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    A deadly virus has killed 99% of the population the 1% that survived have become angels half good half bad. The good angels though powerful are being hunted by the bad ones. The good angels are called white angels and the bad ones are called the dark angels. The dark angels are hunting the white angels if they find them they turn them into dark angels. The dark angels can sense white angels and vice versa. when a dark angel finds a white angel they put their hand on the white angels wings and burn them making them black. All dark angels have black eyes and sharp vampire like teeth there's a way to save white angels after they are turned but its different for each. After an angel is turned they remember nothing of their life as a white angel their friends anything.

    What's happening right now?:

    White Angels
    Aiden is currently a white angel, who has found a girl (Hope) who has just become a white angel. He is going to try to get her back to the white angels camp.

    Dark Angels
    A hunting party is out very close to Aiden and Hope. They can sense them and are hunting them. The dark angels haven't had a successful hunt in about a month.
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    I pull the string back my hand brushes across my face. I squint focusing on the target. I let go. The arrow cuts through the air digging deep into the target. Smack in the center. I lower my bow and grin, the dark angels hadn't had a successful hunt in sometime. We hadn't lost anyone to them or natural causes for sometime. We were starting to thrive I grab another arrow continuing my practice. I pull back to string once more exhaling I let go. The arrow findings it's home right next to its brother, I smile.

    I look down at my feet as I walk to red carpeted halls. I sigh my brother was out today for a walk. A few months ago we wouldn't be able to do that, but seeing as the dark angels were getting a little sloppy. We were letting people take walks even though I didn't agree with it. The building was nice it was no 5 star hotel but it was what we needed. I continue to walk wondering about my brother.

    I walk the streets of the city kicking trash away. The place had become a dump now I respected trash collectors. I sign I had gone farther then I was suppose to but I had to get away. I stretch my big white wings yawning. I try not to notice the bodies that line the streets. I push forward through the city taking in the sights grabbing a think of two as I go. Then I feel it I was not here alone oh crap dark angels I think. A hunting party was close throwing open a door to a house I dive in. Again there was someone here I could feel it yet they weren't dark...but I didn't know them.

    I stand silently in the clinic cleaning off my tools for an earlier operation. An angel had fallen and impaled them self on a piece of debris. I put the knifes and scissors neatly in a drawer for safe keeping. I finish throwing my apron in the dirty clothes I leave. Whipping my hands on my pants my cold black eyes scan the hall. Brushing my red and black hair behind my ear I start to explore. I barely had any free time so this was nice. I head down stairs to the lobby examining the fountain. This place had once been a hotel but now it was our base. I sigh sitting down on a small wooden bench.​
  3. A black boot descends on a bottle, shattering it with an audible crunch. A small rodent scurries from a decaying body and into the shelter of a crumbling building. Carmen stretches her wings as she closes her eyes, reaching out for the feeling of white angels. The last few hunting trips had not been successful, and Carmen was getting restless. She needed to feel the rush of burning the goodness away from some poor soul. And then she feels it. That twist of her gut that told her where the angels were.

