Least Favorite Word

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    What's your least favorite word?
  2. Cholo.

    Seriously mexicans learn to speak.
  3. Soccer.

  4. Engorged. c______c
  5. Ointment and Moist! Just seriously, those words are grody sounding D:
  6. I don't like the word Morbid.....I mean, I use it sometimes in my posts, but I just don't like it. Reason: Because I used to know some very pretentious people that would over use that word. They killed it for me, and I hate them for it.
  7. Ranch. It's more than just association, I hated that word before I ever tasted the crap.
  8. ^ These. Blech!
  9. Squishy.
  10. This word, and twat...