Left Behind (MxM)

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  1. The plot:
    Character A and B were best friends as children, they did everything together and were practically inseparable. When they reached high school things got a bit confusing as their hormones went crazy and people began to speculate that their friendship might be something more behind closed doors. Of course they didn't let this come between them and Character A even got himself a girlfriend in junior year which put the teasing at bay. Everything was going well until senior year, when graduation came around. Character A and B decided to celebrate by going out and getting drunk. On their way home Character B tried to kiss his best friend, his hidden desire and love for him finally breaking free with the alcohol releasing his inhibitions.
    Needless to say Character A does not respond well, pushing his friend away in horror and disgust. After that night they try to pretend like it never happened but the tension between them was clear. Then one night Character A announces that he is leaving to join the police academy, promising to keep touch with his best friend. The only thing is that was the last Character B hears from his supposed best friend as he left him behind with no intentions of looking back. No letters, no phones calls, he even deleted him from all forms of social media. This is the beginning of Character B's violent spiral downwards.
    Years later Character A returned back to his little home city, which has definitely seen better days. A drug epidemic has struck his home and he requested to be assigned to the police force there so he can help the place he grew up. While doing some undercover work he finds himself in a gay bar in a particularly bad part of town. The place was believed to be the epicenter for the drug deals that were going down. By now Character A has grown and come to accept that he himself is gay, something he struggled greatly with and one of the reasons he pushed away his childhood best friend.
    He doesn't know what to expect when he goes here, but the last thing he expects is to see Character B, dancing on stage being groped by strange men. Only his friend is different now, the brightness in his eyes has dulled, the happy and warm smile that always shone on his face was gone and he just... wasn't himself. So he doesn't something absolutely crazy in hopes to talk to Character B and apologize for everything he has done, he purchases a private dance with him. He was taken to a back room where not long after Character B shows up, only it seems that he doesn't recognize him at first.
    It isn't until Character B has already started making advances on the other and insinuating private deals that were incredibly illegal does Character A finally speak up and force the other to see who he is. His friend is now a shell of who he was, clearly doped up and somehow part of this drug and crime epidemic that is sweeping through their home town. To say Character B is shocked to see his former best friend, in a gay bar of all places is an understatement and he isn't exactly happy to see him.
    What will Character A do? will he try and fix things with his best friend? will he try to bring back the person he once knew? or will he leave him behind once again and turn him in for possible prostitution and drug use?

    That is up to us! :D I want to play Character B, i am cool with being the sub or dom in this situation, hell we could even have a versatile relationship when it gets to that part in the rp. Also the ending part where Character A and B are finally reunited can and most likely will be changed though things that will remain intact: Character B will be high as fuck and he will also make sexual and suggestive advances on Character A without realizing who he is at first.

    I write from 1 good paragraph to around 6 paragraphs per post, i use real pictures for my character sheet, and i can post either several times a day, once a day or once a week depending on my schedule.
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