Leaving Torpor

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  1. Hello there, let me introduce myself; You may call me Pernicious, and I am a young woman who enjoys crafting stories and roleplaying when I am not busy reading up my free time with fanfictions and manga. I like both dark and creepy and cutesy stories equally, depending on my mood, and enjoy being a narrator and puppeteer to tales of my making where producing delight and, yes, sometimes even fright in my fellow roleplayers is a brightening of my day or night.

    Let's see... I love making interactive tales, most of all bastardized versions of 'do your own adventures', and find group roleplay the best for such an endeavor. I will probably try something of that nature soon, so if you are interested or at least intrigued, I would be happy to elaborate further.

    Besides that, I will probably be on quite often now that I have kicked myself into action, so I hope to see you all soon!
    Until then, take care!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! You can find people to rp with here anytime, day or night!
  3. Hello and welcome to Iwaku! Interesting read there. Yes storytelling is enjoyable and roleplaying makes it even more so as you get to live the story how you want it and being involved with others makes you co-authors with them. I hope you'll enjoy your stay here at Iwaku. :)
  4. Welcome to Iwaku - don't count on scaring us, we've been known to be a frankly creepy bunch at times.
    Anyway, welcome to the forum. If you need anything, drop me a line, and I'll do what I can.