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  1. I'm reviving a world that was roleplayed briefly on Iwaku about a year+ ago. It ended because I was hospitalized. Only now it will far more in depth.




    Over a hundred=thousand years ago the angelic barrier keeping the mortal plane separate from the demonic lower planes was shattered by a Demon Lord named Nokato Shinjuku. He did this maliciously, and intentionally for his own selfish gains, and out of spite to the angelic beings that passed judgement across all of the known realms. The entrance out of the abyss lead to a very large, very diverse planet simply named "Ebonzia". "Go, show them the wrath of your King." He said to demons of all calibers, and they did just that. The following days, weeks, months, and years were sheer chaos, death, and utter confusion. Whole countries were wiped from the map, and placed under new leadership. Many, many died. Though the species that suffered the worst of the casualties was mankind, for they held the greatest numbers, and most territory. Once Nokato had conquered a sizable amount of the Northern continent, he established a new order in which he would rule. The Order of Six.

    The order of six is made up of Six demonic rulers. They are High King Nokato Shinjuku, High Queen Ein, Demon Lord Abbaddon, Princess Asyria, The nameless, and King Juzatsu. They are some of the strongest, wisest demons in all the realms, and it was with their combined might that they drove back the humans, and clipped the wings of Dragons whom dared to interfere.

    It was only with the arrival of Angels that the bloodshed came to an end, angels whom defied the will of God himself, and intervened in mortal affairs. The leaders of these angels were Raphael, Michael, Ramona, and David. All extremely powerful archangels, and Seraphs capable of deciding whole battles by themselves. It was them who united the races into a temporary unification, and convinced the power hungry demonic High King to halt his expanse. Though by the time this happened sixty years had passed, and almost a third of the known world was occupied by demon forces.

    Only a few still hold the knowledge of these ancient happenings. It is a closely kept secret among the most elite of secret societies.

    "Previously the Human Empire of Ebonzia ruled most of the northern hemisphere, with the Elves and Dwarves bending to their will. This came in the form of unfair trade agreements, laws, and taxes. Whenever the slightest hint of disobedience came from a rival land, punishment was swift. Often times the Emperor would slaughter mass numbers their citizens, as if to send a message. The way of life seemed destined to last forever, but the Ebonzian Empire began to crumble from within. Some speculate it was due to the reckless nature of young emperor Masego Mal'Ik, others say it was the tension between the native Ebon's and Ivo's. Whatever the reasons, soon a terrible, vicious civil war began. This tore apart the empire and killed nearly a million citizens by the fifth year. "

    The Emperor whom had ruled his beloved land for a majority of his life, was now watching it die a slow, painful death. He did everything in his power to quell the rebellion, and stop the internal war, though all to no avail. As a last resort he gathered the most powerful arcane masters in the known land, and sought to summon an unstoppable army from the lower planes. The creatures would come to be known as Orcs, and were far less obedient than he had hoped. The breach of realms was too severe to be repaired and within days thousands of the merciless green beings were rampaging through the capitol city. In a month, the once mighty nation was no more."

    " Though the denizens of Ebonzia didn't know it, something sinister was brewing throughout all of the realms. Since the day the foolish emperor decided to cause a rip in the very fabric that kept the demonic, beastial creatures from the world of man, the lower-plane occupants have been gathering. Another fact that sentient life was utterly unaware of was that Orcs were the low beings on the metaphorical totem pole. Nothing more than pawns for the truly powerful, and cunning to manipulate. The reason only orcs passed through the rift was due to the fact their spiritual essence wasn't truly malevolent. They were a violent species, yes, but purely evil? No."

    "Azreal, a fallen, angelic being capable of genuinely magnificent capablities, had been observing as the events unfolded. Watching, waiting. When things became unfavorable for his entertainment he would intervene. Nothing significant, just a little nudge in the right direction. Perhaps through a dream, or twisted riddle. His existence is unknown to all of this world, however. This fallen played a crucial role in the catastrophic events that were soon to follow."

    "Twenty years later the Orc's were nigh unstoppable, just as the deceased emperor had wanted. The neighboring monarchs were clueless as to how the green savages were desolating opposing, better equipped forces. There had been several captured; and by no means did interrogations give off the impression of intelligence. In fact it was quite the opposite. The truth of the matter was, Azreal, had gifted five Orc's with knowledge beyond what individuals of the same species could even dream. Thier names were Grock, Rigor, Hordin, Zoric, and Protor..."

