Leaked pictures of Vay in the Adminbox.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Your Enforcement Administrator at work, ladies and gentlemen. >:]
  2. Can't you read the box?

  3. Ahahaha....

    Shirt says 69... > w<
  4. /me gives Iliana cancer.

    /me gives Iliana's entire universe cancer.
  5. Check your eyes, Ili. It clearly says "Cancer".

    Also pictured, from earlier days: Diana, Jack, and Rory.

  6. Now I demand that you find a picture of me. And it has to have blonde hair since that's how people like depicting me.
  7. Hey Rory is this you >:?

  8. IN MY EYES IT'S 69! D:

    In my eyes, everything is 69.... All the time...


  9. Rory = Gilgamesh... IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW.

    And Iliana has bummy old wizard eyes.
  10. I have sexy pants. Good job, mongrel.
  11. So, this is how they work.

    Well, at least its cramped enough for them.
  12. *slips Osso-spouse a $20*
  13. *pokes Vay*
    Is it disturbing? :D
    *pokes more*
    Is it? Is it? Is it? Is it? :D
    *poke poke poke poke*
  14. CG: ):<B
  15. ​AMUSED. I AM.
  16. I'm the cutest one.
  17. Ili has a severe oral fixation
  18. Iliana's a huge attention who doesn't get enough attention because she has a shitty personality in real life, actually.