Least metal language in the world?

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  1. "Mommy!" Victoria call to her.

    "We're right behind you princess." Kunari chuckle as she follow them to the kitchen.
  2. "Harmony, sweetie, you've been in my life for 1000 years. I need a hint."
  3. "More people wound be content without me."
  4. "Melissa isn't around."
  5. We don't have all of our threads moved in it yet, but we will soon. ^_^
  6. @daird Everything will start as soon as we have enough characters.
  7. Not at all :) I'm not looking to begin until at least February - Got to re-calibrate some details, which will take a good bit of time! If you check the front page of the clan you'll see the link to the first interest check/sign ups :) If you have any questions, please ask!
  8. Because I hate myself I bought a book on The Art of Fire Emblem Awakening and a D&D book with my 50 dollar B&N gift card.

    I'm not even sorry.
  9. That's cool :3
  10. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  11. Aqua

  12. Bear in mind all of this information here will be moved to the new Ascender Chronicles subforum and in two month's time this clan will be deleted due to inactivity!
  13. Murder Series parody to death battle. I'm Wiz and you're Boomstick.
  14. "I can do that."
  15. "But she has a fiery spirit when she gets jealous."
  16. "Ah.." Alena glare at him, "Stop..."
  17. I've decided to create a Tribute Page for all the character deaths in Genesis. I may go back and make one for Civil War, but not many people died in that one. As for the other, more murder-y Murder Games, I think I'll leave that to people who actually participated in them. It wouldn't feel right otherwise.
  18. That's actually pretty cute.

    Azura still just rolls with it.
  19. Ichiru smile faintly, "I remember how to do the icing."

    Kunari kiss John on the cheek, "Angel cupcakes again?"

    "I love those.." Evelyn's eyes sparkle excitedly.