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  1. Blair

    She frowned at the sight before her. She heard a faint smack behind her and noticed Gwen just shaking her head.

    “Oh dear oh dear.” She commented lowly and merely smiled in half bemusement, half concern. “Be careful of your words love. I don’t need Belle to stitch you back up or anything...”

    “Aw man do I have to?” Belle commented with a small scoff and she rolled her eyes. Blair’s brow raised at the two and she watched Hunter leave

    “Lighten up Hunt.” She called after, finding the nickname almost adorable. She shook her head after a moment and turned back to John “Well...at the very least they were successful.”
  2. Anya snuggle in his chest.
  3. "You hungry?"
  4. Jacqueline

    "Oh goodness. I feel like it wouldn't do well in the box office...wait weren't there some suspicious nuns in Angels and Demons?" I ask with a small amount of concern etched along my demeanor. It's been a while since I've seen those movies "Oh wait...let me guess, you haven't seen the Davinci Code or Angels and Demons? Tsk tsk." I scoff and shake my head disapprovingly, although I am doing it in the most teasing way that I possibly can. I truly don't care whether or not he has seen them, in fact I sort of prefer seeing his reaction watching it for the first time. There is nothing quite like it. Seeing something for the first time and loving it right off the bat.

    "I feel like he has some fighter in him..." He suddenly asks me if I see them in the same light. Red flushes through my cheeks. "Well...er...I am sort of scared of the assistants for other reasons. They are all just...figures of authority I suppose. They all have some fort of power over the house, so I guess I fear them in a respected sort of way. And yes...Carrie reminds me ever so slightly of the nuns. But that doesn't frighten me..." I grumble nearly incoherently.

    He asks me suddenly if there is anyone that Jack doesn't find attractive. I open my mouth then close it "Well...er..." I mumble through a closed mouth before finally admitting "He doesn't like the assistants very much and...uh...Sakamoto I guess. I think that's..."

    Jackie shaddup....He snarks at me and I nearly grin. I sort of like seeing him uncomfortable. I glance up at Alexander as he ruffles my hair suddenly and I close my eyes in content, giving him a small smile "Aw. Thanks Sherlock. I appreciate the support. And I suppose I will just keep it to Sherlock..." I poke his cheek.


    (Sassy Hidden is super sassy.)

    "Um...I guess I am a little uncomfortable." I admit tiredly, glancing back at Itzlie for some sense of comfort. She seems quite anxious herself. Am I putting her on edge? Goodness, I hope not. Are the walls closing in on me or is it just my fear closing in on my head? Oh God it's hard to determine what's what anymore. I turn back and focus on the man's face. He would be charming if he wasn't so villainous. And you know...sarcastic. And you know...restrained. "Between you and me I have a broken collarbone. " I whisper to him, bile tasting more and more bitter in my throat. "Sort of happened in a scuffle. It's better just to hang tight for right now...I can be the one to go grab pills so you feel better. If they will let me." I slowly glance over to Itzlie "Will you let me briefly go find some pain medication? I am sure I can find it with a little direction and you can keep watch over him."


    (...I don't think Warren will be very happy. He's probably got a copy picture on his camera but still...although I am super glad she did that. Holy cow I hate Warren XD)

    I stop calling Violet's name after I see Warren head into his room. Oh no. No no no no no. If she gets caught...she's gonna get hurt. I can't live with myself if she gets hurt. I know I have to stay quiet for the meantime to save her from possibly getting detected. After what seems like an eternity, I see Warren exit his room. He sees me at the top of the stairs and with a tilted head he asks

    “Whatcha doing rat?”

    “Uh...catching my breath...man am I malnourished and out of shape.” I claim sarcastically as I pant and place my hand on the rail. He rolls his eyes, ignoring me as he passes by me and walks down the stairs. Once I hear him at the bottom I rush to go into his room, but see Rina had already come out. Oh goodness, she looks unsettled. “Ri you okay?” I ask her, genuinely concerned as I take a deep breath, inspecting her just in case I was wrong and he had found her. She seems unharmed, thank God.

    “Oh I am so sorry Ri, believe me I am. Oh I never should have done what I did...but I’m so glad you are okay.” Without hesitantion I place my hand on her shoulder and give it a gentle squeeze “I should have never scared you away to that horrible place.”


    (I’m down with that sign me up)(no Violet don’t feel bad for not trusting him...)

    “My flower I wouldn’t keep anything from you.” I told her most of the truth, didn’t I? I just didn’t need to inform her of my mistake. Otherwise I was being honest with her, because I truly did hate lying to her. She was my equal in many ways and I didn’t want to risk losing her.

    “Well we have pretty close abilities. They aren’t the same, but they are very similar. We both see the same thing, we just have different interactions with those spirits. My guess is it would be a genetic thing... oh if only I had siblings...I would be able to calculate a percentage in which children are born with the same mutation...” I shake
    my head “It’s no matter. I can find that with a little bit more data else where.” She looks down briefly and I am nervous that this cuts close to home, considering she never did tell me much about what happened at her old residence. However it passes and she reassures me that she trusts me. That the worst has passed. By God I sure hope it has. I nod and kiss her head “it’s gonna be alright Vi.”


    “I’m glad I’m alright too.” I claim firefly as I smile at him. I suppose I should have been a little bit more careful with what I did. What can I say? I had a large adrenaline rush and I needed to take the abductor out. It was something that needed to be done. “Jack did say something of the sort. I suppose he’s not wrong...everything is just insane right now and I don’t know if it’s going to calm down anytime soon. It’s quiet right now but I don’t know how long that’s going to last.”

    “I’m glad you didn’t join up with them.” I admit to him quietly “I don’t particularly want to know what they are up to and I don’t want you to be apart of it. Especially if it could get you into any sort of trouble. I’d rather you be safe than sorry.”
  5. More like the perfect seed, and perfect womb. Although...technically that could go both ways, so I suppose two perfect breeders works also.
  6. Maybe some kind of Chaos Goddess x Order Goddess RP?
  7. Melody turn and nuzzle against Astorath.
  8. that took longer than planned but my landlord stopped by so I talked with her for a short while.
  9. “Wasn’t talking to you.” Alena look down at Lucius irritably.

    Anya smile, “Have a good trip mother.”
  10. We'll be here if you need us Cor.
  11. Come back soon, kaay ?
  12. Nuu!
    Not my Corvus! T__T
    *clings to* Leaving is bad... Bad! ;.;
    Lovey doesn't want you leaving!!
    *tears up* ;.; *chains Corvus to the floor* Please, no leaving.. D:

    We all love you here... whatever you did is forgiving already...
    No one can stop you from leaving though... Just know that we all care for you and hope to see your return one day...
    *hugs* Hope everything turns out o.k for you.

    Best of luck.
  13. Seriously, Dude. Just.......seriously.
  14. I miss her...
  15. Im Gutted.

    Take care matey.
  16. :/ Fuck you all, I can't stay away.

    (Translation: I love you all.)

    I'm not sure if I can be about as much as I used to be, I'll try to be less lurky in the cbox and more prodorktive. I'll...eh... -looks at diana, mod team and company- get rid of the alternate account. Again. Sorry I poofed like I did but in my mind it was better to give some people space with what was going on.

  17. Thaaaaaaaaats riiiiiiiight.... Besides if you had stayed away you know I would have had to punished you.
  18. ....Dont make me want to leave. >_>
  19. CORVUS!!!!! <33333333 *snuggles all over and stuff* I MISSED YOU! <3 *licks cheek* :3