    The Player :

    This is where you come in. If you wish to play a pre-made character, then you may choose from the unselected NPC(s) listed below. Your choices, given the scale of your actions will directly influence the plot of the story. You can play a leader, or just someone caught up in all this mess, up to you.

    Playable Races:
    (If you would like to add a race to this list, please let me know.)

    I think @SgShallow did a good job at explaining magic.
    • Action Level Magic - is magic stimulated by a single action. It occurs when one uses magic similar to how they would use a weapon. For example, the spell Mind Bolt's execution is similar to how one would shoot an arrow. Most of the magic of Mage-type classes are Action Level Magic, regardless of their power.
    • Battle Level Magic - is magic that can be used to decide the result of a single battle. This magic allows one to decide the fate of himself, his allies and his enemies.
    • Tactical Level Magic - is magic that can affect two to three battles at the same time. Legendary spells cast by a group of Sorcerers is said to belong to this group.
    • Strategic Level Magic - is magic of an even greater scale compared to Tactical Level Magic. This type of magic can have effects that last for days and has the ability to destroy a fortress, tower, or even an entire dungeon.
    • War Level Magic - is magic that is capable of deciding a war.
    • National Level Magic - is magic that is capable of destroying an entire nation.
    • Continental Level Magic - is magic that can affect an entire continent.
    • Global Level Magic - is magic that can decide the existence or fate of a whole world.

    The Rules:

    The usual "No God-mod/meta-gaming."
    Respect each other OOCly
    Post a few sentences at least, if you're able to.
    All fighting is to be done in T-1 (Turn based) unless fighting NPC(s)
    Have fun.
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  2. Sign me up! I didn't have the chance to join last time around, but you can count me in as a mage and tactician/strategist! If it also applies, I'd like to add the Alvs as a playable race.
  3. A'ight. Welcome to the world of Ebonzia.
  4. Ask questions if you wish.
  5. I'm glad to be apart of it.
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  6. My Site Has some other details about the world.
  7. [​IMG]
    Elder Mage of the Council of Magi
    -The elements of nature, infused with his magic.
    -Strong Will.
    -High mana reserves.
    -Yin/Yang control.
    -Strong Mind
    -Intermediate Swordsmanship
    -Short temper.
    -Is weakened by opposing mental attacks.
    -Very few allies.
    General Appearance:
    See picture for reference.
    Rai is most notably known for the many battles, and wars he has ended on his own. Most notably the lycan rebellion, when he mercilessly slaughtered thousands of werewolves attempting to overthrow the capital of Drogma. For his actions in the rebeliion he was harshly criticized, and nearly exiled from the Council of Magi. His history is a long one, for through his mastering of otherworldly magics, he has become an Immortal. His appearence has not changed in over 1,200 years. Currently Rai is seeking to meet with the High King, and Queen of the daemonic empire for reasons unknown.

    To truly understand Rai, which is a difficult enough task on its own, you have to know his past. Rai has seen much triumph, and victory, but has also experienced untold sorrow, and despair. When he was still an apprentice in the Tyberian Mage's Guild, he met a woman that instantly changed his outlook on life forever. Her name Estella Brigantine, and she was as gentle, and as beautiful as a butterfly. Seemingly the complete opposite of Rai. The two would become best friends, then lovers, and eventually soul mates.

    On the eve of their wedding, Estella was taken from him. The apparent cause of her death was an aneurysm in her brain. You see, any normal man would have excepted this answer, but Rai is no normal man. Utilizing ancient, taboo rituals of magic he was able to meet the Shinigami that had taken her soul. In a heated exchange, it was revealed that the reaper had taken her randomly, before it was her time to leave Ebonzia. For every human a Shinigami kills, they receive their remaining life, thus allowing them to lessentially live forever.

