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  1. Will you take things to a whole new level when you life depends on it?
    Are you human or are you one of 'them?'
    The world has been corrupted by a virus that sends a direct impulse to the brain. Strength is increased over three times and triggers bloodlust in even one of the most innocent of people. Their raid upon what used to be Earth has taken a toll on several landscapes and many different towns.
    As time passes, the humans divided off the boundaries and kept their hands on one area; it held a large gleaming lake, a variety of plant life, plenty of food to come by, and no Corrupted.
    As for the other half of the land possessed by such beings, it remained scarred with fire, ash, and devastation. No plant life, a fair amount of food, and plenty of them that will defy balance itself.
    These corrupted will kill without hesitation and will never back down without a fight. Some remain merciless while others take second thoughts. Human population has been reduced by nearly half due to virus comtamination.

    Through all of this loss, there may be hope for a cure and all of humanity lies within two beings. One has been left behind to die on his own. His location remains near the heart of the Corrupted's land and his merciless being has brought him far into battle. As for the other, it is yet to be chosen. The great divide between human and corrupted is soon to come to an end. Will a great battle take place within a matter of days or will all Corrupted cease to exist? That, or will humans all die off on their own? Many have taken their own lives and others have let their pride get the best of them.

    Enter a god forsaken land and fight for what's rightfully yours. Everything you do will either slip from your clutches or remain their forever. Have what it takes to go up against a whole new species?

    ~Alright. First come first serve.
    ~para-semi para please
    ~I'll send you the landscape image/ corrupteds out of roleplay ~ pm
    ~genre: action, devastation, loss, ~may push to romance if the scene is right.
    ~please have good grammer? xD
    ~if you have any questions, shoot me a pm

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  2. This certainly sounds interesting... I'm interested. Should I send you a pm?

  3. Alright and sure thing

  4. I wonder if this is still open since it would be quite nice to practice survival skills and fight scenes too. The plot gave me shivers and plot bunnies bouncing. ;u;

  5. haha sure thing! ~ it's still open xD
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  6. Hooray! ouo I'll do research on apocalyptic settings!
  7. Alrighty haha. xD you do that >w<
  8. So it can start any time yes? > u <
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