It's funny because I never thought I would meet a girl that would feel the same way about me. I've liked plenty of women in my life. Though they all pale in comparison. I can't believe we'll be married tomorrow.
    I bought a new sword last week, it's an elven blade; perfect for slicing. I think it will sever tendons quite easily. A scimitar, to be exact. After the battle with the drow six months ago I simply had to learn how to wield it properly. Master Valuzium recommend a mentor for specialised sword training. His name is Azul. I'm going to meet him tomorrow, at the crack of dawn. I wouldn't have agreed had Val not shown me an afterimage of one of his battles. The man is standing there completely still, surrounded by three freaking Orcs! Not just some mundanes, but a chief and his toughest brutes! I'll never understand how he moved so fluidly. In three slashes they were down. All three of their heads rolled off of their bodies. Must've only been five seconds.
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