Left Behind

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Hellow!! I see youve taken a liking to my group role play, and it is open! Dont be shy, i dont bite (too hard :3)


2500, a time where the earth was predicted to end with another asteroid to hit the earth. This asterioid is called 'The reset' because it was found to be part of the same asteroid that hit the earth and put dinosaurs to extinction. Of course, many believed this, which is why half of the human population is now in space. Meanwhile the other half, well... You can guess what happened. Now all the existing human beings are in space, probably repopulating and finding a way to restore the way earth was before.

She was one of the survivors. Crazy right? Something should have crumbled her into dust beacuse of that meteor crash... But something was odd. No scratches, no bruises, no bleeding. Being honest, she never thought she'd ever bled in her entire life. She thought it was luck, but maybe this time she was a little too lucky.

By this time, shes thinking about survival. Food? Water? Just steal some from stores? Transportation? She's pretty sure by the time she'll die, she'd probably be crazy.

But heres the catch, She's not the only one. Along her journey, she found other survivors. But then, they began seeing... Things. Some kind of monster? At first she thought she was going crazy because of the lack of oxygen. But that wasnt the problem... There were monsters. They looked like humans ripped into two pieces and stuffed green gew in there.
Later, they find out these green mucky creatures are them. Literally. These survivors arent humans for sure, they couldnt have. From the impact of the meteor to the lack of plants and oxygen around them.

Some friends never stick around. A couple of allies have gone rogue and decided that theyre better off without the group, and is dedicated tk kill whoever is in the way.

Which is everyone. You see, the rebels have decided that they deserve more than this. Theyre suoerior to the humans, and they should be suffering and surviving instead of themselves. Their plan: go to space, hijack the mother ship, enslave all humans.
Pretty clear?

This forces them to form an alliance.

But little do they know, the rebels arent working alone. They've been working with unknown forces (aliens) to erase/enslave the human race.

(Shitty summary ik. I tried my best im sorry)
What i need:
- you dont need perfect grammar, you just have to make sense
- Sensible and realistic characters.
- go along with how i flow the plot. You know most of the summary but not all of it, so let me help.
- dont be more powerful than everyone else in every way possible.
-character deaths will happen, i will let it happen if your not interested anymore. It can be pushed off a cliff, mutant murder, just not suicide.
If you do decide to kill your character and add a new one One inform me before you kill them {bc u just killed ur character so rood}
- being able to reply if someone talks to them. The most awkward position in a group rp is when this character talks to that character then that charcter just doesnt reply. -sigh-
- dont try to Know the plot more than i do
- typos can happen but please fix them.
- pm me for further questions about the rp.

Character sheet​
(realistic picture/gif underneath)
Age: ( 16- 23)
Position: (rebel, alliance, undecided)*
Past: (their life before the end of the world and their life before they met the other survivors)
Weapon of choice:
Weakness: (will be explained later on, but you could leave this blank if you really dont know)

*undecided basically means you can be switched back and fourth if your character is either a douche or a double agent spy or sone shit]

Name: Miles Thorne


Age: 20
Sexuality: Pansexual
Position: undecided
Personality: Miles can be cute and bubbly, and could also turn into a complete diva if she wished to. She is very loyal to her friends, but she hates being told what to do. Shes kind of like a free willed spirit which gets the rest in trouble most of the time
Past: miles was an orphan. She never knew what a true family felt like,and thats why she sticks with her friends. But before this apocalypse nonsense, she almost finished her bachelors degree in nursing. Of course she knew how to take care of herself, eating the right food to not make her hungry all the time. She's currently the medic and trouble maker of the group, and she sure isn't changing
Weapon of choice: hatchets
Weakness: Her loyalty to her friends can be a great disadvantage
Trinity Austin




Personality: Trinity is blunt and sarcastic. If she likes something she sees, she goes after it. She keeps her friends close and her enemies nearby so she can bully the hell out of them. Though may come off a total ass, she is sweet and enjoy the company of others. If she find any secrets or items she is quick to go to the person she trust to most to share with. She is well at fighting and speed but is quick to lose stamina. She is awful and never has been great with directions. But she'll keep many things in mind.

Past: Born and raised in Jamaica, until the age of eight-teen, being raised by her older sister, Nisha. She made sure to get her education, run track, but always managed to get into physical fights, whether she won or lost. When moving she had plans to go to college and become an epidemiologist.

Weapon of choice: Fireaxe

Weakness: Peanut allergy and sometimes is too blunt and says things she doesn't mean.
Name:John Dykeman

Age: 22
Sexuality: gay
Position: Alliance
Personality: John is usually well meaning being very friendly to most, but is very cocky, and will occasionally be rude without knowing it
Past: Before the meteor John was a personal trainer, and lived a relatively normal life. His roommate though was paranoid conspiracy theorist who always believed that he would be some kind of hero of the wasteland after Armageddon, but like most people he died in the meteor strike leaving john with an odd bundle of supplies that his roommate had bought in preparation for the end. After the meteor struck John took up work guarding a group of traveling merchants, though he was a pour shot with a gun he was excellent at taking down threats he could get too. Over time he decided to leave the traveling merchants and join up with the alliance, where he hoped he could do some good for this ruined world
Weapon of choice: Axes
Weakness: sensitive to loud noises
* These pictures are hardly realistic, I'm sorry xD

N a m e ;
Elias Rose.

