Left in the Shadows

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  1. It's here on Earth that she was born. Did anyone know? Her parents did, but they tried to kill her. They failed, killing themselves instead. She was born with snow white hair, blue eyes, and a child-like personality. She knows no wrong. She is not human though..her anger flares revealed that. She is otherworldly.. She is attending her last day on her first week at middle school.

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    Ailee walked down the halls, her black blanket pulled over her face, hiding her blurry, teared up eyes. Another teacher had smacked her, the red mark visible on her arm. She kept her head down and stayed to the shadows, but she still bumped someone.
  2. "Ouch!" The someone winced, falling on his toosh. He was a blonde boy, with crystal blue eyes. He was gorgeous. "Oh, I'm sorry m'lady, are you alright?" He asked, and stood back up. He looked at her arm, and gasped. "Did I do that? I didn't mean to hurt a maiden," he said softly.
  3. Ailee looked terrified. "N-n-no..I mean..well.." She paused, regaining her voice. "I'm f-f-fine..no you d-d-didn't hurt me.." She pulled the blanket tightly around her head. "I-I-I'm sorry for b-b-bumping you.." Tears threatened to spill over, she ducked her head.
  4. Will smiled kindly. "Don't be afraid, young princess~?"
  5. Ailee closed her eyes. He's going to hate me.. "I-I'm Ai-Ailee." She opened her eyes and hid under the small blanket which was makeshifted into a hood. They all hate me when they know the truth.. That's what she'd always been told, why she never got along with anyone.
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  6. Liam was walking in the halls of the school, bored and irritated. "Liam!" a woman yelled, he stopped and closed his eyes "Crap...." And she caught up "Can you come to the dance with me?" She asked him and wiggled herself. He smiled "I-I'll think about it." And walked off. Liam was the most popular guy in school, some tried to mess with him but learned not to do so rather very quickly. He saw two people talking but a guy bumped right into her on purpose, he bumped into her so hard she nearly feel. Liam caught her and held her in his arms before she feel completely, "Hey!!!" He said as he laid her in her feet and grabbed the big guy and slammed him against the locker "Watch where you're going! Now apologize to her....NOW!!!" He said and the guy started shaking and stuttered "S-S-S-Sorry, A-A-Ailee.." Liam let the huge guy go and he ran like a baby. He turned to Ailee and set his hand on her shoulder "Hey, you ok?" He said, but her face was covered and he kneeled to look at her face and saw a red mark on her and tears "What the...who hit you?" He said to her.
  7. Ailee's eyes where filled whith fear. "It-n-n-it's noth-thing." She stammered, pulling the blanket tighter around her. She moved back a little.
  8. He grabbed her before she got any further, "I'm not going to hurry you, I promise. You don't need to fear me." He said and touched her arm and reached for her hooded blanket to uncover her face "Let me see. You can trust me." But stopped and looked around and looked at the guy "Go back to your class." And held Ailees hand and jogged to a sheltered place, it was in between and then under the stairs and looked at her "Trust me, I won't hurt you. No one is going to see us. Promise." He said and started to reach for her face.
  9. Ailee froze when he reached for the blanket. She didn't know how to react, so she ducked. When he pulled her over to the hidden alcove she felt a little calmer, but only slightly. If he finds out.. It'll only be him.. She pulled the blanket gently off her head, letting it drape around her shoulders. Her white hair was a stark contrast against the black blanket, but matched the color of her dress perfectly. Her crystal blue eyes scanned Liam's face for any sign of fear. maybe he doesn't know.. she thought. She felt her hand grow warm and she wrapped it gently in the blanket, the movement going by unnoticed.
  10. Liam stepped back a bit and looked at her and scanned her, she was beautiful but he knew exactly who she was "Your....oh my god...I can't believe I'm meeting you." He said as his eyes widened "I know who you are and don't worry I'm not going to run. I promise." He said as he set his hand on her shoulder and smiled "Now lets look at your red mark. Wow, must've hit you hard." He said as he was touching her face gently. He left for a split second and got a rag and gotten it wet and came back and set it on her face gently and moved it to clean the mark and her tears softly. "Don't be afraid of me. Ok?"
  11. Ailee held the blanket like a wall around her when he said he recognized her. She winced a little as he set the cloth on the spot where she had been hit. "Y-you're n-not sc-scared?" She asked him quietly. No one had ever recognized her and not freaked out. "A-and y-y-you know?"
  12. He chuckled and shook his head "No no, I'm not. I've actually wanted to meet you." He said and looked at her with his sky blue grey eyes, "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you, ok?" He said as he finished cleaning get face.
  13. Ailee blinked several times, but nodded. She felt as if her brain had just been wiped clear. Without thinking, she shot forward, hugging Liam and burying her face in his shirt. She had no idea what made her do that, but her blanket slid off her shoulder, revealing the small black dragon mark on her shoulder, sealing the deal.
  14. He kind of jumped as she shoot forward and hugged him. He was shocked on what just happened, she had her face buried in him, her arms around him. He Sid their for a brief second and then he wrapped his arms around get and held her in his arms. He saw the black dragon mark on her shoulder and smiled and thought 'This is going to be interesting.'
  15. After realizing what she did, Ailee sat up. "I-I'm sorry.. I j-just had to.. You're the f-first person who h-hasn't run." She said softly, pulling the blanket back up on her shoulders and not realizing he'd seen the mark of the dragon.
  16. He chuckled "It's fine, don't worry." He said. He looked at Ailee and set his hand on her shoulder where the Dragon was on and looked at her, "You don't need too hide it." He said as he looked into her eyes and smiled "I want to show you something that no one else knows." He said. He stepped back and started taking of his jacket and then started to take off his shirt "Don't be alarmed." And turned around and revealed his black mark of Dark Angel Wings, it was tattooed on him when he was just a boy. Symbolizing him as a protector, a guardian to his family and friends "I got them when I was just a little boy. Don't be scared. You can touch them." He said.
  17. Ailee tilted her head a little, but didn't try and touch it. "It-it's not the same.. Exactly.." She said quietly. She didn't want to scare him away, but she wanted to be sure he knew the truth.
  18. He chuckled and looked back at her "Touch it and you'll see." He said, if someone touched his back, they'll get a closer look in his past but also it'll move at some points, but it'll show why he got the tattoo and what it means.
  19. Ailee shook her head. "It.. It might make me mad.." She said quietly, an almost inaudible whisper. "And then..," she blinked away tears. "Peolple get hurt." She pulled the blanket back over her head. She was starting to feel scared again. "I-i don't want to hurt you..."
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  20. He turned around as he could tell something was wrong, snag looked at her, "Hey...hey, you won't hurt me trust me. I promise, you won't hurt me." He said add he looked into her eyes and then wrapped his hands around her and held her. "It's going to be ok. I promise."