    "Looks like we got something." Her voice floats through the air to her partners, the only sound in a dead world. The other hunters grin and pull out their weapons. Carmen slips out her machete, spreading her wings to take off. "Tonight, we bring home someone new." she mutters to herself. With a sweep of her large wings Carmen soars into the air and towards the feeling of white angels.
  4. The door creeks. Hope jumps almost a foot in the air what if it was someone infected? Then she was done for. She would be really done for. Then she hears a thunk. It was someone falling onto the hard wooden floor.
    "Oh god. Oh god. Oh god oh god oh god." Hope mutters she shudders. Since the virus broke out she had lost lots of weight from simply not eating. First she ran that made her drop pounds. Then she eat very little and then not at all. She'd barely been able to keep up. Drinking what little water she had left. And now she was on the verge of death. And now it didn't matter because she was going to die. She would get infected and die.
    Slowly she stood. Slowly she walked around the corner and slowly she peeked around the corner to look at the person- thing laying and slowly recovering from crashing through the door. Hope gasped.
    Usually infected were stumbily and slow but this one was lively. This one was... Really good looking. And he had wings huge white wings on his back.
    "You're not infected... Who are you!?" She said her voice hoarse from not useing it that often.
    "Why are you here? ... Who? Close the door! Infection will get in!"
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    I sit up and look at the girl she was beautiful but...she wasn't an angel not yet...she must have avoided the infection anyone who hadn't already died would become an angel sooner or later. I wince grinding my teeth I say "Honey if you've lived this long that means you have bigger problems. Meaning dark angels." I stand as I remember the dark angel "Oh god the dark angels, we have to go now. You're not an angel now but they'll wait until you are then they'll turn you." I grab her wrist. Pulling her out of the door I could feel them they were coming "Oh god if I get turned Sean's gonna kill me" I say my voice laced with panic. Pulling the girl with me I run down the street I couldn't fly with her, if she was going to get her wings now would be a good time.​
  6. Hope's pulse raced. He grabbed her wrists and pulled she crashed into him. Now was not the time to blush but her cheeks filled with color and heat anyway.
    "Who are you! Angels don't exsist! And there aren't such a thing as dark angels! What would be the opposit of the dark? And what is turning? Your the one that found me, I was hiding I was safe. Your going to get me killed, the infection!" She cried as he pulled her after him. She was digging her heels in. But he was so strong. She gave in and started running along side him
    "Why do you have wings, if something is chasing us why aren't you using them!? I don't even know your name, you don't even know mine." She gasped for air. Running was so difficult now.
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    "I'm Aiden" I say "and why I have wings is that the infection affects me and 1% of the population differently. All those people became angels half white, half dark. I'm a white angel if you haven't noticed, but the dark angels are evil they seek out white angels to burn out their wings and goodness until they too are dark and hollow...if we don't get out of here that will happen to us. Sadly i can't fly because I can't carry you. It's crazy enough these things can carry a person period but two people won't work I'm not strong enough yet." I finish breathless "Oh and what might your name be?" I ask.​
  8. "I'm Hope" Hope breaths "ironic right? I'm not hopeful at all in fact I'm probably going to die. Oh and that strength thing yeah I haven't eaten in 5 days going on a week, I was nearly out of water when you showed up. But my dad always said that's why I had my middle name- Ember, because when everything else died out I would still be there like an Ember." Her lungs felt really tight. "Where are we going, how much longer will it take to get there?" She breathed.
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    "The White Angel base" i say breathing hard I can't go on like this I look over at Hope she didn't look like she could either. Oh good what are we going to do! I hadn't lived this long to get turned on a walk! I look around we were coming up on a house we could stop and catch our breath and go out the back. "Follow me" i say my lungs hurt so bad and the cold didn't help. I run into the house Hope behind me I pull her in and slam the door locking it. I wipe sweat from my forehead "we can go out the back once we catch our breath" I say between gasps.
  10. "So you don't get super human sorry angel powers from getting 'turned'? And who's Sean?" She gasped and fell agenst him as he slams the door shut the momentum pulled all her weight slaming into him heat rose to her cheeks. "sorry" she breathed Aiden was a good bit taller then she was. Hope looked up at him. "Sorry about before no way to greet someone... I've just been in that house for so long and everyone I even knew died, so Im sorry and hi" she said and breathed felling her head slam against her chest and rattle her bones.
  11. Carmen watches the two from high in the air, silent on her black wings. With a nod her partners descend, scouting the outside while she lands in the backyard. Though it was winter Carmen still wore her dress, baring more skin than is comfortable in such cold temperatures. Around the front of the house her partner knocks on the front door, the sound resonating through the building. She could feel the angels inside. Being so close to them was almost intoxicating. The thought of making them dark was enough to make her cry with joy. With a few determined and silent steps, Carmen steps up to the back door. She opens the door quietly, trying not to alert the people inside. And then she spots them, cowering, trying to catch their breath. The sight was welcome to the hunter, who had gone almost a month without turning someone.

