Least metal language in the world?

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Isabella Hime

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We all know German is a really metal sounding language.. I had a random chat with Diana about what might be the least metal language in the world..

We think it might be Hawaiian.. is there Hawaiian metal music though?

Lets make a topic about not so metal sounding languages and see if we can find metal sounding bands for them!
You can make anything sound metal if you do it right.

But if you ask me, Filipino does not sound metal, at all.
I was thinking the same thing about this band someone at work told me about.. Chthonic I think.. He said it was from Taiwan.. I thought that would not sound metal enough.. but it is pretty metal and awesome..
I think Hawaiian can sound pretty metal with the right delivery.

I was going to nominate French or Portuguese. Since I've actually heard French metal before, I think I'll say Portuguese for now.
any of the romance languages (french, italian, spanish, portugese) might qualify for that, i think. but i really think latin is the one. i can't even imagine latin metal.
English seems like a very metal language.. but is it really? Makes me wonder if English sounds metal to those who do not speak it...
You growl, it sounds metal.

And err..all the romance languages descent from Latin.
Latin is the powergod of metal.

You have any idea how ominous that shit sounds?

However, I've never heard good Wapanese metal.
Now, you see, it's not the fact that english sounds metal, it's just that it pretty much is the language of, well, pretty much fucking everything, metal music included.

Same shit, if some koreans (and if Korean was a lingua franca) had made the first metal bands instead we'd be all like "HO SHO NIIIIIIII KOOO!!" or some shit like that instead of THIS. IS. PAIN. KILLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!"

Wait, scratch that, the world wouldn't be the same without Painkiller.
Xosa, Zulu, Swazi... take your pick..... CLicks are NOT metal at all.
Pitty they're all into "quaito" then.(basically a blend of rap and hip hop)
I'm nominating Swahili...
Scratch japan. Their metal bands ruined my childhood. (Digimon's OP - Eizo ver. FFFFFFFFFFFFFF)

Filipinos have metal bands, growling, and screeching too you derps. Most of it is derived from spanish anyway.
naw man, because they could be saying something, but all you'd hear is brain melting solo's and drums that shatter your bones. If anything, Sign language enables you to get out of the way of the metal, while still being a part of it.