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      War has come to the system between the UN Coalition of Earth and the Republic of Mars. In the midst of the fighting, the breadbasket of the outer planets was destroyed, leaving the countless asteroid stations and habitation centers beyond the Belt without a chain of supply. Everything on a space station is controlled and measured. Food. Water. Air. The air supply was restricted when the war started. The water when ice miners were accused of housing UN or Martian troops. The food when the breadbasket fell. Left out of supply like this, a station's lifespan reaches from indefinitely to little over a month... And luckily for you, you inhabit such a station.


      Ever since the latter half of the 23rd century, Vesta has been a station vital to trade between the core worlds and the outer ones. As such, its entire infrastructure was dedicated to housing ships, storing trade goods, and processing transactions. Whereas stations like the asteroid Pallas or the moon Luna provide their own food and water, Vesta eschewed such trades in favor of pure economics.

      Built into the asteroid of the same name, Vesta juts out of the cold rock to form several external airlocks for ships of all shapes and sizes - there is hardly a day that goes by when these docks are not filled to the brim. Though from the outside the station appears to be a handful of large docks, Vesta extends well into the asteroid in an intricate network of tunnels, causeways, and catwalks. It is a crammed existence for the majority of the populace, and with 300 million people inhabiting the station, most own a space barely larger than 18.5 square meters.

      Water and air are recycled for as long as possible, though few ever truly experience fresh air or running hot water. An artificial sky-light and sun operate in several areas of Vesta's underground, providing a portion of its people the illusion of living planet-side. This is more, in truth, for the visitors and business contracts from the core planets than it is for the generally anti-Earther sentiment that most natural-born Pioneers hold.

      Gravity on Vesta is a light .33 G, one third that of Earth. In the beginning, providing asteroid stations with non-acceleration gravity was preposterous, but eventually (through years of planning, trial and error, and mostly luck) the rock was sent into an orbit that allowed for a livable amount of gravity. Earthers find the low pull uncomfortable, but Pioneers, having been born and raised in it, function without a problem. Since its orbital spin does not follow and planetary time, time on Vesta is a self-made construct that loosely follows Earth's time table with 20 hours in a day and seven days a week. In actual Earth time, a full orbit of Vesta takes roughly 2.5 Earth years (from its former 3.6 years).​


      "sciSoft was damn proud when they put Vesta into orbit. They're still bragging about it today, but they sure have a knack for doing the impossible. Just don't expect it done in less than a decade."


      "Earther" is the general term for any planet-born individual, regardless of the planet. They are, in comparison to Pioneers, squat and muscular. Most come to the outer stations for work or to get away from the 'civilized' world. On Vesta, Earthers are a minority of the permanent population at around 10%, though more may be seen in between shipping runs, on business deals, or working security operations for the corporate-owned station.

      Individuals from Mars specifically are often part of the Martian navy at one point or another, with very little keeping them on their in-transition planet after leaving the forces. As such, most permanent Earthers on Vesta come from the red planet.

      Earthers are met with harsh resistance on any Pioneer-owned station, as Earth and Mars consider the outer worlds to be their backyard. The individuals who remain on Vesta for long quickly learn to band together with fellow Earthers to create a certain level of security. These sub communities often dot the levels closest to the ports as to remain nearest to the station's security forces (who are predominantly Pioneers regardless). With the current suffering caused by an Earther's war, the general public opinion is at an all time low.
      A "Pioneer" was originally any individual who could trace his or her roots to the original settlers of the outer planets or the Belt. Now, a Pioneer is any individual who has been raised in lower gravity (be it on traveling ships, stations, or otherwise). As a result of an upbringing in a lower field of gravity, a Pioneer grows to be tall and slender with an affinity for navigating through lower gravity as an Earther might plain, planet-bound open ground. They are the natives of stations like Vesta and Pallas, even if these stations are often held by planetary corporations.

      Pioneers from the stations orbiting Jupiter and Saturn are often held in higher standings than those from the Belt due to their industrial prowess: the so-called Martian warships (currently the most powerful vessels on the playing field) are built on Pioneer-operated stations. A few of these Pioneers, either out of work or wishing to start their own mechanical-related businesses, reside in Vesta.

      Most station inhabitants view the Earthers as inferior due to their self-assurance in everything. A Pioneer's station is a fragile environment, where everything must be carefully measured and controlled. Earth, Mars, and Venus all produce their own air. Water falls from the sky for them. Food grows in soil in mass amounts. Nothing about an Earther's life seems difficult to a Pioneer, and so their attitudes towards them reflect this view.

      "Everything is given to you. The air, the rain, the food. You see us and you see a people you consider to be inhuman. Abnormal. Yet despite this you insist you must rule us from your ivory tower. To you, we may share a species name, but we are far from the same. So long as we are viewed as separate peoples under one rule, we cannot function as the same species."

