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  1. I wanted to title this 'Weague of Wegends' but then I remembered that I am not 8 years old

    Anyway, I was wondering how many of my lovely fellow Iwakuans played this horrible game? The friends I used to play it with have since moved on to greener pastures, but I've gotten back into it and think it would be lovely to play with other people instead of angry trolls.

    What's your IGN? Your favourite role? Champion? Your level? Ranked? Do you ship Caitlyn and Vi, or do you have a different, inferior ship*?

    All very important questions! Let's hear it.

    My IGN is Garnet; anyone is free to add me. Was platinum two seasons ago, but now that I have the border I've given up playing it, because gross.

    Mostly play support, jungle and mid. Jungle not so much now that they nerfed the dead horse Hecarim. Favourite champions are Nami, Janna, Orianna, Nautilus, Karma, aforementioned Hecarim, Ziggs, and more recently Braum. If you force me to play top lane I will pick Teemo to spite everyone. I hate top lane.

    * I am just kidding please don't harm me
  2. Well Hello Sir I am a player of this mentioned Terrible game. My IGN is TheEmpire57 I was silver last season and currently Bronze 5. (Dont ask the gods have not been kind.) And all my dream in life is to get my border back D:

    I play most places but my best are Top, Jungle and support. My favorite champions are Leona Warwick Aatrox Wukong Thresh Morgana Mundo SHyvanna. I swear to the Gods I only lose my match 15% of the time. If I played with people better then the Angry trolls of the webs.

    add me anyone who wants to Just tell me if your from Iwaku so i can generaly be a nicer person towards you. ( I might think your a friend irl and be an ass)
  3. I used to play DotA until they decided a memory leak that affects THOUSANDS is nothing to worry about when they can still entertain MILLIONS. LoL seems like an interesting game, but I've always had some issues with the game mechanics. I've also disliked the community at large, but then I disliked DotA's community too, so there's that. Still, if it is better at NOT taking up so much memory that it crashes every five minutes then I might have to give it a try.
  4. Hi :) I play the League of Legends :P
    I am currently in Silver 3 (gotta get to that gold 5 soon though...)
    My favorite champion is either Riven or Quinn.
    I main Top lane but recently I have been branching out to see what other lanes interest me.
    I refuse to believe that Vi and Cait are shipped, if Jinx and Vi aren't related then there must be obvious sexual tension there. :P (still praying for the Yasuo x Riven ship)
    Ign is Mystifiedfate if you wish to add me.
  5. Well,

    my IGN is SlatersDeath I play all lanes though I enjoy jungling the most. Last season I was bronze three, right now I'm silver five. Most of my ranked games as positive, but my teammates are not. I do have a few horrid ones though. It happens.

    top: Diana, Fiora, Nidalee
    mid: Lissandra, Diana, Ahri, Nidalee
    jungle: Warwick, Hecarim, Vi, Diana
    adc: Vayne, Lucian, Caitlyn, Jynx, Ashe
    sup: Sejuani, Janna, Nidalee, Karma

    add me if you'd like. I play quite a bit with some friends, wouldn't mind making new ones.
  6. I dare not spread my IGN until I can get to a decent-enough level of play. XD That probably gives everyone a decent idea of where I'd be ranked, so I'll leave it at that. Must be capable of doing something right though, since I usually have the green ribbon on me.

    Mid's my favourite lane, though I don't mind doing support or adc in bottom. Favourite Champion is Ahri (yes, even with all the nerfs), then in order would be Orianna -> Morgana -> Nami -> Tristana -> Lux -> Ezreal -> Sona/Janna (tied). Hm. I never noticed how many of my fave champs ended with 'na'. Hahaha. If forced to play top, I play Jayce.
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  7. Used to play, never even got to level 30, didn't see the point of such a useless system other than "Play lots of games to make this number go higher".

    Had to quit because my friend was too try hard for my liking, the community is toxic, no amount of helpfulness and generosity will ever be met with it.

    And I got reported for playing Astronaut Teemo because someone didn't like him. Fuck you, man. My shrooms did more than your crappy missed stuns.
  8. I play this interesting...

    thing, yes let's call it that, and have for quite some time. I am bronze 2 mostly due to not playing often enough. I find it is addicting and once you start stopping is out of the question. I heart the support and mid roles and my ign is Anriu solbreaker.

    'u' stands for user. Just saying that in case anyone wants to decided it is part of my first internet name :P

    (Anri is always takin.. Grrrr)
  9. Haha, League of Legends is pretty fun, the community is the opposite. Playing with friends is so much better.

    My IGN is srs, I'm level 30, but unranked (I honestly don't think I'm good enough anyway)
    I guess I play support the most, I'm not very good at top, but I don't mind going top if it's the last role left. I can't mid, tactics + brain = nope.

    I play a variety of supports, but I like Thresh, Blitz and Morgana. I usually jungle with either Warwick or Skarner, I can only ADC with Quinn (because I'm bad) and top with Shen or Shyvana.

    I kinda want to learn how to play Cassiopeia, I've been playing her for the new Ascension mode. But I'm not sure, is she hard to master?

    VarusxLulu mm
  10. Got fed up with the Dotes recently and decided to give League another crack.

    Playing against beginners who've never played a Moba before is fucking hilarious.
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