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  1. Since the New Year is almost here, what are some things you hope stay behind in 2015? Here are mine:

    SJWs (Social Justice Warriors for those who don't know)
    Anita Sarkessian Feminism (mainly third-wave). Egalitarianism FTW
    People trying to change the term racism into something it ain't
    Console wars
    Overly offended people
    DLC, microtransactions, and pre-order bonuses
    Double standards
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  2. My high levels of procrastination.
  3. In order.

    -Yeah, That's not anywhere anytime soon, not in our white guilt society.
    -Who the fuck still cares about this?
    -Years, no, centuries, no, thousands of years of this won't be stopped randomly in 2016.
    -See response to first one, especially not with the current US administration.
    -but they're so much fun.
    -Idiots still do it, it creates hype for the companies, it will continue.
    -Might be a fad, but it still has a few more years left.
    -These people will always be around, and they will only continue to grow in power as long as people give them attention.
    -Well, the unwashed masses are still fucking retarded enough to throw money at these games knowing full well that developers and publishers are doing less and less, getting to the point where they're able to sell games based upon the name and nothing else. Stop buying the shit, and they might stop making it.
    -That's going fucking nowhere too.

    In short; Life sucks, things don't go the way you want them too. But if you sit down and list things you hate, you're no better than the SJWs you seem to hate. You have two options;

    1. Take a stand, try to change things yourself, spead alertness and work to make the world how you want it.
    2. Live your fucking life, have fun. These things might change, but it will be gradual at best. Be yourself, worry about yourself, and accept that you can't get everything you want, but at least you won't let that fact get you down.
  4. Just about everything in my life the past two years can go rot in Cerberus' kibble bowl. There's plenty of good stuff, but it felt like it was 70% crushing stress and misery and 30% good stuff. I don't care to elaborate past a lot of it was work related and like 95% of my social life was online or my girlfriend and dog and I couldn't make it home for four relatives' funerals, let alone be there for them when it would have mattered.

    To be fair, the girlfriend and dog make me super happy. I'm kind of scared to think about how bleak being single would have been the past couple years given all that's happened.
  5. I could make a huge list of things.

    But it's real life, and the vast majority of them are very unlikely to go.
    +By listing them I'd only be adding to the fire that will unavoidably get this thread locked when someone takes offence to it and starts trying to debate it.
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  6. This entire fucking forum. >;[
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  7. Just looking over this list, I thank my lucky stars I dont live in the West...

    Aniway, my list:

    1) Intrusive cousins (dont even ask *sigh* )
    2) Liberal "progresive" Government ( .... grrrrrrrrrr .... )
    3) Lack of compulsory army-term. (consequence of the above)
    3) More migrant/terorist trash coming in-to Europe (self-explanatory)
    4) European Union as a whole (Down vith globalization!)
    5) Racial-mixing (Ditto. )
    6) Multiculturalism (Ditto. )
    7) Consumerism ( self-explanatory )
    8) Predictably easy fights vith clueless oponents (been too long since I had a good chalenge)
    9) Any pesky nerve-endings on my face/head I havent succeded in killing yet (mosty the nose and under the eyes)
    10) Missionary pose in sex (boooooooring)
    11) Lazy partners in sex (just lies on his back and lets me do all the work, vheres the fun in that)
    12) Lack of initiative on the man's part in bed, in general. (Sick of tentative mommy-boys, thank god my BF isnt like that but a real man :) )
    13) Lack of DP action in sex (sandwich double-plug FTW XOXO )
    14) Lack of Pineapple Juice!!! (my one addiction :) )

    I'm sure I culd add a few more if I given it some thought, but these are on short-notice hehe :)

  8. Yes, humans and roosters definitely shouldn't live together.
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  9. After reading this:

    "... 5) Racial-mixing (Ditto. )... " ~ quoted from the wisdom of Marchosias

    Well I'm all in with Grumpy on this:

    "This entire fucking forum. >;[ "
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  11. Why? I love this forum, fun ppl, fun debates to be had. But I wil say Grumpy-boy needs a big bag of huggzzz!

  12. See? People are starting to get where I'm coming from.

    Soon I'll have you all in Team Fuck This Place.
  13. Hugging Grumpy is the quickest way to get murdered.

    As for a serious answer? Hoping for the end of racial mixing reminds me of another group of extremely disliked people...


    This is also a rather liberal-leaning forum. I'm left wing myself and most of Iwaku tends to lean further left than I do, so, you know, wishing for the end of racial mixing and the rise of white power pseudo-Nazis nationalism is not going to ever be a popular position here. :ferret:
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  14. here's my list.

    1 - January
    2 - February
    3 - March
    4 - April
    5 - May
    6 - June
    7 - July
    8 - August
    9 - September
    10 - October
    11 - November
    12 - December.

    These months should totally stay in 2015 to make way for the new January, onwards of 2016.
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  15. No kidding. Funny how you liberals imediatly associate racial-segregation vith "white power". Not true. I'm not a racist, or white-supremacist, I just want the races to live separately, and not mix. Thats all.
  16. Perfectly reasonable.
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  17. This thread is going to go places, I can tell.
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