      The general goal here is to have this be as driven by the characters as possible. This RP will have a lot to do with futility and death and there is a very real possibility that few (or no one) will survive to this RP's completion. As said above, a space station left like this without supplies possess about a month and some change in time, and this time crunch will be in place. Riots will happen. Parts of the station will be damaged. That time may be cut short depending on your actions, it may be extended, but there will be an end one way or the other.


      Written required, image optional. Link credit with images. Most people are a nondescript tan color due to the wildly varied gene pool, Pioneers especially.
      -Annual Income (UN Dollars): 1 UN Dollar is worth roughly 1.33 USD today.
      You may possess one major trait. This represents your character's general role.

      Whether it be on a mining vessel, aboard a mighty warship, or in one clinic or another, you have learned the skill of healing people.
      You have a real knack with machines. If you take this trait, you must specify what you are good at repairing (weapons, appliances, ships, etc.). Further specializations may be 'purchased' with minor traits.
      You are part of sciSoft's trained and armed peacekeeper force! You are given standard-issue gear, a stable job, and a prepaid place to live. This, of course, comes with the responsibilities of the job.
      You're just the average, every-day individual trying to make it out in the real world. Though you don't gain any real benefits, you do get one more minor trait than normal.

      You may possess three minor traits (four if a civilian). These represent broad skill categories. You may include one custom trait that counts towards your total (this, too, is subject to my discretion - make it fit in terms of power with the others).

      You may designate another type of mechanical work you are skilled with. Alternatively, you may be skilled at repairing complex structures (reactors, engines, station systems) at the cost of two trait points.
      Earther only. Character must be 25 or older. You served in the UN Coalition marine corps or the Martian Marines for enough time to make a difference! You know how to function well in low gravity, follow orders, and use firearms. Note: You are not currently a marine.
      Character must be 25 or older. You were on an asteroid or ice miner for quite some time and learned a thing or two about how to operate mining equipment and basic hull repairs.
      Requires Military Background or Miner Background. You learned how to sail the stars, and even though you don't own a ship you can call your own, you know how they fly. You must specify who employed you to fly and what type of ship you flew.

      Your childhood saw either numerous fights with siblings, bigger kids, or whatever you could get within arms' reach. Now, that irregular training has paid off and you are skilled in dirty fighting and using your hands to do some harm.
      Character must be 21 or older. You went through the red-tape hassle that is earning an official gun licence. You may own and operate a firearm within the realm of the law. This applies to pistols only.
      You know a guy. He can be anyone from a local food producer to a drug dealer. Remember that contacts are normal people, too, and may disappear throughout play. You may take two contacts per point spent; you may take this trait more than once.
      Medic Major Trait Only. You served as a medic in some official capacity on board one ship or another. This trait will allow you to start with a comprehensive first aid kit and your skills range beyond that of scrapes, cuts, bruises, and minor injuries: you can be relied upon to treat gun wounds, for example.

      Pioneer Only. You really know how to get the most out of your gear and equipment after having lived a life of poverty. Any possessions you begin with are well-kept and in working condition and you can even attempt minor repairs.
      Pioneer Only. Life on the street was hard for you. You were probably the result of a 'squeezer' birth or some other awful circumstance. You know how to find food, navigate airway chutes, and can point out the best places to lay low.
      You've spent your life selling something. Food, drugs, toothbrushes. Whatever it is, you've made a living off of it. You start play with a place to live and your shop and may take a single contact to begin with. Earth alternative. Worth two points: You work for an official company and gain the above traits plus a nicer place to live.
      Character must be 30 or older. Earther only. Civilian only. Worth three trait points. You are someone of influence, but you aren't one of the top dogs on Earth or Mars (otherwise you'd be there and not here). Your apartment is in the loftier districts of the station and you may take a single contact. Your starting wealth is also worth noting, and the food you eat is 'real'.


      1. No godmoding - this is pretty simple, but remember that your actions outside of combat also have very real, very harrowing consequences. One wrong decision and you may start a cascade of actions that will lead to your death.

      2. Ability to post once a week with the necessary content to propel the story. If you have a scene with lots of dialogue or action, you must use a collaborative post to save time and space. This helps the thread keep clean and consistent while doing in one post what five or six could.

      3. All characters are subject to my discretion, but I will always tell you why a character has been denied - my goal isn't to keep anyone from joining and I'm willing to help you sort out any issues you may have.

      4. If you have more than one character, I expect you to be able to keep up with more than one character.

      5. Character death is a very real possibility. My role will be less as a character and more as the GM in this RP, and while my goal isn't to outright kill you, your decisions can result in not only your death, but the deaths of others.

