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    Seloca-- a country covered in mountains and rocky roads and known for its Dragon-types. The people have adapted to the new region's atmosphere, growing hardy and tough to brave the cold winds that gnaw at the north and the dark seas that strike against the southern coasts. Pokemon and humans work together to get by in life; some travel a path to become gym leaders or champions of Seloca while others decide to live a calm life at home.

    The nation's police force work together with the Blades of Seloca, a group similar to the secret police, in order to get rid of the scum of the country. The people of the land trust the Blades as much as their own police; children even dream of joining their force when they grow older. Even though they are extremely relied on, everyone thinks about what goes on behind their curtains. Though they are trusted, everyone admits that they seem to be more than meets the eye.

    In this roleplay, you will be a trainer to fight your way to the top. Or maybe you will be part of the Blades {PM me if you want to!}? Maybe you decide to become a researcher or a con-artist? It is your choice. But you will suffer the consequences if you make the wrong choices...

    OOC IS UP!

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  2. Saw the other Interest check earlier and I like this idea.
  3. Alright, I think I like it. I'll take part. :)
  4. Yay! Hope you guys choose to stay!
  5. Still interested, thinking about locking myself into your roster of players. I'm tempted to shove my already created trainer OC in there, but I think I'll start looking for pictures of other potential characters. I've used my sly little girly-man in way too much Pokemon stuff as it is. Also, the visual references I've drawn suck, heh.

    By the way, are you gonna throw up a character sheet in here, or are you gonna wait until you've got a certain number of people interested to start an OOC thread?
  6. Depends. Would you guys like a form now? :3

    Also, I hope you guys decide to stay~
  7. Yes to the question and I don't have anything better to do so I don't think I'll be leaving any time soon.
  8. Alright, lemme go ahead and make a form. I'll put it up when it's done. :3
  9. Username:


    Age: [20+]


    Allegiance: [Trainer, Researcher, Blades, etc?]

    Pokemon: [You may start off with only two low leveled Pokemon unless you have a good reason not to. Include any nicknames, species, genders, and movesets.]

    Appearance: [Anime pictures only, please!]


    Biography: [Can be short!]

    Other: [Insert your character’s catchphrase!]
  10. Yeah, I think I'm going to stick around for this too. I like Pokemon and the idea of making it less PG. Considering a ton of the people who keep up with Pokemon stuff are folks who grew up with R/B/Y, I think the series would benefit from a more mature version of the show/games.
  11. I know. This will be much more fun. :3

    Anyway, if anyone wants to join the Blades, please PM me to discuss it.
  12. So my Character Sheet is almost finished, I'm still wrestling with minor details. Can we expect a OOC or IC or both soon, I'm not entirely familiar with the etiquette of this forum yet so if that's not usually how something like this works I would love to know.
  13. I'll get one up once we get more interest. :3​
  14. I'd be interested in this as well! I love the idea of a less PG pokemon RP. Now I just have to see which of my characters would fit best
  15. Gonna write up a thing today or tomorrow. How many players are you trying to get, anyway?
  16. Maybe two or three more~
  17. Good to see your limit is under the double digits. Too many players can make it a little hectic.
  18. That's true. :c
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