A g e ;

S e x u a l i t y ;

P o s i t i o n ;

P e r s o n a l i t y ;
Elias is quite rude to anyone that isn't her brother, not caring for other's- Simply believing that they didn't deserve to be a friend of hers or her brother's. She doesnt speak, only whispers into her brother's { Elliot Rose } ear. Other people are just a mere speck of dusk, soon to be killed. Though she would never say that, not wanting to bring any possible danger to both she and Elliot. Sometimes someone will catch her laughing, or talking to herself as if someone were there with her- Making many believe that she's a bit crazy.

P a s t ;
Elias was someone who stayed at home, never once leaving the house unless she actually needed to. But, there was a reason for that. She had a child, and without a father, she could never leave. Her brother Elliot would often take care of her little boy while she tried to earn money and get food for the both of them. The poor woman never paid attention to the news, so once the meteor struck, she wasn't prepared- Though it was sure that not many had been. She and her son had gone to the park, the only time she would actually willingly go out. Sadly, she wasn't watching her baby boy, and due to the shaking of the ground, it made a tree fall onto her son. It was devastating, which was why she decided not to trust many,money her brother. But after the meteor hit, she and Elliot simply tried surviving. Their minds only set on so. Though Elliot had a bigger view of the remaining world and its people. Elias was the one to search, and to find anything valuable, whilst her brother watched their small little base. Well, it really wasn't much of base. Only a small fire, and a tent to sleep in at night.

W e a p o n O f C h o i c e ;
A variety of knives.

W e a k n e s s ;
Slow reflexes.



N a m e ;
Elliot Rose

A g e ;

S e x u a l i t y ;

P o s i t i o n ;

P e r s o n a l i t y ;
Unlike his sister, he's more of the talkative one. Elliot always tends to smile and try to bring attention to himself. He really doesn't know how he feels about other people though, really only used to having his sister around. But he would try to protect other's if he as so pleased. He also tends to flirt with others like no tomorrow. People could be used to his advantage, so he might as well use them. He's very sadistic, and possibly just as crazy as his sister is. That really is the only thing they have in common.

P a s t ;
Elliot was a gardener before the meteor hit, even if that does sound surprising. He has just always loves flowers, always thinking that they were the most beautiful thing in the world. Maybe not as beautiful as Elias was, but that hardly mattered. He was the one who was more active, going outside and watching the news and whatnot. So as the meteor hit, he was merely watching over his flowers. Somehow between all the havoc and ruckus, his sister and he had been able to meet up. She was in tears, and he was simply outraged that his once lovely flowers had been killed. But that seemed to be forgotten after a little while. Survivors left, and somehow he had remained. He didn't remember how, nor did he really care. All that mattered was his survival, along with Elias's. So the two made their way from city to city, even if it took them forever to travel on foot. Thankfully they were able to find a city- He hardly knew the name of it, and had been able to set up a small little camp sight for the time being. The two were just tired of traveling on foot.

W e a p o n O f C h o i c e ;
He doesn't have any. Whatever he can grab, he'll use.

W e a k n e s s e s ;
The fear of heights.
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Ingrid Mae Benson




Because of all Ingrid has suffered, her heart is large enough for anyone willing to be welcome with her. However, she has a very cold and disciplined side. Brought up to be serious, it is a side she has tried to escape, but is still drilled into her mind and heart. She's fickle to all authority, and will one day be trying to upstage her subordinates.

Ingrid came from the little town of Bristol, England. Her parents were true blue Christians, raising her to know right from wrong, and to ignore anyone else who didn't. Although she wasn't the most intelligent person in her class, her parents still helped her to receive high grades, which translated to them paying large sums of money to the school and Ingrid receiving, in return, straight A's despite her nonexistent effort in school. She grew up spoiled with the entire world clutched tightly in her hand. Her parents were wrapped so tight around her finger that they bent over backwards to get her anything for which she asked, and she loved it.

Unlike most girls, she didn't have a rebellious phase in high school. She lasted her Freshman and Sophomore year knowing little more about the outside world than anyone at all. It was approaching the end of her Junior year when she met him, the love of her life. She had been visiting a mall with her friends, when she saw some shady man with an incredibly chiseled face and heaps of swagger, and then, Ingrid was love struck. She was head over heels for him, and didn't even know the stranger's name.

He became more and more of a common sight in Bristol, and soon he was showing up at the restaurant where Ingrid worked, ordering his meal and not even bothering to leave a tip when he paid. Ingrid became enthralled, and she finally talked to him. When she finally had a conversation with him longer than three sentences, she found out he was from Oklahoma that he was taking people with him, and she immediately joined him. She met a couple of short-lasting friendships along the way, and although they never hit it off, she secured herself a place with him.

Two weeks after, the meteor had hit.

Weapon of choice:
Knives, knives, knives.
Ingrid is a sucker for knives and rarely uses anything other than so.

Ingrid was born with deafness in her left ear.


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