      6. Be active! No one wants a character that sits around without contributing - the plot is in as much your hands as it is mine.

    • Oswin Juenva Jones - A full-time delivery worker dreaming of becoming a pilot some day

      Nicholas Green - Once a marine, now a medic aboard Vesta

      Charlotte Burns - Legalized prostitute and underground contact

      Naomi Palmer - Self-centered, 'righteous' child of a rich family come to help Vesta and make a quick profit in the process

      William O'Leary - Gruff, no-nonsense, with one hell of a short temper

      Lynne Garnet - Part-time medical assistant under Green's guidance

      Ciel Portia Presley - Peacekeeper with a reputation on the line

      Eliana Delores-Presley - A grungy mechanic just trying to make it in the limited world that is Vesta
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  1. That is pretty cool trait system. Mind if I made a cs?
  2. Go for it.
  3. Ill have one up by tonight then, I have work in a few minutes and won't be back till late. GIves me plenty of time to come up with a character xD
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    NAME: Blake Hendrix
    Sex: Male
    -Age: 32
    Written required, image optional. Link credit with images. Most people are a nondescript tan color due to the wildly varied gene pool, Pioneers especially.
    OCCUPATION: Shop Owner
    -Annual Income (UN Dollars): 60,000

    major- Civillian

    minor- Military Background, Merchant(Nicotine), Contact (Food Producer, Medicine), Brawler

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  5. Hello hello I am here.

    I am working on a CS.
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  6. I would love to join this. Would like to ask for a bit more detail on major and minor traits, though.

    What does the mechanic build? Are there different classes of mechanic, like some build warships while others just try to keep the station running?

    Are peacekeepers strictly ambassadors or do they try to keep order inside the station as well like mayors or police?

    What is the mechanic bonus? And what does contact mean? Is brawler like an underground fighting circuit, or do they just have short tempers?
  7. Mechanic as the major trait is something like ship hulls, basic robotics, so forth. Given enough time and resources, you can do a lot with your given field. The extra one for complex systems is for reactors, major systems, advanced robotics, and ultimately makes you do your basics faster. I think a better system for that is trial and error of what works - not trying to limit you, just give a guideline.

    Peacekeeper is the nice, official term for sciSoft corporate police.

    Mechanic bonus lets you wide your knowledge of mechanics, the higher level doing the aforementioned skill increase. A contact is an NPC that owes you favors or gets along with you. Brawlers are just people who can fight with their fists well.
  8. Okay. Was just curious.

    NAME: Oswin Juenva Jones (friends call her Ozzy)
    -Sex: female
    -Age: 26
    -Appearance: Long dark hair, dark green-brown eyes, tan skin. Standing at about 6'2", she has a slim, streamlined build.

    Package runner (mail system, basically).
    -Annual Income (UN Dollars): 52,000 UND

    Major -

    Minor -
    Pilot (best damn one in the system, if you give her a ship)
    Contact (Caleb Jury: her most traveled gossip. Works in the kitchens of a popular military eatery.
    Marci Malundabay: secretary for one of the big companies.)

    What about bio? I have a history in mind for my character.
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  9. So, you get two NPCs with a point in contact. Also, please note who they are!

    I would rather leave the bio blank. No need to know too much from the get-go, but if it's necessary, go ahead and PM me.
  10. Some NPCs/PCs worth mentioning on my end:

    NAME: Nicholas Green
    -Sex: M
    -Age: 33
    -Appearance: Green stands at an even six feet of height. His build is squat and muscular. A well-defined face, covered in a sprawling beard of blonde hair, sits atop wide shoulders. Small, beady brown eyes rest beneath a bushy set of eyebrows. Massive arms end in equally massive hands, easily well larger than any one man's face. His teeth are clearly synthetic with a low, metallic sheen that originally mimicked the shade of teeth but, when left to wear, faded to their core components.
    OCCUPATION: Freelance medic/physician
    -Annual Income (UN Dollars): 60,000 UND
    Medical Training
    Military Background - Nicholas Green was enlisted in the Martian Marines from when he was nineteen to when he was twenty eight. He was granted a dishonorable discharge for ending his enlistment two years early, but that didn't take away his training.

    Gun Licence - Green owns a small, .45 pistol under the full extent of the law. Though bulkier than what the marines use, it's the closest he can find to the feel of his old standard-issue firearm.

    Medical Officer - In the marine corps., Green was his squad's official medic. Though by no means a surgeon or skilled doctor, he can keep gun wounds sterile, cuts from bleeding profusely, and bruises from turning ugly.

