left behind (attack on titan)

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  1. In this roleplay, the time takes place 3 months after the wall titan was discovered, and the Trost incident.

    You are part of the survey corps, and you (the 105th cadet group some of the top ten, new recruits of the survey corps) are going on another expedition that takes place after the first one to take back wall Maria. only this time, you are only to make it to wall Maria and establish base on the top of the walls that surround the Shiganshina District, the hole in the wall Maria.


    You and your squad mates volunteered for this suicide mission others didn't dare to do. You will be accompanied by some of the veteran members of the survey corps for back up. You will be led by captain James lewin, who will be the brains of this operation.

    We know this operation seems risky...and well a bit mindless. But if this mission is a success we will be able to have a clue on what we're dealing with here. Letting us be one step closer at taking back wall Maria. Make the people of the survey corps proud, because you are fighting for humanity.


    rules (open)

    -ordinary forum rules, no godmoding or being op, remember how the manga/show was and how they didn't stand much of a chance.
    -romance will be allowed, just keep it pg-13 please, kissing is allowed, but anything further cut to black or finish in a pm
    -Titan shifters are allowed, BUT, I will only accept one of the first 5 who sign up. I will pick the Titan shifter based on the quality and the uniqueness it has, as well as how it fits with the story I have planned. If I pick you, you will get a message telling you are accepted and to keep quiet about it to create suspense in the roleplay.

    If you have any questions about the roleplay, just ask in a message or on this thread :)

    CS format (open)

    Age: 13-17
    Background: life as a young child, and what he/she wasn't a to do in life and what drives him/her to do so etc.
    Personality: how he/she acts with others, and how the seem to be on the outside, and how they are on the inside.

    For Titan shifter format

    Titan name: something simple, like rogue titan, female Titan, colossal etc
    Class:10-15 meter
    Abilities: such as combat skills and its unique abilities (such as the crystallization ability the female Titan has.) and its traits (strong and fast, big defensive body etc)

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