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  1. It was a dark, dark night... One of those nights when you can't really see anything but only hear everything. Well, on this night she awake, from a long, long nap.

    the girl sat up and lifted her hands to rub the sleepiness out of her eyes. A soft smile coming over the girls pink, soft lips. Her name was Kagome. She had long thick black hair and always had her way... Almost always...

    She had been sleeping for so long... It seemed like centuries really, and now he was was in a black dress, that was ripped on her sides, laying in the field.

    Where am I? Why does this place look so familiar?

    She sighed and closed her eyes again.
  2. With a sigh, a man wearing a black kimono was jumping through the tree branches. How can someone be within the barrier? I double lined it with an Illusion Seal for the outside and a Tri-leveled one for the house! He thought to himself. His hazel eyes were focused on what was ahead. Only about 30 more minutes to Eluna Meadow.

    Meanwhile, within the meadow, a fox kit that ventured from the pack saw the sleeping woman. It silently trotted to her then sat down and sniffed her. Moments later, Johnathan got in the barrier and to the area near his home. He saw the fox kit sniff at the unknown woman and chuckled.

    It was an somewhat adorable sight.
  3. When Kagome's eyes opened up she saw a fox sniff at her, her eyes rolled to one side as she took the fox in, her body had instantly stiffened up but she smelt only curiosity from the fox, she took a deep breath. When she let it out she heard a chuckle and jumped up. Kagome hoped she didn't frighten the animal but at the same time she needed to know where the sound came from. Her eyes ventured towards a male and she raised her eyebrows only slightly. Her lips parting but only to speak soft, taunting, yet uncertain words.​
    "Who are you?"​
  4. He raised an eyebrow at the woman. Who was she? 'Don't you know here from somewhere?' went a voice in his head. Johnathan put that idea into his head. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. "I think I should ask you the same thing along with 'How'd you get in here?'. But at least you made a friend out of it." He said, gesturing to the fox.
  5. Kagome looked to her side, her eyes staring intently at the fox, and then she shook her head. "Well, I did ask you first, but I might as well introduce myself the best way I can." She brushed herself off, since some clumps of dirt had stuck to her clothing. "My name is Kagome Zalack. the first Zalack the was ever born." She smiled brightly, her eyes shining as she looked at him. "Who are you? Oh and I don't know how I got here, all I remember is my death, and then waking up here, well apparently I didn't die then..." She tilted her head, and shook it a bit. "Sorry if I confused you, cause I sure as hell confused myself!"​
  6. 'Yes, you know her.' Oh shit....Well....play along for now? "I'm Johnathan Kusanagi, a somewhat 'rouge' Soul Reaper." He said as his hazel eyes looked over the woman. "Umm...what's a Zalack?" He asked curiously. As long as he's been around, he's never heard of that name. But on the other hand: "Here's a fun fact - The animals here seem more friendly than their counterparts outside the barriers. I guess this area is a 'Divine Zone'." Johnathan walked up to the woman.

    "One final thing:" For dramatic tension, he paused walking and talking for a moment. "I'm surprised you don't remember me. Or does the name Percy not ring a bell?"
  7. Kagome stayed silent for a moment and chuckled when he had asked her what a 'Zalack' was. She shook her head, and lifted up her hands and pointed to herself. "My family and I, are Zalacks." She tilted her head when he mentioned his name, nothing singed inside her head and she sighd, and was about to say that she didn't know him when he spoke his name again, this time another name 'Percy'​
    "Hmmm, well, I only know one person, and he was a jackass, was that you?" She tilted her head, her narrowed eyes glowering at him.​
  8. "Depends on how far back you think." He said silently. A few minutes pass until he sighs. "I know I might've been an ass and I'm sorry for that. But I should explain a bit: 'Percy' was an alias that I choose a long time ago when I was in Soul Society. After my squad's defection, we choose to keep our aliases to keep us hidden but they're all dead and gone now." Which was a bad yet good thing at the same time.

    It sucked that his subordinates and friends was gone but good because it made his resolve all too strong.
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