    NAME: Charlotte Burns
    -Sex: F
    -Age: 28
    -Appearance: Charlotte, Charlie, is a slender being. So much so, most have mistaken her for a Pioneer despite being a foot too short. Her skin is a dark shade of nut-brown and her head is topped by a long braid of sleek black hair. A subtle nose and slight brow make her stand out as much as any other individual. Her face is that of thousands of others upon the station. The only mark that makes the woman stand out is a thin, pale scar that lies beneath her eye and runs horizontal across her cheek.
    OCCUPATION: Licensed and registered prostitute.
    -Annual Income (UN Dollars): Variable.
    Brawler - Charlie's childhood saw several fights on the crowded streets of Earth's cities. Though she was never really a part of any of those fights, she learned the ways of fighting dirty through witnessing it.

    Contact - Two long-time contracts, one a peacekeeper, the other a low-key politician.

    Contact - Her employer and a merchant.

    Merchant (Zen, drug) - To supplement her sometimes low income, Charlie took up selling a low-end drug, Zen, in the black market. Her supplier, a Pioneer-born cook working on the lower levels of the station, hardly comes up with any information other than the contents of his own supply.

    NAME: Naomi Palmer
    -Sex: F
    -Age: 24
    -Appearance: Naomi Palmer is short, even for an earther, standing at an even five feet. She has a look of eternal youth about her, the result of several genetic and cosmetic surgeries in Venus-founded medical centers. Her skin is pale from a lack of exposure to sunlight, ad her hair has been altered to be a permanent shade of red. Palmer's build is non-existent, her entire posture speaking of delicacy and a life of comfort from her curving form to her soft hair.
    OCCUPATION: Humanitarian worker; logistics officer aboard the Bernadette.
    -Annual Income (UN Dollars):
    NA; she lives off her parents' income.

    I'll add more as they come up.
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  11. Um...anyone else joining? Seriously, this reads like a lot of the good sci-fi I've read, so we need more people.
  12. It'll be slow to start up. Last RP I ran took about a month to get a group of five people. In the meantime, we can plan out details we'd like to see as the story unfolds.
  13. Yeah. When I opened an RP a while back it took a while to get players too. Just eager, I guess.

    Well, I wanted to have my character change from just a mail girl to a full-blown pilot. I want mine to grow. Maybe we all try to mend ties between Vesta and the planets?
  14. Vesta isn't exactly an enemy of the planets, it just got screwed over by luck. The other stations have an official affiliation to Mars or Earth, and since those planets are at war and willing to do whatever they want to win, they destroyed chains of supply essential to Vesta's survival. Air, which can only be made on planets, is going to warships. The food supply stations in space have been destroyed to complicate military chain of supplies, which in turn harms the stations, and asteroid and ice miners are being marked for undercover troop transports.

    That said, this isn't so much about the war as it is those who are surviving it not as soldiers. The people harmed (directly or not) by its course.
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  15. I'm still lurking about, working on my CS. Might have it up today.
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  16. @J_"Kraken" okay. So Oswin is just on her own journey then, and so is everyone else. I assume we'll all be interacting in some way.
  17. Maybe, maybe not. Like I said, I'll be much more of a GM than a fellow character.
  18. Hello hello!! This seems so interesting~

    Lynne Garnet
    -sex: female
    -Age: 19
    As a pioneer, she stands at a tall 6'3". Her skin is a dark tan, her hair contrasting with a sandy blonde color, usually styled into pigtails. She has wide dark brown eyes, that make her always look surprised, and thick dark eyebrows. She has long limbs and fingers, though most of her features are pretty rounded, leaving little intimidation in her appearance. She has a large black scar on the bottom left side of her face, and a tattoo of a spade on her shoulder.
    OCCUPATION: Med Student/Daughter of a shop owner
    -Annual Income (UN Dollars): ~45,000
    Medical Training

    Mechanic Bonus--
    Lynne grew up fixing the appliances, computers, and anything else important to the life of their family store. She isn't an expert, but she knows more than the average and can be pretty helpful.

    Medical Officer--
    When she was 16, she got the opportunity to board another ship on a year long passage as an assisstant medic, in order to increase her knowledge of medicine.

    Growing up in a shop, she had to learn something merchant worthy. She wouldn't say she could sell every single thing on the planet, but she has some skill.

    My Special Contact:

    NAME: Chris Wolff
    -Sex: male
    -Age: 37
    -Appearance: He's about a head or two shorter than Lynne, and packs on muscle like nobody's business. He has wispy black hair, and a thick beard. His eyes are a bright sparkling green, and a large smile usually covers his face. His body is covered in numerous tattoos, reaching all the way up to his neck.

    OCCUPATION: Merchant/Supplier
    -Annual Income (UN Dollars): 92,000 UN
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  19. Accepted! Also, add an 's' before 'tabs' in the BB code. That one caught me the first time I used it as well. And as a merchant, you get to have a single contact, too.