Leashes & Collars: Just a little pull at the neck to keep you in line...

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    Come One, Come All! Don't be shy; this Academy is rather easy to get use to.
    Sign up and be one of the men of MPA!!

    Story Originator: Polystical
    Co-GMs: Phi Chisym, ToxicEClaire, Mad World, & Rin Mico.

    Mane Preparatory Academy (MPA) is an all boys school that provides a unique sort of mentor-apprentice program. The upperclassmen (Leashes) choose their potential paths in life and the underclassmen (Collars) shadow them, according to what they want to do in the future.

    The headmaster of MPA institutes a disciplinary point program where if a collar gets in trouble, points will be taken off from both his and his mentor's overall score at school. These points can be returned to the pair if the leash properly and ethically corrects his apprentice's behavior. The definition of proper and ethical treatment at the school means no beating, cutting or attempting to kill a collar. Sexual disciplinary action is allowed and encouraged.

    Open Positions Available

    Film/Acting Collar
    Writing Collar
    Athletics Leash

    Character Form

    [Use exact format seen below. Colors/Fonts are your choice. Remove words in brackets or parentheses. Breaks in form can be whatever page divider you want or just a space.]
    Leash or Collar
    Image [Anime only. No attachments. Only use spoilers if picture is extremely large.]
    - -
    Career Path:
    Mentor/Apprentice: [Leave blank until you are told who you'll be with.]
    - -
    Personality: (No lists. Description. 3 sentence min.)
    History: (Description. 7 sentence min. Dialogue doesn't count.)

    Post your Character Sheet in the OOC of this RP. https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/leashes-collars.96316
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  2. The Leashes & Collars for this thread have been filled. However, we will still be in need of rival students from the main school as well s two other schools within the RP. Once the story gets fully underway, if you wish to manage one of three rival students, feel free to PM me. They will possibly be considered part time charries until the story kicks off more, and the drama builds.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.