    "What do we have here?" Her voice shocks the two angels, one without wings, and they both look up. She smiles coldly and waves the machete at them in greeting. "Looks like today's my lucky day."
  12. Seraphina grimaced and followed Carmens orders landing in the front yard and knocking on the wooden door her knuckles rapping echoing in the winters air. No answer came from inside so she slipped in and bit her lip as she saw the figures "leave run she's here," she said loudly but then Carmen arrived in the living room "I am so sorry," she muttered as she silently begged the white angels to flee and Carmens super hearing to not have heard her warning.

    She went to Carmens side "Carmen please she's so young and innocent," she pleaded trying to pry the machete out of her hands as she shook her "Carmen you were once innocent too please just this once," she begged as her voice started to shake and she started to give a why-the-hell-are-you-still-here look at the two Light Angels.
  13. Carmen's smile fell as Seraphina touched her. Quick as lighting she throws her arm back, sending the young angel into the wall with a loud crash.

    "Touch me again and I will personally rip out each feather you have." She turns back to the angels and steps closer, her wings filling up the small space. "Now this can go one of two ways. I can take you both back to our base, or I could kill her now and take you back." She winks at Aiden and stands in front of them. "You choose."
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    I grab Hopes hand slowly backing away I slip her a piece of paper I whisper to her "This paper has a map on it I used it when i first woke. It will lead you to the White Angel base" i say fear in my voice "please tell my brother sean that I love him even if he can sometimes be an ars hole" I laugh and say "Just so you know you're probably the prettiest girl I've ever met" I give her a sad smile. "Now go" i whisper then louder "go!" I push her out the door slamming it behind her I pull out my dagger I wasn't going down without a fight. ​
  15. Carmen laughs at the dagger. She knocks it out of his hand and pushes him against the wall. Her hands lightly dance over his feathers as her machete rests against his throat.

    "Seraphina," she looks over at the girl on the floor. "You do this." A twinkle of mischief dances across her eyes and she smiles a twisted smile.
  16. Your the prettiest girl I've ever met he said. Now go he said. She leaned forward she couldn't help it. She kissed him on the cheek. "Thank you" she whispers and she gets pushed through the door and out into the cold air. It takes only a second for the shock to wear off and then she's running through the streets and faster then she had before. Maybe if she caught up to Sean- who ever that was he could help her save Aiden. She kept running following the map until she got to the base.
    "Sean, I need Sean" she said breathlessly to the first person she came into contact with.
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    My eyes glow with hatred I look down at the machete then back up at her. "Go to hell" I growl at her I was trying to be strong but in reality I was scared hopeful Hope had gotten to the base "figures" I say "your to cowardly so you get someone else to do your dirty work for you" I laugh.

    A girl runs into the base calling out my name. She runs straight to me asking where I am. "Well" I say "your looking right at him" I grin "what seems to be the problem" I ask.
  18. "Shit" Hope breaths "oh my god. Your Sean, okay well. I was hiding, I was in this house I was running out of food and water and then this guy, uh Aiden actually found me, and we were running, and then we couldn't run anymore so we stopped by this house to catch our breath but these UH Dark Angels cought up with us and uh then he told me I was pretty and told me to run and get help and he told me to tell you that he loves you and your a pain in the ass, so I ran and I found you and, and, and" Hope was out of breath she was working off of very little breath. Sean definitely looked like his brother, very attractive too "I'm Hope by the way, or Ember or what ever I don't care what you call me, Jesus I feel really faint" which was true her head felt very light she reached out to catch something when she fell but found nothing "please don't worry about me go help him" she said heavy hair into her lungs.
  19. Carmen snarls and presses the blade into his flesh. Small droplets of blood roll down his neck. She grips his wings tightly and mutters something under her breath. The wings begin to burn, turning black and causing the angel intense pain. Carmen steps back as Aiden writhes, smiling. She tucks the machete back into its holster and goes over to Seraphina. She grips the girls collar tightly and pulls her up harshly.

    "You can bring the newbie back to base." She steps out of the house and takes off, flying after the other angel.
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    "Oh god Aiden" I say my voice filled with fear "someone help her" I say before jumping up and with one power flap of my wings I was off. Soaring over the city I try to find them I could feel the dark angels but I couldn't find them. Oh god what if I couldn't find him in time.​