    Realizing this, Rai flew into a rage previously unseen. He recklessly engaged the Shinigami in battle. Perhaps if he were thinking clearly he could've bested the reaper, but do to his rash actions he was tricked, and the shinigami escaped leaving him with severe wounds. This event plunged Rai into darkness forever.
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  8. Name: Arathorn


    Alv- Sometimes confused aesthetically with the elves, the alvs are the most attuned to magic out of any of the races. Responsible for some of the earliest known civilizations, the alvs are the only documented species to have individuals capable of Global-Level Magic on their own. After ancient conquests by humans, orcs, and the otherworldly races during a period of their racial history known as the Great Subjugation, the great alvish civilizations fell into ruin. Due to the mass genocide of their people in this time period, many pieces of alvish technology and magic are lost, while the alvs themselves are now the smallest in number among the races, save for vampires and dragons. Many alvs are kept as prize slaves, while others are subject to immense hatred and torture. An alv can be identified by elongated, rounded-point ears as opposed to the sharp ear of an elf, as well as a lean natural physique.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25

    Eye Color: Grey-Blue

    Hair Color: Brown

    Height: 5' 10"

    Build: Lean yet muscular

    Occupation: Mage and Tactician/Strategist


    -Well-versed in swordsmanship
    -Specializations in Astramancy (lightning/energy based magic), Conjuration, Psychic/Telekinetic Magics, Enchantments
    -Some experience in healing magic and potion-making
    -Natural leader
    -Capable of Global-Level Magic (not consciously aware of this)


    -Slightly paranoid

    General Appearance:



    -Being Forgotten
    -Losing what's left of the alvish culture and magic
    -Being enslaved


    Arathorn was born to a group of alvish researchers on Vespia, where some of the more intact ancient ruins lie. His father, a mage, trained him in the basics of magic as he grew up until his parents were killed by a plague when he was eight years old. After that, the alv child began to wander about Vespia until he was taken in by a mercenary company known as the Seekers. Led by a ruthless human commander named Ezekiel, Arathorn was brought into the Seekers and trained as one of their own from a young age. With training from their mages and swordsman, the alv's natural intelligence eventually led to him being trained as the company's tactician and strategist. In time, Ezekiel's lack of morality led to the Seekers being hired to raid peasant towns and villages that had nothing to give. Appalled, Arathorn took all of his gear and left the Seekers, looking to make his own way as a mercenary and tactician.​
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  9. Wonderful sheet. Accepted. I'm going to post important events that happened in the previous RP.
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  10. i'm interested in this, if you're still accepting members!
    I'll start working on a character soon.

    EDIT: i went ahead and posted a character! let me know if he's okay !! D:
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  11. Cian Tallesin, The Shining Song, Lord of White Sands
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Class: Song-Knight, Paladin
    Eyes: Grey-Purple
    Hair: Brown
    Height: 5'10
    Magic: Cian is gifted in magic, but only when his patron sees fit to bestow power upon him. For this reason, he is reliant on preparing sacrifices for what his people call Dewydd - the Archangel David. Provided that Cian prepares a sacrifice of a living, domestic creature and cooks the meat, he can call upon the following abilities, within the Action and Battle subsets. Cian is capable of limited levels of healing, providing an aura of divine, righteous fury, and going into a holy rage. His sword is also capable of channeling the divine magic of Dewydd, particularly against enemies of the Faith. However, the angel's smite comes with a heavy price - and Cian ends up paying a bloody price for overextending himself with magic. He is also capable of using his namesake - the Shining Song. However, this has limited combat benefit, as it is only capable of providing fog, rain, or clear skies to a small area. The Song cannot be practiced without a sacrifice.
    Strengths: Heavy Armor, Swordsmanship, Divine Favour, Limited Magic, Lordship and its trappings.
    Weakness: Bloody, Circumstantial Magic, Strict Moral Code, Violent Temperaments and Mood Swings, Limited Self Control. His abilities only apply to the demonic host, and are largely useless against fellow humans.
    Fears: Cian is often conflicted about his morality - and thus, overcompensates for his doubts by aggressively enforcing his morals. He fears rebellion by his subjects, and abandonment by his patron.

