Left 4 dead rolepaly

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  1. Recently, I have been watching a few videos about the Left 4 Dead series and it hit me; why not try to make a roleplay of this?

    And, well, here I am. Kinda lack luster I know but... Yah... Anyway, pretty much the roleplay is going to involve both L4D games so yes, we are starting in Fairfax during the first infection. No you will not have knowledge of what caused it. No, you may not be any of the canon characters (new ppl are good!) and yes, we aren't 'infected'. Hehehe.

    Its going to be mostly free form with some minor overreaching plot, but for the most part its all us.

    If we do manage to go out of the realms of the games, then we will have interesting times.
  2. HELL YEAH :D :D :D
  3. *blink* Get more.
  4. Sounds awesome : Zombie fights >:]
  5. I hate the woods. =)
  6. Dark Carnival. >:[ Get your ass in the Tunnel of Love.

    Challenge Accepted.
  7. And thats two... I want atleast 1 more.
  8. There will be pipebombs yes? Mmmmm haha
  9. Awesome idea! :D
  10. And thats six people in total. We have ourselves a good sized group. Let me make up a plot and get it going.
  11. Ok...how about this....there are zombies right? Right. The survivors.....get guns...and shot them in face. BY GOLLY WE HAVE A HIT! jk

    Seriously though, maybe we start off in some sort of common establishment. From there we try to track our way to some sort of safe haven?

    Idk just hyper and trying to get something going. >.>
  12. Yah. well, Shall we start with day 1 of apolocypse and move from there? All are around Mercy Hospital and its panic all around.
  13. Sounds good :) *waits excitedly*

    (Quick idea though; what if we start the night before? Everything is seemingly normal and then *bam!* Attacks start, mass-hysteria, etc. Just an idea I had.)
  14. Perfect!

    I'll get it up soon. Do we want an OOC or do we just want a jump in?
  15. One thing...how did we all end up at the hospital? >.>
  16. Jump-in is fine by me!
  17. I didn't mean AT the hospital. I mean near the hospital... And IDK!
  18. I vote OOC. It keeps from random people Jumping In and screwing around with it. Unless you like that sorta thing...

    Also, I didn't play one. I played 2. Forgive me if I know nothing about this...hospital of which you speak.
  19. I agree with the idea! Ok! Let me get it up.

    Also, the hospital I'm talking about is Mercy Hospital... Not that you needed to have played L4D1 but I would reccomend it.

    Ok, getting the OOC up. Calling it "Terror Strike: A Left 4 Dead Roleplay"