Lean muscle IS important though.

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  1. You ma bae, vay.

    #Peace #Outtie #HomeTurf #WeastSide.
  2. #hashtagsaren'tanintegratedsearchsystemoniwaku #whydopeoplehashtagwhenhashtagsarentsearchable #idontunderstandnewtrends #sandstormbydarude
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  3. #ihashtagbecauseitsanexpressionofmyselfandi'mproudtotagitandhashit

  4. God dammit Scribz!
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  5. #semimenipucropehtnioj
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  6. an ancient relic
  7. Go back to the insanity thread, Scribz.
  8. #iwouldletpatrickstewartbendmeoverthetableandhammermelikeabentnail


    ftw gg no re op gl have batman batman batman batman epic win otp ot3 and many other internet acronyms
  9. They do it because #swag #yolo
  10. [​IMG]

    Mystery solved. Scribz is Patrick. Explains a lot.
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  12. #gotdangedkidsandyournewfangledtechnothingamabobsgitoffamalawnohgodmahhip
  13. The same could be said about me, Smexy.
  14. oh my god diana and you used to be cool

  15. I've not been there at any point.
  16. I #hashtagged before it was cool dawg.
  17. Such hippe
    much wow
  18. Why is that topics like these get constant replies? 0.0
  19. Well I guess it's just fun to be crazy for a while. xD
  20. I'm a piece of shit and I'd rather reply to nonsense than participate in a logical, organized dicussion
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