    Deep within Cathar, there was a small cove. In this cove, there is a castle that overlooks the white sands. This region, the Mórgwnystrad (the White Bay in the common tongue) is where The Shining Song was born. He was born the only son of Lady Melsuine and The Black Lord, baptismal name Duywll. Melsuine was a strange woman, and a legend became attached to her. The story goes that Duywll had gone fishing with his courtiers, but being a young man, had gone off on his own. He sailed out of the cove, towards one of the great inlet stones that rose out of the water. When he returned to his fishing party, he had a woman in his arms, of unearthly beauty and grace. Her shimmering hair was the colour of starlight, or so the bards claimed, and she had bright violet eyes. Duwyll behaved like a man bewitched around her, and insisted on marrying her on the spot. His father, Henno Longtooth, rejected the marriage, so Duwyll strangled him with a fishing line. There were no further complaints about the marriage.
    Melsuine bore Duwyll four beautiful daughters, each lovelier than the last. They were named Rhiana, Cwym, Glynna, Dyaeffryn. However, the Lady's behaviour was strange. She always left Mass before the Annointment, and took the daughters with her. On one such occasion, The Black Lord became curious about her behaviour, and asked a trusted knight to follow her. The knight followed her from the Mass, and watched as she sunk into the water of the cove, taking her daughters down into the deep with her. The knight watched, horrified, as they took on terrible, inhuman qualities; too many fins, teeth, and eyes. He rushed back to report this to Duwyll, who alerted the local Bishop. The Bishop Dewynn believed that the Black Lord had married a demon, but Duywll was unwilling to part with his beloved Melsuine or his beautiful daughters - especially since Melsuine was pregnant. The Bishop offered that perhaps ti would be possible for him to perform an exorcism that would excise the demonic taint from the daughters, but at the cost of Melsuine's life.
    Under pressure from his knightly retinue, and the horrified, religious small-folk, The Black Lord went through with the ritual, but demanded that the Bishop save his unborn child. If Dewynn was unable to do so, he would find himself at the bottom of the sea, along with all the demons that dwelled there. But the night before the ritual, Melsuine went into labour. The child that she gave birth to, the boy who would become The Shining Song, was not born right. He was not as beautiful as her daughters, nor was he as healthy - the Bishop suspected that he would succumb to fever or cradle-cough before his first week of life. Duwyll, disgusted with the Bishop's negativity, and fearful for his child, took comfort with his wife. Melsuine learned of what her husband had planned for her, and for her daughters from a tearful confession. She, according to the legends, lay with her Lord one last time, before snatching her children, transforming into a dragon, and flying into he sea.
    The Black Lord's lands fell into disarray, and he fell into grief. Bishop Dewynn was tasked with the raising of Cian. The first thing that the Bishop did was perform a through exorcism of the boy, for fear that his mothers' demonic taint had seeped into him. Without his mother for the sacrifice, Dewynn baptized Cian in lamb-blood, and burnt the lamb's feet in dedication to the Angel Dewdd and their God. Cian was then entered into the Bishop's monastic church, the Abereth Abbey. While cloistered, Cian learned about the Faith and was by all counts a perfectly normal, studious boy. However, when he turned 12, he began to engage in behaviours that Dewynn could not reconcile. One evening, when Cian had been left to study in the library, Dewynn found him standing over the body of another acolyte. Cian had slit his throat with a quill-nib. The horrified bishop had sent Cian back to the castle, and the care of his father - claiming that there was no more that he could do for him.
    When Cian returned to his father's castle, he found that the Black Lord had let his kingdom run into disrepair. He was taxing his small-folk for more and more lavish ways to stay inside his castle, and never leave. The loss of his wife and daughters had weighed heavily on him for twelve years, and even the sight of his son was not enough to pull him from his depression. Cian, neglected by his father, flung himself into the process of achieving a Knighthood and becoming a competent warrior and well-respected knight. By age seventeen, Cian was competing in tournaments and slaying monsters in the name of Mórgwnystrad and the Tallesin family.
    At one such tournament, Cian laid eyes on an older, but still graceful, woman in the crowd. She wore a beautiful gown imported from the far reaches of the world, and her long, pale neck was covered in pearls and opals. But the clothes did not outweigh her own, unusual loveliness She had shimmering silver hair and lavender eyes. With her were four ladies, each dressed in the finest clothes who looked exactly like her, but appeared closer to Cian's own age. Cian knew that he had to speak with her, and when he gave his favour in the tournament - he crowned her as his Lady; the Queen of Salt and Sea. He won the tournament, and all observers claimed they had never seen a knight as worthy as Cian. He placed a crown of seashells upon his Lady's brow - and she looked long at him. He felt his heart fill to bursting ; he was certain he was in love with her. He begged the Lady to tell him her name. She told him that she would tell him if he came with her across the sea, to a rock in the middle of the cove. Cian, overcome with love, agreed.
