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  1. have any of you ever pulled a farewell prank when you were leaving a job or home? Like putting glitter on the fan or anything like that? Any funny ideas in that vein that you'd like to share?
  2. As someone not good at pranks, I am eagerly awaiting the responses here.
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  3. Worked at Target for a few weeks. Got told at lunch I had to finish my shift and not come back by my boss. Seeing as we were the team that put up prices on every single bar card in the store. I disabled entire aisles and deleted their registry. Heard from a friend that it took them four weeks to get it all sorted. Seriously, who fires someone with that much power and tells them to finish politely?

    A nail polish still rang up as bananas for 2 months I was told.

    Worked at a Subway for well over a year. Manager quit. New manager came in and started clearing house because she was a dumb cunt. Sent a friend outside to meet me in the parking lot when I showed up for a Sunday shift instead of addressing me and letting me know.

    Walked in to talk to her, she called the police on me. Casually acted like I needed some things from the back that were mine and disabled the bane (that pile of condiments they pull from behind the glass). Knew no one checked the temps until the late shift so knew it wouldn't be noticed for hours.

    Manager made a sandwich before she left and got food poisoning for a week. Fuck her.

    Had a job at a feed store for a bit. Owner was a complete bitch. Came up and told me to never come back after that day, then told me I had to finish sorting the bags and shit for the next two hours before I could get paid and leave.

    Made a few small cuts in some big bags so as soon someone hefted it over their shoulder it would explode and spill on the floor. Sweetheart woman I worked with most said they kept spilling feed for weeks. Then she quit herself.

    inb4 ur an asshole omg. I worked hard and went above and beyond my duties like I'd been taught. Each time I got fired it was for inane shit or literally nothing at all.
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  4. Mental note; if I ever employ Windsong, let him go in a dignified and respectful way.
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  5. Only ever had one boss/employer.

    Never got fired, they hired me for the summer and I completed it before heading off to college.
    I have no complaints.

    Though I do have to show appreciation to how Nostalgia Critic quit his old job.

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