Learning Life Over[Draco Malfoy x Harry Potter] RP Request

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  1. I would just like to let you know first before I get into the details, that I will be playing Harry and the submissive. I do not play dominant. :3 I'm sorry.

    What I am looking for is a partner who can at least do a good 4-5 sentences so a paragraph is the minimum length. I usually will do more though and sometimes I write a lot, but that comes in spurts and you do not have to match those long replies I assure you! :)

    Third person is all I accept. I do not like first or second while roleplaying.

    I'm pretty much fine with anything happening in the rp like mpreg or rape. If you are not comfortable with something, please do say so.

    Please do not godmod/control my character. I have had this happen to me multiple times on different sites and
    I have to say it is extremely annoying not to mention rude. I will not control your character so please do not control mine.

    You can comment below first here if you wish, but we will work out the detail in pm's! :)

    I can roleplay on pm's or threads. I usual prefer threads, but I am alright with either!



    Harry was a workaholic Auror, and happy that way. He did not ask Malfoy to kidnap him and teach him the finer points of pleasure.



    For starters, Weasley's and Hermione were all called. Hermione and the Weasley's were massacred shortly after the war when Harry defeated Voldemort. The Weasley's burrow was collapsed down on them all by death eaters who were imprisoned in Azkaban shortly afterwards.

    Harry became an auror shortly afterwards, dedicating his life to capturing dark wizards. Since he has no one left(or so he thinks) that cares about him, he pushes himself to the very limit until collapsing almost. He's a workaholic to sum it up and thinks that if he was ever fired or forced to retire, he would have nothing else to live for.

    The ministry uses Harry, Harry doesn't care about credit and hates the fame and attention he receives, so he doesn't mind if his partner(s) take his credit, he just cares about helping people.

    His health his slowly decreased as he works himself basically to death. It has taken him increasingly longer to complete missions capturing dark wizards.

    On to Draco! Draco's father died in Azkaban. Leaving him and his mother. Draco lives by himself for the most part but with quite a few house elves in a very fashionable/extravagant manor, of course you would expect no less of a Malfoy. His mother often visits him, since he is the only prize possession she really has left. She has kept up with Malfoy's short flings and affairs, even with boys. Though she would much prefer having a female suitor so she could have grandchildren.

    However, Draco's two year obsession with Harry has squashed that hope a little. At first his mother thought it would hardly last, Draco himself thought so too, he at first just had a sexual attraction to the boy-who-lived, but bloomed into something much more. Draco has never taken his time with learning everything he possibly can about his new target. He likes getting what he wants and usually immediately. Though for some reason he took extra care and caution with Potter, a two year caution... Now all leading up to the fateful night where Draco kidnaps Potter.

    Malfoy is determined to heal Potter. There once was a fire in Harry's eyes when his friends were with him, now shielded with a mask of indifference. (In the story Malfoy even went as far as sending in a healer from St. Mungos to console Harry, though he tries to refuse, Draco is almost, if not more stubborn than Harry.) Draco will stop at nothing to have Harry healed, healthy, and possibly accept Draco as his lover.
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