    They rode away together in a silver boat, carved in the shape of a sea-serpent. The four ladies rode with them, and never said a word to Cian. But they did sing - a beautiful, entrancing song. They taught him to sing it as well, and just as he learned it, they arrived at the rock. The four ladies unclasped the Queen of Salt and Sea's foreign gowns, and let her stand naked before Cian. Cian was unable to restrain himself, and slated his lustiness on her. She smiled, as he rolled off of her, and whispered her name; Melsuine. Cian was horrified at what he had done - the realization that he had slept with his mother.
    He slapped her hard against the mouth, and when her blood poured from her mouth it was not red; but a deep, deep black. Cian drew his sword, and called upon Dewdd to forgive him for his sins. Tears rolled from his cheeks, and where they fell against the metal of his blade, the steel shimmered with a bright, silver light. The four daughters began to sing their song again, and a storm began to brew above them. Lightning forked down on the ground and Melsuine's true form was revealed - a pulsating mass of teeth, eyes, and sea-creatures. She lashed at him, but Cian responded with a shining sword, and the pslams of his God ringing in his heart. His sword left smoking marks wherever it hit her. Eventually, her monstrous features faded away, revealing a broken, ugly, old woman, with only a few teeth in her mouth and warts all over her naked body. Her last words, before he slit her throat, were; "My son."
    The next morning, Cian sailed across the water, and sang his sisters' song, to give him fair weather. His sisters were tied to the sides of the ship, their mouths bloody and gurgling; he had cut out their tongues to stop their singing. He marched to his father's throne, and flung his elder sisters at the Black Lord's feet. He explained all that had transpired, and Bishop Dewynn and Duwyll listened with baited breath. When Cian had finished, the Black Lord rose from his throne, and pulled his coral crown from his head. He set it on Cian's head, and pulled his daughters to their feet. He confessed to heresy and witchcraft - as if compelled. He demanded that he be punished for his sins. Cian looked to Bishop Dewynn, who agreed that some punishment must be enacted. The Bishop did not expect Cian to enact the ancient Mórgwnystraden punishment. He held his father, and his sisters, under the water, until they could no longer breathe, and their bodies bloated with salt.
    The unpopular Black Lord was dead, as were his evil daughters. Cian sang the song every morning, and weaved in psalms and religious prayer, heralding in the new day with the magic of Faith and the magic of the Sea. He sacrificed a sheep every morning, in recognition of the favours that Dewdd had granted him. Many people believed that it was this sacrifice that gave him his powers; and what powers they were! The song brought prosperity to his people, put food in their bellies, and hid them from trouble. For four years, Cian, the Shining Song, had ushered in a Golden Age for Mórgwnystrad.
    But all good things must come to an end. The song could not stop the demons from the sea forever. They rose from the waves, and began to consume Mórgwnystrad, devouring the small folk and knights alike. Cian's armies, his faith, and his Song could not hold back the full force of the sea-born demonic horde. So, for the first time in Mórgwnystrad's history, they did not take to boats, but to their feet. They abandoned the White Sands, led by the Shining Song, in the hopes of finding salvation amongst their allies. But the longer they traveled, the more paranoid Cian became, of demons lurking in their midst, and his fear that he was leading them to their death grew alongside it. Cian prayed to Dewdd for guidance.
    The next day, when Bishop Dewynn came to his tent to rouse him - Cian was gone. His only goodbye was a note, in which he explained he had a divine revelation. A revelation where he would be the one to stop the demonic threat. He was chosen.
    Or so the legend goes.
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  12. Epic story. You're in. I'm going to create the thread, anyone else can just join after we start.
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  13. Awesome, thanks! I can't wait to get started. :)
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  14. You created two IC threads.
  15. Shit. Fml.
  16. I'm a little perplexed as to which of the three or so presented scenes I'm supposed to be responding to. Where would you like our characters to begin? Who should we be interacting with?
  17. I'll join back in. Been itching to get back into the Rp scene. I'll write up a character to jump in with.
  18. I am back.
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